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Legacy of the Wizard

Typed out by tsr NES-LC-USA Legacy of the Wizard(tm) Instruction Manual - Adventure Series Broderbund(r) --- The story A long, long time ago a woodcutter's family lived in a small woods. One day, inside their house, the grandmother was talking to her grandchildren. "Long, long ago there was an evil dragon that was terrifying the people. A wizard came from the north country, captured the dragon, and put it deep in the ground. See the picture on the wall? The wizard is your grandfather." Just as the grandmother pointed at the picture, their pet dog "Pochi" came in with a shiny, pointed object. It was a scale from the dragon! Mother and Father both felt the dragon was about to revive. So they started to get ready to go to the dungeon. Their mission was to destroy it. The kids cried, "There's no way that you can ever beat the dragon!" Father smiled and said, "Don't worry, there is a DragonSlayer." "DragonSlayer" is a magical sword - the only weapon that can destroy the dra- gon. However, it is protected by four hidden crowns. The kids said, "We can help you find the crowns if it's OK with you." "Sure, if we can all help each other, we will be able to defeat the dragon," the Father replied. Where are the four crowns? Can the Draslefamily destroy the dragon? Now the adventure begins. --- The family Each member of the Draslefamily has different abilities. Use all the members of the family (including the family pet "Pochi") to find the four crowns and the sword, "DragonSlayer." During your adventure, you may return to the house as many times as you like to change characters. Try to use everyone's diff- erent abilities. If the family's life becomes 0 (zero) then the game will be over. When your life becomes low, go back home or stay at an Inn. (If you want to continue the game, see below.) Your progress can be saved at the house by talking to Grandma and getting a password. Write down the password and give it to Grandpa the next time you play. You will be able to continue from where you left off. --- How to use the controller Start Button Use the start button to begin the game, Pause during a game, display inven- tory or continue a game in progress. Select Button Press the Select button to choose items to use from your inventory. After pressing Select, you can move the white cursor in the upper right corner of the screen to select one of the three items displayed there. You can carry only three items at once and you may use only one of the items at a time. Up Press Up to climb up the ladders and to enter Shops or Inns. Down Press Down to climb down the ladders or leave Shops or Inns. Left/Right Move Left/Right. "A" Button Use the "A" button to jump and use items that are selected. "B" Button Use the "B" button to throw your magic weapon. Press the Control Pad in the direction you want to fire and press the button. You can throw your weapon in eight different directions. --- Status display The biggest number that can be displayed on the screen underneath LIFE, MAGIC, KEY and GOLD is 109. Each blue mark equals one and each red mark equals 10. Their meanings are shown below. LIFE These are your hit points. If this reaches zero (0), the game is over. MAGIC This represents the number of times that the current magic item can be used. Some items use more magic than others. KEY Number of keys in your possession. GOLD The amount of gold that you're carrying. ITEM Indicated which item is currently being used. The item being used will have a white border around it. --- Getting started The game starts inside of the family's home. Select the character that you would like to use and then set up the equipment of the character. The maximum number of items that each character can carry is 3. If the number below the item is blue or zero (0) then the item cannot be used with that character. Items that are not equipped cannot be used. You can only change items at the Inn or back at the family's home. Choosing a character At the beginning of the game you can control the pointer (the glove) on the screen with the Control Pad. Point to the character you want and push the "A" button to select that character. Choosing items Move your character on the screen with the Control Pad. Point to the item that you want and press the "A" button to put that item into your inventory. Using items To use an item, take the following steps: - Use the Select button to get into Item Select Mode. - Use the Control Pad to move the cursor (the small white box) to the item you want. - Push either Select or "A" to get back to the game. *If you want to use the item, make sure it is selected and then press the "A" button. Shops and Inns Push Up on the Control Pad in front of the doors to the Shops or Inns to go inside. In the shops If you want to buy an item, move the character in front of the item that you want and press the "A" button. In order to get out of the shops, push Down on the Control Pad. At the inns After you enter an Inn, if you want to stay press the "A" button. Staying at an Inn will allow you to regain full LIFE and MAGIC. The Inns charge 10 gold pieces per visit. You can also change your current items in the Inn. When you leave the Inn, you get one chance to select items from your inventory. When you are ready to leave, press down on the Control Pad. --- Special techniques: using the gloves - You can use the gloves to move some blocks in the dungeon. If you want to move a block to the right, hold the "A" button down and press to the right on the Control Pad. It takes some practice but is easily mastered. You MUST learn to use the gloves efficiently to win the game. - If you move blocks into your path and you can't get around them, try leaving the screen and coming back. All the blocks that were moved are back where they started. - Blocks can be pushed but they cannot be pulled. - You can move only some of the blocks in the dungeon; not all the blocks. - Try various techniques to move the blocks into position. - If you find yourself moving blocks unintentionally, wear the gloves ONLY when you want to move a block (remove them before you move or jump). The hardest part of the game is the area where you have to move blocks to solve puzzles. Use the gloves to move the blocks into position if you can't clear a section. Some of the puzzles involving the blocks are very difficult. Try moving them in different combinations to get where you