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Typed out by NES-HS-USA Hydlide(tm) --- Hydlide Story In the kingdom of Fairyland, three magic jewels were enshrined in the palace to maintain peace in the kingdom. One day, an evil man broke into the palace and stole one of the three magic jewels. Without the third jewel, the two remaining jewels lost their magic sparkle. The magic spell that sealed the power of Boralis, the most vicious demon in the kingdom, was broken. During the turmoil which followed, the last two jewels were stolen. Boralis cast a special magic on Princess Ann, turning her into three fairies, and hid her somewhere in the kingdom. He then let loose a horde of monsters across the land and became the ruler of the kingdom. Finally, the young knight Jim stood up and took action to restore peace in the kingdom. He bravely made his way into the wilderness in full armour to fight the monsters... --- Names of Controller Parts and Operating Instructions Control Button: Use this button to move Jim up and down and right and left. This button can also be used to choose in each mode. Button A: Use this button to switch Jim from Attack to Defend. It also allows Jim to enter and exit the underground maze (Dungeon). - When Button A is pressed, Attack is on. - When Button A is released, Defend is on. Button B: Use to choose the kind of magic you want. When you press Button B while pressing Button A, you can use this magic. You can only use magic after you have accumulated 20 magic points. Select: Press this button to open the window. Start: Press this button to start the game. When you press this button during the game, the game pauses. When you press the button once more, the game starts again. --- How to play - Press any button, and the screen shown at left appears. - Press the Start Button to begin the game. - When you input Password, move the arrow with the Select Button or Button +, and press the Start Button. --- Name of the Parts on the Screen Each bar on the meters represents 10 points. 1. Life Meter This indicates the level of Jim's life power and shows the damage he receives. When his life power reaches 0, he is defeated. 2. Strength (STR) Meter This indicates the level of Jim's strength. The more powerful he becomes, the more damage his enemies receive. 3. Experience (EXP) Meter This indicates the level of Jim's experience. The Experience level increases each time Jim destroys a monster. When Experience level reaches 100, each level of Life, Strength, and Magic also increase by 10 points, and the Experience level returns to 0 again. 4. Magic Meter This indicates Jim's Magic Power. Each type of magic requires different levels of Magic Power. The level of Magic Power decreases more quickly when high- powered magic is used. But you can build Magic Power back up. 5. Information Area This area indicates the level of the monster's Life Power and of their damage when attacked by Jim. It also shows treasures when they are discovered. 6. Magic Select Press Button B to move from one type of magic to another. To execute, hold down Button A while pressing Button B. The five types of magic are: Turn, Fire, Ice, Wave, Flash. You can begin to use magic when the magic meter reaches 20. 7. Condition Area This area shows the sign ATTACK when Jim attacks, and DEFEND when he is on the defense. 8. Message and Password Area. This area indicates a message to Jim and shows the Password. --- Mode Window Press the Select Button and the Mode Window will open. Move Arrow with Button +, and press either the Select Button, Button A or Button B to choose which mode you will open. Item This indicates the treasures Jim finds during his adventure. Save You can save the data recorded on all the meters (Item, Life, Strength, Experience, Magic) until you turn off the power. Whenever you save the game, the data is automatically registered in the program. If you want to save this data, set arrow to Yes. If you don't set Arrow to No and push Button A or Button B. Load This is used to load the saved data onto each meter at the beginning of a new game (before the power is turned off). Press the Select Button immediately after starting the game to open the Mode Window. Set Arrow to Load. Press either Select Button, Button A or Button B. Set arrow to Yes when you want to read the data. If not, set it to No. You can start the game again from the same situation you saved before Jim was defeated. You will begin with the same levels for Item, Life, Strength, Experience, and Magic meters. Password This is another way of saving the data. Unlike Save, you can start the game once you input the Password, even after you have turned off the power once. Although Experience level goes down to 0 when you input the Password, you can save the location and items for when you start playing the game again. Write down the fourteen letters that appear at the center of the Password Window before turning off the power. How to Input Password Input the password you recorded on the Password Screen. Position Jim at the top of the first letter of the password with Button +, and press either Button A or Button B. The letter will appear in the password area. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the thirteen letters of the password. After input- tine the fourteen letters, Jim will automatically move to the top of the end sign. Make sure you input the right password and press either A or B Button. Now you can start the game again under the same situation you had when you stopped the game. If you input a wrong letter, position Jim above the Arrow and input the correct letter. Speed You can change the speed of the game. Normal is a slow speed and is for begin- ners. With this speed, you play the game on a scrolling screen. high Speed is for advanced players. The screen will switch from one scene to another instantly and each movement on the screen gets faster. Game When you press Select button by mistake, set the Arrow to Game and press either Select Button, Button A or Button B. The Mode Window closes and the game resumes. --- Treasures and their Powers You may find treasures and treasure boxes during the adventure. Some treasure boxes are hard to get, and some are even hidden. Sword of the Brave The legendary sword that is said to be kept only by the brave. With this sword, attacking power doubles. Shield of Justice The legendary shield that is said to increase its defense power only if used by a person with a strong sense of justice. This shield was stolen from the court when the kingdom collapsed. Cross This cross was once kept at a chapel in the kingdom. Someone hid it for fear of its power. Guess what you can use this cross for. Magic Vase This is one of the items in which the magician in the kingdom hid a magical secret. If you get this vase, you will be able to see something that has been invisible. Eternal Lamp This is an item the magician in the kingdom used to keep for his own use. It remains eternally aflame. Even in the complete darkness, this lamp will brighten up the surroundings so you can see everything. Immortal Medicine If you take this medicine, you can come back to life after being destroyed by monsters. You can use this medicine only once during the game. Secret Key Figure out the use of the key for yourself. Three Jewels The three jewels play a very important role in the legend of Hydlide. --- Characters Jim (Jim) Our warrior hero who in full armour challenges the monsters and brings back peace to Fairyland. Ann (Ann) The captive Princess of Fairyland, who waits for Jim to rescue her. Fairy (Fairy) This is what Boralis transformed Princess Ann into. She is hidden somewhere in the kingdom. Slime (Slime) Liquid and spongy creature living in a field. Although weak, it is a tricky attacker. Roper (Roper) Monster living in the maze on the ground. Larger version of Slime, it some- times turns into Hyper and attacks in the field. Hyper (Hyper) Monster appearing on the ground. When you attack the Slime too often, Hyper begins its attack. Kobold (Kobold) Tiny ogre living in the woods. Very weak like Slime. But it attacks from the advantageous location in the woods. Goblin (Goblin) Monster on the ground. When Jim's strength increases to a certain level after he finishes attacking the Kobold, Goblins appear. Wizard (Wizard) A very nasty wizard who manipulates the Magic Fire. Although Jim's magic does not affect him, he has a weak point. Don't be fooled by the appearance of two Wizards. Great Eel (Eel) Very huge eel usually hiding under water. It sometimes pokes its head above water. Sand Worm (Worm) Guardians of the desert. Be careful not to be surrounded by their swarm. Water Dragon (Dragon) Giant fire-breathing dragon who guards the gate of the castle of Boralis. Although almost invincible, it does have a weak point. Zombie (Zombie) The living dead coming out of the graveyard. Very hard to destroy, because it's already dead!! Will O' Wisp (Wisp) The spirit of the dead person. It flies through the walls and attacks. Poisonous Wasp (Wasp) It attacks in a swarm. Although its life power is small, it's difficult to conquer. Vampire Bat (Stirge) Bloodsucking creature who likes the darkness. Although it's not very powerful, Jim should avoid it when his Power Level is low. Vampire (Vampire) Incredibly strong. But you know what scares the vampire to death!! Lady Armour (Ladyam) A member of Boralis' Bodyguards. She is the only female member of his body- guards and the weakest. She might have something that is useful to you. Gold Armour (Goldam) Boralis' bodyguard in golden armour who guards something vital under order of Boralis in the underground maze. Black Armour (Blackam) Sentry at the old castle of Boralis. He is extremely strong. Skeleton (Skeleton) This skeleton warrior is the strongest of Boralis' guardsmen. He is difficult to attack because he is already dead. Boralis (Varalys) The evil monster. Legend says this is the most powerful and final demon in the kingdom. No one knows the truth about him. The only known facts are that he has very tough skin and spiritual power which protects him against any type of magic. Jim can save Princess Ann when he conquers Boralis. --- Magic Turn This magic turns monsters around so they reverse their direction. You can use this when the Magic level is above 20. Fire This magic launches fire balls. You can use this when the Magic level is above 30. Ice This magic throws ice balls. Unlike the fire balls, ice balls can pierce through walls. You can use this when the Magic level is above 40. Wave This magic radiates shock waves to the right or left depending on which direction you are facing. The shock waves cause substantial damage to enemy monsters that they hit. You can use this when the Magic level is above 50. Flash This is the most powerful magic. It does substantial damage to all monsters. You can use this when the Magic level is above 70. Note: At the beginning of the game, the Magic meter's level is 20 or below. Not all monsters are affected by magic. --- Hints for a Successful Journey - When you walk in the kingdom, watch your step at all times. If you try too hard, you'll tire easily. - Jim wears very heavy armour. Think what will happen to him if he has to swim for too long. - Be smart when fighting with monsters. You have to think of a strategy when fighting against a powerful monster. - Attack is not the only way to destroy monsters. Do not forget to use Defend. - Be sure to investigate the forest completely.

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