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Typed out by GRADIUS NES-GR-USA HOW TO PLAY GRADIUS KONAMI ------------------- KONAMI, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY Official Nintendo Seal of Quality [2]---------------- Congradulations on your purchase of Gradius, another in the proud line-up of Konami's carefully researched high-precision computer games. For maximum enjoyment it is recommended that you read this instruction manual thoroughly before you begin your adventure with Gradius. THE STORY..................................4 HOW TO PLAY................................4 Power Boosting.............................6 Under Attack From The Space Invaders.......8 Characters and Componants Of The Game.....10 Helpful Hints.............................12 Advanced Attack And Defence Maneuvers.....12 [3]---------------- THE STORY The planet Gradius, a peaceful Earth-like world, is now under all out space attack from their old nemisis, beings from the sub-space star cluster of Bacterion. The people of Gradius are in danger of being completely destroyed by the ameoboid Bacterions. To save them, you have just launched the prototype hyper-space fighter, the Warp Rattler. The entire galaxy awaits your duel to the death with the evil Bacterions. Your objective is the Bacterion superfortress, Xaerous. To reach this, you must steal enemy power capsules along your route and boost the Warp Rattler's hyper powers. You are the last hope for the gentle people of Gradius! You will need all our courage and concentration to win. Get readfy to blast off! HOW TO PLAY You mission is to pilot the Warp Rattler into enemy space and destroy Xaerous. You are the only one lefdt who can return peace to the planet Gradius. It is necessary for you to avoid enemy fire and destroy the hoards of alien Bacterion craft that will come out to attack you as you proceed through the various stages of the game. GRADIUS can be played either by a single player or by two players. If there are two players, the play alternates from player to player. A single player can use either Control (1) or Control (2). When two players are competing, use both Control (1) and Control (2). [4]---------------- Controlling the Action Control Button Use this Control Button to maneuver the Warp Rattler. Selector Button When the Konami Title comes on your screen, use this button to move the Warp Rattler image and make your selection of one player or two players. Start Button Use this button to start the game after you have selected the number of players. (Pause function: During play, this button also acts as a toggle switch to stop and resume the game. When you stop the action, a warning tone will sound.) Button B (power booster) Use for power boosts. (Hit this button when you are in position to make a power boost.) Button A (trigger) Use this button to fire the Warp Rattler's sophisticated on board armament. (When you aree operating under power-boost conditions, Button B will also activate your air-to-surface missles, double beam cannons, and your high penetration laser beam cannon.) [5]---------------- Power Boosting Each time you capture a red-colored enemy power capsule, a series of power boost selection indicators will light up at the bottom of your acreen. SPEED UP -) MISSLE -) DOUBLE -) LASER -) OPTION -) ? When a desired indicator lights up, hit the power button (Button B) to activate that power boost. 1 SPEED UP Increases your speed. 2 MISSLE Equips you with air-to-surface missles 3 DOUBLE Equips you with double beam cannon, effective against enemy attacks above. [6]---------------- 4 LASER Powers the Warp Rattler with a high-penetration laser beam cannon. 5 OPTION Dopple-ganger capability option. This spins off a ghost like twin of the Warp Rattler, the Sidewinder. The Sidewinder has all the original firepower of the Warp Rattler and follows you in formation during your attacks. You may create a maximum of two Sidewinders. The Sidewinder duplicated the Warp Rattler's original firepower and has "MISSLE," "DOUBLE," and "LASER" attack capabilities. 6 ? (FORCE FIELD BARRIER) This power boost effect equips the Warp Rattler with a force field Barrier, making you invulnerable to enemy attacks. When the Barrier turns red, this means that you only have enough force-field power to protect you from one more attack. NOTE: You may have multiple power boost effects at the same time, however, the double-beam cannon and the laser cannnot be used together. [7]---------------- Under Attack From The Space Invaders The Volcanic Stage Originally this was a green and peaceful satelite. But now, under the attack of the Xaerous space fortress, it has been transformed into an inferno-like advance base for the alien Xaerous. The Stonehenge Stage This is an artificially constructed asteroid belt created as a galactic fighter base. The Inverted