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Legendary Wings

Typed out by NES-LE-USA CAPCOM(r) Game Pak Legendary Wings(tm) Instruction Manual --- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Control Pad Each tip imprinted with letter to show direction or movement: Left moves Legendary Soldier left. Right moves Legendary Soldier right. Up moves Legendary Soldier up. Down moves Legendary Soldier down. Controller #1 - Player #1 Controller #2 - Player #2 Simultaneous Button "A" can shoot Missiles in vertical stages only. Button "B" can shoot Guns in vertical and horizontal stages. "Start Button" to start game, also to pause game. "Select Button" Selects 1 or 2 player game or continue. --- Legendary Wings story "Ares", God of War, gave two young men courage and wings of love to save the world from extinction. "Ares" entrusted them with the survival and the future of the human race. Time is of essence. Take wings, Legendary Wings. --- Hints on game play Power up 1. Normal shots: Shots you get at start of game. 2. Twin laser: If you pick up a power up item, you'll get a twin laser. It's very effective against multiple enemies. Does twice the damage of normal shots. 3. Penetration: If you pick up 2 items consecutively you'll get a penetration. It is very powerful and can penetrate enemy vehicles. Damage is 3 times of normal shots. 4. Flame shots: If you pick up 3 items consecutively you'll pick up a Flame Shot. This will shoot in 3 directions very effective against scattered enemies. Damage is 2 times of normal shot. 5. Firebird: If you pick up 4 items consecutively at last power up, you'll obtain a Firebird which can withstand 2 direct hits from the enemy. Damage is 4 times of normal shots. Damage: If you get hit at normal stage, you will lose one player. If you get hit during a power up, power level will drop, however if you are a Firebird, power will drop one level after 3 hits. --- Stages of Legendary Wings There are 5 stages in Legendary Wings. They consist of Vertical and Horizontal main stages. Within Vertical stages there are 2 kinds of substages. 1. Minus Stage: Large face with whirlpool. If you enter whirlpool of large face, you will enter the Minus stage. (Dangerous Horizontal Scroll.) 2. Bonus Stage: If you destroy certain structures on ground of vertical stages, whirlpool will appear. Contact with it will enable you to enter Bonus Horizontal stage. --- Bonus characters Power up. Item A appears in Vertical stage - destroy it, then Item B appears. When you obtain it, your power will be one level up. You can also find Item B's at some Horizontal Stages. --- Continuation You may continue the game as many times as you obtain Hearts. (Maximum of 9 times) --- Bonus points 5000 points. 1000 points. 500 points. Enemy characters Dragon Gear Crack Stone Ninja Boomeran Cicada Sheller Four Wing Ray Devil Squid Snail Fright Eye Shougun Jewel Claws Lady Bug Cannon Tortoise Thorn Shot Bomber Double Wing Horse Shoe Crab Reflector Mole Jelly Sprout Pluck Crooke Fly Bee Earwig Hide Eye Death Beam Super Suzy Sea Horse

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