want to go. --- Saving/loading When you want to save the game, return to the family's home and ask the grand- mother for the password. When you want to continue a game where you left off, move the pointer to the grandfather and enter the password. Use the Control Pad to select the letter, press the "A" button to choose a letter. Press the Select button to stop selecting letters. Displaying the password To get a new password, return to the family's home. Use the Control Pad to point to the grandmother and press the "A" button. Your new password will be displayed. Don't forget to write it down. Entering the password Move the pointer over the grandfather. Use the Control Pad and the "A" button to enter the password. IF you make a mistake, use the left arrow to move the cursor back. When you finish entering the password use the curved arrow to confirm the password entry. If you want to stop entering the password, press the Select button. --- Game over: retry or continue If your character's life becomes zero (0), then the game is over. If you select RETRY, the game will start from the beginning. If you select CONTINUE, you will continue from the point when you last returned to the family home. Use the Select button to select and the Start button to confirm your choice. - If you have not gone back to the house at all during a game, selecting "CONTINUE" is the same as selecting "RETRY". --- The Draslefamily The Father: "Xemn" He is very powerful; he can use the magic gloves to move blocks. Special items: "Gloves", "Armor", "Powered Boots". The Mother: "Meyna" She can fly and use lots of different magic. Special items: "Wings", "Key Stick", "Rod". The Son: "Roas" He can fight using the magical sword. He is the only one who can use the DragonSlayer. Special items: "Armor", "Jump Shoes", "DragonSlayer". The Daughter: "Lyll" She can jump! She can also use some magic. Special items: "Powered Boots", "Jump Shoes", "Mattock". The Family Pet: "Pochi" It acts like a dog but is really a monster. The other monsters don't bother Pochi. Special items: "Elixer", "Magic Bottle", "Crystal". The Grandmother: "Jiela" The only thing she does is give you the password to save the game. The Grandfather: "Douel" The only thing he does is check your password to continue the game. --- Items Some of the monsters leave items behind when they are destroyed. Bread - gives Life. Potion - gives Magic. Key - Can open doors and chests. Gold - You need this to stay at the Inns and to buy things at the Shops. Poison - Takes away Life! Ring - The ring will make you invisible for a while. You don't get hurt by the monsters while you're invisible. Cross - Zaps ALL the monsters on the screen. Scroll - When you pick up a scroll, the speed of the character will increase. --- Treasure The chests in the dungeon usually contain treasure. Elixer If your life becomes zero (0), drinking this will heal you. To use the Life potion, make sure that it's selected when you are about to die. Magic Bottle If your magic becomes zero (0), drink this to recharge yourself. Power Boots When you're wearing them, you can jump on the monsters to destroy them. Gloves Wearing the gloves allows you to move some blocks inside the dungeon. Armor If you are wearing this you can run right through some monsters. Crystal Use the crystal to warp back to ground level, near the family's home. Jump Shoes Wearing these increases your jumping ability. Shield Rebounds the bullets fired by the master monsters. --- Other treasures Wings Use the Magic wings to fly. Mattock (pick axe) The mattock can be used to break some of the blocks inside the dungeon. Key Stick Allows you to open doors without keys. Rod Lets you move certain blocks. Fire Rod Increases the range of your current weapon. Power Knuckle Increases your attacking power. Crowns You have to collect all four of the crowns to get the "DragonSlayer". DragonSlayer The only weapon that can destroy the dragon. --- The monsters Destroy the various monsters in the dungeons using different fighting tech- niques. Metablack Killer Bat Rock Beast Dedoru Claw Eye Bill Scorpious Killer Hound Slime Crawler Sam Bohanna Hoagie Invisigel The big monsters Each one of the four crowns is protected by one of the following monsters. If you can defeat each one, the crowns will be yours. Tarantunes Erebone Archwinger Rockgaea The king dragon Your final battle will be fought with Keela, the dragon. The dragon was imprisoned in the wall painting by the wizard because it was terrorizing the countryside. It has scales all over its body and breathes fire. --- Adventuring advice Conquering a complex maze begins with mapping. You should make a map while exploring the dungeon. Anyone can defeat monsters; discovering the secrets of the dungeon is the real key to this game. The dungeon has five major sections and each section has its own characteristics. Try to use each family member in the section where they can do the most good. Each major section has diff- erent background music and by knowing the music it's easier to tell where you're located. The dungeon is very complex. Making a map will make your adventure easier. After you pick up some items try to return to the family home. If you play without returning home, you'll lose the items when your character dies. Some of the blocks and monsters can be used to your advantage when exploring the dungeons. Moving blocks over monsters is a sure way to destroy them. You can climb higher by jumping on movable blocks or jumping from on top of the monsters. --- Special items in the dungeons Chests There are many items in the chests, but you need a key to open each one. The Picture of Princess Celina A secret is hidden here. After collecting the four crowns, try various tech- niques using one of the crowns to discover the secret of the princess. An ancient legend tells of a passage to the DragonSlayer, located somewhere near a volcano. Door You need keys to open the doors. Loose Block Not only can you move a loose block, but you can also break it with the matt- ock (pick axe). Stalagmite If you walk over this, you will get damaged. Magic Block If you touch these, they can transform into items or...? --- "Legacy of the Wizard" is a trademark of Broderbund Software, Inc. (c)1987 Falcom (c)1988 Broderbund Software Inc. Product Manager: Alan Weiss Special Thanks to: Ed Bernstein Cynthia Wuthmann Henry Yamamoto Scott Tsumura Dave Davis

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