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Isolated Warrior

Typed out by NES-W6-USA How to play Isolated Warrior(tm) NTVIC(tm) NTV International Corporation --- The Story A planet outside of the Earth's galaxy called Pan was suddenly attacked by an unknown alien force. The aliens had the power to consume all living things, machines, and buildings. Pan soon became overwhelmed by the aliens and their army began losing all of its fighting power. The soldiers and people of Pan were advised to evaculate the planet, however, the captain of the army, Max Maverick , refused to leave. He suited up for battle and faced the aliens alone using his motorcycle and Hover-craft as his only means of transportation. --- How To Operate Max Maverick Press the Control Pad to move Max in 8 different directions: Forward and Backward, Left and Right and Diagonally. Start Button Prses the Start Button to pause the game. Select Button Press the Select Button to change to the shooting mode and change directions. Button B Press Button B to fire a laser beam. Button A Press Button A for jump (1) Hold down Button A for a jump and somersault (2) If you fire a bomb when Max is turning a somersault, when he lands the bomb will start spinning. The bomb will move in the direction it was fired. (4) While Max is riding his motorcycle, press the bottom of the Control Pad and he will do a "Wheelie" and jump over obstacles. In the "Wheelie" mode, Max will sustain no damage from crashing into the enemy, however, he can be hit by the alien's bullets. --- Game Basics How to Start the Game: Press Button A to select a New Game on the title screen (5) Use the Control Pad to select Password and then press Button A to enter your Password onto the screen. (6) After you finish each stage, a Password will appear on the screen. When you want to start the game from midway, enter this password from your previous game with the Control Pad. Once you have entered the right Password, press Button A to begin the game. --- Strategic Information At the bottom of your screen during each game, you will see the following chart of information: Bomb Power Levels Each bombs that Max fires has different levels of power and destruction. Picking up certain items along the way (which are defined later in the booklet) will increase the power of his bombs. Use the Bomb Level Information at the bottom of the screen to determind how much power you have. Also, up to level 3, you can select the bombs direction by pressing the Control Pad while firing. When Max is defeated, his bomb level will decrease by one level. LEVEL 1 - 1 Direction LEVEL 2 - 3 Directions LEVEL 3 - 5 Directions LEVEL 4 - 8 Directions LEVEL 5 - Bombs wiped out and back to LEVEL 4 --- Spreading and Focusing Laser Beams There are two firing modes: Spreading (W) and Focusing (L). You can shoose either one by pressing the Select Button. The firing modes will increase in five successive steps as you pick up the special items along the way. If you have used the Spreading (W) mode when Max is defeated, his firing mode will decrease to LEVEL 1. If the Spreading (W) has not been used, you can continue in the same level. Spreading (W) will fire in increasingly wider directions and knock down the aliens when they are spread over a large area. LEVEL 1 - 1 Direction LEVEL 2 - 2 Directions LEVEL 3 - 3 Directions LEVEL 4 - 4 Directions LEVEL 5 - 5 Directions Focusing (L) should be used for any aliens behind you and the biggest, most powerful aliens that you face towards the end of each map. LEVEL 1 - 1 beam forward LEVEL 2 - 1 beam each forward and backward LEVEL 3 - 2 beams each forwards and backwards LEVEL 4 - 2 beams each forwards and backwards LEVEL 5 - 3 beams forwards and 2 beams backwards --- Items Spreading (W) If Max picks up all 3, his spreading beam will increase one level. Focusing (L) If Max picks up all 3, his focusing beam will increase one level. Bomb (B) If Max picks up this item, his bomb will increase in destruction power. The Bullet If Max picks up the bullet, his number of bombs will increase. If he loses the bullet, he cannot use his bomb. Bonus (!) If Max picks up this, he will gain bonus points. Speeding Up Picking up this will increase Max's speed. Life Recovery This item will help Max to recover from 2 previous damages. The Barrier If Max picks up this item, a barrier will surround him and protect him for 5 attacks. After he is attacked by the aliens five times, the barrier will vanish. (During the 4th attack, the barrier will start blinking to warn you that Max will soon be unprotected.) --- Damage Zones There are several damage zones to stay away from on the map. If Max enters these areas, he will lose life points. Also, if Max gets caught between buildings or falls off a cliff he will die. There are 6 stages in the game which include 3 means of transportation: The Hovercraft, the motorcycle and on foot. If you finish all 6 stages before the game is over you will enter a special stage #7 for highly-skilled players.

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