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Kiwi Kraze

KIWI KRAZE, A bird-brained adventure! (Taito) --------------------------------------------- How To Play (Picture of the official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed the product and that it has met our standards of excellence in wormanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to insure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. CARE OF YOUR GAME ----------------- Always make sure the power is off when inserting or removing the game pak from your computer. The game pak is highly sensitive. Avoid subjecting it to extreme temperatures or shocks. Store at room temperature. Never try to take it apart. Do not touch the terminal connectors or get them wet; this could damage the circuitry. Never insert your fingers or any metal objects into the terminal leads. Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other cleaning agents can damage the game pak. TIKI'S TREK ----------- Like all Kiwi birds, you are happy and fun-loving; even your name, Tiki, means happiness. You and your Kiwi friends live in a land called New Zealand, and today something awful has happened. Wally Walrus, your bad-smelling, bad- tempered enemy has swooped in on his balloon and carried off all your friends. Worst of all, he snatched your girlfriend, Phee-Phee. Thanks to your fast reflexes you, and only you, escaped the Walrus. But by now he's had time to sell your friends to zoos all over New Zealand. The only one who can set them free is you, so armed with your trusty bow and arrow you set forth. You will have to fight your way through five worlds, and each world has four levels. Wally, that fiend, has sent out hundreds of his evil friends to try to stop you - they lurk behind walls and trees, they drop in on hot air balloons, and they lie awaiting you in the water down below. But if you explore secret rooms, you'll find magical gifts and awesome weapons. Somewhere you'll meet the dreaded Ice Whale - try looking him in the mouth! And most important of all, be on the watch for the Warp Zones. You seek your Phee-Phee, but must face all dangers to find her. MOVING TIKI ----------- A Button: Press A to jump up. Also hold A down to make your balloons rise. B Button: Push B to fire your weapons or to spit water when at the surface. START Button: Start will pause the game and show you a map. It also Continues a game. SELECT Button: Choose one or two players. CONTROL PAD: Use the Control pad to choose which way to go. It works for running, jumping, flying a balloon, and also when you're swimming around. SCREEN DISLPAY (Note: Yes, Display is written Dislpay in the manual!) -------------- Life Meter: Kiwis got three lives. Keep track of them in the lower left corner. Point Meter: To earn points, shoot enemies, eat fruit and free the Kiwis. Points will alternate with Lives. Air Meter: When you take a dive you only have 25 seconds. A red bar shows you how much time you have left. MAP OF NEW ZEALAND ------------------ AUKLAND Aukland is the first world, so now is when you should practice your Kiwi moves. Steal balloons and fly all over. You must find and free your caged pals before you can move on - but don't forget to EXPLORE! Try to find all the hidden secrets - they'll help you. ROTORUA Wally's evil pals have taken over the town of Rotorua. They know that you know that your friends being held nearby. And you know that they know how to stop you if you don't move carefully. While you're here try taking a swim, but keep your eyes open for trouble. WAITOMO CAVES The Waitomo Caves wind and wander below villages, fields, and a zoo that seems more like a castle. Here you'll find a puzzle of water, walls and nasty foes, all trying to keep you from your Kiwi chum. COOK STRAIT Avast ye lubber and prepare to board the meanest pirate ship ever put to sea. Wally's wicked buddies are hiding on ship, on land, and even in the sea! So move with care, or ARRRR, ye'll be forced to walk the plank! MOUNT COOK This world will either roast you like a turkey, or turn you into a Kiwi icicle. You must first find your way through a land of slowly burping lava rivers, below a volcano about to erupt. Then you will find yourself sliding and slipping deep inside an Ice Mountain. But don't give up now, your beloved Phee-Phee is near! CONTINUE Kiwi Klue: After 3 lives, the game is over. But you can Continue. If you are stopped in worlds 1, 2, or 3, Continue puts you back right where you were. If you're stopped in worlds 4 or 5, you go back to the beginning of the level. To Continue, push Start within 8 