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Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2

Typed out by tsr NES-IR-USA Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2 Game Pak Instructions Acclaim Entertainment Inc. --- The further adventures of Kuros You've defeated the evil Wizard Malkil before. So you can defeat him again. Or can you? This time he has summoned the very forces of Nature against you. He's taken the form of the four Elementals: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. And though your fighting abilities are the finest in the land, it will take more - much more - to go against these all-powerful Elementals. You must search everywhere for the food, items, and spells that are your only hope for victory. Leave no stone unturned. No door or chest unopened. Gather or purchase the keys that open the sealed chests. Do whatever it takes to harbor magic spells and powers. And collect all the gold and precious treasures you can find - because there may be times when you have to buy your strength. Within each of the four domains - those of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth - you will be able to call on the assistance of an Animal King. But only of you can bestow upon him the golden object which he so desperately seeks. Finally - at the end of each domain - you must battle the Elemental itself. It won't be easy. And if you don't first obtain the magic that each Elemental fears the most, it will be impossible. But if you do find the right magic for the job, and you defeat the Elemental, you will be given a piece of the shattered Ironsword. When all four Elementals have been defeated, you will hold the completely restored IronSword - the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the wicked Malkil. But, as it is with any battle against the evil Wizard, almost everything you encounter will be under his spell. Which means his minions are bent on carry- ing out only one task: stopping you. And as it is in any kingdom controlled by the power of magic, things aren't always as they appear. They way up may be to go down. The path to the West may lead off to the East. And hidden passages may lead you to places where "dir- ection" has no meaning. So be off, Kuros. You are the ultimate warrior. And this is the ultimate war.. --- The controller The illustration below shows you your control points. Throughout this instruc- tion book we will refer to these controls by the names indicated here. To move right or left - Press the Control Pad arrows right or left. To crouch - Press the Control Pad arrow down. To jump - Press the A button. to jump in a certain direction - Press the A button while simultaneously pressing the Control Pad arrow in the desired direction. To use you sword or use other weapons - press the B button. To make a selection - (When choosing a spell, an item to buy, or bonus chance) Press the Control Pad arrows until the desired item is highlighted. The press the A button. To use a magic spell - Press the Select button. The Magic Spell Screen will appear. Then press the Control Pad arrows to select a spell or to select Quit. Selection Quit will return you to the game screen. Press the A button to make your selection. (See "The Magic Spells") Note: To use magic, you must be in possession of it. To pause - press the Start button. To restart - press the Start button again. To continue - Press any button within 10 seconds of losing all of your Life Force Warning: Be careful, warrior, you can only "continue" your journey two times until you reach the end of the Earth level. Once you leave the Earth level, you can no longer rely on the continue feature. ----- Quick start overview If you don't want to waste precious time before battling Malkil, you may wish to enter the Land of Sindarin immediately. Read this quick overview to under- stand the basics, then return to the instruction book later for the fine points of the game. Overall objective: To reconstruct the shattered remnants of the legendary IronSword and use it to defeat the evil wizard Malkil in a final confrontation atop the mystical IceFire Mountain. Malkil has taken on the guise of the four Elementals: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Each time you defeat an Elemental, you'll be rewarded with a segment of the legendary IronSword. Remember, you must follow the Seven Noble Steps to conquer an Elemental. Seven Noble Steps to Completing Each Level 1) Collect or buy several keys. 2) Unlock chests to find magic spells. 3) Find the golden object for that level. 4) Give the golden object to the Animal King in that level. 5) Go on to the second section of that level and find the magic that gives your weapon the power to fight the Elemental. 6) Defeat the Elemental with the magic weapon. 