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Final Fantasy

Typed out by VmprHntrD This is the manual to the NES game..... Final Fantasy (from SquareSoft & Nintendo) [TEXT Version] (Information in [brackets] is shown for picture and/or title information.) [Table of Contents]___________________________________________ How to Begin You Final Fantasy Adventure ................................... 2 Your Adventure Begins ...................................................... 4 Begin at Castle Coneria .................................................... 5 Outfit Your Trek in Coneria ................................................ 9 Journey to the Temple of Fiends ........................................... 17 Meanwhile, Back in Coneria ................................................ 27 To the North Bridge ....................................................... 32 How to Organize an Adventure Party ........................................ 34 Go to Pravoka! ............................................................ 38 Castle of Elf ............................................................. 47 Go Shopping in ElfLand .................................................... 50 The Dwarf Cave ............................................................ 52 Find Astos ................................................................ 54 Return to the Northwest Castle ............................................ 56 Return Matoya's CRYSTAL ................................................... 57 Wake the Sleeping Prince .................................................. 58 Remember All the Locked Doors? ............................................ 59 Help Nerrick .............................................................. 60 The Town of Melmond ....................................................... 61 Titan's Tunnel ............................................................ 63 Enter the Earth Cave ...................................................... 64 Pass Through Titan's Tunnel ............................................... 65 Visit Sarda ............................................................... 66 Solve the Mystery of the Earth Cave ....................................... 67 Crescent Lake ............................................................. 68 Gurgu Volcano ............................................................. 70 The Ice Cave .............................................................. 72 The Ryukahn Desert ........................................................ 73 Soar Over the Entire World ................................................ 74 Class Change .............................................................. 75 White Magic ............................................................... 76 Black Magic ............................................................... 78 Index ..................................................................... 80 [Page 1] [How To Begin Your Final Fantasy Adventure]___________________ Insert your Final Fantasy Game Pak into your NES as described in your NES control deck manual. Turn the POWER on and you're ready to embark on your journey! <1> Select "NEW GAME" or "CONTINUE" After you turn the POWER on, a small portion of the Final Fantasy story will be shown. Press the START button on controller #1 to advance to the CONTINUE/ NEW GAME screen. Use the Control Pad to select NEW GAME (CONTINUE is used to continue a saved game) and press START Button. The basic controller functions are as follows: Control Pad - Move party and select options A Button - Talk, search, or enter selections B Button - Cancel/Go back one screen Select - Change marching order Start - BRing up status screen. RESPOND RATE On the CONTINUE/NEW GAME screen, you can change the RESPOND RATE by using left and right on the Control Pad. A rate of 1 will result in a slow message speed A rate of 8 is very fast. HOW TO SAVE (IMPORTANT) Your Final Fantasy Game PAk is equipped with a battery that allows you to SAVE your game in order to CONTINUE at a later time. It is a good idea to SAVE your game often. The easiest way to SAVE is to stay at an INN. You can also SAVE by using a HOUSE, CABIN, or TENT. These will be explained later. Always hold in the RESET button when turning the power off! [Page 2] <2> ASSEMBLING YOUR PARTY After you select NEW GAME, you will see the screen shown below. Use the Contol Pad to choose a character type (occupation) starting with the upper left character. Refer to page 34 for more information about each character type. CHARACTER TYPES Each of the different character type has its advantages. For instance, the Fighters are good at using weapons, but a Magician may have trouble with some weapons. As you learn more about the game, you will find the characters that will work best for you. ENTER THE NAMES A letter selection screen will appear. Using the Control Pad and the A button, spell out each character's name (up to four letters.) If the name is less than four letters, use the space below the 'T'. Repeat the process for all four characters. Then press the A Button to start the game. Sample the Game With the Default Party To get into the game quickly, just press the A Button repeatedly until the game starts. Later, you will want to rename them, but it's a goof way to sample the game. [Page 3] [Your Adventure Begins...]_________________________________ Your Four Warrior begin their quest at the entrance to Coneria, the Dream City. WIthin sight are many geographical features of this world. It is important to understand the terrain in order to guide your adventure party on its quest. Castle The pleas of the people within the castle will guide you on your quest. Use their information wisely. Town The townspeople will also assist you on your quest. The use of their SHOPS, INNS, and CLINICS is vital. Hero Your adventure party's lead character. Grassy Plains (dark green ground) Travel here is unlimied. Forest (dark green treetops) Travel here is limited to foot traffic only. Port (a white brick inlet from the sea) At ports your SHIP can dock, allowing you to explore new lands, or to return home. Ocean (blue water with swells) To navigate the oceans and seas you must use your SHIP. [Page 4] [Begin at Castle Coneria]________________________________________ The Castle Coneria is where your journey begins. Inside, find people to guide your quest. Solve their puzzles and mysteries, and return after doing so to receive your rewards. Enter the Castle Walk into the castle to enter. As you enter the castle, the screen will close on the castle scene. When it re-opens you will be inside the castle. CASTLE CONERIA -- 1ST FLOOR This castle is two stories tall. Explore the ground floor making sure to talk to everyone. Keep an eye out for the staircase leadind to floor 2. (Inside you will find the Queen, a Scholar, a Sage, Locked and Open Doors, a few Guards, and the stairs.) [Page 5] Gain information TALK TO EVERYONE While in a castle, town, cave or dungeon you must talk to everyone, even animals! To do this simply face towards them and press A. Make sure to search out all the inhabitants of any area you visit. The gathering of information is basic to the playing of any Adventure Game. When you wish to cancel the conversation press A again. [Face the guard to begin your conversation. Press A to talk. Then press A again when you finish reading the message.] [You will meet a great variety of people as you travel on. Some will tell you all that you need to know while others will present a mystery.] Use the door ENTER THE CLOSED ROOMS Many areas will be closed off to your view upon first entering the castle. Do not worry though, many of these can be opened to reveal what is hidden inside. If a door does not open, push A to investigate the trouble. [Walk towards the door, and continue through. The ceiling will disappear allowing you to guide the Warriors to what awaits inside.] Face the Queen, and press A. She will reveal her dilemma. [Princess Sara has been kidnapped!] [Page 6] Stairs and Doors OPEN THE LOCKED DOORS Not all of the doors that you will encounter can be opened at the beginning of your adventure. Some of those doors were locked long ago to keep out unauthorized personnel, and inexperienced Light Warriors. Luckily for you, those that locked the door left the key. Unfortunatley the key was sent to a distant city. [You push and push against the door, but it just won't open.] [Pushing A to investigate, you find that the door has been locked.] [To enter the treasury you must locate the mystic KEY. After the Elf Prince gives it to you, return here to gain access.] Use The Stairs CLIMB TO THE SECOND FLOOR To climb up or down a stairway, walk across the top of it. The screen will close on the current scene, re-opening on that of the next floor. Make sure to search out and investigate all of the stairways that you find on your travels. [Walking over the Up staircase will take you to the next floor. Now, a whole new floor of this castle can be investigated.] [Walking over the down staircase will return you back one floor, but don't do this until you've examined this new floor.] [Page 7] CASTLE CONERIA -- 2ND FLOOR On the second floor of the Castle Coneria, lies the Throne Room of the King. The guards say that he is looking for you, the Light Warriors. (Inside you will find the King, two Guards, and the stairs.) Proceed To The Throne MEET THE KING On the scenod floor you will find clues telling you of a missing princess. Search every corner to receive every clue. [The King pleads for the rescue of Sara, his daughter.] [It's no great mystery where Garland hides. Go get him.] Use The Stairway RETURN TO FLOOR 1 Walking directly over a stariway will allow you to go up or down, depending on the stairs direction. NOTEBOOK * The Princess needs to be rescued. * Garland has kidnapped the Princess and hides to the Northwest in the Temple of Fiends. * The Treasury is locked and the Elf Prince holds the Key. [Page 8] [Outfit Your Trek In Coneria]____________________________________ Just outside the castle walls lies the town of Coneria. Called the Dream City, it will become the base of your travels on your quest to save the princess. Which Town Do I Go To? Although what you see looks like six different villages before you, it doesn't matter which you enter. They are all the same. CONERIA Inside Coneria you will find more peole who will assist you on your quest. For guidance, talk to everyone. Visit the shops to buy the tools and magic you will need to defeat your enemies. The INN and CLINIC will heal your battle wounds and casualties. (Inside you will find Townspeople, a CLINIC, a Potion Shop, an INN, a Well, a Weapon Shop, an Armor Shop, and White and Black Magic Shop.) [Page 9] BUY WEAPONS While in SHops or INNS, the keeper will direct you to the choices avaliable to you. Using the Control Pad, point the 'finger' to your chosen action, then press A. Pressing B will withdraw your last selection. A Call To Arms PURCHASE YOUR IMPLEMENTS OF DESTRUCTION There are different types of store in each town. The stock and prices at each shop will vary as you move to each new town or village. Some items will be avaliable at only one particular shop. THE WEAPON SHOP Each storekeeper will guide your visit to his store. Point the 'finger' to your choice, then push A to execute. Make as many purchases as you wish before exiting. Push B to cancel. [1 Welcome to my shop. You wish to make a purchase?] [2 You'd like to buy a rapier?] [3 It costs 10 Gold, do you still want it?] [4 Who will carry this weapon?] [5 Your transaction is completed. Is there anything else?] [Page 10] SELL SURPLUS WEAPONS Your journet to new towns, and the exploration of dungeons, will allow you to find more effective weapons. Each Warrior is able to carry up to four weapons at a time. When a Warrior's inventory beccomd full you should sell your surplus weapons. [Select SELL, choose who will sell an item and press the A button.] [Next, choose which item you would like to SELL.] [The shopkeeper will make you an offer. Select YES to accept it.] Key To On Screen Symbols [Weapon] [Armor] Staff (a hooked cane) Armor (a breastplate) Dagger (a small curved blade) Shield (a shield with a cross print) Nunchuck (two pieces of wood w/chain) Bracelet (a round neck piece) Hammer (a hitting surface with a stick) Helmet (looks like a trojan helmet) Sword (a long straight blade) Gauntlet (looks like a stubby blade) Axe (a sharp cutting device on a stick) Each character uses different weapons. Some character can't use certain weapons. This list shows which weapons to purchase first. [Character Type] [Weapon] [Armor] Fighter Rapier Chain Armor Thief Rapier Wooden Armor Black Belt Wooden Nunchuck Wooden Armor Red Mage Rapier Chain Armor White Mage Iron Hammer Cloth Black Mage Small Dagger Cloth [Page 11] EQUIPPING WEAPONS AND ARMOR Before you go out of the town, you will need to EQUIP yourself with the weapons and armor that you have purchased. If you don't, you may find youself face to face with a group of enemies with nothing in your hands to protect you. EQUIP To EQUIP your weapons and armor you first need to go to the MENU screen. To do this, press the START button, Move the 'finger' to where it says WEAPON and press the A Button. Then follow the directions below. [With the 'finger' on EQUIP, press the A Button.] [Put the 'finger' in front of the weapon you wish to hold and press A.] [An 'E' will appear next to the item that has been equipped.] TRADE If you would like to give a weapon or armor from one character to another, use the TRADE command. Use the A Button to pick up an object, move it and press A again. DROP The DROP command simply drops the object that you indicate. EQUIP ARMOR THE SAME AS WEAPONS Equipping armor is done the same way as weapons except that you move the 'finger' on the menu screen to ARMOR instead of WEAPON. Always remember that each character can only carry four weapons and four kinds of armor. [Put the 'finger' on EQUIP and press the A Button.] [Select the armor you wish to wear and push the A Button again.] [Page 12] THE MENU SCREEN (There is a confusing picture so I'll try to explain it.) [In the top left corner there is a picture of four circles.] These are the Four Orbs that you must restore. [Below that is...] GOLD [Under that is...] Options that you may select. [Off to the right is...] Here are the four Light Warriors. Each block contains a lot of vital information. (This is the Warrior's Name, Level, HP, and Magic meter.) This area shows how many spells of each level this warrior can use. Press the START Button to get this screen! BUY MAGIC Magic is a very important part of Final Fantasy. There are two types of magic - White and Black. Magic level is not the same as Experience Level. For example, if you are at level 4 Experience, you won't necessarily be able to cast level 4 spells. As you gain more experience, the higher level spells will become avaliable for use. White Magic is usually used for defense and for healing purposes. Black Magic tends to be more destructive in nature. It's often used while attacking. [Here is the Black Magic FIRE spell in action.] (Fire shown flying forward.) [The White Magic CURE spell beign used to help a comrade.] (Heals lost HP.) [Page 13] BUYING WHITE AND BLACK MAGIC In the towns you will find two kinds of magic shops. Different characters will be able to learn different kinds of magic. [Selecting the character to learn the spell.] [The list of spells sold in this shop.] [This message appears if the character cannot learn the spell. (Says: Sorry you cannot learn that, Someone else?) MAGIC LEVEL AND EXPERIENCE At the start of the game you will only be able to learn level 1 spells. As your magic users gain experience, they will be able to purchase higher level spells. The most useful level 1 spells are CURE (White Magic) and FIRE or SLEP (Black Magic). Be sure that you obtain these if you can. Each magic user can learn up to 3 spells for each spell level. If you have enough money, BUY POTIONS! If you have enough money, it is very wise to find a Potion Shop and make some purchases. Some very helpful items are avaliable here. If youdon't have very much money it is wise to return as sonn as you do have the necessary funds. Remember that different shops sell different goods. [Here is a list of items avaliable for sale at this Potion Shop.] (Heal 60, Pure 75, and Tent 75.) [Page 14] THE ITEMS Here is a listing of the items that you can buy at Potions Shops as well as what they can do for you. HEAL (Potion) Extracted from a rare tree. It restores HP. You can use it during a fight or while traveling. PURE (Potion) This potion will cure you if you are poisoned by an enemy. SOFT (Potion) This potion will restore to life any character turned to stone by an enemy spell. It works instantly, but you can't use it during a battle. TENT A magic TENT that you can keep in your pocket. It can be used to SAVE your game and to recover some valuable hit points (HP). CABIN A CABIN that works similar to the TENT. It SAVEs your game data and recovers more hit points than the TENT. HOUSE Even better than the CABIN, the HOUSE will allow you to SAVE your game and recover a lot of hit points (HP) and magic power (MP). Saving you game at THE INNS -- VERY IMPORTANT! Staying at an INN will SAVE your game. Your hit points (HP) and magic power (MP) will return to maximum also. The Innkeeper will always remind you to press and hold the RESET button on your NES while you turn the power off to ensure that your quest is retained in Final Fantasy's battery backed memory. [To Save your data, put the 'finger' in front of YES and press the A button.] [Page 15] The CLINIC A PLACE TO REVIVE THE DEAD If you lose any of your characters during a fight, you can go to a CLINIC to have them revived - for a cost. The price of being revived varies from town to town. NOTE: A newly revived character will have HP of 1. Be sure to go to an INN before you continue. DON'T MISS ANY INFORMATION! In the towns, you will find many people to talk to. Remember to talk to everyone and be aware that sometimes their stories change! [Try speaking with things other than people. You never know what you'll find.] NOTEBOOK * The Princess needs to be saved. * Pravoka, a city to the east, has a port. * Lukahn, who prophesied your coming, has left for Crescent Lake. [Page 16] [Journey To The Temple of Fiends]___________________________ No one knows why this place was named the Temple of Fiends. Only have the bravest of warriors have gone near and none of them have returned! Garland hides here with the kidnapped Princess Sara. DON'T GO UNPREPARED Garland is a very tough enemy. You must be very serious about your preparation proir to meeting him. Before heading here buy several HEAL potions. [This party was unprepared, and a Geist has made short work of them. "Life- up" before entering dangerous places.] (Picture of a slain party!) LINING UP TO BATTLE Your party of four always lines up vertically to fight or travel. The leader (character at top of line-up) is more exposed to the enemy attack. You should use a character with the best ability (usually defense) for this position. To change your line-up, press SELECT, point to a character, then press A. Point out the replacement and press A again. After the replacement takes place, another can be made. Press B to exit this screen. [Page 17] ON TO BATTLE When you encounter an enemy while traveling, the screen will flash and the Battle Screen will appear. Then enter a command for each of your four characters. After these command have been entered, the battle will begin. Now watch as your party executes their orders. Continue until the battle is over (Either the enemy or your are completely defeated or you succesfully RUN). Then press the A Button to see how much Gold and Experience you will obtain. [When you win a battle, you gain Gold and Experience.] THE BATTLE SCREEN (This area is broken into many different areas.) [Top Left Box shows...] Background and Enemies. [Bottom Left Box