seconds. You get three Continues. THE KIWI STYLE -------------- Since Kiwi birds can't fly, they use a lot of special tricks to win. Eat up all the fruit you can, and explore secret rooms to find extra lives and magic fruit. If you need to fill up your Air Meter fast, spit water out of your lungs. SHOOTING. With your bow and arrow, you can wipe out your enemies or burst their balloons. But you can only shoot straight ahead, not up or down. JUMPING. Wally Walrus and his nasty pals hate jumping. But Kiwis love to jump, and that's what will help you Win - jumping can often get you out of a jam. SWIMMING. You can swim, but you can't jump or shoot in the water. Watch your Air Meter and go to the surface to refill it or to spit water at your enemies. JUMP UP. Jump on a balloon to get around fast. Just shoot an enemy and take his! Jump through ceilings to escape the bad guys. But unless you want splinters, don't try floors. TAKE A BALLOON. Jump to get on a balloon. Press the A button to rise; let it go to drop. When shooting at an enemy, don't pop his balloon. Spikes will also pop balloons. BEWARE OF THESE. 1 - Look before you leap! Landing on a spike will put an end to your search for friends and Phee-Phee. 2 - Do not touch! Your enemies are armed to the teeth and touching their weapons will finish you. 3 - Look out below! When Tiki starts to panic, you need air! Get to the surface or find an air pocket. You'll know when your air is running out. Tiki flaps his wings as he gasps for air! 4 - No daydreaming! If you're on one level too long, the Time Keeper drops on you. USING A BALLOON. Jump to get on a balloon. Press the A button to rise; let it go to drop. INVINCIBLE. When you find the Magic Staff, you can stop every enemy or travel anywhere you want while you're flashing. DEFEATING ENEMIES. Fire at every enemy you see, 'cause then you get his treasure. Fire at him or his balloon and grab the goods. ITEMS ----- WEAPONS. Bomb. Get above an enemy, open hatches and Bombs Away! This baby only goes down, so pick a good target and punch B! Laser Gun. The Laser Gun has a powerful beam - it fires through walls. Your enemies won't see what hit them! Arrow. Think before you pick up this Arrow. It will replace the weapon you are holding with your original Bow and Arrow. MAGIC ITEMS. Magic Joystick. You can steer anywhere on your balloon or even stop, but getting off ends the fun Magic Staff. Makes you unbeatable. As long as you flash, you have the power. Magic Watch. Puts a hold on evil. Your enemies are frozen for a short time. Magic Book. Has a powerful spell you can only use once. It wipes out all enemies on the screen. SCORE AND LIFE UPS Apples. Each apple is worth 500 points, so eat 'em up! Once you earn over 100,000 points (WOW!!) you get an extra life! Kiwi bird. Scattered throughout the game are small yellow Kiwi birds. Each one is worth an extra life! Secret Apples. And try to find ordinary-looking apples stored away in secret rooms. Gobble them up fast to score 5000 points each! BALLOONS BearBalloon. The bear-shaped balloon is very common, but not much fun. It's small and it can't move fast at all. DoubleBalloon. This weird balloon is v-e-r-y slow. But bullets and spikes can't break it. DuckBalloon. HEADS UP when you ride this speedy balloon, or you'll fly right into the nearest deadly spike! Capsule-LikeBalloon. If you're hit while riding on a balloon you start over on this one. ENEMIES ------- SOLDIER CRAB. Crabs love to fight, so there are lots of Soldier Crabs. And they shoot missiles! HERMIT CRAB. These tiny crabs throw rolling green balls, so steer clear! One bump and you're crab meat. FLYING TEDDY. Those red teddies have escaped from forgotten toy boxes, and they're looking for trouble. KOOL KOALA. The blue Koalas have nasty tempers. They'll shoot you just for being there! BOOMER ROOMER. These guys will throw a wicked boomerang at you. FLYING SPEARMAN. He's a wild man who throws his spear UP! PENGUIN RIDER. Penguins are Ace Pilots who zoom in on fast balloons, trying to drop rocks on your head! ROBO KITTY. Don't try to pet them! These flying kittens don't have claws - they throw axes at you! FLAMERS. These little fireballs fall from the sky and roll around. One touch and you're extra-crispy! SEA ANEMONE. This soggy fiend hides on the ocean floor. He can pull you down to a sea salt watery grave. PRICKLY. One hopping Prickly will split into two. This guy is no flake, his touch puts you on ice. ANGLE BAT. This pointy foe flies overhead and drops triangle-shaped eggs of fire. Don't get toasted.

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