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Typed out by Jeff Bogumil GYROMITE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET INTRODUCTION Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System Gyromite (TM) Pak. This game requires R.O.B. (TM), your Robotic Operating Buddy. OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION In this action-packed game you've got to keep R.O.B.'s gyroscope spinning in order to assist Professor Hector, the mad scientist, in defusing all the bombs in his laboratory. R.O.B. will help move the columns blocking the scientist's way so he can get to the dynamite before it explodes. Master the technique and you can get R.O.B. spinning two gyros at the same time. But don't take your eyes off the screen for two long - because anything can happen in Gyromite! Please read this Instruction Booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save it for future reference. CAUTION: Misuse or mishandling of spinning gyro can cause physical injury. Read this Instruction Booklet for proper and safe use of gyro and gyro spinner BEFORE operating R.O.B.'s accessories. Please follow instructions in the NES Instruction Manual to properly set up your NES and R.O.B. Nintendo of America, Inc. (C) 1985 Nintendo SETTING UP FOR GYROMITE GAME PLAY 1. Turn on the power switch on R.O.B.'s main body. R.O.B. should start automatically and stop in the standby position (arms open, body at the top of the center shaft with arms facing forward). * If R.O.B. does not assume the standby position, switch the power off and switch it on again. * Please note that R.O.B. will not move when his batteries are run down. 2. Names of R.O.B.'s parts and attachments: Spinner (1) (Uses a D size battery sold separately) Hands (2) Gyros (2) Holder (1) Tray (1) Game Pak 3. Set Up of R.O.B.'s Accessories for Gyromite LOCATION OF GYRO ACCESSORIES a) Insert one D size battery into the spinner and place the spinner into position No. 1 on R.O.B. CAUTION: Do not place fingers or foreign objects in the gyro spinner. b) Attach the hands (2) to R.O.B.'s arms. c) Set Controller 2 in the tray with the A and B Buttons in front of the actuators (not upside down!). Place the tray into positions 2 and 3 on R.O.B. NOTE: The controller connected to controller socket 1 becomes Controller 1. The controller connected to controller socket 2 becomes Controller 2. d) Set the gyros (2) in the holder. Place the holder into positions 4 and 5 on R.O.B. NOTE: The gyros are intended to be played with the Gyromite Pak only. e) Turn on the gyro spinner's power switch. When a gyro is placed in the spinner, the spinner automatically turns on and spins the gyro. If the gyro is not held by R.O.B. during this process, it may not obtain full speed. 4. Insert the Gyromite pak into the control deck and turn on the power switch. 5. Select the test mode and focus R.O.B.'s head to the T.V. screen per the instructions in the NES instruction manual. R.O.B. IS NOW READY TO PLAY GYROMITE! CAUTIONS CAUTION: Misuse or mishandling of a spinning gyro or the gyro spinner can cause physical injury. RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 8 TO ADULT. * A spinning gyro should never be touched. * Do not use your fingers to insert or remove a spinning gyro from the gyro spinner or a gyro tray. A spinning gyro should only be handled by R.O.B. * Use R.O.B. to insert or remove a gyro from the gyro spinner and to move it to and from the gyro holders and gyro trays. * The gyro is designed to spin in the gyro tray only. It should never be operated on any other surface. * Do not place anything on the spinning gyro. Do not attach anything to it. Do not allow the spinning gyro to come into contact with any object other than the gyro spinner or the gyro trays. * Do not place fingers or foreign objects in the gyro spinner. * Avoid close contact with a spinning gyro. Do not touch spinning gyro if it falls off tray until it comes to rest. CONTROLS 1. Select Button: This button is used to select which game you wish to play while in the select mode menu. During the test or the direct mode, pressing the select button will return you to the select mode menu. 2. Start Button: After selecting the desired game mode use the start button to start the game. The start button also changes the screen to blue to control R.O.B. or to black to control Professor Hector and Professor Vector during Game A. 3. Control Pad: The control pad has two functions. It can control R.O.B. (blue screen in Game A, black screen in Game B) or Professors Hector and Vector (black screen in Game A). 4. A Button: This button is used to open R.O.B.'s arms (blue screen in Game A, black screen in Game B) and pick up or put down turnips (in black screen Game A). 5. B Button: This button is used to close R.O.B.'s arms (blue screen in Game A, black screen in Game B) and pick up or put down turnips (black screen in Game A). GAME MENU AND GAME PLAY 1. Test mode - This is used to focus R.O.B.'s eyes onto the T.V. screen. (See NES Instruction Manual) 2. Direct - This game helps you get accustomed to moving gyros with R.O.B. Your commands go straight to the T.V. screen which sends signals to R.O.B. Up: Raises the arms. Right: Turns the arms to the right. Down: Lowers the arms. Left: Turns the arms to the left. A button: Opens the arms. B button: Closes the arms. R.O.B. makes three kinds of movement: 1) Grasps and releases objects. 2) Raises and lowers objects. 