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Goonies 2

Typed out by tsr NES-GU-USA How to play The Goonies II(tm) Konami (r) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Slime City They're back! Kookie old Ma Fratelli and her slime-ball sons have returned to wreak havoc in your neighborhood. And this time they've not only kid- napped your Goonie buddies, but your good friend, Annie the Mermaid, as well. What a bunch of low lifes, this Fratelli Gang. Now it's up to you, the last Goonie left, to save the day. But it won't be easy. You'll have to be a quick thinker and a fast tracker to pull off this mission - you'll have to be a regular Super Goonie to succeed! So good luck, and good riddance to Ma, her boys, and all the scuzzy cohorts awaiting your adventure into the Fratelli zone. How to Play Here you are, alone on the steps of Ma Fratelli's hideout. What a creepy place, where thugs lurk through underground passages, crazed penguins slip across frozen ice caves, and boy/girl-eating sharks prowl about in secret sea caverns. Whew! You better have guts to get outta this baby. Before you go, though, you gotta rescue all six Goonie buddies and best pal, Annie the Mermaid. Each is hidden in separate rooms scattered through- out Ma's challenging maze. But remember, you can't save Annie until you find the six missing Goonies. Along the way, watch for weapons to defend yourself and magic implements with powers to guide and help you in your frantic search for your friends. "The Goonies" II is designed for a single player to compete against the computer - the brains of Ma Fratelli's organization. You control your fate using control one (1). At the beginning of your mission you have three lives to risk. But only three! So be careful and be cunning. To get into the mission, press the start button on your control. Now it's all up to you. And until you find weapons and magic implements, your only means of protection is your Goonie Yo-Yo which zaps villains. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Using Your Control in the Action Scene The Fratelli hideout is full of surprises, and your only means of protect- ion is your CONTROL, which guides your fate and rules your destiny. The CONTROL performs different functions for each of the three scene categories - The Action Scene, Adventure Scene, and Auxiliary Scene. The following are directions on how to operate your CONTROL during the Action Scenes. Control Pad - Press either to the LEFT or RIGHT to move left or right. Press UP to climb ladders and hang onto vines. Also press DOWN to duck enemy projectiles. Note, during underwater scene use pad to maneuver as you swim. B Button - Press B Button to use your main weapons. Press B Button and UP control pad simultaneously to utilize your auxiliary weapons. (see weapons page for details on which are main weapons and which are auxiliary weapons) Note, during underwater scenes pressing B Button and UP control pad is effective only when your main weapon is the underwater gun and auxiliary weapons are bombs. A Button - To avoid enemy attacks and to cross gaps in the ground, press A Button to jump. When underwater, press it to float upward. Start Button - Press to start the game. Once the game has begun, press START button to switch to the Auxiliary Scene. Select Button - Press to pause the action. Press again to restart action. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Action Scene To find your friends in their respective rooms (the Adventure Scenes) you'll battle through a dozen mysterious mazes called Action Scenes. These scenes range from the eerie attic, to Blunder Bridge, to a secret underground sea, etc. In each diabolical scene you'll encounter bad guys galore. To survive you'll need all the weapons you can find and courage you can muster. And remember - check out those rooms as you go! Auxiliary Weapons - This show main weapons and auxiliary weapons at your disposal at any given time. Press START button to switch to Auxiliary Scene, allowing you to select the weapons you have collected. Energy Meter - When you're injured, the red portion of the Energy Meter shrinks. At the beginning of the game you have two energy blocks. But for every Goonie you rescue, you earn another energy block. If you rescue all six trapped Goonies, you can have up to eight blocks in your favor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Using Your Control In The Adventure Scene Whereas Action Scenes require physical skills, Adventure Scenes take a little extra thinking. The following are directions on how to operate your CONTROL while in an Adventure Scene. Control Pad - Use to shift from room to room. If you find a door inside the room you're in, you can enter it by pressing the pad in the direction of the door. Other times, the door will be invisible, and you'll need glasses (A Magic Implement) to see your way clear. And there will also be times when there are no doors at all, and to move into another room you'll have to break through a wall, ceiling, or floor using the hammer or "handmark". Also use UP and DOWN controls to maneuver the cursor when selecting COMMANDS and/or Magic Implements. B Button - B Button not used in Adventure Scenes. A Button - After using Control Pad to select a particular command, press A Button to lock in that command. Then use A Button to tap walls, ceilings and floors with a hammer or "handmark", or press it to use other Magic Implements. Start Button - Press to cancel a COMMAND. Select Button - Press to pause the action. Press again to restart action. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adventure Scene These are the rooms hidden behind the doors you see in the Action Scenes. Now it's time to start applying brain power. Once inside an Adventure Scene, you can move from room to room, using your CONTROL PAD, or return to an Action Scene if you feel there's nothing of value in the room. It's in these rooms, though, that you'll find Magic Implements, Secret Messages, and ultimately Annie and the Goonies. Remember, most Adventure Scenes have a "FRONT" and "BACK" entrance, which allow you to pass from the Front Action Scenes to the Back Action Scenes. Message Display - To receive messages from your trapped friends, messages that can lead you to their place of captivity, you must have the Transceiver (A Magic Implement) in your posession. Also, watch for a wise Swami who might be handing out in the room. He'll have clues for you as well. When the command cusor is pointed at "tools", the message display will give you a list of Magic Implements at your disposal. The Direction