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Galactic Crusader

Typed out by Steve Begin ----------------------------------------------------------------- GALACTIC CRUSADER (Bunch Games) Instruction Manual PAGE 1 ------ GALACTIC CRUSADER I. INTRODUCTION Your star ship is alive - a metamorphic creature that can transform from a huge flying insect into a metallic destroyer. Penetrate squadron after squadron of bizarre alien fortifications! March onward to a final confrontation against an all powerful enemy. Copyright (C) 1990 Bunch Games, Inc. Copyright (C) 1990 Chin Chen Enterprise Co., LTD. PAGE 2 ------ PRECAUTIONS 1) Store at room temperature. Do not subject to environmental extremes. 2) Always ensure that power is off before inserting or removing the cartridge from the Nintendo system. 3) Keep contacts clean (do not touch them and store the cartridge in its box when not in use). 4) Do not try to open or disassemble the cartridge. 5) Do not sit too close to your television. 6) Do not clean the cartridge with chemical agents. PAGE 3 ------ II. GAME CONTROL Control Pad Arrows: Move the Star Ship in the indicated directions. Button A: Causes both the Star Ship and the firing device to fire. Button B: After the Star Ship comes into contact with the Device Carrier, Button B can be used to attach or detach firing devices to and from the Star Ship's front or rear. (To attach: Push Button B to enable magnetization of firing device towards the Star Ship and move the Star Ship behind or in front of the firing device before contact. To detach: Simply push Button B to launch firing device.) Select Button: Moves the cursor to selects options on the screen. Start Button: Starts the game. The Start Button is also used to freeze the game during play. PAGE 4 ------ III. GAME MECHANICS You are the captain of a metamorphic Star Ship. Loaded with power and determination, you slice through enemy formations. Every time the Star Ship sustains any damage, it will transform into a different ship. Be careful though, for your Star Ship will explode when its metamorphic capabilities run out. A the end of each world, you will face a sizeable enemy. Your best bet is to reserve your metamorphic abilities and to obtain proper weapons before these confrontations. Life Force Generator: Brings you full metamorphic power. Star Gate: You will earn an additional ship by going through this gate. PAGE 5 ------ IV. FIRING DEVICES DEVICE CARRIER GAMA DEVICE PHOTON DEVICE There are many helpful devices which you can use along the way. The most potent of them are the firing devices. To obtain these devices, you must search and connect with the device carrier. Firing devices give you a lot of added power and there are several ways to use them. As a detached firing station, it can break up enemy formations before they reach your ship. As an attached firing device it gives you concentrated firing power. If you learn how to attach the same device behind your ship, the device fires at enemy ships approaching from the rear. DEVICE CARRIER: Attach Star Ship to activate firing devices. GAMA DEVICE: Gives you an extra line of firing. PHOTON DEVICE: Gives you two extra lines of firing. PAGE 6 ------ V. WEAPON CAPSULES PULSAR CAPSULE PLASMA CAPSULE CORKSCREW CAPSULE Weapon Capsules can be a powerful addition to your Star Ship if you can identify the preferred capsules. Pulsar Capsule: Fires pulsar waves. Plasma Capsule: Fires plasma blasts. Corkscrew Capsule: Fires in corkscrew pattern. PAGE 7 ------ VI. CARRIER GUARDS These enemies are often found near Device Carriers. Mega Pod, Jelly Bell, Crystal Meteor, Fungustone. VII. ENEMIES Moleculatron, Space Coral, Urchin Craft, Shelly Bell. PAGE 8 ------ VII. ENEMIES (Continued) Poisonous Tick, Dragon Wasp, Nerphtron, Pinch Walker, Neurocus, Corrosive Spider, Mega Fly, Shelled Creeper, Hermit Bell. PAGE 9 ------ VIII. BOSSES CUBICUS GOROUS SPIROUS DRAGON KING Cubicus: Watch out for its hydraulic extensions! Gorous: Home to a band of blood sucking bats. Spirous: Its long arms can easily locate and destroy your ship. Dragon King: One burning breath will burn your ship to a crisp! PAGE 10 ------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS PAGE 11 ------- 90 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY PAGE 12 ------- NOTES

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