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Fester's Quest

Typed out by NES-EQ-USA Sunsoft(tm) for the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) Fester's Quest(tm) Instruction Manual --- Game Story The Addams family are not very strange, in fact they are quite smart. You see, it was Ma-Ma who always warned of the alien UFO coming to invade their city. All the other Addams thought she was crazy, but Ma-Ma, using her crystal ball, put a protective spell on the Addams family house. As Uncle Fester was Moonbathing one night, the fabled UFO appeared and beamed all the people in the town up. When the Aliens scanned the Addams house for life forms, they found none, thanks to Ma-Ma's spell. It is Gomez who must protect the Addams house, so Fester took his trusty gun and set out on his quest to rescue all the townspeople from the Alien UFO. --- How to Play There are three top view areas. 1. Outside street 2. Underground sewers 3. UFO Platform There is also a 3-D hallway view --- Outside Street Scene As Fester goes about his mission, he will find several houses and buildings which he may enter or gain useful items from. Also along the way are various enemy creatures which Fester must destroy. Some creatures will turn into useful items when destroyed. In order to reach all parts of the Outside street areas, you must enter the underground via a stairway or sewer cover. Underground/sewers. These passages are necessary to reach different areas. Enemies destroyed here may leave useful items for pickup. --- Menu Screen There are 3 main functions to the menu screen: 1. Selecting available items for use. 2. Choosing gun or whip and monitoring power. 3. "Clue," a map of where the final Master Alien Boss may be. --- Menu Screen Items "Clue": Made up of 5 pieces in all. A new piece will be added each time an enemy boss is destroyed. Gun/Whip power: Maximum gun power is 8, Maximum whip power is 4. To select Gun or Whip use "A", "B" or "select" buttons. Bulb: Fester is very electric but he'll need a bulb to turn on the lights while underground. Key: You need this to enter a building. Money: With 5 units, you can visit a hot dog stand and regain health. Vice Grip: If an enemy mosquito stings you and slows you down, use this to regain speed. Invisible potion: Enemies can't see or hit you for a short time. TNT: Use the "A" button to deploy these time delay bombs. Missile: Can destroy several enemies at one time. Potion: This will regain your health in full. Noose: Lurch will appear and wipe out all on-screen enemies. Other pickup items: Gun: Blue guns increase firepower, red guns will decrease firepower. Whip: Blue whips will increase whip power, red whips will decrease whip power. --- Control Pad Operation Control Pad - controls direction of Fester. Start - Switch from main to menu screen. B Button - Shoots gun and missiles. A Button - This will use a weapon or item selected. --- Houses There are 7 different houses to visit. Each house has a member of the Addams Family waiting to give you items. - Pugsly - Wednesday - Thing I - Thing II - Thing III - Morticia - Ma-Ma Items earned will be fully recharged each time a new boss is destroyed. --- Buildings & Alien Bosses There are 6 different buildings to visit along your quest. Remember that you will need a key to enter a building. Inside each building is a maze of hallways. Most buildings have Alien Bosses located behind a certain door in the hallways. There is one building off the path with no Alien Boss inside. That building contains a secret item located behind a wall in a dead end that will increase your health from 2 to 4 units. --- Major Alien Enemies 1. Globule - Annoys Fester along his quest. 2. Skeeter - This hovering alien sends out paralyzing mosquitos when hit. Fester will need vice grips to recover from a sting. 3. Slime replicators - These slimeballs will only multiply if you shoot them. Your best bet is to sneak around them. 4. Giant scorpion - When this shows up, it's time to move on to a different part of the quest. Alien Bosses - To defeat some bosses, you will need a fully powered whip. --- Game Hints - Make sure to keep all pickup items fully stocked. - The use of a "Turbo" type joystick with rapid fire feature will be quite helpful. - With rapid fire joystick, you can shoot and destroy "Slime replicator" aliens and pick up many useful items quickly. - Increase your health from 2 to 4 units by entering the house off the path and piercing a dead end wall. - Remember: avoid red Gun and Whip items. - No weapons are available in 3-D hallways. - When health is gone use the continue feature. - Try to go slow in hallways and keep track of where you are. If you exit a building by accident, you must use a key to re-enter and find the Alien Boss.

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