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Hogan's Alley

Typed out by NES-HA-USA Hogan's Alley Instruction Booklet Light Gun series --- Object of the game/game description Do you have what it takes to be an agent? Test your skills, using the Zapper, in Hogan's Alley. There are three quick- draw games to choose from: First, practice making split second identification of the gangsters in a line-up. Next, move into the streets where enemy targets can pop up from anywhere, then show 'em your stuff in the Trick Shoot, a rapid fire round for only the toughest G-men. --- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Controller 1 - for START/SELECT Control pad - not used. A button - not used. B button - not used. SELECT button When this button is pressed, the arrow -) on the screen moves. Line up the arrow with the game you wish to play. START button Press this button to begin. Starting is also possible with the Zapper. Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the START button again when you wish to continue play. The game will continue from where you left off. * The TOP SCORE will disappear if the reset switch is pressed or the power switch is turned off. --- Operating the Zapper Target range: approx. 6 feet * The target range depends somewhat on the size of your TV. Adjusting the TV screen * The TV screen must have its contrast and brightness adjusted properly for this game. If not, shots may not hit their targets. Selecting and starting games with the Zapper * Point the Zapper away from the screen with the game menu displayed, and shoot. The arrow will move. * Line up the arrow with the game you wish to play, and then shoot directly at the screen. The game you selected will start. The game menu is replaced by a game demonstration sequence after a set period of time. If this happens, shoot the Zapper to bring back the title screen, and then make your selection. * Some TVs may not be adjusted properly for this game. Please adjust the picture controls if the game doesn't start when the Zapper is fired at the screen. --- How to play The people who appear on the panels in Game A and Game B are introduced in the demonstration sequence. Three of the flashing panels are gangsters - shoot them as quickly as you can. The other panels are of a lady, a professor and a policeman - people you must not shoot. Gangster A - 500 pts. Gangster B - 1000 pts. Gangster C - 2000 pts. Lady Professor Policeman --- Game A (Hogan's Alley A): Find the gangster from among the panels, and shoot him. * Three panels will appear facing sideways. * All three panels will turn toward the front at the same time. Find the gangster, and shoot him. * If the panel is hit just right, it will turn around. * If you shoot anyone other than a gangster, the panel you shoot will flash, and you will be penalized with a MISS. * You will also be penalized with a MISS if you fail to shoot a gangster that has appeared. * The display on the top of the screen indicates the number of the seconds that the panels face forward. * The people drawn on the panels (gangsters, the lady, the professor and the policeman) and their positions change continuously, calling for quick judgement. * As you advance to later levels, the display time (seconds) for the panels shortens, and so the difficulty increases. --- Game B (Hogan's Alley B): Find the gangsters from among the panels that appear in the windows of the buildings or from out of the shadows, and shoot them. * This game is played in the same way as Game A; shoot only the panels that have gangsters drawn on them. * Five panels will appear in the windows or out of the shadows in each scene; however, their positions and the order in which they appear vary. * The scene will change five times. If there are no MISSES, five panels will appear in each scene. Five scenes (composed of 25 panels) makes up one round. * As the rounds progress, the panels will move more quickly and will face forward for shorter periods of time, making play more difficult. --- Game C (Trick Shooting): Shoot the cans as they are thrown, keeping them in the air and guiding them onto the platforms at the left. * Cans are thrown in from the right side of the screen, so shoot! * If you hit a can, it will fly up. * Keep shooting at the cans to keep them in the air, and guide them onto the platforms at the left. * The points for each platform are displayed at the platform. The points will flash, and be added to your score whenever you get a can onto one of the platforms. * You are penalized a MISS if a can falls to the bottom of the screen before reaching a platform. * You can avoid MISSES by placing cans on the safety platform, but you won't get a very high score. * Five cans will be thrown out for each round. They will be thrown from various directions. * The cans move faster with each round. --- Scoring Games A and B: The points you receive depend on which gangster panel you hit. Game C: The points shown at the platform where you lannd the can are added to your score. Ending the games Game A: The game will end when you have been penalized with more than 10 MISSES. Games B and C: The game will end when you have been penalized with more than 10 MISSES, even if you are in the middle of a round.

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