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Typed out by (cover) GUMSHOE(TM) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Light Gun Series ------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for selecting the Nintendo(r) Entertainment System(TM) Gumshoe(TM) Pak. This game requires the Zapper, Light Gun Attachment. OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION Ex-FBI Agent turned detective, Mr. Stevenson, receives a ransom Note. His only daughter, Jennifer, has been kidnapped. Armed with only a Zapper and a keen eye, you must help him collect the five Black Panther Diamonds, hidden all around the world, to gain the release of Jennifer. Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save the booklet for future reference. PRECAUTIONS 1) This is a high precision game. it should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2) Avoid touching the connectors, do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. 4) Read the instruction booklet for the Zapper thoroughly. Note: In the interest of product improvement, Nintendo Entertainment System specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice. (c) 1986 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. 2 ------------------------------------------------------------ 2. CONNECTING THE ZAPPER TO THE NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM CONTROL DECK {image description. insert the Zapper's connect into the second Controller socket} 3 and 4 ------------------------------------------------------------ 3. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Controller 1 Control pad- not used. A button- not used. B button- not used. SELECT button- not used. START button Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the START button again when you wish to continue play. The game will continue from where continue from where you left off. *The TOP SCORE will disappear if the reset switch is pressed or the power switch is turned off 5 ------------------------------------------------------------- 4. OPERATING THE ZAPPER Target range: approx. 6 feet *The target range depends somewhat on the size of your TV. Adjusting the TV screen *The TV screen must have its contrast and brightness adjusted properly for this game. If not, shots may not hit the targets. Starting game with the Zapper *When Zapper is fired, the game starts. 6 ----------------------------------------------------------- 5. HOW TO PLAY This game proceeds to the right with the main character, Mr. Stevenson, automatically running towards the goal within a limited time. The course is divided into phases: City, Sky, Sea, Jungle. Near the end of each phase, there is a diamond that has to be picked up by Mr. Stevenson. While collecting all the diamonds, Mr. Stevenson must face many obstacles. Whether or not he can make it to the hideout to save his only daughter, Jennifer, depends on your sharp wit and lightning reflexes. STARTING POSITION AND TIME PROGRESS The game starts from the beginning of each phases. If Mr. Stevenson is "done in" by one of the enemy half way through a phases while he has extra lives left, he does not have to go all the way back to the beginning. 7 ----------------------------------------------------------- When the play starts, the clock in the upper left corner of the screen starts the count down. If the clock reaches 0:00, time has run out and you lose 1 life. DIAMONDS There is one diamond in each phase except in phases 4 which has 2. Unless all 5 diamonds are picked-up, you will not be able to enter King Dom's hide-out and rescue Jennifer. BASIC OPERATION Use the Zapper to shoot down all the obstacles that come flying toward Stevenson. Shoot at Stevenson to make him jump to avoid getting hit by the obstacles. By making Stevenson pop the balloons, you can increase your number of bullets. NOTE: When you run out of bullets, you can continue to make Stevenson jump but you will not be able to shoot down the obstacles. 8 ----------------------------------------------------------- BONUS CHARACTERS Stevenson can become energized when he catches Bonus Characters which sometimes appear when Lucky birds are shot down with the Zapper. MISSES *When Stevenson runs into an obstacle or obstacles hit or fall on him. *When Stevenson disappears below the screen by falling into a hole in the ground or falling down in between the buildings. *When the clock counts down to zero. *If Stevenson hits an obstacle when energized, it may or may not become a miss. *The game ends when all Stevensons are lost. CONTINUE MODE Fire the Zapper while the "Game Over" screen is displayed to restart the game on the last phase attempted. 9 ----------------------------------------------------------- Lucky Bird - If Stevenson bumps into it, it becomes a miss. Can be destroyed with one shot, sometimes making a Bonus Character appear. Power Drink- One of the Bonus Characters that Lucky Bird produces. When Stevenson drinks this, he is energized until he hits an obstacle. Helmet- One of the Bonus Characters that Lucky bird produces. When Stevenson wears this, it increases his power of resistance against Falling Rocks and Time Bomb attacks. Super Shoes- One of the Bonus Characters that Lucky Bird produces. When Steveson wears these, he cannot be harmed by the skulls. Roast Chicken- Sometimes this appears when Lucky Bird is shot down. When Stevenson eats this, points are earned... 200 PTS. Bottle Can be destroyed with one shot... 200 PTS. 10 ------------------------------------------------------------ Falling Rock- Can be destroyed with one shot... 200 PTS Explosives- When hit with the Zapper, balls of fire scatter and if any of the pieces should hit Stevenson, you lose 1 life. Can be destroyed with one shot ... 2,000 PTS Time Bomb- Can be safety destroyed with one shot, but if it is allowed to explode on its own, dangerous fire balls will scatter... 500 PTS Crow- Can be destroyed with one shot. When Fluffy Bird and Crow are shot, they become roast chicken... 200 PTS Fluffy Bird- Can be destroyed with one shot... 200 PTS 11 --------------------------------------------------------- Shark- Can be destroyed with two shots. First shot turns it into bone... 500 PTS Jelly Fish- Can be destroyed with one shot... 200 PTS Killer Fish- Can be destroyed with one shot... 200 PTS Sea Urchin- Can be destroyed with one shot but more will come from the same location... 300 PTS Flying Fish- Can be destroyed with one shot... 300 PTS 12 --------------------------------------------------------- Airplane- Can be destroyed with one shot. Watch the high speed attack from behind... 300 PTS Gang Car- Can be destroyed with one shot but be careful. It comes from the back at full speed. Sometimes it even comes down from above... 300 PTS Zulie- This jungle monster has swallowed the last Black panther Diamond. Unless Stevenson destroys this monster, he cannot save Jennifer. Zulie cannot be destroyed with the Zapper. Zulie blows flames from his mouth. Flames can be extinguished with the Zapper. The only way to destroy Zulie is for Stevenson to repeatedly shoot him in the eyes with his machine gun. 13 --------------------------------------------------------- Black Panther- The only hope to save Jennifer is to collect the five huge Black Panther Diamonds and delivery them to King Dom's hide-out. Ballons- If Stevenson pops them, the player's number of bullet increases. If all the balloons in one phrase are popped, 1 Stevenson is added... 200 PTS Jennifer-Stevenson's beloved daughter who has been kidnapped by King Dom. Skull- One of the obstacles in the pathway to KING DOM. If touched, it becomes a miss. Has glowing red face... 200 PTS Alligator- If Stevenson falls into lake, it will attack him. With 10 directs hits, it can be destroyed... 2,000 PTS 14 ------------------------------------------------------------ Armadillo- When it is round, the Zapper has no effect. You can destroy it with one shot when it is in a standing position... 300 PTS Rhinoceros- Cannot be destroyed. Giant Grasshopper- can be destroyed with one shot... 300 PTS

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