7) Receive one part of the shattered IronSword. Secondary objectives: Increase your Score - by fighting the Wizard's evil henchmen. Increase your Money Supply - by collecting jewels, treasures and coins. Or by winning at Bonus Chance. Keep your Life Force up - by eating and drinking. Increase your Magic Powers - by collecting magic bubbles. Make sure to collect: Food and Drink, Magic Spells, Magic Weapons, Golden Objects, Keys, Jewels, Coins. --- At the inn You'll know where you are the minute you enter an Inn. There will be armor against the walls. Plates and cups on the shelves. And a friendly innkeeper ready to help you - unless you come in empty handed! Walk up to the innkeeper and choose between the following: Buy - Bonus Chance - Quit. If you choose to buy something, you'll be given a choice of items. To make a selection use the Control Pad arrows to highlight your choice. Then press the A button. You will be able to buy keys, food, special armor or magic spells - if you have the right amount of money. If you choose Bonus Chance, you'll be admitted to a special room. See Bonus Chance below. --- Bonus chance There's more than one way to collect coins - some more honorable than others. You'll need at least 100 gold coins to play. If you win you'll add 290 coins to your wealth. IF you lose, you'll lose 100 coins. Use the Control Pad arrows to pick a cup. Any cup. Then press the A button to see where fate lets the skull fall. When you've had enough, select Quit and press the A button. You'll end up back in the Inn. --- The magic spells Throughout your travels in the Land of Sindarin, various magic spells will become available to you. Some you must buy. Others can be found inside locked chests. Still others are yours for the taking. Remember, these spells won't last forever. Here is a listing of the spells you may find. Along with some hints as to how you might use them: The Familiar Spell - Turns bad guys into golden coins. And is helpful in obtaining a certain golden object. Dragon Tooth Spell - Turns bad guys into tasty food. Asp Tongue Spell - If you're hungry, cast this spell at an Inn. Surprise! Veil of Slumber - Makes enemies slow and groggy. Fleet Foot Spell - Makes you move faster and farther. Right? Right! Maybe this will help. Silver Fleece Spell - Coats you with an invisible shield making you invincible. Water Spout Spell - Going up? Jump on. Spells to use against the elementals Each Elemental has one weakness. Your only hope in overcoming an Elemental is to take advantage of that weakness. To do this, you must locate a specific spell within each domain, then use it against the Elemental. These special spells will help protect you from the Elemental when engaged in battle with him. And, at the same time, they will bring a firey, powerful magic to whatever weapon you're using. If you obtain one of these spells, your weapon automatically undergoes a magical transformation, giving you the power to take on the Elemental. These spells do not appear in your spells list, and are only used in the level they are obtained in. Remember, each time you use a spell, your magic is depleted. To increase your magic level, look for Magic Bubbles. They are little gold bubbles that random- ly appear and then float away. Touch as many of them as you can. Below are the spells and the Elementals they work agains: Windbane - Charges you weapon with just the right magic to blow away the Wind Elemental. Blightwater - Use it to dry up the Water Elemental. Firesmite - This is what it takes to really burn the Fire Elemental. Earthscorch - It's the only magic that will let you bury the Earth Elemental. --- Items of power and value IN addition to the Magic Spells, you'll find other items to assist you along the way. You may find them in chests, or you may purchase them at inns and taverns. Some are magic. Some powerful. Others worth their weight in gold. Here is what you'll find: Weapons Swords and Diamond Swords - The Swords are powerful enough. But the Diamond Swords are awesome! Shields and Diamond Shields - These help fend off enemy attack - especially the Diamond Shields. Helmets and Diamond Helmets - To protect your head, of course. And you're right; the Diamond Helmets are the best. The Axe - When you want something heaver than a sword, but haven't yet re- built the IronSword. Relics of Sindarin There are several items, relics from the Land of Sindarin, that are worth valuable points when found. They are: The Book of Sindarin - 10,000 points The Cross of Sindarin - 20,000 points The Gauntlet of Sindarin - 50,000 points The Ring of Sindarin - 100,000 points Monetary items Chests Full of Treasure - One of your richest sources of money. Big Gems - Worth 200 gold coins Little Gems - Worth 100 gold coins Coins - worth 