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Ice Climber

Typed out by Thomas Mattsson ICE CLIMBER(TM) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET ACTION SERIES --- Thank you for selecting the Nintendo(R) Entertainment System Ice Climber(TM) Pak. OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION It's only you and an ice hammer as you make your way to the top of the mountain! If you can break through 8 levels of treacherous arctic ice, you'll reach the top of the mountain. But watch out - the Nitpicker, condors and Polar Bears don't want you up there. And they've got a bag of tricks that will block your rise to the top. There are 32 challenging peaks to scale - face them alone or with a friend. Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save the booklet for future reference. 1. PRECAUTIONS 1) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2) Avoid touching the connectors, do not get them dirty or wet. Doing so may damage the game. 3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. --- 2. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Controller 1 - Moves Popo in 1 or 2 player game Controller 2 - Moves Nana in 2 player game Controller 1/Controller 2 *For 2 Player game A Button Used to break a hole through the row of ice blocks on the floor above with the hammer, and climb up onto it by jumping. B Button Strike with the hammer in the direction your character faces and get rid of toppies and nitpickers. Control pad Up - To choose a mountain (on the game menu). Right - To move to the right. Down - To choose a mountain (on the game menu). Left - To move to the left. --- SELECT Button Move the hammer mark to the game you wish to select from the game menu by pressing this button. START Button Press this button to begin. Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START Button. The pause tone will sound and the game will stop. Press the START Button again when you wish to continue the game. The game will continue from where it left off. * The TOP SCORE disappears once the power switch is turned OFF. 3. HOW TO PLAY This game either be played by 1 person with Popo or by 2 people with Popo and Nana. Using their hammers, they must break through the floor above and jump up to the next level. [Characters] Popo Nana (Controller 1, blue) (Controller 2, pink) --- Topi * They bring ice to fill in holes in the floors. * If you collide with a Topi you lose a man. Nitpicker * Always flying around Popo and Nana. * If you collide with this bird you lose a man. Condor * Jump up and grab onto the Condor during the bonus round for extra points. Polar Bear * After a certain period of time, the Polar Bear comes out and pushes the floors down. --- [Rules and Suggestions] 1. Use the control pad when the game menu is displayed to enter the number of the mountain you want to climb. (MOUNTAIN XX) * The mountains are numbered from 1-32. You can attempt to climb any mountain, but the larger the number the more difficult the mountain is to climb. 2. When the game begins, the condor carries a vegetable up near the top of the mountain. At this point, the whole mountain is visible. 3. Break the ice blocks of the floor above and make a gap, then jump through the gap to the higher floor by pressing A button. Continue up the mountain through each floor in the same manner. * Time carefully and mount the moving clouds to reach the floors above. * Pay attention to the types of floors. Some floors will break, but others won't; while others move like a conveyor belt. * Be sure to read the "tips" in this booklet. * On each floor, Popo and Nana can walk off the right edge of the screen onto the left edge and vice-versa. 4. Chase away the bothersome toppies and nitpickers with the A or B button. 5. The toppies come and fill in the gaps in the floors with ice. 6. After a certain period of time, the Polar Bear comes out, jumps up and down (boom!) and pushes the screen down. At this time, any player pushed off the bottom of the screen is lost. 7. After a man is lost, the next man will appear on the screen flashing on and off. While flashing, the man cannot play. Move the man to start the game. --- 8. The screen is cleared after you arrive at the 8th floor, and you go into the bonus round. * The condor hid a vegetable at the beginning of the game. Get the vegetable for additional points. * There are 10 types of vegetables. The first bonus round always uses eggplants. * If the player jumps up and grabs onto the condor at the end, he or she receives bonus points. * The bonus round ends and the next mountain scene appears when one of the following occurs: (1) When the player falls off and nobody is left on the screen. (2) When the player jumps up and grabs onto the condor. (3) When the timer runs out. Tips * Holes can be made more quickly where the row of ice blocks is thin. * The floors and clouds have various characteristics. Learn the tricks and climb up quickly. --- -------- -x-x-x-x \x\x\x\x Breakable floor Unbreakable floor Unbreakable moving floor /-/-/-/- 00000000 x Breakable moving floor Big Cloud - x - 0000 000 000 x Small Cloud Group of Clouds Pillar * Getting even one ear of corn in the bonus round adds one man; however, note that the screen only shows up to three men. * In the 2 player game, the two players can either cooperate with each other and play together, or they can play against each other - bothering and tricking each other. --- You lose a man by: * Colliding with a Topi. * Colliding with a Nitpicker. * Colliding with the ice that a Topi brings. * Disappearing from the screen when the Polar Bear pushes the screen down. * In the 2 player game, if the leading player gets so far up that the other player disappears of the bottom of the screen, the lower player is lost. * If you fall off the screen during the bonus round, you do not lose a man. Scoring After each mountain climb is finished, the current score is calculated. --- (c) 1984 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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