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Iron Tank

Typed out by Steve Begin IRON TANK: The Invasion of Normandy (SNK) Instruction Manual PAGE 2 ------ This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (Picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This seal is your assurance that Nintendo has evaluated and approved the quality of this product. WARNING * As the cassette is a precision device, keep away from heavy shock and do not use under extreme temperature conditions. * Do not touch the terminals and avoid water exposure, which might cause problems. * Do not clean with thinner, benzine or alcohol. * Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the cassette from the Nintendo Entertainment System. PAGE 3 ------ Thank you for selecting IRON TANK: THE INVASION OF NORMANDY from SNK for your Nintendo Entertainment System. For maximum enjoyment of your new game, please read this booklet and save it for future reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Story.........................4 The Controller....................5 How to Play.......................6 The Sub-Screen....................7 Power-Up Items....................9 Enemies..........................10 PAGE 4 ------ THE STORY The Date: June 5, 1944. The United Forces are preparing for their final assault on the Normandy Coast. The Mission: Establish a beachhead, break through the front lines, and infiltrate and destroy enemy headquarters. To spearhead the invasion, they have chosen Paul, from Command Unit 88 - a secret unit known as "Iron Snake." An experienced combat veteran with special forces training. Paul has been called a Man of Iron. But to succeed in his mission, Paul will need the full firepower of the United Forces' mightiest fighting juggernaut: the Iron Tank! (Picture of the introduction screen.. when Iron Tank comes out of the ship on the beach.) PAGE 5 ------ THE CONTROLLER Control Pad: Press top of Pad to move Tank upwards; press left side to move left; press right side to move right; and press bottom to move downwards. B Button: To change direction of the gun turret, press B Button while pressing Control Pad. Also press B Button to fire machine gun. Press Control Pad to change direction of the turret. A Button: Press to fire in the direction of the turret. Select Button: Press to get to the Sub-Screen. Press again to return to the game. Start Button: Press to start the game; or press while playing to pause game, then press again to continue playing. (Picture of the Control Pad and all its buttons) PAGE 6 ------ HOW TO PLAY IRON TANK can be played by one player, or by two players at the same time. There are several possible ways to invade the enemy's headquarters. You will receive Morse Code messages, and secret information from rescued captives. Use this information to plan your strategy. Use the map to search for other and better routes to carry out your mission most effectively. You can enjoy the game more by trying a different route each time you play. The Screen display: (Picture of what a normal play screen looks like) CALL SIGN (Bottom-left of the screen) When you are receiving radio messages, the Call Sign flashes on and off. ENERGY GAUGE (Under the Call Sign) The red part of the Energy Gauge shows how much energy and fuel your tank has. If you run out of energy/fuel, you lose one tank. PAGE 7 ------ THE SUB-SCREEN Press the Select Button to see the Sub-Screen during the game. (Picture of the Sub-Screen) BULLET ITEMS (5 squares on the upper-left part of the screen) LAMP FLASHES ON AND OFF (5 circles beside the 5 Bullet Item squares) ENERGY GAUGE (5 rectangles beside the 5 Lamp Flashes On and Off circles) RESERVE FUEL (1 square, circle and rectangle to the left, a little lower than the center of the screen) RADIO SET (The square on the bottom-left part of the screen) HIGH SCORE (The rectangle beside Radio Set) MAP (The big rectangle on the upper-right and center-right portion of the screen) NUMBER OF TANKS LEFT (Square on the bottom-right part of the screen) SCORE BOARD (To the left of the Number of Tanks Left) The Sub-Screen consists of two parts. The Map shows the location of your tank. The other half of the screen shows various items you can choose. Press the Control Pad to move the cursor to the item you want, then press the A Button to select it. PAGE 8 ------ Continuation Mode You begin each game with 3 tanks. If you lose them all, CONTINUATION MODE appears. Press the Control Pad to move the cursor to one of the following: Yes - To continue the game. No - To end the game. Password - To start the game where you left off the last time you played. Then press the A Button to select your option. Radio Set You will have radio messages from the beginning of each game. This is your source of Morse Code messages and secret information. When you receive messages during the game, the Call Sign flashes and you hear the Morse Code sound. Press the Select Button to get to the Sub-Screen, move the cursor to select RADIO SET, then press A Button to see the radio messages on the screen. Press the Select Button again to return to the game screen. (Note: Once you return to the game screen, you can't see the same information twice). When you rescue a captive or you are dead, the screen automatically goes to radio messages. PAGE 9 ------ POWER-UP ITEMS Use your Items efficiently. You can continuously get them as complete as the red gauge shows and you can also reserve them. Learn how to use them most effectively by combining them, and by judging then enemy's strength. Bullet Items (Boxed 'V') Rapid Firing: Continuous shooting. (Boxed 'B') Explosive: Explosive power increases. (Boxed 'F') Armor Piercing: Piercing power level increases. (Boxed 'L') Long Range: Shooting range increases. (Boxed '?') Possibly enemy's new bomb. Number of bombs is unknown. Can't be combined with other Items. Energy Items (Boxed 'E') Energy/Fuel: You are supplied with this. Energy/Fuel gauge appears on the Sub-Screen. (Boxed 'R') Reserve Energy/Fuel: You can reserve your Energy/Fuel. On the Sub-Screen it is shown as R FUEL. PAGES 10, 11, 12 & 13 --------------------- ENEMIES Foot Soldier with machine gun Foot Soldier with grenade Officer with machine gun Louis light armored tank Gustafu medium armored tank Waltar medium armored tank Becks Haus heavy armored tank Puma heavy armored tank with 3 turrets Folten heavy armored tank with multiple turrets Fritz firing train J-Type armored train Werner 109K fighter plane Hans turret Yunkel JU88r-1 fighter bomber Think Tank (F-type) Think Tank (C-type) V-II missile Captive (including ally's spy) Venglar-Rank fighting submarine Think Tank main body Base Station Headquarters PAGE 14 ------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS blahblah PAGE 15 ------- LIMITED WARRANTY blahblah BACK COVER ---------- Also available from SNK IKARI WARRIORS ATHENA ALPHA MISSION IKARI WARRIORS II: VICTORY ROAD SNK Corporation of America 246 Sobrante Way, Sunnyvale, California 94086 (C)1988 SNK Corporation of America Printed in Japan

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