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Typed out by NES-IF-USA INFILTRATOR MINDSCAPE INC ------------------- (blank page) ------------------- Official Nintendo Seal of Quality ------------------- TOP TOP TOP TOP SECRET Message to Captain Johnny "Jimbo-Baby McGibbits/AKA The Infiltrator STOP Re: The destrucion of the world (at least) STOP Captain STOP We need you STOP The world is on the brink of destruction STOP Only you can save us STOP The Whizbang Enterprizes Gizmo DHX-3 Attack Helicopter is on the pad STOP The Mad Leader must be stopped STOP Only you can stop him STOP Stop him at all costs STOP Enclosed find a Gizmo flight manual, secret communications code names and other mission info, weapons, film (with pre-paid processing mailer) and the McGibbits Guide to Ground Installation Infiltration (Pocket Edition) STOP Good luck Jimbo-Baby - the fate of the world is in your hands STOP Brigadier General Bunson "Old Blood 'n' Guts" O'Shaughnessy And now, the moment you've been waiting for... You will begin all of your missions from Home Base, just beyond the boarder of the Mad Leader's country. At the base you will be briefed about your mission goal just before takeoff. You must successfully pilot your chopper from Home Base through enemy airspace and reach one of the Mad Leader's installations to complete the ground mission assigned during the briefing. There are three missions, each progressively more difficult. [2]---------------- in keeping with your growing skill, stature, and worldwide acclaim. Good Luck! Press any button to exit the title screen. You may start your first mission either at Home Base or at the Enemy Base - press the Select Button to move the arrow. When the arrow is pointing to the option you want to select, press any other button to begin. To attempt a higher level mission, choose ENTER PASSWORD FOR MORE. You will then be asked for a password, which would have been assigned at the end of the previous mission. Press Up and Down on the Control Pad to change letters; press Left and Right on the Control Pad to move the cursor. When the password is complete, press any button to proceed. (pic of controller) [3]---------------- OWNER'S FLIGHT MANUAL Whizbang Enterprises introduces the Gizmo DHX-3 Attack Chopper "The Snuffmaster" Your new Whizbang Gizmo DHX-3 Attack Chopper is loaded with the following special features: * Turbine-Thrust Dual Propulsion Whizbang Whirler engine * Whizbang Waster air-to-air heat seeking missles * Anti-heat-seeking missle magnum flares * Anti-radar guided missle chaff dispenser * Whizbang Whomper turbo booster * Ultra-sophisticated communications systems * State-of-the-art computer guidance, control, and surveilance systems * Whizbang Whisper silent travel capabilities [4]---------------- TAKEOFF PROCEDURES Upon entering the cockpit of your Gizmo, you will find yourself facing an ultra-sophisticated array of controls. At the bottom of the screen, note your hands holding the control sticks which control the movement of the helicopter. Take-off procedures are as follows: 1. Press the Start Button to start the engine. 2. When the power exceeds 2300 RPM's, press DOWN on the Control Pad to lift off. 3. To accelerate, hold down the A Button and press UP on the Control Pad. THE CONTROLS CLIMB: Press DOWN on the Control Pad DIVE: Press UP on the Comtrol Pad ACCELERATE: Hold the A Button and Press UP on the Control Pad DECELERATE: Hold the A Button and Press DOWN on the control Pad BANK LEFT: Press LEFT on the Control Pad BANK RIGHT: Press RIGHT on the Control Pad SPIN CLOCKWISE: Hold down the A button and press RIGHT on the Control Pad SPIN COUNTERCLOCKWISE: Hold down the A button and press RIGHT on the Control Pad [5]---------------- COCKPIT DISPLAYS WARNING LIGHTS Six warning lights are displayed at the top of the cockpit. If a buzzer sounds and a light is flashing red, it indicates: E: Engine dammage B: Battery overheated O: Oil overheated F: Fuel low A: Altitude level below 200 ft. R: RPM deficiency in engine or rotors The warning lights will alert you to any status conditions that require immediate attention. You have some direct control over the B, O, and A warning lights. The E, F, and R lightes refer to problems that connot be corrected in mid-flight. In these cases, you should reach your destination as quickly as possible and avoid any further dammage from air combat. BATTERY AND OIL TEMPERATURE GAUGES These gauges are located on either side of the warning lights - the battery gauge on the left and the oil gauge on the right. When these gauges reach the danger zone, a continuous beeping will be heard and the warning lights will begin to flash. If this happens, you must immediately slow your speed to reduce strain on the battery and turn off the Turbo to conserve oil. [6]---------------- FUEL GAUGE Your fuel gauge is located on the right side of the cockpit. As your fuel decreases, the red bar will move from right to left. The talk is empty when the red bar