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The Krion Conquest

THE KRION CONQUEST by Vic Tokai Inc. INTRODUCTION In 1999, the Krion Empire robot battalion descended upon the earth, and brought the planet to the brink of destruction. The Krion Empire demanded the immediate and unconditional surrender of the world. When planet Earth refused, the Krion Empire started a massive general attack. The Krion Empire set up large bases at points all over the world from which they sent out their robots. The robot hordes attacked indis- criminately. Their power overwhelmed even the most advanced armaments of the world. Nearly everyone believed the world would soon be ruled by the Krion Empire. But now........... USING THE CONTROLLER (START) BUTTON: Starts game : Pops up Magic Sub Screen (DIRECTIONAL) BUTTON: Moves Francesca : Selects Magic (A) BUTTON: Jump (B) BUTTON: Shoot : Enables Super Shot (See "[4] SUPER SHOT") : Provides a Broom Note: The (SELECT) Button and Controller 2 are not in use. [1] HOW TO DIRECT FRANCESCA RIGHT, LEFT- Run right and left UP- Move up DOWN- Crouch down [2] RIDING THE BROOM RIGHT OR LEFT + (B) BUTTON- Move right and left UP + (B) BUTTON- Move up [3] MAGIC Francesca can use six kinds of magic. When the game begins, she has the option to use any of these six. The color of her clothing is determined by the type of magic in use. Although she can use magic at any time, her Life Meter must be at least one-third to use FIRE. Magic Color Effect NORMAL Red Normal Shot; Super Shot FREEZE Blue Normal Shot; Super Shot (temporarily freezes enemies) FIRE Pink Francesca changes to the Fire-Bird and wipes out all enemies on the screen. Using this magic reduces Francesca's Life Meter by one third. BALL Green Shots ricochet off wall. SHIELD Orange Normal Shot; Super Shot forms a barrier against the enemy. BROOM Purple Normal Shot provides a broom. [4] SUPER SHOT Press and hold the (B) Button until "GO" appears on the Magic Gauge at the bottom of the screen. Then release the (B) Button to shoot. The Super Shot is four times more powerful than a Normal Shot. [5] ITEMS (Witch Doll) 1 UP (Big Pumpkin) Recover 6 degrees (Life Meter) (Small Pumpkin) Recover 3 degrees (Life Meter) SCREENS Life Meter- Indicates Francesca's life. Oxygen Gauge- Appears during underwater screen (round 3). If this gauge reaches empty, Francesca will die. Magic Sub Screen- Pressing the (START) Button pops up this screen allowing you to choose your magic. Magic Gauge- Indicates when a Super Shot is possible. This game consists of 5 rounds. Each round has 3 stages ROUND 1- UNDERGROUND BASE Boss: Thunder Knight Specialty: Thunder Attack ROUND 2- ICE BASE Boss: Yukimaru Specialty: Snow Ball ROUND 3- UNDERWATER BASE Boss: Underwater Knight Specialty: Transformer Attack ROUND 4- SKY BASE Boss: Sky Hawk Specialty: Hammer & Missile Attack ROUND 5- SPACE STATION ??????????????? The End.

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