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King's Knight

Typed out by NES-KG-USA King's Knight(tm) Instruction Booklet Square(tm) --- The story In the Kingdom of Izander, the fair Princess Claire has been kidnapped by a foul and insidious Dragon and it is the mission of four brave fighters to save her. These fearless champions will come together, after proving them- selves on their own, to fight their way to the lair of the Dragon and restore the kingdom to its peaceful start. The Knight, Ray Jack, will go first. He is the most experienced of the group and he carries a strong weapon. The Wizard, Kaliva is next. He has magic and good jumping abilities. The Monster, Barusa, follows. This scaly creature has strong defenses and can take many hits. The Thief, Toby, is the youngest and quickest member of the team. They must first set out solo and build their individual fighting abilities. Once they each have advanced skills, these courageous warriors will come together to seek out and save the princess. You must help them reach their goal as you are now part of the team that will fight to free the princess from her imprisonment. Keep your wits about you, plan your strategy and set off on an exciting adventure! --- How to use the controller A Button - Fire your weapon. B Button - Execute the Magic Spells of the lead character in Stage Five by pressing this button. Start Button - Press Start to begin the game or pause during play. Press Start to resume. Select Button - After the character have each completed a stage, and at least one has survived, you can play in any stage. Press Reset on the Control Deck and then press Select to enter the Continue Mode. Refer to the pages 12 and 13 [below] for further explanation. --- How to play The Knight, Wizard, Monster and Thief strike out on their own in individual stages before coming together to save the princess at the end. Each character will find many useful items. Some items increase the Speed of the character, and some expand the strength of the Weapons and Shields. There are also extremely important Magic elements hidden in the stages. One element from each Magic Spell lies hidden in every one of the first four stages and all of the elements of a particular spell must be collected before that magic can be used in Stage Five. Stage 1: Ray Jack - Knight The Knight is strong and he moves quickly. He uses a Sword. Stage 2: Kaliva - Wizard The wise Wizard fires magic and has great jumping abilities. Stage 3: Barusa - Monster This fire breather has thick scales for strong defenses. Stage 4: Toby - Thief The Thief throws a dagger and is the fastest of the group. Stage 5 At the end the characters band together and fight as a team. --- Using the magic spells The Magic Spells of these brave warriors are used only in the final stage. Each character has his own spell with its own unique power. The spells must be used wisely as they can be used only once. In order to have the ability to cast the spells, every element of the spells must be retrieved in the first four stages. One element from each spell lies hidden in every stage. It is important to find all of the elements in order to have maximum abilities in the last and most difficult area of the game. Character Spell Element Power Kaliva Naizath A Defeat enemies in the water Toby Balbath B Destroy Monoliths Barusa Cetune C Change into a Dragon Ray Jack Zainen D Change into a Winged Horse --- First Half of Stage One This is the first half of the Stage that the Knight, Ray Jack, must complete on his own. The Up arrows add to the Life Meter and the Down arrows decrease the Life Meter. There are many important items here to uncover, including four of the elusive Magic elements for Stage Five spells. You'll find one of them in the hidden cave. --- Game play screen The action on the screen scrolls down vertically as your character moves upward. You must destroy or avoid objects as they approach or your character will be crushed at the bottom of the screen. Obstacles, such as trees and plots of land, can be destroyed to reveal hidden items. In the first four stages our heroes will fight on their own and in the last stage they will come together as a team with a common goal to defeat the evil Dragon and save Princess Claire. In the last stage, the leader has the ability to fire his weapon and use, just once, his Magic Spell. Make use of the arrows in Stage Five to strategically change the formation of the group at the appropriate times. 1. Life Meter - Each hit will take precious life. 2. Special Items - Collect these for extra strength. 3. Hidden Cave - Find valuable items underground. 4. Ray Jack - Our hero. 5. Enemies - Defeat or avoid these characters. 6. Obstacle - Special items may be hidden underneath. [stage 5] 7. Life Meter - Try to keep this full. 8. Team Formation - The lead character can use his spell. 9. Arrow - Change the Team Formation. --- Destroy these obstacles- Mountains Trees Towns Mushrooms Islands Fences Rocks Statues Enemies Jump onto these objects- Mountains Towns Islands --- Continue Mode With the Continue Mode, you can replay any stage. After completing the first four stages, press the Reset Button on the Control Deck so that the Title Screen appears and press the Select Button on the Controller. When the Char- acter Select Screen is shown, press Up or Down on the Control Pad to move the Cursor. When the cursor points to the appropriate character, press the A button and press Start. You will then return to that character's stage. Repeat this process as many times as you like until your characters are ready for Stage Five. Press Reset -> Press Select -> Choose the Character and press A -> Press Start. On the Character Select Screen, the Level number indicates how many special items you have collected. Each character can have as many as seven Jump Increases, seven Speed Increases, three Weapon Increases and three Shield Increases. The highest possible Level is twenty. The most useful items, in order of importance, are Weapon, Shield, Jump and Speed. The asterisks are lined up in the order of the elements A through D. Each time you choose a char- acter, you risk losing your collected items for that character if you do not successfully complete the stage. --- Items Collect items for increased character strength. Life Up Collect this item for more Life. Life Down Avoid this item or lose Life. Jump Add spring to your step. Speed Move faster with this item. Weapon Increase strength of your fire. Shield Add power to your defense. Hidden Cave Find special items in here Elements One element of each of the four Magic Spells can be found in each one of the four stages. Collect every element in order to use the Magic Spells in the last Stage.

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