disappears. SPEED INDICATOR Your airspeed indicator is located in the upper left corner of the Control Panel; it shows your present airspeed in knots. Maximum speed is 450 knots, or 900 knots with the Turbo engaged. AUTOMATIC DIRECTION FINDER (ADF) The ADF gauge is located at the top center of the Control Panel, and will aid you in arriving at the proper destination. Therefore, you may want to program it immediately after takeoff (see Communications). Once programmed, the ADF always points towards your destination. If the ADF is pointing straight up, you are on course and will eventually reach your target regardless of the compass heading. Moving off course will cause the ADF to turn, adjusting itself to the Gizmo's orientation. To correct the orientation of the Gizmo so that it is heading toward your destination, turn in the direction the ADF is pointing until the ADF points straight up again. If the ADF is turning randomly, it has not been properly programmed at the Communications Terminal. If the ADF is flashing and spinning rapidly, you are directly over your distination. In this case, you shouyld slow down and proceed to land immediately. [7]---------------- ALTIMITER The altimiter gauge is located in the uppernright corner of the Control Panel, and displays your present altitude in feet. Each time the dial sweeps past 12 o'clock, it registers 1000 ft. Maximum altitude is limited to 9999 ft. If your altitude is below 200 ft., the low altitude warning light will begin to flash and a buzzer will sound. RPM INDICATOR The RPM (revolutions per minute) indicator is located in the lower left corner of the Control Panel, and displays the rate at which the blades are spinning. Helicopter blades do not speed up or slow down to maintain a conatant rate, since it's the tilt of the blades that causes the movement. The onboard computer system monitors and maintains steady RPM. Optimum RPM is 2300, and no flying can take place until the RPM is at or above optimum. ARTIFICIAL HORIZON The artificial horizon gauge is located at the bottom center of the Control Panel. It indicates the Gizmo'd degree of tilt or bank and wheather you are climbing or diving by the location of the horizon line in relation to the stabilization point. If the artificial horizon is level and centered in the gauge, you are flying straight and level. DIRECTIONAL COMPASS The compass is located in the lower right corner of the Control Panel, and displays the heading of the Gizmo in degrees. Other helicopter functions are displayed in two columns on either side of the [8]---------------- Control Panel: M: Missle G: Gun (Cannons) C: Chaff F: Flares R: Radio (Communications) S: Status (Computer Terminal) T: Turbo W: Whisper The letter of the active option is highlighted. Once you are airborne, you will be able to switch options by pressing the Select Button to scroll down or the Start Button to scroll up through the options. To select an option, press the B Button when the letter is highlighted. All of these options can be damaged by enemy fire. MISSLES To fire a Whizbang Waster air-to-air heat-seeking missle, highlight the "M" option and then press the B Button. You have a limited number of missles per mission. CANNONS To fire the Whizbang Whizzer 20mm cannons, highlight the "G" option and then press the B Button. You have unlimited ammunition. CHAFF To drop chaff, highlight the "C" option and press the B Button. Radar-guided enemy missles can be decieived by dropping the chaff (strips of metal) into the sky, creating a fake radar image of Gizmo. If a radar-guided missle is heading toward the Gizmo, the "C" option will begin to flash to indicate that chaff should be used. [9]---------------- FLARES To set a flare, highlight the "F" option and press the B Button. Flares are made of magnesium, and are used as decoys to fool enemy heat-seeking missles into thinking that the flare is actually your exhaust. If a heat-seeking missle is heading toward the Gizmo, the "F" option will begin to flash to indicate that a flare should be used. RADIO See the selection below titled "Communications." STATUS See the section below titles "The Computer Terminal." TURBO To activate the Whizbang Whomper Turbo Booster, highlight the "T" option and press the B Button. Once activated, the "T" will flash continuously. The Turbo Booster doubles your present airspeed to a maximum of 900 knots. It also causes the oil to heat up at a very fast rate, so it should be used sparingly. To deactivate the Turbo, highlight the flashing "T" option and press the B Button. WHISPER MODE To activate the Whizbang Whisper, highlight the "W" option and press the B Button. Once activated, the "W" will flash continiously. Whisper mode silences the Gizmo, and must be activated when attempting to make a secret landing; otherwise, the noise of the helicopter could alert enemy ground personnel. To deactivate Whisper mode, highlight the flashing "W" option and press the B Button. [10]--------------- COMMUNICATIONS The Whizbang