50 gold coins Other items Seven League Boots - It's impossible to reach IceFire Mountain's summit with- out them. Keys - Collect as many as you can. You'll need them to open the locked chests you encounter in your travels. Chickens and Brew - Eat and drink to keep your belly full and your Life Force up. --- The wizard's black magic Malkil has assembled a villainous army of vile creatures to scare you off. Some of this world. Others from somewhere much darker, much more evil. Most of the enemies can be handled with your mighty Brightsword. But many will require special weaponry or magic. You must remember which ones can be defeated by certain weapons, and how many attacks it takes to destroy them. Here is a partial listing of the enemies and hazards you'll encounter and the points you'll earn for catching and defeating them. And yet, there are so many, it would take ages to list them all. Wind level Slimy Spitter - 43 pts Cave Demon - 245 pts Giant Hailstone - 100 pts Cloud Man - 200 pts Eagle - 112 pts Deadly Skill & Crossbones - invincible Water level Tree Snake - 23 pts Baby Frog - 8 pts Flying Piranha - 56 pts Iceberg - 56 pts Wave - 56 pts Zombies - 30 pts Steam Cloud - invincible Jellyfish - 200 pts Fire level Volcano Mouth - invincible Lava Spitting Crater - invincible Toothy Creeper - 23 pts Salamander - 400 pts Salamander's Bullet - 400 pts Flame Spitting Walls - 87 pts Floor Flames - invincible Earth level Earth Demon - 546 pts Earth Demon's Spells - 400 pts Vampire Bat - 30 pts Stalactite - 400 pts Rock Pillar Beast - 546 pts Scary Ghost - 245 pts Rock of Ages - Large or small, 56 pts Skull Spider - 1000 pts Icefire mountain Flaming Crater - invincible Snowman - 246 pts Snowball - 8 pts Water Elemental - 20,500 pts Wind Elemental - 20,500 pts Fire Elemental - 20,500 pts Earth elemental - 20,500 pts --- The life force of Kuros You begin the game with a full amount of life - as indicated by your Life Force level. But your Life Force decreases every time you're hit by an enemy or by an enemy's magic object. Also, falling great distances decreases your Life Force, as does fighting. To increase your life force - Look for, and pick up, chickens and brew, which are scattered throughout the land. To obtain an extra life - Look for, and touch, the miniature Kuros. --- Words to the wise - Remember to leave no corner unexplored, no stone unturned and nothing behind. You're going to need all the weapons, magic and special items you can get your hands on. - When fighting the Elementals, pay attention to the blue lines next to the Elemental's picture in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This tells you the number of successful hits it will take to conquer that force. With each successful hit, a line will disappear. - Keep an eye on your magic power level. If you don't have enough magic, you won't be able to defeat an Elemental. - Collect as many gems and coins as you can. Because a full purse is always an advantage, you can never have too much money. Or, for that matter, too many keys or not enough magic. - Remember to have an ample supply of money when you reach the Earth level. You'll need it to buy extra lives. --- The ironsword hall of fame If you prove successful in battling Malkil and his evil minions, you'll earn a place in the IronSword Hall of Fame. If you're one of the Valiant, the wheel of letters will appear on the screen. To inscribe your initials, press the left/right control pad arrows to move the highlighter around the letters. When you reach the desired letter press the A button to select it. Continue this way until you've selected all your letters. If you make a mistake or want to change your letters, move the highlighter to the word RUB and press the A button. When you have selected all your letters, move the box to the word END and press the A button. A spell has been cast which makes your name and score disappear once you turn off your game. But fear not, Kuros, you'll have a new chance of entering your name each time you return to battle. --- The ultimate challenge This mission, brave Kuros, is beyond anything you have yet undertaken. The forces of the Elementals are the very forces of Nature herself. Steadfast. All-powerful. Pervasive. But you know how to survive. And you learn fast. You'll quickly discover which magic to use against which forces. And it is then that you must rely on your might, wisdom and strength. With each piece of the shattered IronSword you collect, you're a step closer to defeating the wicked Malkil. And if you make it as far as the top of Ice- Fire Mountain, sheer pride will help you battle it out to the end. As always, the fate of an innocent land lies in your hands. And you are their only hope...

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