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Duck Hunt

Typed out by Duck Hunt Instruction Booklet --- Connecting the Zapper to the Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck TV --- NES Control Deck --- Controller Socket 2 --- Zapper (NES-005) --- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Controller 1 - Start/Select or for second player in Game A Control pad - Used with Game A for second player to control duck's flight pattern A button - Not used. B button - Not used. Select button - When this button is pressed, the arrow on the screen moves. Line up the arrow with the game you wish to play. Game selection is also possible with the Zapper. Start button - Press this button to begin. Starting is also possible with the Zapper. Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the Start button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the Start button again when you wish to continue to play. The game will continue from where you left off. * The Top Score will disappear if the reset switch is pressed or the power switch is turned off. --- Operating the Zapper Target range: approx. 6 feet * The target range depends somewhat on the size of your TV. Adjusting the TV screen * The TV screen must have its contrast and brightness adjusted properly for this game. If not, shots may not hit their targets. Selecting and starting games with the Zapper * Point the Zapper away from the screen with the game menu displayed, and shoot. The arrow will move. * Line up the arrow with the game you wish to play, and then shoot directly at the screen. The game you selected will start. * Some TVs may not be adjusted properly for the game. Please adjust the picture controls if the game doesn't start when the Zapper is fired at the screen. --- How to play Game A: In this game you hunt ducks one at a time. * When the hound finds a duck, it barks and jumps into the thicket. Ducks will then fly up one at a time. (The ducks will fly up from various locations.) * The duck flies around the screen for a few seconds. This is your chance. Aim and shoot! But remember, you only have three shots. * The flashing duck at the bottom of the screen is your hit indicator and will turn red if a hit is scored. * A miss occurs when all three shots are unsuccessfully used up, or when time has run out. When this happens, the color of the sky changes, and the duck flies away. (The hound comes out and laughs at you.) * Sometimes off-colored blue or off-colored red ducks appear. You get a bonus score for shooting these. * Each round ends after 10 ducks have flown out of the thicket. The Pass Line at the bottom of the screen indicates the minimum number of ducks that must be hit to advance to the next round. If you hit the number of ducks or more, you advance to the next round; otherwise, the game ends. * The ducks fly faster, and the number of ducks in the Pass Line increases as you advance to later round. [2 Players:] Game A can also be played with two players * One player is the hunter. The other player controls the ducks horizontally and vertically with the control pad, trying to avoid the hunter's shots until the sky color changes. (Ducks automatically escape when the sky color changes.) --- Game B (Duck Hunt) In this game, two ducks fly up at the same time. * The game is played in the same way as Game A, but the color of the sky doesn't change. * This game can only be played with one player. --- Game C (Clay Shooting) This game is a version of trapshooting. * Clay pigeons spring out and fly away in the distance two at a time. Aim carefully, and shoot them. * The clay pigeons become small very quickly as they fly away. It is easier to shoot them when they are close. * As in Games A and B, a Pass Line indicates the minimum count necessary to advance to the next round. The game ends if the minimum is not achieved. --- [Shots:] Game A - Three shots per duck Game B - Three shots per two ducks Game C - Three shots per two clay pigeons [Scoring:] Games A, B and C * The points received show up on the screen wherever a hit is made. Points differ depending on the round. * A Perfect bonus is awarded when a round is ended without a miss. [Advancing to the next round] * If the hit indicator has reached the Pass Line at the end of a round, you advance to the next round; otherwise, the game is over. * The minimum count on the Pass Line gradually increases as the round advance (starting from the 10th round). [Round number] * Round numbers are indicated with "R= "

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