Gizmo DHX-3 is equipped with highly sophisticated communications equipment. To display the Communications Terminal (which is located to the left of the cockpit screen), highlight the "R" option (RADIO) and press the B Button. The Communications Terminal has a message area along the top, and indicators for the ADF (Automatic Direction Finder), Send Message (S), and Receive Message (R). The default selection is Receive. ADF The required ADF value can be found in the lower left corner of the Computer Terminal. To program the ADF, press the Select Button until "ADF" negins to flash. Then press UP or DOWN on the Control Pad until the correst value is displayed. Your ADF will not function properly if the correct value is not entered. SENDING AND RECEIVING MESSAGES You will encounter other aircraft as you fly to your estination; these may be other infiltrators also trying to stop the Mad Leader, or enemies staunchly loyal to the Mad Leader and his evil goals. When you encounter another aircraft, you should immediately request identification from the pilot to determine wheather he is a friend or an enemy. Since there are no distinguishing markings on your chopper, other pilots will also try to determine your loyalties and intentions. Your may safely reveal your identy (INFILTRATOR) to a friend, but you should conceal you real identity from enemy pilots by giving them a false I.D. (OVERLORD). It is important that you request the other pilot's I.D. first - once you know which side he's on, you'll be able to respond correctly. [11]--------------- You may send one of three messages to another aircraft: REQUEST ID INFILTRATOR (your I.D. to a friend) OVERLORD (your I.D. to an enemy) To send one of these messages, press the Select Button until the correct message is displayed, then press the B Button. This will send your message to the other aircraft and return you to the cockpit view. When the other pilot responds, you will be returned to the Communications Terminal automatucally and his message will be displayed at the top of the screen. Examine his code name; with experience, you should be able to distinguish friendly code names (WHIPPLE, HAYMISH) from those of your enemies (BOOMER, SCUM). If you give the other pilot the correct I.D., you will be allowed to continue on your mission. Give the wrong I.D. and you'll end up in a battle that will last until one of you is destroyed. By the way, there are a few maniacs out there... other infiltrators who have snapped from the strain. These pilots will attack no matter how you respond, so be prepared! Sample exchanges: You: REQUEST ID Other: WHIPPLE REQUESTING IDENTIFICATION You: INFILTRATOR Other: GOOD LUCK JONNY [12]--------------- You: REQUEST ID Other: SCUM REQUESTING IDENTIFICATION You: OVERLORD Other: YOU ARE CLEARED TO PROCEED To return to the cockpit view without sending a message, press the Select Button until either ADF or R (Receive) is flashing, then press the B Button. THE COMPUTER TERMINAL To display the Computer Terminal (which is located to the right of the cockpit screen), highlight the "S" option (Status) and press the B Button. The Computer Terminal shows a Tactical Map of the area, the compass heading which should be programmed into the ADF, a status panel that shows any dammage sustained in battle, and inventories for Missles, Flares, and Chaff. TACTICAL MAP The large gridded map shows the Mad Leader's country; your position is displayed by a flashing circle. If you have programmed the ADF correctly, a flashing square will appear to indicate your destination. STATUS DISPLAY This panel displayd status lights for a variety of chopper finctions: COMMUNICATIONS DEFENSES (Chaff and Flares) [13]--------------- TACTICAL TURBO ENGINE WEAPONS If dammage is sustained in battle, the green light next to any dammage function will begin to flash red. Below the status lights are bar indicators for remaining Missles, Flares, and Chaff. As your supple of each decreases, the black bar for that item will gradually disappear. When the bar is entirely gone, you have used up your supply of that item. Press either the A or the B Button to return to the cockpit view. LANDING PROCEDURES Once you have arrived at your assigned destination, follow these procedures to land safely: 1. Reduce your speed to between 0 and 20 knots. 2. Make sure that the artificial horizon is level and that you are not banking. 