shows...] Enemy names. [Top Middle Box shows...] Your characters. [Bottom Middle Box shows...] Commands (Fight, Magic, Drink, Item, and Run). [Right Boxes (4) shows...] Your party's HP. BATTLE COMMANDS [FIGHT] When you enter a battle situation, you should first look to see if you are greatly overpowered. If you see that the enemies are too powerful for you to defeat, it is to your advantage to choose the RUN command. Otherwise, select FIGHT with the A Button to attack. After you choose FIGHT, you must also choose which enemy you will hit. [Move the 'finger' with the Control Pad and press the A Button to select which enemy to FIGHT.] [This is what you see while your characters are battling.] [Page 18] [MAGIC] To use a magic spell during a fight, select MAGIC and press the A Button. A subscreen will appear with a list of your magic spells. Use the Control Pad to choose a spell and press the A Button. Depending on the spell, you may need to choose which enemy to use it on (some spells will affect all enemies on the screen). Some types of magic are not for attack - some will protect or heal your party. You may have to choose who in your party to affect. [This is the MAGIC subscreen. The number on the right of the subscreen tells you how many spells you ahve left. [Selecting the enemy to use the magic on.] [Choosing to use a spell on another person in the party.] [DRINK] During a battle, the DRINK command is used to consume a PURE or HEAL potion. Keep in mind that you will not be able to attack while taking a drink! [Drinking a much needed HEAL potion during battle.] [ITEM] The ITEM command allows you to use an ITEM during battle. Selecting an ITEM works the same way as the DRINK command. You will not be able to FIGHT while you are using an ITEM. [Select the ITEM desired and press A to execute.] [RUN] If you are overpowered, you can try to RUN. There is no guarantee that your escape will be successful - it depends on your agility level. [He who RUNs away, lives to FIGHT another day!] [Page 19] WAYS TO RESTORE YOUR HP AND MP If yuor character's HP get very low, your character will begin to look weak. You need to get their HP up quick! Here are different methods of raising your HP. 1) STAY AT AN INN Staying at an INN is the most efficient way to recover HP and MP. Both your HP and MP will be restored to their maximum levels. Tour game will be SAVED too. [Look for the INN sign in any town.] [Once inside, the Innkeeper will greet you.] 2) TENTS, CABINS, AND HOUSES Using a TENT, CABIN, or HOUSE is a very convenient way to SAVE your game. A big advantage is that you do not have to find a town to use them. All of these items have been shrunk down to a very small size so that you can store them in your pocket. This means that you can carry up to 99 of each. When you use one, it magically enlarges to normal size. You cannot use them inside a dungeon. [This looks like a good place to camp!] [Press START to bring up the MENU screen, them select ITEM.] [Choose TENT and press the A Button.] [Push the A Button if you want to SAVE your game.] [Page 20] 3) USING POTIONS Utilizing a HEAL potion is another way to regain lost HP. The PURE potion is very important too. If one of your characters is poisoned. PURE will 'purify' their system. An advantage to potions is that you can use them during battle. [Press START to go to the MENU Screen, select ITEM and press the A Button.] [On the ITEM Screen move the 'finger' to PURE and press A.] [Move the 'finger' to the person that you wish to use the potion on.] 4) USING MAGIC There are many types of magic that can be used to raise a character's HP. The first spell of this type is the CURE spell (White Magic). Magic is very versatile - you can use it while in battle, or during travel. Of course, higher level magic spells are going to restore more HP than low level ones. [During travel, select MAGIC from the MENU screen and press A.] [Then select which character's magic you would like to use and press A.] [Choose the desired spell and enter it by pressing the A Button.] [On this screen, you can select who you wish to use the spell on.] [Page 21] THE CLINIC CAN REVIVE A SLAIN ALLY An adventure party that loses an ally in battle should not fear the temporary loss. In most towns a CLINIC can be found. Inside, you will find a Magician of Life. For a fee he will revive any of your allies slain in battle. [The Magician asks you to select the candidate for revival.] [Your band of Light Warriors returns to a full staff.] [REMEMBER!! After revival your HP is only 1!] LET'S GO SHOPPING! When you return to town, or journey to new ones, you should go shopping. You should learn new and different magic spells, and stock up on potions and TENTs. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and armor. As you enter new areas you will encounter more and more ferocious monsters. To quickly eliminate your foes and protect yourself, you must constantly spend you hard earned Gold. [So many shops, with such great things to buy. Start with any of them.] STATUS SCREEN (This area is broken down into many areas.) [Top Left Box shows...] Name. [Top Middle Box shows...] Class. [Top Right box shows...] Experience Level. [Middle Box shows...] Experience Point Total, and Experience Points Needed to Advance Levels. [Bottom Left Box shows...] Attribute Levels. [Bottom Right Box shows...] Strength & Agility Levels. [Page 22] STATUS On the STATUS Screen you will find valuable information for making many decisions. Knowing how many Experience Points you need for the next level is quite valuable in determining whether to return to town of continue battling. Each class of Light Warrior has different characteristics than the others. The attributes of that class, in combination with the Experience Levels and currently EQUIPped weapons and armor, contribute to the status of a Warrior. Use the strength and agility levels to help in your determination of what weapons and armor to EQUIP. Higher numbers and more desirable. BEFORE VISITING GARLAND You must take a short journey to the Temple of Fiends to confront Garland. Before heading you, review a few points that should become a standard precaution before leaving any civilized area. This will insure the easiest journey possible. WEAPONS AND ARMOR [Make sure that all of the weapons and armor you wish to have with you in battle are EQUIPped. The fanciest sword or shiniest armor will do no good in the heat of battle if it in not EQUIPped.] BATTLE [On the journey, many monsters will attempt to stop you. Fight through, or attempt to RUN from the enemies that block your path to your destination. Battle to gain Gold and Experience.] ITEMS [It is quite wise to take provisions. Being able to resotre your life during your journey, or even in battle, is important. A poisoned ally cannot survive long without some antidote (PURE).] SAVE YOUR GAME [After making all other preparations, it is a very good idea to SAVE before leaving town. If you are unsuccessful on your mission you can restart from here.] [Page 23] PLAN YOUR BATTLE WISELY GOOD EXAMPLE 1 (A party of two Grey Wolves, a Grey Imps, and Imps attack you!) [The enemy party may be made up of several different monsters. Eliminate first the monsters that pose the greatest threat.] [If the Grey Wolf survives longer he can inflict more damage than the weaker enemies.] [Next concentrate on the Grey Imps, before working on the Imps.] GOOD EXAMPLE 2 (A party of a single Ogre attacks you!) [Conserve your spells wisely by being aware of your enemies' maximum HP and how much damage can be inflicted by your allies.] [The use of the ICE spell has inflicted 33 HP of damage to the Ogre.] [In round 2 of this battle, another spell is not needed to terminate this ogre.] GOOD EXAMPLE 3 (A party of four Sahags attack you!) [Battle with the Sahags has taken a toll on poor the HOWA. Choose the Warrior with the highest agility to give the HEAL potion.] [To minimize the unwise use of a potion, the Warrior that risks being slain should choose to fight.] [Phil saves the day with a much needed HEAL to restore some HP to the weakened HOWA.] [Page 24] While engaged in battle it is always wisest to plan ahead. Wise battle tactics will minimize the damage to your party. Unwise battle practices will lead you to the CLINIC. BAD EXAMPLE 1 (A party of two Ogres attack you!) [A party this weak whould never try to fight two Ogres.] [28 HP of damage. They can't last that long can they?] [Here lies NEST;s party - R.I.P.] BAD EXAMPLE 2 (A party of a Grey Wolf and five Wolves attack you!) [Know how much to attack each individual enemy.] [Multiple attacks on weak, or weakened enemies do no good.] [Continuing to fight a defeated enemy is ineffective.] BAD EXAMPLE 3 (A party of a Grey Wold and six Wolves attack you!) [The defensive power of the leader of your party is very important.] [The leader will receive the brunt of the enemies attack.] [PHIL has been slain. TOMY and the rest of the party RUN for their lives.] [Page 25] BATTLE TECHNIQUES <1> RUN AS A STRATEGY Even if you elect to, there is no guarantee that you can safely RUN away from the enemy. Each character's agility, regardless of enemy or ally, dictates the order of execution. Be aware that the enemy might hurt you before you RUN away. [RUNning away from enemies while weak, can be a smart thing to do.] <2> KNOW THE ENEMIES' WEAK POINTS In order to survive battle and gain large amounts of Gold and Experience, stopping to analyze your enemies' weak points will bring you success. You must experiment to find the most effective ways to use your magic and weapons. Many strong enemies have a weak point that you should exploit to your best advantage. [Use magic spells from the Lightning (LIT) category while fighting in, or under water.] [Weapons and magic of the ICE category are most effective against enemies using and made of FIRE.] [HARM is effective against Undead monsters, such as ghosts, zombies, and other non-living enemies.] <3> USING ITEMS DURING BATTLE ITEMs can be useful while in battle. One