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F-15 City War

Typed out by Martin Nielsen __ _ ________ __ __ __ __ ________ __ | \ / || __ || \ | || | | || __ || | | \/ || |__| || \| || | | || |__| || | | |\ /| || __ || |\ || |__| || __ || |_____ |__| \/ |__||__| |__||__| \ __||________||__| |__||________| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEM : NES (FAMICOM) TITLE : F-15 CITY WAR MADE BY : AMERICAN VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT YEAR : 1990 CODE : NONE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's a war out there and it's happening in your own backyard. Now it's up to you to defend our city. You and your all-out finghting machine - F-15 with supersonic speed and an unlimited supply of ammo. You've only got two choices. Protect it or die! YOU'RE PUMED The adrenaline is rushing. Things are getting out of control. Choppers. Jets. Gun boats. Tanks. Giant robots. And they're comming at you non-stop through five hairrarsing stages of battle. This is real-life action where you can blast-em with machine guns or fire missiles at your adversaries head on. Prepare to: * Ambush tanks that are out to destroy your city streets * Decimate gun boats and choppers from high above the deep blue * Maneuver through the trenches as you dodge tanks and hostile robots * Blow up missile silos as you launch your acean assault * Blast tanks and jets as you struggle to retain control in the deep, dark cave * And the fighting isn't over until you wipe out the enemie's command vessel at the end of each and every stage. Now turn on the power and prove that you're a hero. UNLEASH THE POWER 1. Make sure the power swich on your control desk is OFF. 2. Insert F-15 City War game cartridge. 3. Turn the power swich ON. You're now in command. Initiate Action Press the START button to activate one of your five available F-15s. The game action won't stop until every last one is shot down. YOU'RE IN CONTROL Before you take off you should know your control pad like the back of your hand. Control pad: Moves your F-15 up, down, left, right. You're a maneuvering machine. Start: To start a new game/to pause while playing the game. Select: To continue game. Button A: To launch missiles. Button B: To fire machine guns. SCORING HIGH With five F-15s and endless ammunition, you've got the opportunity to score high. At the end of each stage, the number of hostile enemies you've shot down will be calculated and your score will be displayed on screen. Thank you for purchasing F-15 City War. We hope it will provide you with many hours of fun and excitment.

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