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Ice Hockey

Typed out by NES-HY-USA Ice Hockey Instruction Booklet - Sports Series --- Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System Ice Hockey Pak. Object of the game/game description Ice hockey is hard hitting, fast-action competition. Each team tries to put the puck into its opponent's goal. A game consists of three periods, and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins. When the score is tied at the end of the three periods, the game is decided with penalty shots. If the score is still tied following the penalty shots, the game goes into over- time without goalkeepers. At the start of the game, and at the start of each period, one player from each team goes to the center of the rink for a "face-off". From there on out, it's non-stop mayhem on the ice, a battle to the end. Will you be the champion? Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save this booklet for future reference. --- Game Selection Game menu Press the Start button during the demonstration to display the game menu. Then use the control pad or the Select button to select a 1 player game (you against the computer) or a 2 player game, and press the Start button to begin. Selections Team Use the control pad to choose from the following six countries for your team and your opponent's team: USA (United States), SWE (Sweden), POL (Poland), CAN (Canada), URS (Soviet Union), TCH (Czechoslovakia). 1 Player Game (1): Your team (2): Opponent's team (computer's team) 2 Player Game (2): 1st player (2): 2nd player Speed Use the control pad to select the game speed, from 1 to 5, with 1 being the slowest and 5 the fastest. Time Use the control pad to select the time for each period of play, from 7, 10, or 15 minutes. After selecting the team, speed, and time, press the Start button. --- Line up Here, you pick your team's formation by selecting the physical features of your four players. Each time you press the A button, the physical features change for the player with the flashing number. Use the control pad to move the cursor from player to player. Thin players, ordinary players, and stocky players each have their own playing traits. Think carefully about the team formation you want. Thin guy Average guy Fat guy Traits Sticking Fast Average Slow Shot strength Weak Average Dynamite Checking Feeble Average Strong Face-off Good Average Poor Once you've decided on your team's formation, move the cursor to the End mark and press the A button. After your opponent does the same and also presses the A button at the lighted End mark, play begins. --- How to play Face-off Select the formation you want for each face-off. Players 1 and 3 specialize mainly in defense, and players 2 and 4 specialize in offense. Player 1 moves to the center spot to take the face off. You can exchange players 2 and 4 by pressing the control pad up or down, and players 1 and 3 by pressing the control pad left or right. When play begins, the players that are flashing can be controlled directly. Pause If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the Start button. Press the Start button again when you wish to continue the game. --- Controller operation Offense Control Pad: Player movements and direction of passes and shots B Button: Shooting (shooting strength determined by length of time pressed) A Button: Passes and puck battles Defense Control Pad: Player and goalkeeper movements B Button: Changing movable flashing players (switching to the player nearest the puck) A Button: Attacking (body checking) and puck battles B button playing techniques Shooting Shoot by pressing and holding the B button for a period of time, the releasing it. The shot speed varies according to the length of time the button is held. Fake Shot When the B button is quickly and lightly pressed, the player takes a shooting pose but does not shoot. Player Changing This lets you change the flashing player (the movable player) to one nearest the puck. Strengthening Defense When the B button is pressed continuously, the players gather in front of the goal to strengthen defense. --- Rules of the ice Icing the Puck When one team shoots the puck from the position behind the blue centerline past the opposing team's goal line and and opposing player other than the goalkeeper is the first one to touch it, the play is interrupted and "Icing" is called. The puck is then returned to the defending zone of the team res- ponsible for the Icing for a face-off. Icing is not called when the puck goes straight across the goal crease or when the opposing team has lost players due to penalties and thus has fewer players than the other team. Moving from the Fight Mode to a Power Play Players battle for the puck by repeatedly pressing the A button. If the battle takes too long, though, the surrounding players crowd in and start fighting. When this happens, a player from one of the teams is given a penalty and put in the penalty box for a set period of time. An attack by the team with more players is then called a power play. Please note, though, that whereas press- ing the A button repeatedly makes it easier to capture the puck and also makes it more difficult to be penalized, the team that starts the puck battle is more frequently subject to unfavorable referee decisions. Selecting Your Opponent's Team Formation If you defeat all of the challenging countries at speed 5, you are given the ability to change the members of your opponent's team on the Line Up screen. Perfect Your Flip-shooting! When you've stored up enough power with the B button, you'll be ready to flip- shoot. This technique lets you "flip" pucks right through the sticks of approaching opponents.

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