3. Decrease your rate od descent to a minimum. Once you have descended below 200 ft., you will hear a low altitude warning buzzer. Turn on the Whizbang Whisper silent travel feature and decrease your rate of descent. When your altitude is reduced to 0, the Gizmo will land (it shakes and thumps loundly as it hits the ground). If you have landed at the propper destination, the ADF gauge will be [14]--------------- flashing and spinning rapidly. While on the ground, do not bank accelerate, or spin; if you do, you'll crash. Any number of other problems can lean to a crash; incorrect takeoff or landing, too much dammage, engine dammage, overheated oil or battery, or running out of fuel. If you crash while flying or landing, you will start the same mission again from the begining. If you stop playing after having successfully completed a mission, you will have the choice of starting from scratch or starting a new mission. You cannot embark on a new mission before completeing the rpevious one. PAUSE To pause the game, switch to either Computer Terminal ("S") or the Communications Terminal ("R"). The game will pause until you're ready to proceed; simply return to the main screen to continue. [15]--------------- THE McGIBBITS GUIDE TO GROUND INSTALLATION INFILTRATION (POCKET EDITION) Avoiding (or fooling) the enemy is the key to a successful ground mission. With this in mind, you have disguised yourself as an enemy gaurd. Your abjective is to complete the mission displayed in the briefing without being captured, blown up, or running out of time. You get five chances - after that, you're out of luck. There are three increasingly difficult missions. Once you finish a mission, you will get your next assignment. THE MISSIONS Mission One: Your first mission is to neutralize a vat of deadly nerve gas in the Mad Leader's coumpound. To do this, you must find the four chemical containers hidden in the coumpound and bring them to the lab, where they will be analyzed. (You will need to find the security card to unlock the doors to important rooms.) Determine which chemical is the nerve gas neutralizer. Then locate the Mad Leader's vet of deadly nerve gas, use the neutralizer on it, and get out of there fast. Mission Two: Your second mission is to find the famous scientist Dr. Phineas Gump and rescue him from the clutches of the Mad Leader. Again, you'll need to find the security card to unlock the doors to important rooms. To get Dr. Phineas out of the compound, you must find the invisibility pill and give it to him - then make your excape. [16]--------------- Mission Three: Your third and most difficult mission is to locate and destroy the Mad Leader's missle control rooms by planting explosives. To open the control rooms, you must find the hidden security card. Once the last bomb is set, you've got only a short time to get out before the whole place blows sky high. GETTING STARTED YOU are the small figure on the screen standing next to your trusty Gizmo. Press UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT on the Control Pad to move in the corresponding direction. The time remaining for your mission is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. If time runs out, your mission will end and you'll have to start over. You have 20 minutes of real time for each mission once you have landed. To pause the game, press the Select Button to go to the Inventory Screen. The game will pause untill you're ready to proceed; simply press the Select Button and return to the Main Screen to continue. INVENTORY ITEMS You have been provided with a number of special items to help you complete your missions. The active item is indicated at the bottom of the screen; press either the A Button or the B Button to use the active item. Items are displayed on an Inventory Screen; to view your inventory, press the Select Button. The active item is surrounded by a flashing white box, and the name of that item appears in the middle of the screen. At the beginning of each mission, PAPERS is the active item. Press LEFT or RIGHT on the Cnotrol Panel to activate a different item. [17]--------------- The Inventory Screen alsao shows your remaining supply of Sleeping Gas (SPRAY), Grenades, and Explosives. If you find an important item during your search of the Enemy Base, this will be indicated at the bottom of the Inventory Screen. Press the Select Button to return to the Main Screen. The Inventory items include: SLEEPING GAS You have a hidden canister strapped inside your jacket which contains a colorless, odorless sleeping gas. Anyone sprayed will fall to sleep for several seconds and forget what has happened. When the sleeping gas is active, press either the A or B Button to spray the gas. (You have specially treated nose plugs which allow you to breath the gas without harm.) GAS GRENADES These have the same effest as the sleeping gas canister, except that they have greater range. When used inside, all gaurds in the room where the gas grenade is dropped will fall asleep. IDENTIFICATION PAPERS These are your fake I.D. papers. You should show your papers whenever a guard asks to see them. Activate PAPERS on your Inventory Screen (if they are not already active), then stand next to the guard and press either the A or B Button. The guard will examine your papers and decide wheather or not they are "In order" and valid. If they are in order, you will be allowed to go about your business undetected. If they are out of order, you have a short time to gas the guard or run away before he tries to take you in for "questioning." Be forewarned that running