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Journey to Silius

Typed out by NES-4S-USA Sunsoft(r) for the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) Journey to Silius Instruction manual --- Game story The time is the year 0373 in the new space age calendar. The earth's population is exploding so rapidly that people are seeking exodus to an outer space paradise. People everywhere are eager to develop space colonies and emigrate to them. Jay McCray is no exception. He is preparing for his journey to the new space colony #428 in the Silius Solar System. He decided to move to the colony because his father, an astute scientist, was instrumental in the space colony development. Jay had always been proud of his father and wanted to be like him, even more so now, becuase his father was appointed leader of the SSS colony development. Jay's dream is to be on a space colony development team. Unfortunately, his dream will not come true. A devastating explosion rocked the SSS colony and destroyed everything, including all project data and the research team. Any further development of the colony would be impossible. Because Jay's father was killed in the explosion, Jay would never know what really happened. He is determined to take over for his father, but without his father's records, research is at a standstill. While searching his father's room, Jay finds a floppy disk. When he puts it in the computer, he realizes, it contains a complete plan of the SSS colony development. The disk also includes a letter from his father which reads, "Terrorists are plotting to destroy the colony development. If anything happens to me, you must complete the project." "Father knew this would hapen," Jay said to himself, "but, now that I have his plans, I can finish his work." As Jay worked on the project, he realized the terrorists were still out there and even more determined to destroy the SSS colony plan. Jay then vows, "I have no choice but to fight the terrorists to defend the colony development and to avenge my father's death." --- Game play stages The game consists of five stages, accompanied by two demonstrations: the title (opening) demo and the ending demo. The game play proceeds in the flow chart as shown at left. Start Demo - Jay McCray, with his close-up face, declares his battle against the terrorist. Stage 1 - A deserted space colony in Space Age 0373. Stage 1 Boss: Helicopter & Mini Robots Stage 2 - Underground Concourse Stage 2 Boss: War Vehicle Robot Stage 3 - Terrorist Headquarters Stage 3 Boss: Troop of Cannons Stage 4 - Inside the Terrorist's Spaceship Stage 4 Boss: Mammoth Cannon Final Stage (1st Boss) - Inside the Terrorist's Spaceship Factory Stage 5 Boss: Giant Exodus Spaceship Final Stage (Last Boss) - Battle with Android (Human metallic skeleton), or the Final Stage Boss. Ending Demo - Completed Space Colony, followed by the introduction of the SUNSOFT staff who have created the Operation SSS. - Press any button on the Controller I to return to Stage 1. --- Weapon selection The hero, Jay, can use six different weapons available for selection, by following the processes below: Weapon select mode - The player can switch 'game play' mode to/from 'weapon select' mode, by pressing the Start Button. The screen on the 'weapon select' mode is: Six weapons for selection Weapon selected is shown here. Name of weapon selected. Gun energy meter Press Select Button when selecting a weapon of preference, below: Hand Gun - This gun is available at the game play start in stage 1 and can be used throughout the game play. This gun, now subject to energy consumption, keeps its energy constantly in full. Shot Gun - Can shoot bullets to three directions. The gun is available at the game play start in stage 1. Machine gun - Can shoot continuously. The gun is available for pickup in stage 1. Homing Missile - Can shoot up to three missiles at a time and keep track of an aimed target. This missile is available at the end of stage 2. Laser Rifle - Can shoot laser beams. This rifle is available in stage 3. Grenade Launcher - Can shoot a powerful, destructive hit. This weapon is available in stage 4. Gun Energy Meter - The energy of each weapon, except Hand Gun, will be lost in proportion to its consumption. When energy is lost, no other weapons can be used for their intended purposes. You can check about the level of energy consumption on this meter. You can start using the weapon in hand when the energy is refilled by picking up an Energy Capsule. --- Items for pickup There are four items available to pick up for selection of a weapon to use in the battle against enemies. Each item is marked with the initial of the weapon on the face of it. Two other items (capsules) are also available for pickup for recovery of game player power or weapon energy. M: Machine Gun - Available for pickup in stage 1. H: Homing Missile - Available for pickup in stage 2. L: Laser Rifle - Available for pickup in stage 3. G: Grenade Launcher - Available for pickup in stage 4. Life Capsule (red) - Available for pickup in all stages. By picking up a Life Capsule, you can regain your life power by increasing an increment on the Life Power Meter. Energy Capsule (blue) - Available for pickup in all stages. By picking up an Energy Capsule, you can regain your game power energy by increasing two increments on the Gun Energy Meter. Energy Meters - Two Energy Meters are available: (1) Life Power Meter (P Meter) and (2) Gun Energy Meter (G Meter) (see left). Both meters are constantly shown at the upper left on the screen when the game is in 'game play' mode (see right). --- Game play features 1. In stages 3 and 4, you are exposed to a variety of enemy weaponry like laser launchers and cannons. 2. The background in the 5th stage is so programmed to automatically scroll (right to left) that you are geared to be carried all along the predetermined moving route, on the container, inside the factory. --- Game play operation Game-Play Console (Controller) Use Controller I only. A - Press to jump B - Press to shoot (by using a weapon available at the time). START - Press either to start, to continue, or to switch 'game play' to/from 'weapon select' mode. SELECT - Press to pause (when the game is in 'game play' mode). Press to select a weapon of preference (when the game is in 'weapon select' mode and when option weapons are available). JOYSTICK - Press sideways to move the hero (Jay) left to/from right. Press down to let the hero lie down (no action follows by pressing up).

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