Space Volcano Stage Like Stage 1, this is an enemy planetoid advance base, but this time up and down have become reversed. The Moal Stage The Moal are great strange heads that resemble the old stone statues of Easter Island on Earth. They were created by an unknown race eons ago in the image of the patron spiriots of the galaxy. The Xaerous forces have utilized these as bases for their deadly ion guns. The Antennoid Stage Giant living tentacle-like antennae, floating through space! If they sence the presence of another living being, they shoot out deadly poinion capsules. The Ameoboid Stage Huge ameoba-like organisms from the unknown reaches of space. They are primitive but have an incredibly strong life-foice and will persue relentlessly any life form that invades their living space. The Xaerous Superfortress Stage The ultimate stage of the game! This fortress lies at the ver heart of the nerve center of the Bacterion Empire and is controlled by a complex biocomputer. [8]---------------- Here Is What your Screen Will Look Like: (pic of screen with comments) Your Warp Rattler Barrier (force field) "OPTION" (the Warp Rattler's double ship, the Sidewinder) Your air-to-surface missles Enemy anti-aircraft positions Power boost selection Number of remaining Warp Rattlers Enemy craft Enemy power capsule Your laser beam Enemy land fortress High score to this point Player Number One's score [9]---------------- Characters And Components Of The Game The Warp Rattler The galaxy's most sophisticated startship, Pride of the Gradius Defense Forces! This tiny craft has been jam-packed with amazing armament and speed capabilities! LENGTH: 49.5ft WIDTH: 51.0ft HEIGHT: 20.0ft WEIGHT: 38t ENGINE: IMPULSE POWER DRIVE WEAPONS: BEAM, LASER, MISSLE, 2 OPTIONS Enemp power capsule [Red] 500 points Pulse-energy capsules Fan 100 points Neutral zone patrol craft Rugurr 100 points Standard Xaerous fighter Garrun 100 points Xaerous high-speed persiut spacecraft Dakker 100 points Ambulatory anti-aircraft robot cannon [10]--------------- Jumper 100 points Mobile robot Dal #01 100 points Anti-aircraft plasme cannon Zab 100 points Space miners [move through both time and space] Foss 100 points Standard Xaerous cruiser Rashe 100 points Xaerous fighter scramble formation Venus 100 points Commando reconnaissance craft Uska 100 points Xaerous communications ship Tild Xaerous midget ring flier Amoeba 100 points Deadly organic antimatter Mazar 3,000 points Xaerous mid-sized ring flier Dagoom 1,000 points Enemy scramble hatch Antennoid Destroy heart: 5,000 points Destroy arms: 1,000 points Rapidly multiplying space antennoid creatures Xaerous big core fighters Destroy entire core: 10,000 points Destroy center only: 5,000 points Xaerous mother ship [11]--------------- Helpful Hints Hidden withing the game play of GRADIUS are ways to obtain bonus points and to perform extraordinary maneuvers. they keys to get bonus points and to perform these maneuvers are buried within the program. Hopefully, you will be able to discover these in the playing of this game. We would appreciate hearing from you, if and when, you do discover some of these. We will give you one hint, it is possible to warp through a stage if you fulfill certain conditions. Good Luck! Advanced Attack and Defense Maneuvers Attack thr Red Enemy craft without letting them escape; then steal their power capsules. Pay careful atttention to the power boost selection indicators at the bottom of your screen. Choose the appropriate power boost considering the stage you are in at the time. The enemy projectiles are intelligent weapons; they will anticipate your flight path and follow your escape maneuvers. Be careful not to get caught napping. (See Fig. 1) [12]--------------- When you are in the Volcanic Stage, it is not enough just to escape from the volcanoes; use your laser cannon and doppel-ganger option to blast the rocks for a higher score (Fig. 2) If you can get one of the special blue power capsules, all the enemies visible on your screen will be destroyed at once. Watch out for the enemy Dakkers! They will appear suddenly, attacking from both above and below out of the left side of your screen. Use the dopple-ganger "OPTION" to blast the Mazar spheres with the Sidewinder's extra firepower. When you run into an antennoid creature, go after the red spheres in the arm portions to destroy the arms. If you can get the central nucleus, the whole thing will go up in smoke! (Fig. 4) When your force field Barrier turns red, this means that you only have enough force-field power to protect you from one more attack. Get ready to use your next power boost Barrier! [13]--------------- Treat Your Konami Game Carefully [14]--------------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS SCORES [15]--------------- GRADIUS

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