you are advancing - If Mikey's back is toward you, you have entered the Adventure scene from a "FRONT" Action Scene. If Mikey faces you, you have entered the Adventure Scene from the "BACK" Action Scene. How To Open An Adventure Scene Door Move in front of the door and then press the UP control to open it. If you go into a door at the back of an Adventure Scene, you'll be entering what's known as the BACK SCENE. To do this, select the "GO" command, then press the UP control. To return from the BACK SCENE, select the "GO" command again and press the control DOWN. Remember, some doors may be hidden or invisible. Hey, nobody ever said this was easy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Auxiliary Scene The Auxiliary Scene is a special scene designed to keep your life organized in a world of confusion. Here you store weapons and magic implements found, select shots - either hyper shoes or jumping shoes, learn where exactly you are on a map of Ma's hideout, and find out which magic implements are at your disposal. Note, you can only switch to the Auxiliary Scene while in an Action Scene. To do so, press the START button. Weapons you have at your disposal - The upper weapons are your main weapons, and the lower weapons are your auxiliary weapons. To choose your weapons, use the CONTROL PAD. Move the cursor to whatever weapon or Magic Implement you desire and press B Button to lock in your selection. Ma's Map - The red mark on the map shows your location. You can change the prespective of the map, showing FRONT or BACK of rooms by pressing B Button. Hint! Hint! If you have the Magic Locator Device (A Magic Implement) you can spot the locations of the trapped Goonies. They will appear as blue marks on the map. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weapons Slingshot - You retrieve the slingshot by beating certain enemies, or you might find one in the Adventure Scene. With each slingshot you can take up to forty shots. Yo-Yo - This Goonie Yo-Yo is your only means of defense when you begin your search. Boomerang - Boomerangs are hidden in the rooms of some Adventure Scenes. Underwater Gun - This is a main weapon you can use only underwater and only after you have a diving suit on. Bomb - You get bombs when you beat certain enemies. Molotov Cocktail - You also get Molotov Cocktails by beating certain enemies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic Implements Glasses - With these glasses you really become a Super Goonie, for now you can see invisible doors and such. Key - You must find keys to open the safes, which hold helpful clues, and jails where the Goonies are hidden. Without a key, you're out of luck. Diving Suit - Before you search the secret underground sea, you have to find the diving suit. You'll flounder without one. Transceiver - With the transceiver you can receive messages from the Goonies. It only works while in an Adventure Scene. Ladder - There will be times you'll need the ladder to go up and down stairs in areas where there are no stairs. Hammer - The hammer is your tool by which you can find hidden passages or safes. Bulletproof Vest - The bulletproof vest eliminates 50% of the damage inflicted upon you by the enemy. Bomb Box - Save the bombs you find in the bomb box. Keep up to five bombs per box. Key Holder - You can use the key holder to save the keys you find. Note, only two keys per holder. Waterproof Coat - The waterproof coat eliminates damage from hidden waterfalls and surprise geysers. Magic Locator Device - The Magic Locator Device lets you spot the location of trapped Goonies. They appear on Ma's map in the Auxiliary Scene. Heart - For every heart you acquire your energy level will be increased. Candle - The candle helps you see in a dark room or Adventure Scene. Helmet - The helmet protects your head from strange falling objects. Fire Box - Keep your Molotov Cocktails in this fire box. Like the bomb box, the fire box holds up to five Molotov Cocktails. Hyper Shoes - Speeds you up! Jumping Shoes - Lets you jump like a hyper-kangaroo! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game Hints If you get stuck in a dead end room, try trapping the center of the room with a hammer or "handmark". Possibly use the "handmark" and tap the ceiling, the front wall, or the floor. If you try this with the hammer, you may be able to open a secret passage. Who knows! Remember, Ma Fratelli's hideout is a huge maze filled with adventure. It extends from the attic to deep underground, and there's a FRONT and BACK to everything. Theoretically you can move wherever you like. But there are certain places where you might find yourself stuck if you don't have the right magic implement. So, whenever you see a magic implement, no matter which implement, be sure to grab it. Never forget this basic rule! Never! Remember the Secret Password When the game ends, Ma Fratelli will slip you a secret 14 letter password. If you remember this secret word, you can start your next game with the magic implements you have when the game ends. To enter Ma's secret password, press the START button when the title screen comes up. This displays the CONTINUE/SELECT Scene. Then use the SELECT button to choose either "START" or "CONTINUE". Activate your selection with the START button. If you select "START", the game will start from scratch as usual. If you choose "CONTINUE", you will be presented with the Password Entry Screen. Once you have the Password Entry Screen in front of you, use the A BUTTON and LEFT, RIGHT controls to match up with the cursor. Then enter your pass- word letter, by letter. After entering all 14 letters, match up "END" with the cursor and press the START button. This starts a new game with your old magic implements. Be warned - if you enter the wrong password, you'll be returned to the CONTINUE/SELECT Scene. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Treat Your Konami Game Carefully - This Konami Game Pak is a precision-crafted device with complex electronic circuitry. Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or extremes of temperature. Never attempt to open or dismantle the Game Pak. - Do not touch the terminal leads or allow them to come into contact with water or the game circuitry will be damaged. - Always make sure your NES Control Deck is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the Game Pak or removing it from the NES Control Deck. - Never insert your fingers or any metal objects into the terminal portion of the expansion connector. This can result in malfuntion or damage.

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