away will cause the guard to sound an alert throughout the compound. [18]--------------- MINE DETECTOR The Mad Leader's guards have placed land mines at various locations throughout the compound and surrounding region - particularly in wooded areas. To use the mine detector, select this item on the Inventory Screen and hold down either the A or B Button as you walk around; the mine detector beeps to let you know you it is working. If you step near a mine when the detector is sctivated, the mine will be exposed but will not detonate. Stepping on a mine without the detector activated is fatal - and stupid. EXPLOSIVES In Mission Three, you'll need to set explosives in the missle control rooms. To do this, select EXPLOSIVES on the Inventory Screen; when you're in front of the main control panel in a control room, press UP on the Control Pad to plant the explosives. Only one bomb is permitted in each room. After setting your last bomb, an automatic countdown timer will go off - you then have about 20 seconds to leave the building before the bombs detonate. MISSION INTERFERENCE Enemy guards within the compound are fanatically loyal to the Mad Leader. They're assigned to patrol certain areas of the compound, and will carry out their orders unfailingly. If one of the guards spots you, he will most likely ask to see your papers (a talking guard's face and hands turn red). The guard's speech will appear in the middle of the screen. If you do not comply with his orders, he'll set off an alert and guards throughout the compound will chase after you. If you gas a guard while he is talking to you, he'll fall asleep and forget ever having seen you. [19]--------------- MAPPING While you are inside a building, a mini-mapping unit will appear at the bottom of the screen. Rooms are shown as boxes - the room you are in is represented by a flashing box. Moving into a new room adds it to the map.. Rooms are color-coded as follows: Red:Designates a room of great importance (prison, control room, etc.) Yellow: Designates a room of no special importance SEARCHING THE BUILDING Once inside a building, you may search any of the cabinets on the top far wall of each room (cabinets on the side walls seem to be empty...). Inside, you may find gas grenades, security cards, and other useful (and not so useful) items. To search a cabinet, stand in front of it and press UP on the Control Pad; text in the middle of the screen will let you know what you find. Clothing disguises may be of some helf in fooling enemy guards. To change uniforms, stand directly in front of a uniform hanging on a coat rack and press UP on the Control Pad until you have finished changing. An audible tone and accompanying text will indicate when you have finished. SILENCING THE ALARMS Inside the compound buildings, an electronic alarm card will turn off the alarms temporarily. If you find the alarm card, a line of text at the bottom of the Inventory Screen will note this. Once you have it, make your way to the alarm control center; stand directly in front of the card slot in the wall and press UP on the Control Pad. This will cause the electronis card in your possesion to be inserted into the slot, temporarily silencing the alarms. Note that you do not have to activate the elctronic card (or any [20]--------------- other item you find) to use it. If you have it in your possesion, it will be activated automatically. The card will work only once during a mission. LOCKED DOORS Locked doors must be deactivated before you can enter these rooms. To open all of the locked doors in the enemy compound, you must first find the security card. Once you have found it, a line of text will appear on the bottom of the Inventory Screen to indicate this. Next, you must find the security room (it is the room with the lock status indicator light on the wall and a passcard slot directly below it). To unlock all the doors, stand directly in front of the security card slot and press Up on the Control Pad. The lock status indicator light will turn from red to green to indicate that all of the locked doors are now open. Note that you do not have to activate the security card to use it. If you have it in your possession, it will be activated automatically. MAKING YOUR ESCAPE If you successfully complete your ground mission, make your way back to the helicopter. Moving into the cockpit section will take you inside so that you can return home. If you yaven't completed your mission, you won't be allowed to enter the helicopter. You can check to verify that your mission has been completed by going to the Inventory Screen. A message will be displayed when you have completed the assignment, to let you know it's time to get out of there. [21]--------------- LIMITED WARRANTY ------------------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS ------------------- (blank page) ------------------- (blank page) ------------------- (back cover) -------------------

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