advantage is that you can use an ITEM that is not EQUIPped. Often this itm will be used on all enemies or on your entire party. [Using an ITEM while engaged in battle.] [Page 26] [Rescue the Princess at The Temple of Fiends]__________________ Garland holds the Princess Sara captive at The Temple of Fiends. This much was told to you by the guard in Coneria. Beware as you journey to free her. No on has been seen leaving the temple in over 400 years. THE TEMPLE OF FIENDS Seated on the throne in the middle is Garland. He does not fear your coming, and waits to battle. (Inside the Temple of Fiends is two treasure boxes, two locked doors, and Garland and Princess Sara in the middle.) BEWARE OF FEROCIOUS ENEMIES The enemies that you run into here are quite strong. Be sure to watch your HP very closely. Use HEAL potions if you need to. [A large group wicked wolves. Look out!] [Ghouls have the capability to paralyze members of your party.] [Page 27] Prepare your Party HEAD WEST YOUNG WARRIORS Upon entering the temple turn left to find some Treasure Boxes to raid. In The Temple of Fiends, as well as in most dungeons, you may find weapons and armor that can help you in upcoming battles. Seek these out and use them to your best advantage. [Enter the door to find a Treasure Box.] [Opening the box you find a CAP!] OPENING TREASURE BOXES In order to obtain the contents of a Treasure Box, you must first open it. Facing towards the box press A. If you do not squarely face the box, it cannot be opened. Inside the Temple LOCKED DOORS While exploring, if you find a door which can't be entered, try pushing A to investigate. Many times you will be told that the door requires the mystic KEY to enter. When you have the mystic KEY the doors will open automatically. [Pushing against the door doesn't gain entry for you.] [Press A to find the door is locked with the mystic KEY.] [Page 28] Be Courageous GET READY TO RUMBLE! Garland waits upon his throne in the center of the temple. He does not fear anyone who walks through his door, least of all four youths who think that they are the Light Warriors. Garland has no fear of you, so do not take lightly your preparations prior to doin battle with him. Fully prepare, and you may win! [After entering the door to the Throne Room, stop to restore your HP.] [After doing so, proceed towards Garland, and try to reason with him.] [Unfortunately, Garland doesn't want to negotiate.] [All Warriors should choose FIGHT. Magic users should use MAGIC.] Good Job! THE PRINCESS IS FREE! The battle with Garland is done. Most likely you have suffered greatly and perhaps lost one of your party. Walk forward to talk to the Princess. After she finishes press A again to warp to Castle Coneria. [Talk to the grateful Princess.] [Pressing A again warps you back to see the King in Castle Coneria.] [Page 29] [Meanwhile, Back in Coneria]_______________________________ After successfully defeating Garland, make sure to talk to the Princess repeatedly. After thanking you for saving her, if you press A again you will be warped back to the Throne Room of Castle Coneria. Here, the King will reward the Light Warriors. A ROYAL REWARD The King, happy to see his daughter safe again, cheerfully orders a bridge built to the main continent. Princess Sara, also wishing to help out the Light Warriors, gives you the LUTE. Both of them do this in fullfillment of Lukahn's prophecy. [The King has ordered the building of the North Bridge.] [Sara gives you her mother's LUTE.] [Certainly this will do more than play music.] TALK, TALK, TALK!!! Make sure to talk to everyone present in the castle agai nto receive new clues. Keep talking until their conversation no longer changes. [The King sends you on your way.] [Return to find that the Princess is concerned.] [Page 30] TALK TO EVERYONE ELSE TOO! As you find items and accomplish your goals, the people will give you new clues. Write these down in a notebook to help guide your quest. In the event that you cannot determine what actions to take, always go back and talk to everyone again to find and clues that you have forgotten or missed! BEFORE AFTER Oh.... My sister.... My sister is back safe! After you have rescued her Thank you! sister, she is very happy. Garland used to be a Legend says that the The Scholar who was concerned good knight until.... LUTE can break the evil about Garland knows the LUTE gate. has a purpose. Please! Matoya has poor This woman's concern has Save the Princess! eyesight. She needs the shifted to Matoya, the victim CRYSTAL to see. of a crime. Please! North of Coneria lives Maybe you should go north to Save the Princess! a witch named Matoya. Matoya, the townspeople seem concerned about her now. NOTEBOOK * The King had a bridge built. * The Princess gave you her LUTE. * The LUTE can break the evil gate. * Matoya, a witch who lives to the north, needs the CRYSTAL. [Page 31] [To The North Bridge]________________________________ Up until now, your world has been very small. It has consisted of Coneria, The Temple of Fiends, and the path between the two. With the new North Bridge, your world has just expanded. THE KING FULFILLS HIS PROPHECY As your reward for the rescue of his daughter, the King has built this bridge. BEFORE Before the rescue there is no bridge. AFTER The King's men work fast, the bridge was built, just as he said. BACK TO THE TEMPLE? Back at the Temple of Fiends, you will find a mysterious black Orb sitting in Garland's former throne room. This orb seems quite similar to the darkened orbs that you carry. However, this orb is not black with the lack of internal light, it radiates its blackness from within. [The black Orb cannot be attacked.] [Page 32] CROSS THE NORTH BRIDGE Crossing the North Bridge end the prologue of this story. Sit back and enjoy the opening credits of FInal Fantasy. Carefully read the story, it is your story, for this is your Final Fantasy. [As you begin walking across the North Bridge, it seems that a battle is going to take place.] [The title screen appear, read the story.] What awaits the Four, they do not know. Each holding an ORB, that 2000 years ago shined with beauty from within. But know, only darkness. Come!! Start your journey! Return the light of peace to our world. YOUR FINAL FANTASY HAS BEGUN. Now your adventure truly begins. If you are not satisfied with some aspect of your party it is not to late to restart. The amount of time that you have invested to this point is quite minimal compared to the total time that you will spend in completing this adventure. [Choosing a NEW GAME now will erase your old data.] [Page 33] [HOW TO ORGANIZE AN ADVENTURE PARTY]___________________ How you organize your party in Final Fantasy is entirely up to you. Make it up any way you like, it cannot be wrong. The game will require different strategies depending on who is in your party. 1 SELECTING YOUR CHARACTERS To start your Ginal Fantasy, select NEW GAME when you turn it on. A screen showing your Four Warriors will appear. Starting with the character in the upper left, you can change occupations by using the Control Pad. There are six different occupations to choose from. Press the A Button when the occupation you want it shown. Then the name entering screen will be shown. Name your character (up to four letter by using the Control Pad and the A Button.) If the name you wish to use is less than for letters long, use the 'space' located below the 'T'. After entering the fourth letter the character name, the screen will return to where the four warriors are shown. The occupation selection and naming process then proceeds with the upper right character. This continues until all characters are chosen and named. [Page 34] 2 CHARACTER OCCUPATIONS Each of the Four Warriors in your party must have an occupation. Here is some useful information to help you choose. FIGHTER A professional fighter trained in the use of all weapons. The Fighter is able to wear heavy armor and is skillful with large swords. Even with this bulky equipment, quick moves are still possible. THIEF Agility and dexterity are the strong points of this character. The Thief is good to have when you need to avoid an attack from the enemy. BLACK BELT (Bl. BELT) A master of martial arts. Tough both mentally and physically. This Warrior can fight effectively with bare hands (no wepaons equipped). RED MAGE The Red Magician has the ability to learn some of both black and white magic spells and is a fairly good fighter. WHITE MAGE (Wh. MAGE) Using White Magic, this character can heal wounds and cast many defensive spells. The White Magician is not a very good fighter, but can learn powerful magic. BLACK MAGE (Bl. MAGE) This character is skilled with Black Magic - very powerful spells used to attack the enemy. [Page 35] ADVENTURE PARTY EXAMPLES Your game's course of development will differ depending on the combination of your party. Make it up and way you like, it cannot be wrong. Below are suggested party combinations, and some good and bad points of each. <1> FOR THE BEGINNER (FIGHTER, Bl. BELT, Wh. MAGE, & Bl. MAGE) This combination works well together. It is well balanced and is highly recommended. The battle skills of the Fighter and the Black Belt combine effectively with the magic supplied by the White and Black Mages. <2> DEFAULT PARTY (FIGHTER, THIEF, Bl. BELT, & RedMAGE) This is the party that you will use if you do not change the selections. It is a balanced party also and will do quite well. Although it is somewhat weak in the magic department, the fighting skills of the party will more than make up for that. 3 AN ALTERNATE CHOICE (Bl. BELT, Bl. BELT, Wh. MAGE, & Bl. MAGE) This combination is quite different than the previous two. While not recommended for those who are inexperienced, the veteran player should have a lot of fun with this one. The money saved by not having to buy expensive weapons and armor can be used for powerful magic and potions. [Page 36] 4 MAGIC USERS (FIGHTER, RedMAGE, Wh. MAGE, & Bl. MAGE) The lone Fighter's place in this party is not just that of offensive attack. His other purpose, with the help of the White Mage's powers, will protect the Red and Black Mages and allow the destructive power of their magic to defeat the enemies. 