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Typed out by (cover) KARNOV NES-KV-USA INSTRUCTION MANUAL DATA-EAST (r) --------------------------------------------------------- DATA EAST BRINGS YOU ARCADE REALISM AT HOME! KARNOV, the fire-breathing Russian, is seeking the Lost Treasure of Babylon. He runs, swims, climbs and flies through nine levels of game play. Countless bizarre enemies of various sizes and strengths are out to prevent KARNOV from finding the treasure! Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save the booklet for future reference. 1. PRECAUTIONS 1) Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pack from your Nintendo Entertainment System. 2) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit or drop it. do not take it apart. 3) Avoid touching the connectors, do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 4) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. 2 ----------------------------------------------------------- 2. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Controller 1 - For 1 player game Controller 2 - Not used - no second player CONTROLLER 1/CONTROLLER 2 Control Pad Moves Karnov. (Left and Right also selects Options.) UP RIGHT DOWN LEFT A button: Jump. B button: Shoot. 3 -------------------------------------------------------- SELECT button Press this button to make use of an Option. START button Press this button to begin. Pause: to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound and the game will stop. Press the Start button again to continue playing from where you left off. 4 -------------------------------------------------------- 3. HOW TO PLAY The story of Karnov begins in the peaceful village of Creamina, where the Treasure of Babylon has been kept for centuries, hidden away from the outside world. The Treasure has been sought by Ryu, a huge and evil dragon, for thousands of years. But now, Ryu has discovered the secret of Creamina and descended upon the little village, accompanied by all of his demonic cohorts. Ryu has made off with the Treasure, leaving his monstrous minions behind to terrorize the countryside. The helpless townsfolk have only one hope: Jinborov Karnovski, otherwise known as Karnov, a one-time circus strong man with a unique talent for shooting fireballs. Only Karnov can find a way through the monster-infested countryside, to seek out the evil Ryu and regain the Lost Treasure of Babylon for his people! 5 --------------------------------------------------------- SCREEN DISPLAY Option Number of Options Stocked Options Collected Score Timer Timer indicates time left to complete each level. 6 --------------------------------------------------------- SUPER FIREBALLS Karnov begins the game with three lives. If he is hit once, he turns blue. If he is hit again while he is blue, he loses a life. But if Karnov picks up a Super Fireball while he is blue, he will be restored to his normal color. Picking up Super Fireballs also increases Karnov's firepower. Collecting two Super Fireballs will enable him to shoot double fireballs, and collecting three will enable him to shoot triple fireballs. CONTINUATION MODE When Karnov has lost all three lives, the game is over. But the Continuation Mode allows you to begin a new game from where you left off. When the -) symbol appears next to "GAME OVER," use the Control Pad to move it down to "CONTINUE," then press the SELECT button. Note: You may only continue the same game three times. 7 ----------------------------------------------------------- ENEMIES Lion Keeper Appears with a lion who shoots out from its mouth. If you kill the lion, the Keeper will attack you by throwing knives. Chicken Bone Lies in wait for Karnov at the top of a tree, then swoops down upon him suddenly. Snake Woman This strange creature will attack with increasing strength when Karnov fights back. Rock Man Karnov will need to power-up with Options to defeat this enemy, which threatens him with large boulders. Gidora Karnov will need a Shield to defend himself against this two-handed monster, which shoots out from both of its mouths. 8 ---------------------------------------------------------- OPTIONS There are ten Options available throughout all the levels. Collect them to use during key moments of the game when needed. Certain Options can be collected and inventoried. In addition, some Options can be used only at certain times during the game. An Option will flash when it can be used. Boots Doubles Karnov's jumping power. This Option loses its effectiveness over a period of time, but it can be stocked. Bombs Not just for defeating enemies, but also for destroying certain obstacles and walls. It can be stored. Ladder Use it to reach an Option positioned in a high place, or avoid an enemy's attack. Boomerang Gives you extra attacking power. You can use it again if you catch it when it returns. It can be stocked. 9 ---------------------------------------------------------- Clapper This will destroy every enemy on the screen at one time (except for the Boss Enemy in each Stage). It can be stocked. Glasses Allows you to see and retrieve hidden Options. Swimming Mask This will allow you to go faster underwater in Stage 5, a swimming scene. Wings Use them when you fall from a high place. You will need them continuously in Stage 8, a flying scene. They can be stocked. Shield Protects Karnov from an enemy's attack up to five times. K Mark You will receive one extra life when you collect fifty of these. 10 --------------------------------------------------------- PLAYING HINTS At the end of each Stage, there is a hint for the next Stage. Stage 2: You can overcome your first challenge. When you enter the next building, keep an eye on the face of the image. Stage 3: You will encounter stronger enemies, such as the Gomol. You must shoot him in the head to defeat him. Stage 4: You will need a good stock of Bombs to make it across the icy mountains. 11 --------------------------------------------------------- Stage 5: You should don the Swimming Mask to cross the Black Sea faster. Stage 6: You should pick up Wings now, if you haven't already. Watch out for the tall tower in the next town - you'd better not climb on it! Stage 7: Keep a Shield on hand to protect you in this Stage. Stage 8: You must you your Wings to fly through this Stage. But if you spend too much time in the sky, you will fall! Stage 9: Here you will encounter Ryu in a deep forest atop the mountain. Good luck! 12

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