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Elevator Action

Typed out by |tsr NES-EA-USA How to play Elevator Action(tm) Taito(r) --- The story As super-sleuth Agent 17, code name "Otto", you must come out from undercover to accept a top-secret mission. Your country's security is at stake. You must sneak through a heavily guarded, top-security enemy defense building to steal secret government documents. Only well-planned strategies, bullet- dodging, quick-on-the-draw accuracy and black belt karate prowess will allow you to succeed! If you fail, your government will deny any knowledge of your or of your assignment. Good luck! How to play You must break into the building from the rooftop, make your way cautiously down through the floors by way of elevators and escalators and pick up all the files hidden behind the red doors. Then you must make it to the getaway car in the garage below. Enemy agents, armed and lying in wait behind the blue doors, will try to ambush you. Your weapons are your pistol and powerful jump-kick. Shoot the lights out to create blackouts whenever possible for higher scoring. To enter the red door, stand directly on a white square in front of the door. To use the escalator, stand directly on a white square and push the control pad up or down. --- In a lighted In a blackout room room Shoot enemy 100 150 Jump-kick enemy 150 200 Destroy an enemy 300 300 inside the elevator Shoot down the lamp 300 over the enemy's head Bonus points: 1000 points times the number of rounds cleared. Player loses a life: When shot by security guards, when falling down the elevator shaft, when crushed by the elevator. Game over when all the players are lost. 2-player game: When one player makes a mistake, the second player plays. --- How to operate Control Pad Elevator/escalator Up: up Down: down Spy Up: stand Right: right Down: duck Left: left A Button: Spy (player) jumps. B Button: Spy shoots. Select Button Choose 1 or 2 player(s) game. Start Button Push START to begin play after player selection. Pause Function Push the START button once during the game to pause. Push START again to resume play. --- Characters Spy Security guard Lamp Getaway car

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