5 HEAVY MAGIC USE (RedMAGE, Wh. MAGE, Bl. MAGE, & Bl. MAGE) You must like magic to use this party. In the beginning, many trips will be spent returning to town for revival. If you could purchase HEAL potion by the barrel you would do so. When this party becomes experienced, the quantity and types of magic spells that can be brought into battle is formidable. 6 POWERFUL FIGHTING (FIGHTER, THIEF, Bl. BELT, & Bl. BELT) When this party goes into battle it is strong and quite menacing . It will be quite expensive to outfit this party with weapons and armor. The Gold saved at the Magic Shop will be wisely used buying potions. Until this party reaches class change (see page 75) it will not have the benefit of magic. MORE PROS AND CONS The course of your game's development will depend upon the make-up of your party. Enjoy the development of your Final Fantasy, the combination of characters is your own making. There are over 100 different character combinations possible. Some parties will be much easier to develop than others. [Page 37] [The Cave of Matoya]____________________________________ After you've rescued the princess and the North Bridge has been built, it's time to go to the Cave of Matoya. Matoya, a friendly witch lives there. LOOK FOR THE ENTRANCE! The entrance of the Cave of Matoya is north of the North Bridge, Refer to the map above. [This is the cave. Go visit Matoya!] THE CAVE OF MATOYA Here is what you will find inside the cave. Right after you enter, look for a door and go through it. then search the area. (Tip: You can walk over the skulls!) (Inside you will find Matoya, Treasure Boxes, and a few Brooms.) [Page 38] Talk to the Witch REMEMBER MATOYA'S NEEDS If you search the entire cave, you will proably find Matoya the witch. (If you're having trouble finding her, she's up at the top of the cave.) Talk to her and find out what she needs. [After you enter the door, go up as far as you can. Find Matoya and talk to her. Remember what she say. It is wise to write down anything that you think is important!] Look Everywhere EXAMINE THE TREASURE BOXES On the far left side of the cave, you will find three treasure Boxes. To open them, act as if you were talking to one of them - stand facing one and press the A Button. Your party will automatically receive the box's contents. [Open this box to obtain a HEAL potion.] (Top Box) [Another HEAL potion.] (Middle Box) [Here you will find a PURE potion.] (Bottom Box) [Page 39] A Special Spell WHAT IS TCELES B HSUP? When exploring an area, you should examine everything. Even if it seems silly! For instance, in the Cave of Matoya, you can talk to the brooms. They give you a very useful piece of information. [Talking to a broom?!? It's been said that brooms can talk BACKWARDS. The brooms hold a secret! [THE ANSWER] THE SPELL TO BRING UP THE OVERWORLD MAP! If you read the broom's text backwards, it says PUSH B SELECT. Go outside the cave. Push and hold the B Button and press SELECT. The Overworld Map appears. Amazing! You've solved one of the riddles embedded in Final Fantasy! [Pushing B and SELECT brings up the Overworld Map. The little flashing dots are towns or places of great importance. Be sure to visit ALL of them. The flashing 'cross' is your location. This world is HUGE! [Page 40] [Go To Pravoka!]_____________________________________ In the town of Coneria, you may have spoken with a boy talking about Pravoka, a town to the east. This is your next destination. Here, you will be able to travel on the open seas. TOWN OF PRAVOKA The town of Pravoka has been under seige by pirates. Explore the town and find out what's going on! (Inside you will find an INN, White and Black Magic Shops, CLINIC, Armor Shop, Weapons Shop, Potion Shop, Townspeople, and Bikke the Pirate.) [Page 41] Explore Everywhere TALK TO THE TOWNSPEOPLE Pirates have taken over the town of Pravoka. Talk with all of the townspeople and see if you can gather more information. DON'T talk to the pirates yet! [The people of the town cry for help!] [A man with a blue mohawk provides information.] Spend the Night SAVE AT THE INN Before you battle it out with the pirates, go to the INN to SAVE your game and recharge your HP. Another great reason to SAVE here is that if you lose to the pirates in this town, you can CONTINUE your game from here instead of travelling all the way from Coneria. It pays to SAVE! [The INN in Pravoka is found at the top of the town, in the center.] Get Ready DEFEAT BIKKE THE PIRATE! In Pravoka, you will find Bikke the Pirate. Talk to him and his crew will challenge you to a fight. After you defeat them (hopefully you are strong enough), talk to Bikke again. Since you have beaten his crew, he will give you his SHIP. [Aye Mates. It's Bikke the Pirate!] [Page 42] FIGHT! [Bikke orders his crew to attack!] [9 pirates? Think fast!] [The pirates have been defeated.] [The humbled Bikke gives you his SHIP. Now you can sail the high seas (but not the rivers, yet). WHY CAN'T I DEFEAT THE PIRATES? If you're having trouble defeating the pirates, here area few tips. 1) Spread out your attack: Don't have all of your characters attack the same pirate. Have everyone attack someone different. 2) Use the sleep spell: If you have the sleep (SLEP) spell, use it! It works great! [Don't concentrate on one pirate. Spread out your attack.] [Use the sleep (SLEP) spell to put those big burly pirates away.] [Page 43] LEAVE PRAVOKA TO FIND YOUR SHIP! Leave the town of Pravoka (you should probably go to the INN to SAVE your game first). You will see your ship docked at the port. To board it, just walk on to it. You will notice the SHIP moves a lot faster than you can walk. Note that you can only go ashore where there is a port. [Your new SHIP is waiting for you. Let's go sailing!] [This SHIP really cruises!] GET READY FOR OCEAN TRAVEL Your ship can only be docked at a port (shown with white bricks). You will have to do some exploring to find all of them. Most importantly, REMEMBER WHERE YOU'VE DOCKED YOUR SHIP! It's very easy to lost track of where you got out of the water. ENEMIES OF THE DEEP The ocean is no easy ride. There are many monsters out here that would just love to mess up your trip. Here are some of the creatures that you will meet in the sea. [Shark, Eye, Sahag, and Kyzoku] [Page 44] THE PEOPLE OF PRAVOKA COME OUT! After you defeat the pirates in Pravoka, the people that were afraid to step out of their houses are now free to come out. Be sure to talk to all of them! [The citizens of Pravoka are relieved!] [Aha! A clue to go find the elves across the sea.] [Useful information from the townsfolk.] [Another clue! The people in Melmond need your help.] BUY WEAPONS, ARMOR, AND LEVEL 2 MAGIC In Pravoka, there are some great shops. The Weapons Shop and the Armor Shop are selling things that you couldn't get back in Coneria. Remember to EQUIP the items that you buy. Also pick up level 2 magic. If you don't have enough money, go out and fight for some more Gold! [White Magic: LAMP 400, MUTE 400, ALIT 400, & INVS 400] [Black Magic: ICE 400, DARK 400, TMPR 400, & SLOW 400] [Weapons: Iron Hammer 10, Short Sword 550, Hand Axe 550, & Scimtar 200] [Armor: Wooden Armor 50, Chain Armor 50, Iron Armor 800, Wooden Shiled 15, & Gloves 60] [Page 45] NOTEBOOK * The Elves live beyond the sea. * Their Prince is asleep. * The town of Melmond is West of Pravoka. * Melmond is under attack. YOUR WORLD EXPANDS! Now that you have the SHIP, you can explore a lot of new places. It's time to do some serious exploring. Sail everywhere you can and look for ports and new towns. SAVE your game before you leave, just in case. Remember to look at the World Map (B and SELECT) often to see where you are. [Page 46] [The Castle of Elf]________________________________________ South of Coneria, across the Aldi Sea lies ElfLand. The good Elves are in danger of losing their kingdom to the leader of the dark Elves, Astos. TRAVEL CROSS COUNTRY FROM THE PORT Sail due south of Coneria until you reach the coastline. As you approach this coast, turn west to find ElfLand's northern port. CASTLE OF ELF Five years ago, Astos led a raiding party of dark Elves on this castle. Unable to find the CROWN, he placed the Prince under a sleeping spell. (Inside this castle you will find Elves, the Treasury, and the Prince.) [Page 47] Shhhhhh, Be Quiet THE PRINCE SLEEPS Enter the Throne Room to find the sleeping Prince, guarded by an attendant. He talks about Matoya, the witch you already met, who needs her CRYSTAL back. [Nothing will wake this sleepy head!] [If only you could find that witch's CRYSTAL!] DO YOU REMEMBER? While exploring the Castle Coneria, the Sages you found outside the Treasury informed you that the Prince of ElfLand was given the mystic KEY. [You must wake the Prince to get that KEY.] Look Carefully FIND THE PATH TO THE TREASURY Even though you can clearly see the Treasury, the path is not that obvious. Carefully walking around the right side will lead you there. [Walk close to the edge of the castle.] [Still next to the wall, continue on around.] [Here is the Treasury. Too bad the door is locked!] [Page 48] NOTEBOOK * The Dwarves live across the Aldi Sea. * Astos attacked, leaving the Prince under a spell. * Only Matoya's HERB will cure the Prince. * The Prince holds the mystic KEY. PLAN FOR OBTAINING THE MYSTIC KEY Many doors locked witht he mystic KEY have prevented you from exploring numerous places. Follow this guide to get the mystic KEY. ELFLAND Obtain information, go shopping. DWARF CAVE Obtain information. NORTHWEST CASTLE Obtain information. MARSH CAVE Obtain the CROWN. NORTHWEST CASTLE Battle Astos. MATOYA'S CAVE Trade Matoya the CRYSTAL for the HERB. CASTLE OF ELF Revive the Prince to be rewarded with the mystic KEY. [Page 49] [Go Shopping in ElfLand]__________________________________ Your quest to obtain the mystic KEY