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Fun House

Typed out by Steve Begin ----------------------------------------------------------------- FUN HOUSE (Hi Tech Expressions) Instruction Book Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (Picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in wormanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. PRECAUTIONS * The Game Pak is a precision device. Keep it away from electrical shock and do not use under extreme temperature conditions. * Do not touch the terminals. * Avoid exposure to water. * Do not clean with thinner, benzine, alcohol, or cleaning fluids. * Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from the Nintendo Entertainment System. (C)1990 Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. All rights reserved. Published by Hi Tech Expressions, 584 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------- Thank you for buying FUN HOUSE. To get the most playing satisfaction from this Game Pak, please read the entire manual. FUN HOUSE.........................4 GETTING STARTED...................5 HOW TO PLAY.......................6 CONTROLLER DIAGRAM................7 POWER AND POINTS..................8 POWER OBJECTS.....................9 OBSTACLES AND ENEMIES............10 COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS..11 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY..........12 PAGE 4 ------ FUN HOUSE You're trapped in the FUN HOUSE! How do you find your way out?! You start the game with three rollerbladers. If you maneuver your way out of one room in the limited amount of time, you go on to the next room. But to move on, you must smack all the targets with your tomatoes as you whiz by. Pick up the power objects to gain advantages like more rollerbladers or more time. It's a slippery, slimey trip through 72 rooms, full of blobs and boingers, flying banana chips and schmutz balls. So getting through the rooms gets harder and gooier as you go along. Have fun! PAGE 5 ------ GETTING STARTED * Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System is turned off before inserting the FUN HOUSE Game Pak. * Insert the FUN HOUSE Game Pak. * Press POWER. Once the title screen appears, press the START button on Controller Pad #1 to begin a game. Let's get messy and good luck! PAGE 6 ------ HOW TO PLAY As you maneuver through rooms full of slime and obstacles, you'll find the name of each room often gives you some clue about it. The rooms vary a lot. The backgrounds and floors you rollerblade across will definitely alter your progress. For instance, when you travel over the icky slime-covered ramps, the floor slops you around in one of four directions, making control just a little bit difficult. Yuk! On wet icy floors, speeding up is easy; slowing down...not so easy! Now be sure to pick up plenty of power objects like coins, clocks, sneakers and hidden prizes to give yourself extra players, time, speed, and bonus points. When you smack the last target in a room, it will reveal a key which you must pick up to enter the next room. So let's get down and get dirty! TIP: Rollerblading backwards on slime-covered ramps can make it easier to slow down or stop. On ice, it's the only way to slow down or stop. PAGE 7 ------ CONTROLLER DIAGRAM (Picture of the Control Pad) LEFT PAD - Rotates the player left RIGHT PAD - Rotates the player right A BUTTON - Moves the player forward B BUTTON - Fires the tomatoes PAGE 8 ------ POWER AND POINTS All the ROUND TARGETS must be hit before you can move on to the next level. NUMBERED TARGETS must be hit in numerical order. STARBURSTS rack up points -- four colors for four different amounts. WARP CUBES -- Usually hidden. Find one and it sends you to another part of the Fun House. (Great for better players who want to skip ahead.) PAGE 9 ------ POWER OBJECTS COINS Silver Coins -- Collect 25 silver coins for an extra player. Gold Coins -- Each gold coin equals five silver coins. GLOP CLOCKS Small Glop Clocks -- Pick up these for eight extra seconds. Large Glop Clocks -- These give you fifteen extra seconds. SNEAKERS -- Pick these up to temporarily increase your speed. PAGE 10 ------- OBSTACLES AND ENEMIES BLOB -- Slow-moving blue blobs and fast-moving red blobs bounce you back if you hit them. BOINGER -- Hit one of these and you'll temporarily spin out of control. BANANA LAUNCHER -- Shoots an arc of banana chips that bounce you back. Also shoots whole bananas that subtract some of your time if they hit you. SPRAY GUN -- Shoots red schmutz balls that bounce you back AND subtract some of your time. TIP: Boingers can be destroyed by hitting them five times with your tomatoes. PAGE 11 ------- Compliance With FCC Regulations PAGE 12 ------- 90-Day Limited Warranty

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