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Kung-Fu Heroes

Typed out by tsr Kung-Fu Heroes(tm) Instruction Booklet NES-CE-USA --- Kung-Fu Heroes is a comical animated Kung-Fu action game. Your journey is to save Princess and retrieve the treasures will take you to eight different castles and a host of traps and obstacles. Whether or not you make it to the last castle depends on your quick wits and reflexes. --- Controlling the action - Select Button Use this button to move the $ to the game you want to play 1 or 2 player. - Start Button Press this button to begin. If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the Start button and the game will stop. Press the Start button again when you wish to continue playing. The game will continue from where you left off. - Control Pad Up to move up, punch or kick high. Left to move left, punch or kick to the left. Down to move down, punch or kick low. Right to move right, punch or kick to the right. - Button A Press to punch. - Button B Press this button while holding the control pad in the desired direction to do the Moon Sault Kick. --- How to play - Story Monsters have taken Princess Min-Min and the 10 treasures of the Land. Kung-fu Masters Jacky and Lee return from weeks of training to find the Land filled with sorrow. The people plead with Jacky and Lee to go after the Monsters, defeat them and restore happiness to the Land. - Scenes Jacky and Lee attack the Monsters' castles to save Princess Min-Min. When the castle door opens, enter to move on to the next scene. There are 8 different castles, each with four rooms. There are 32 different scenes. In some of the stones and rocks you smash, you can find Bonus Stages and Quick Passages to other castles. The high score will be retained even if you press the reset button. - The 8 Enemy Castles 1. Spearman's Castle 2. Gunman's Castle 3. Buffalo's Castle 4. Demon Cats' Castle 5. Demon's Castle 6. Castle of Tricks 7. Dragon's Castle 8. The Last Castle --- Cast of characters - Jacky and Lee Young friends from the Land who have been taking Kung-Fu lessons, together. - Min-Min Princess of the Land. As beautiful as a water lily. - Beware Avoid falling into the holes or ponds or being hit by enemies, also avoid the spear and gun wielded by the enemies. --- Enemies Kung-Fu Commandos (500 pts) 3 types appear: Punching, Kicking and Dualing. Floating Viper (1000 pts) Underlings trained by the Dragon Man. To defeat them, trample them under foot. Spear Men (1000 pts) These men are quick and sure with their spears, so watch your step. Gunman (1000 pts) A real dead-eye shot with a Bazooka. Mr. Coffin (1000 pts) He doesn't give up easily. Be careful. He would love to shut you in. Cat Mage (5000 pts) She is princess of the demon cat clan. They shoot the deadly Medusa Beam. Bison Commandos (1000 pts) They are the strongest of all the enemies you will encounter. There is no way to successfully attack them. Dragon Man (3000 pts) Officers in the dragon clan. They shoot black bullets. Use the sword and you can defeat them. Thunder Bolts As they cross the screen, make sure you leap over them. Fire Balls These strange creatures live underground. They come out through the wells. They can't be defeated. Ware Cat (5000 pts) Soldiers of the demon cat clan. Be careful. They can send you flying. Dragon Head (5000 pts) You can defeat these creatures with the Moon Sault Kick. But only after you have obtained more than 5 treasures. Medusa Cat (5000 pts) Mother of the Cat Mage. She shoots the mysterious Medusa Beam from her mouth. Will o Wisp (5000 pts - ?) You play the game for a long time and these pesky creatures appear. Make them disappear by jumping over them 3 times. Uni-Gon (3000 pts - ?) These cruel monsters are fire breathers. Punch their upper body 5 times and defeat them. Dragon (10000 pts) The leader of the dragon clan. If you have collected 5 treasures, you can defeat him using the sword. Golem These evil creatures can shoot bullets from the upper part of the screen. --- Power-Up When playing in the 2-player mode, both players power up at the same time. Treasure Box Look for this as you smash rocks, stones and ice. Take the Treasure Box and you can power up or get some needed weapons. Punch Up Power to punch will increase. Miracle Kick ("K") You can use the Miracle Kick as long as you get this mark. Shorin Temple Mark A Use this to weaken Mr. Coffin. Shorin Temple Mark B Use this to weaken Medusa Beam. Scroll A Use this as well as the Miracle Kick to defeat ware cat. Scroll B Use this to slow down Uni-Gon. Mirror Use this to have enemy's beam reflect. Beads You can see the transparent Coffins. Sake Use this to slow down Dragon. Sword Obtain this and you can defeat the Dragon clan. Crystal Ball Use this to weaken Golem. Candle You can see the traps. ? Question Balls These appear when you break a rock, stone or block of ice. Hit them again and they change to $ or X. $ Money Bags Get 5 of these and one E ball will appear. Get 6 E balls and you can get one P ball. X Mark In collecting $, if you get one X, you lose all the $ you've collected. E Extra Balls Get 5 E balls and you get extra life. P Power Balls These appear when you press the A and B buttons at the same time. This can only be done after collecting 6 $. Once you collect this, you are invincible for awhile. G Gun Ball Collect these and you can attack your enemies with Gun Balls. * In the 2 player Mode, only the player getting the G-Ball can fire the Gun Bolts. --- Basic technique How to attack enemies Dragon Man The secret to defeating Dragon Man is getting close to him. Do this by using the Miracle Kick, the defeat him with the Sword. Cat Mage Score big points by attacking this enemy with your Miracle Kick. Defend the Medusa Beam with your Moon Sault Kick. Spear Men Jump over their spears and defeat them with your Miracle Kick. Bison Commandos/Kung-Fu Commandos Once you've dodged their attacks, defeat them with your Miracle Kick. Floating Viper/Mr. Coffin/Dragon Head They will pursue you no matter where you are. Get them quickly with your Moon Sault Kick. Dragon You can't defeat him unless you have more than 5 treasures. Uni-Gon He will give you chase, but escape him with your Miracle Kick. * You can change the direction of your Miracle Kick while jumping, but you only have a few to use so choose carefully. Take advantage of the Gun Balls you get. Your enemies can't use their beams when you have Gun Balls. --- Tips on playing the game Point 1 - Collect as many items as possible. Begin your long journey to save Princess Min-Min. By first smashing the rocks and collecting as many items as possible. The more you collect now, the less regrets you'll have later. Collect a key and a stairway to the Bonus Stage appears. Enter quickly. Collect 5 E balls in the Bonus stage and you earn an extra life. --- Quick Passage Zone. What is it? This zone allows you to pass on to the future stage more quickly. Before pass- ing to the future stage, make sure you're ready to take on stronger enemies. If you've collected enough items you'll be strong enough to defeat your new enemies. To get the high score Here's a tip on how to get the high score. The special Bonus Stage and Break Time are important in getting a high score. Riding the sinking and moving rocks will also increase your score. Tips on escaping the stronger enemies Some of the stronger enemies like Uni-Gon and Dragon are hard to defeat. Here's some tips to help you escape from them. When they appear, rush into the Quick Passage!! You appear on the other side. But they still run after you. When they get closer, run into the Quick Passage again! Throw rocks at your enemies! Some of rocks jump out when you hit them. Attacking your enemies with these rocks will give you a chance to score a lot of points. Power balls Hit the ? that come from rocks and blocks you smash, and $ appear. Collect 6 $ and when you press the A and B buttons at the same time, P balls appear. Collect a P ball your enemies will turn pale! Any enemy that has turned pale can be defeated by just touching them. Even Uni-Gon can be defeated with just one stroke.

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