will first take you to ElfLand. Here, you should go shopping for everything you can afford. You must invest a lot of Gold in order to reach your goal. ELFLAND In ElfLand there are two levels of each type of Magic Shop. Don't worry yet about buying spell above your magic level. You will be making many return trips to this town, so only buy what you can afford and can use at the time. (Inside this town you will find an INN, a CLINIC, an Armor Shop, a Weapons Shop, Black and White Magic Shops for Lv.3 and Lv.4 magic, and Townspeople.) [Page 50] ASTOS WAITS IN HIDING After ravaging ElfLand, Astos took a disguise and waits for his opportunity to take control, and become King of all Elves. His disguise is so good that you may talk to him and not even know it. [Astos' strike and disappear tactics cause the Elves to be wary - beware!] [A spooky castle in the northwest? Light Warriors shouldn't be afriad.] POWER-UP BY BATTLING In order to purchase the spells and weapons that you desire in ElfLand, you will need to earn a lot of Gold. In the forests surrounding the town, you will find many enemies who can persuaded to give you their Gold. Look for the Ogre/Creep combination to supply a good share. [Return to ElfLand to spend your hard earned GOLD.] NOTEBOOK * To get the mystic KEY the Prince must awake. * A disguised Astos lies waiting. * The Northwest caslte is a mystery. * Level 4 magic is expensive! [Page 51] [The Dwarf Cave]_________________________________________ You should now travel to the Dwarf Cave. Here you will find many curious Dwarves and LOTS of information. INSIDE THE DWARF CAVE Here is what you will see in the Dwarf Cave. Luckily, there are no enemies here - just a bunch of friendly Dwarves. As always, be sure that you talk to every single Dwarf you can find and check every door. (Inside the cave you will find Dwarves, the Black Smith, Nerrick, and Treasure Boxes.) [Page 52] Useful Information ASTOS STOLE THE CRYSTAL This Dwarf informs you that the dreaded Astos was the one who stole the CRYSTAL from Matoya. [You've got to find a way to get the CRYSTAL from Astos!] Meet Smith THE BLACKSMITH This Dwarf is a master blacksmith. He would love to help you out, but he hasn't got the raw materials needed. Maybe he can assist you later. [Looks like you should keep an eye out for some ADAMANT!] Help the Dwarves NERRICK WANTS TNT A Dwarf named Nerrick turns out to be a construction engineer. He need your help to complete his project. [If you find any TNT bring it to Nerrick.] NOTEBOOK * Nerrick is building a canal and needs TNT. * The blacksmith needs ADAMANT. * Astos is the one who stole Matoya's CRYSTAL. * The earth is rotting from the west. * There is talk of a FLOATER? [Page 53] [Find Astos]____________________________________________ Your search fir Astos leads you to the mysterious and spooky Northwest Castle. Maybe here you will find a clue that will lead you to the Dark Elf. NORTHWEST CASTLE Once inside it doesn't seem all that spooky, just deserted. Your exploration reveals one locked room and a Lone King on his throne. TALK TO THE LONE KING Alone the King sits on his throne. He tells you a tale of woe, but doesn't mention what has become of his subjects. Of course, you are curious. What could he be hiding? [The King sits in seclusion.] [A terrible tale. Maybe you can help him!] [Page 54] [The Marsh Cave]__________________________________________ So far Astos is nowhere to be found. The Lone King has directed you here to search for the CROWN. Maybe after you bring it back to him he will reward you. DESCEND INTO THE HOLE In this cave you will find legions of enemies whose sole purpose in life is to dispose of amateur Light Warriors. Bring many potions to restore your HP and to aid you if you get poisoned. [Earn Gold for shopping near the town.] [Then purchase many potions at the shop.] EXPLORE EVERY ROOM Hidden inside of many rooms you may find Treasue Boxes. You will also spot ladders and staircases that will allow you to descend to the lowest levels. It is important to check all of these to find everything hidden. [A ladder leading down.] [You've found some armor for free! Remember to EQUIP it.] [That's it! You found the CROWN.] [Page 55] [Return to The Northwest Castle]______________________________ You return with the CROWN, just as the Lone King asked you to. If you did not SAVE after leaving the Marsh Cave, do so before entering the castle. If you are in a weakened state an Ogre, or some other lowlife, could cause you to lose the CROWN. YOU'VE BEEN DOUBLE-CROSSED!! The Long King was actaully Astos in disguise. He tricked you into believing he was in trouble and needed you to retrieve the CROWN for him. Warriors, do not lose your battle with Astos and allow him to have the CROWN. [The battle begins!] [When you defeat Astos you can return the CRYSTAL to Matoya.] [Attack Astos.] [If Matoya has her CRYSTAL, she will help you to wake the Prince of ElfLand.] [Page 56] [Return Matoya's CRYSTAL]____________________________________ After defeating Astos, the next step to obtaining the mystic KEY is to return the stolen CRYSTAL to Matoya the witch. SAIL IN YOUR SHIP When you return to see Matoya, it won't be necessary to dock at Coneria and travel overland. The North Bridge was built high enough to sail under. [Even a 3 masted schooner can under here!] [This port is much closer to Matoya's Cave.] MATOYA HAS THE HERB In exchange for returning her CRYSTAL, Matoya will give you the HERB. The HERB is a powerful medicene that can wake the sleeping Prince of ElfLand. [By all means, make the trade!] [Once you have the HERB you can go.] [Maybe the Elf Prince won't mind the taste.] [Page 57] [WAKE THE SLEEPING PRINCE]_________________________________ Now that Matoya has given you a magical HERB, it's time to return to the Castle of Elf. If you haven't SAVED your game recently this is a good time to do so. WAKE THE PRINCE WITH THE HERB Proceed to the room where the Prince is sleeping. Enter and use the HERB to wake him. As a reward the Prince will give you the mystic KEY. This is, of course, a very useful item to have. The mystic KEY will open any door! [For being such nice Light Warriors, the Prince rewards you with the mystic KEY.] THE PRINCE IS AWAKE Now that the Prince is awake, the people in the castle and in ElfLand have more information to give you. As a general rule, after you complete a significant event, you want to talk to people again to see if their stories change. [An AIRSHIP?!? Sound exciting!] [Better check out this cave to the west.] (Marsh Cave) [Page 58] [Remember All the Locked Doors?]____________________________ Now that you have the mystic KEY, you can go back and open all of those locked doors. There is bound to be a lot of special things waiting for you. USE THE MYSTIC KEY TO OPEN ANY DOOR First, SAVE your game so that a group of wandering monsters doesn't make you lose the mystic KEY. Now go see what's behinf all of those doors! CASTLE CONERIA 2 ROOMS THE TEMPLE OF FIENDS 2 ROOMS CASTLE OF ELF 1 ROOM DWARF CAVE 1 ROOM NORTHWEST CASTLE 1 ROOM CAVE OF MARSH 4 ROOMS [Page 59] [Help Nerrick]___________________________________________ In the process of opening all of the locked doors, you proably found some TNT in the Treasury Room of Coneria. Remember Nerrick in the Dwarf Cave? Go talk to him now. [Nerrick needs some TNT to make a canal.] HAND OVER THE TNT Give the TNT to Nerrick and you will see that he is overjoyed. He immediately leaves to start work. The canal that he builds is located a small distance south of the Dwarf Cave. The beat thing about this canal is that it allows you to sail into a brand new area! [Nerrick wants to get to work now that he has the materials that he needs.] WHEN THE CANAL OPENS, YOUR WORLD GETS LARGER Sailing through the newly built canal will open up a very large area for you. Go out and look around. As always, it's a good idea to SAVE your game before you take off. [This is the otnw of Melmond just west of the canal.] [You can sail anywhere in the world now!] [Page 60] [The Town of Melmond]_______________________________________ Melmond is a village of farmers. They are greatly concerned with the fate of the earth. THE FIRST TOWN WEST OF THE CANAL After you pass through the canal, Melmond is the first city that you will see. When you explore the town you will see that it has been virtually destroyed. The townspeople keep mentioning that a vampire is to blame. [Here is the port close to Melmond. Stop and visit this town.] MELMOND Melmond sure looks different from any town we've been to so far. What has happened here? (Inside this town you will find an INN, a CLINIC(destroyed), a Weapon Shop, an Armor Shop, and a White and Black Magic Shop.) [Page 61] MELMOND IS IN RUINS! Notice the large number of gravestones and patches of destroyed land. The people here say that a Vampire is to blame for the surrounding destruction. [Bad news! let's go see what's become of the CLINIC.] [Looks like the CLINIC was the Vampire's main target. You won't be able to revive and Warriors here!] TALK TO EVERYONE The people of Melmond have a lot of important information for you. Be sure to talk to EVERYONE! [These people think that the Vampire is responsible for the rotting of the earth.] [A clue to travel south and meet with Sarda.] [The Titan loves rubies.] NOTEBOOK * The Vampire has ransacked Melmond. * A sage named Sarda lives in a cave to the south. * The Earth Cave is on a peninsula south of Melmond. * Dr. Unne is here. * With the destruction of the CLINIC, no revivals can take place here. * The ancient people used a floating stone? * The civilization to the north is also in ruins. [Page 62] [Titan's Tunnel]_________________________________________ If you head west from Melmond, you'll find Titan's Tunnel. TITAN'S TUNNEL (Inside you will find the Titan, Tresaure Boxes, and the Exit.) [You must pass through Titan's Tunnel in order to get to Sarda's Cave.] THE TITAN BLOCKS THE ROAD It seems that the Titan will not let you pass. Remember the clue back in Melmond that