3) Turns and carries objects to the left and right. A gyro set in motion by the spinner will not fall as long as it is rotating - even after it is relocated to the tray. You can then move the other gyro after the first one is set spinning on the tray. Practice the commands one after the other so you can get used to operating R.O.B. Skillfully moving the gyros will be helpful when you play Game A or B. Press the select button to return to the select mode menu. 3. GAME A - 1 Player Characters Prof. Hector Prof. Vector Dynamite Turnip (used as a decoy) Smick (eats turnips and bites Professors) Gate (Red) Gate (Blue) This is an exciting game in which the Professor and R.O.B. cooperate to remove the dynamite and prevent a big explosion. The screen scrolls sideways to expose more bombs. * There are 40 phases for this game mode. Use the A and B buttons while the select mode menu is displayed to select the phase you want. GAME PLAY 1. The professor has to move past a spot where dynamite is laid in order to remove it. He must remove all dynamite in the time given. By using R.O.B. and the gyros, you can help him by raising and lowering the blue and red gates that block the Professor's way. 2. So long as the background of the screen is black, you operate the Professor with Controller 1. 3. To control R.O.B., press the start button and the background of the screen turns blue, meaning that Controller 1 sends commands to R.O.B. (Robot transmission mode). 4. After transmitting, the background of the screen changes automatically from blue to black and the control goes back to the Professor. 5. If you want to send another command to R.O.B., press the start button again and then press the necessary command button. 6. One important thing to remember when raising/lowering gates with the gyros is that placing a gyro onto the blue tray lowers the blue gate; placing a gyro onto the red tray lowers the red gate. 7. You don't have to bother spinning a gyro to move only one gate up and down, but sometimes both gates have to be opened to let the Professor pass. In this case, spin one gyro with the spinner and place it on either the blue or red tray, then R.O.B.'s hands will be free to put the other gyro on the other tray. 8. Smicks, the killer bugs, are lying in wait somewhere on the screen and you will lose the Professor if he is bitten by a Smick. 9. Smicks like to bite Professors; but even more than Professors, they like turnips. If you offer a greedy Smick a turnip, his favorite food, he won't attack the Professor. 10. Use the A button on Controller 1 to make the Professor pick up and put down the turnip. 11. Move the gate up and down to crush the Smicks and gain 500 points. 12. There are 6 bundles of dynamite (some of which might be hidden and invisible) per phase. Every bundle of dynamite removed gives you 100 points. 13. The time remaining after all the dynamite has been picked up will be added to your score as extra points. 14. The Professor disappears if he is bitten by a Smick or if the time is used up. The game ends when all three Professors have disappeared. 15. To pause during the game, press the select button during play. During pause you can view the entire scene by pushing the control pad. Press the select button again to release the pause. *If the start button is pressed during pause, the screen will return to the select mode list and the game will end. 4. GAME A - 2 Player In Game A (for 2 players), Professor Vector also appears. Take turns using Controller 1. Otherwise, the game is the same as the 1 player game. 5. GAME B Here Professor Hector is walking in his sleep. Move the gates up and down with R.O.B. and the gyros to prevent the Professor from being bitten by a Smick. Try to help the Professor pass through smoothly. *There are 25 phases, starting from R= 01 (Phase 1). 1. The Professor comes out of the tunnel on the left and walks determinedly to the right. When he passes a rope, he always climbs up to the top and jumps down to the right. If a gate is closed, he will just keep walking in place. 2. In this game, R.O.B. is operated directly by Controller 1. 3. Operate R.O.B. to position gyros and move the gates up and down. Lead the Professor safely to the tunnel on the far right. Up = Raises the arms. Left = Turns the arms to the left. Down = Lowers the arms. Right = Turns the arms to the right. *A button: Opens the arms. *B button: Closes the arms. 4. There are holes here and there where Smick is lying in wait. If you don't operate R.O.B. carefully the Professor will fall into one of the holes. If this happens, and Smick bites him, the Professor is lost. The game ends after all three Professors are lost. 5. If an arrow appears on the way, the Professor has to go in that direction or he will fall into a hole and get bitten by Smick. Watch out for these. 6. As the Professor advances, you gain points. Every time you overtake an arrow, you get 100 points. If Smick is crushed by a gate you get 500 points. 7. Various courses appear one after another. If all 25 courses are completed successfully, the walking speed of the Professor increases and the game gets more difficult. See how many phases you can clear. 8. Press the select button to pause during the game. To continue playing, press the select button again. If the start button is pressed during a pause, the screen will return to the select mode list and the game will end. PRECAUTIONS 1) This is a high precision game. Do not put it in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2) Do not touch the connectors or get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other solvents. 4) Play the game from a normal viewing distance from the TV screen. 5) For your health, take 10 ~ 15 minute breaks every 2 hours when playing for an extended period of time. 6) Please read the instruction booklet for the Robot carefully. ---- TRANSCRIPTION NOTES Pages 20 and 21 of the Gyromite instruction booklet offers a Nintendo Entertainment System Consumer Parts List & Order Form. While the chances that Nintendo would have any R.O.B. accessories still available are slim, I've included the following -if for nothing else -reference and assistance in trying to find a complete R.O.B. unit, or Stack-Up and Gyromite game pak. Part No. Price Part Name ---------------------------- 388 1.00 R.O.B. Filter Lens 151 1.00 R.O.B. Battery Cover 216 8.00 Gyros (2, sold as set) 217 3.00 Gyro Holder 218 5.00 Gyro Tray 219 10.00 Gyro Spinner 220 2.00 Gyro Hands (2, sold as set) 221 3.00 Colored Blocks (5, sold as set) 222 3.00 Block Trays (5, sold as set) 223 2.00 Block Hands (2, sold as set) 370 1.00 Stack-Up Accessories Tray

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