said Titan loves rubies? Looks like it's time to go search for a RUBY. [Boy, it's dark in here!] [The Titan will not let you pass.] [Page 63] [Enter the Earth Cave]______________________________________ The Earth Cave can be found on a peninsula south of Melmond. The people in Melmond said that the Vampire is here. SEARCH FOR THE HIDDEN STARCASE On the first level of this cave there is a staircase hidden from view. CAUTION: The arm on the far left of the first floor is populated by Giants that will attack you with every step. This is a goodd place to gain more Experience and Gold, but it is a VERY dangerous place. [Look out for the Giants!] THE VAMPIRE IS ON THE 3RD FLOOR. Use the map of this cave to help you get down to the third floor. Here you will find the Vampire that the people in Melmond were so concerned about. If you can defeast him, there is bound to be a substantial reward. [It's time for you to meet the Light Warriors, Vampire!] [It's a fight to the finish. Watch your neck!] [Page 64] YOU FOUND A RUBY! If you are successful in defeating the Vampire, open the Treasure Box. It's a RUBY! Remember the Titan? [Open this Tresaure Box to find a RUBY!] A PLATE COVER THE FLOOR... When you continue past the Vampire's area, you'll discover something on the floor. Pushing A to investigate, you find that it's a stone plate that cannot be moved. [You have accomplished a lot in this cave. Maybe it's a good idea to get out of here and deal with this stone plate later.] [Pass Through Titan's Tunnel]_______________________________ After you've left the Earth Cave, you should SAVE your game. Use a TENT or go back to Melmond. Then go to Titan's Tunnel. GO TO THE TITAN You now have a delicious RUBY (well, the Titan thinks so anyway). After you give him the RUBY, be sure to investigate the Treasure Boxes, their contents may come in handy. [Supper Time for the Titan!] [Go through the exit to return to the light of day.] [Page 65] [Visit Sarda]____________________________________________ After passing through Titan's Tunnel, you will gain access to Sarda's Cave. Go in and see what he has for you. SARDA'S CAVE Inside Sarda's Cave, you will find (who else?) Sarda the Sage. He must have some great information. SARDA WILL GIVE YOU AN IMPORTANT OBJECT Go into Sarda's room and talk to him. He will give you a special ROD and some important information. [Where is that sneaky sage?] [Oh, he's hiding in his bedroom!] [Now you'll be able to complete your investigation of the Earth Cave. This ROD will move that stone plate you found.] [Page 66] [Solve the Mystery of the Earth Cave]___________________________ SAVE your game, then go back to the Earth Cave. It's time to find out just what is under that stone plate on the third floor. [This looks like a good place to set up a CABIN!] USE THE ROD Work your back down to the third floor and go to the stone plate. When you pry on it with the ROD, the stone plate breaks into small pieces. [Use the ROD by going to the ITEM screen, selecting ROD and pressing A.] [The stairway leads you further into the depths of the Earth Cave.] FIDN LICH, THE EARTH FIEND Use the map to find your way to the Earth Altar. Hopefully, you have a large enough stock of HEAL potions to make it there. Enter the room on the fifth floor and meet Lich, the Earth Fiend. If you succeed in defeating him, proceed forward to the altar to restore the power of Earth to the Orb. After doing so, step forward to warp from the cave. [You enter the room to find a strange glowing ball.] [Stepping up to the altar restores the power of Earth to the Orb.] [Page 67] [Crescent Lake]________________________________________ The town is named for the large crescent shaped lake to its east. In Coneria you were told that Lukahn left to join his colleagues here. Here you receive the CANOE from a Sage. THE CIRCLE OF SAGES Near the magic shops you will find a break in the town wall that will allow you to reach the Circle of Sages. (Inside this town you will find an INN, a CLINIC, a Weapon Shop, a Potion Shop, an Armor Shop, White and Black Magic Shops, Townspeople, and the Circle of Sages to the east.) VISIT THE CIRCLE OF SAGES Travel the path you will find through the hole in the town wall near the Black Magic Shop. The path leads you to the Circle of Sages. Here you find Lukahn the prophet, in consultation with his colleagues. [Be sure to return later, the Sages have good information.] [Page 68] YOUR REWARD, THE CANOE As a reward, one of the Sages will present you with the CANOE. This new vehicle allows you to travel the lakes and rivers in your path. [Your reward for a job well done will lead you to a new goal.] CRUISE THE WATERWAYS By using the CANOE, you will be able to shortcut through lakes and rivers that you previously had to go around. Most importantly though, you will be able to travel to Gurgu Volcano to battle the Fire Fiend. [Walking up to the riverbank, your journey continues in the CANOE.] [With the CANOE, the mouth of any stream can be like a port.] NOTEBOOK * The twelve Sages are here. * The Fire Fiend is at Gurgu Volcano. * You must use the CANOE to navigate to Gurgu Volcano. * The apprentice sleeps. * Everything here is expensive! [Page 69] [Gurgu Volcano]_______________________________________ Here is where the Sage told you to go to find the Fiend of Fire. SAVE you journet before entering the volcano by using a TENT or CABIN. A WACKY, WINDING, WATERWAY By following the river that leads from Crescent Lake you can find Gurgu Volcano. Deep within the fiery hollow of this ancient place hides Kary, the Fiend of Fire. If you do not stop her, she will burn everything she can. [These waterways can be confusing, be sure to make a map!] [At the foot of the Gurgu Volcano. A nice place to set up a HOUSE.] MONSTERS OF FLAME Weapons, and magic spells from the ICE category are most effective against enemies that are made of, live in, or use FIRE. The reverse is also true, you should use magic spells, and weapons and armor from the FIRE category when dealing with ICE monsters. [Page 70] AVOID WALKING THROUGH LAVA All throughout the volcano you will find puddles and streams of molten lava. Your boots will protect you to a small extent, but to avoid unnecessary loss of HP, do not walk through it whe nyou can avoid it. [Tread lightly brave Warriors.] BATTLE AGAINST THE FIRE FIEND The Sages are counting upon you to defeat Kary, the Fiend of Fire. Wind your way into the depths of the Gurgu Volcano. Fight to stay alive with each step. By the time you reach the Fire Altar you would much rather defeat Kary and warp out than retrace your path. [She sure is torchy, isn't she?] [Defeat this fiend to protect the world from the fury of her flame!] [After defeating Kary, step forward to restore the Power of Fire to the Orb. Continue forward to be warped to the outside world.] [Page 71] [The Ice Cave]____________________________________________ North of the volcano you will find the Ice Cave. This is what the apprentice Sage in Crescent Lake was probing for. Hidden deep inside you will find the FLOATER. PADDLE UP THE CREEK You must sail your SHIP north along the coastline from the port near Crescent Lake. When you find the river, sail your SHIP to the mouth. You will continue up the river in the CANOE. [With the CANOE, ports are no longer the only place to dock.] FIND THE FLOATER The Ice Cave is a treacherous place for Light Warriors with insufficient experience. If you just cannot survive the trek through, you should gain more Experience before attempting to find the FLOATER. [The FLOATER has to be in that box. How can you get to it?] (Center Box) [Locate the stairway to the next floor.] [What can this hole be for???] [Step in the hole and warp to the box you just couldn't get to.] [Page 72] [The Ryukahn Desert]______________________________________________ The prophets of ElfLand inform you that they now have their visions. Now that you have possession of the FLOATER, they can see the AIRSHIP buried in the Ryukahn Desert. WHERE TO DOCK Sail your SHIP to the mouth of the river east of the Ryukahn Desert. Weigh anchor and use the CANOE to get ashore. A short journey west will find the opening to this desolate, arid wasteland. [Weigh anchor and CANOE ashore.] [The Ryukahn Desert, where is the AIRSHIP?] AN AIRSHIP APPEARS!! Once in the Ryukahn Desert you can use the FLOATER to raise the AIRSHIP from beneath the sands. So much time has passed since the AIRSHIP has been seen. Everyone will be amazed. [Where is it? The Elves said it would be here!] [Go to the ITEM Screen, select FLOATER, then push A to reveal its location.] [It's time to cruise around in your awesome AIRSHIP!] [Page 73] WHERE CAN I LAND THIS THING? Taking off in the AIRSHIP is easy. Simply walk over the top of it and press the A Button. However, landing is another story. Flat fields or grassy plains are its only landing spots. To tell if you can land, observe the terrain marked by the ARISHIP's shadow. If the shadow is completely on a landing area press A to land. If the sight you picked is unsuitable, the AIRSHIP will not touch down. [The shadow is your indicator to know where you can touch down.] [Soar Over The Entire World]________________________________ With the AIRSHIP your world has now expanded to its full limit. Its cruising speed is four times what you can achieve on foot. Best of all, there are no enemies in the sky to attack you! Make sure to keep track of all you clues as you soar your way around the world completing your quest to restore the light to the other two Orbs. [Page 74] [CLASS CHANGE]______________________________________ Each character wil mature into an adult state after certain conditions are met. This will enable them to purchase some magic spells, and EQUIP some weapons that they were not previously able to. After the class change some characters will becomd magic users and will gain a Magic Level meter on the MENU screen. KNIGHT KNIGHT (Adult) THIEF NINJA BLACK BELT GRAND MASTER (Master) RED MAGE RED WIZARD (Red Wiz) WHITE MAGE WHITE WIZARD (Wh. Wiz) BLACK MAGE BLACK WIZARD (Bl. Wiz) [Page 75] [* WHITE MAGIC *]_____________________________________ White Magic is used mainly for the protection of your adventure party. Remember that Magic level in not the same as Experience level. -------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 1 * CURE (one ally) ....... HP will be recovered slightly. HARM (all enemies) .... Hurts Undead monsters ranging from 20 to 80 HP. FOG (spell caster) .... Shields by envelopment in a think fog. Armor will increase 8 points. RUSE (spell caster) ... The enemy is fooled into seeing multiple images of the magician. Evade rate increases 40% --------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 2 * LAMP (one ally) ....... Removes the enemies' DARK spells. MUTE (one enemy) ...... Magic users are rendered unable to speak. ALIT (all allies) ..... Anti-lightning, reduces damage received by 25 to 50%. INVS (one ally) ....... Invisibility, 20% increase in ability to avoid attack. ------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 3 * CUR2 (one ally) ....... Second CURE spell, HP will recover from 32 to 64 points. HRM2 (one ally) ....... Second HARM. Damages to Undead monsters will range from 40 to 160 points. AFIR (all allies) ..... Anti-FIRE spell, reduces damage from Fire spells by 25 to 50%. HEAL (all allies) ..... Restores 12 to 24 HP. -------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 4 * PURE (one ally) ....... Magicial antidote for poison. FEAR (all enemies) .... Causes the enemies to run away in terror. AICE (all allies) ..... Anti-ICE spell, decreases the effect by 25 to 50%. AMUT (one ally) ....... Anti-MUTE spell will nullify the enemies' MUTE spell. [Page 76] --------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 5 * CUR3 (one ally) ....... Third CURE spell. HP will recover by 64 to 128 points. LIFE (one ally) ....... Revives a slain ally. Cannot be used during battle. CAUTION: HP is only 1 after being revived. HRM3 (all enemies) .... Third HARM spell. Damages to Undead monsters range from 60 to 240 points. HEL2 (all allies) ..... Second HEAL spell. HP will recover by 24 to 48 points. ------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 6 * SOFT (one ally) ....... Releases one ally from enemies' STONE spells. EXIT (all allies) ..... Will warp the adventure party from the dungeon, but does not work in battle. FOG2 (all allies) ..... Second FOG, increases armor defensive rating by 12 points. INV2 (all allies) ..... Second Invisiblity spell. Results in a 40% decrease in the enemy attack. ------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 7 * CUR4 (all allies) ..... Fourth and most powerful CURE spell. HP will be completely restored. HRM4 (all enemies) .... Fourth and most powerful HARM spell. Will damage Undead monsters by 80 to 320 HP. ARUB (all allies) ..... Offers protection from enemies' RUB spell. HEL3 (all allies) ..... Third, and most powerful HEAL spell. HP will recover by 48 to 96 points. --------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 8 * LIF2 (one ally) ....... Revives a slain ally with complete restoration of HP. FADE (all enemies) .... Causes evil to be gone. WALL (one ally) ....... Places a protective wall around one Warrior, preventing the enemies use of magic on them. XFER (one enemy) ...... Deprives strong enemies of their special defense. [Page 77] [* BLACK MAGIC *]_____________________________________ Black magic is used offensively, for assisting your allies in battle, and as a primary attack. ----------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 1 * FIRE (one enemy) ...... A small fireball capable of 10 to 40 HP of damage is thrown at the enemy. SLEP (one enemy) ...... Causes the enemy to fall asleep, leaving him unable to defend himself. LOCK (one enemy) ...... "Locks-in" the enemy for attack. The success rate of inflicting damage increases by 10%. LIT (one enemy) ....... LIGHTNING is fired at the enemy, from the magician's fingers. Damages range from 10 to 40 points. ------------------------------------------------------------ * LEVEL 2 * ICE (one enemy) ....... The cold wind and driving snow of a blizzard is directed at the enemy. Damages range from 20 to 80 points. DARK (all enemies) .... The enemy is blinded by darkness. TMPR (one ally) ....... Weapons strength is increased by 14 points. SLOW (all enemies) .... Slows the enemies' thinking and actions. ------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 3 * FIR2 (all enemies) .... Second FIRE spell. Larger fireballs are directed at the enemy party; damages from 30 to 120 points. HOLD (one enemy) ...... Similar to SLEEP, the enemy becomes comatose. Does not work on some enemies. LIT2 (all enemies) .... Second LIGHTNING spell. Tremendous results are possible when used in water. LOK2 (all enemies) .... More powerful LOCK spell, works on entire enemy party, making them easier to hit. ---------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 4 * SLP2 (one enemy) ...... Most powerful SLEEP spell. FAST (one ally) ....... Raises agility, nullifies SLOW, and increases fire rate of weapon 2 times. CONF (all enemies) .... Confusion enters the enemies' minds. They cannot identify their enemy and will attack themselves. ICE2 (all enemies) .... Second ICE spell. Damages range from 40 to 160 points. [Page 78] ---------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 5 * FIR3 (all enemies) .... Third and most powerful FIRE spell. Damages range from 50 to 200 points. BANE (all enemies) .... A vapor trail of poison smoke will completely terminate many enemies. WARP (all enemies) .... Teleports your party to the previous level of a dungeon. Use it when you are lost. SLO2 (one enemy) ...... Most powerful SLOW. ----------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL 6 * LIT3 (all enemies) .... Third and most devastating LIGHTNING spell. Damages range from 60 to 240 points. RUB (one enemy) ....... Erases an enemy from the face of the earth completely. Does NOT work on Undead monsters. QAKE (all enemies) .... An earthquake rocks the ground under the enemies' feet. When cracks appear, they fall in. STUN (one enemy) ...... Paralizes any enemy of up to 300 HP. ------------------------------------------------------------ * LEVEL 7 * ICE3 (all enemies) .... Most powerful ICE spell. Damages range from 70 to 280 points. BRAK (one enemy) ...... Breaks the enemy into little pieces. SABR (spell caster) ... Makes your weapons sharper magically. Success rate increases by 40% and damages increase by 15%. BLND (one enemy) ...... The enemy is blinded and cannot see well enough to effectively attack. ------------------------------------------------------------ * LEVEL 8 * NUKE (all enemies) .... Melts everything with tremendous heat. STOP (all enemies) .... Time is stopped for the enemies. ZAP! (all enemies) .... The enemy is pushed into the 4th dimension. Does not work all the time. XXXX (one enemy) ...... Similar to, but more effective than RUB. Those enemies are defeated completely. [Page 79] [Index]_____________________________________________ Adventure Party ............................................ 3, 34, 35, 36, 37 How to Organize an Adventure Party .................................. 3, 34 Character Occupations .................................................. 35 Adventure Party Examples ........................................... 36, 37 AIRSHIP ................................................................... 74 Basic Controller Functions ................................................. 2 Battle .................................................... 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 Battle Screen .......................................................... 18 Battle Commands .................................................... 18, 19 Wise Battle Tactics ................................................ 24, 25 Battle Techniques ...................................................... 26 Black Magic ....................................................... 13, 78, 79 CANOE ..................................................................... 69 Class Change .............................................................. 75 Displaying the Overworld Map .............................................. 40 Game Starting (NES GAME/CONTINUE) .......................................... 2 How to Search .......................................................... 7, 16 How to Talk ................................................................ 6 HP & MP (Restoring) ................................................... 20, 21 Lining up to Battle ....................................................... 17 Magic Level and Experience ................................................ 14 Opening Treasure Boxes .................................................... 28 Quitting the Game/How to SAVE ...................................... 2, 15, 20 RESPOND RATE ............................................................... 2 Reviving a Slain Ally (CLINIC) ........................................ 16, 22 Screen Symbols (Weapons and Armor) ........................................ 11 SHIP ...................................................................... 44 Shop and INN Instructions ............................. 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 Subscreen ............................................. 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23 WEAPON & ARMOR EQUIP ................................................... 12 WEAPON & ARMOR TRADE ................................................... 12 WEAPON & ARMOR DROP .................................................... 12 ITEM Screen ........................................................ 20, 21 MAGIC Screen ........................................................... 21 STATUS Screen ...................................................... 22, 23 White Magic ....................................................... 13, 76, 77 [Page 80]

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