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Dragon Warrior 4

Typed out by Dan Gonzalez Dragon Warrior IV Instruction Manual The Five Chapters. *The Dragon Warrior IV adventure will carry you through five chapters. The heroes of Chapters 1-4 will join forces in Chapter. Chapter 1: The Royal Soldiers. *As Captain of the Royal Soldiers, Ragner risks his life daily in the service of the King of Burland. Recently, children from all over the land have been disappearing. Anxious to know what tragedy has struck the kingdom, the King sends forth Ragner. The mighty warrior knows no fear as he sets off. Chapter 2: Princess Alena's Adventure. *The young Princess Alena possesses a strong and clever spirit. She wishes only to leave the sheltered castle of her father, the King of Santeem, so that she can taste the adventure of a free life. The King has refused to let her go, but his will cannot bind Alena. Dreaming of danger and excitement, she plans to escape. Chapter 3: Taloon the Arms Merchant. *An ambitious man, whose greatest dream is to be independent, lives with his wife and child in the town of Lakanabe. Taloon works at the shop of a weapons merchant, and he has learned everything about the weapons trade. Unfortunately, Taloon does not have enough money to buy his own shop. So he sets off to find or earn a great fortune. Chapter 4: The Sisters Of Monbaraba. *When Loro, the world renowned blacksmith, died of mysterious causes, he left behind two daughters. Nara has studied the magic of fortunetelling and acquired a great power. Mara began training as a dancer, in the ancient style, at a very young age. Her skill is unequaled. They are determined to find the cause of their fathers tragic fate, no matter the peril. Chapter 5: The Chosen Ones. *In Chapter 5, you, our Hero, arrives to lead the characters from earlier chapters. As a team of experienced and highly trained adventures, you will challenge the enemy. He is a fierce demon who has secretly tracked the characters through Chapters 1-4. Now he will make a dramatic appearance. Reading The Chapters *As with a good book, you cannot start this game from the middle or at the end. You will begin with Chapter 1, and work through Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in order. At last, you will reach the greatest challenge of all, Chapter 5. Controller Functions: [Diagram of NES controller] Control Pad: Press the Control Pad to move your character and team around the screen. It will also move the cursor (a triangle) in the Options Window. A Button: Push the A Button to make the Command Window appear on screen. Once you have made a selection in one of the Option Windows, press the A Button to enter. When the cursor is flashing in the Text Window, it means there is more information. To read on, push the A Button. B Button: When you have made an incorrect selection, pushing the B Button will cancel it. Also, press the B Button to return to the previous window or screen. Start: Push Start at the Title Start to skip the opening scene. Select: To change the message speed on a battle screen, push Select. Starting the Game. *Read the NES Control Deck Manual (included with the NES) for instructions on inserting game paks. Following the directions, load the Dragon Warrior IV game. The title screen will appear, followed by the opening scene. To bring up the Options Screen, push the Start Button or the A Button. If this is the first time the Dragon Warrior IV game has been played, only Begin A New Quest will appear on the Option Screen. Commands in the Option Screen. *When the title screen appears, push the Start Button to access the Adventure Logs. The options listed below will then be available for you to chose from. Move the cursor next to the option you would like, and push the A Button. Push the B Button to cancel a choice. Continue A Quest: This allows you to resume games that you've saved on the Adventure Log. Begin A New Quest: Use this to start a new game. You may save three games in the Adventure Log. Once three games are saved, the option to "Begin A New Quest" will not appear. You would have to erase an existing quest in the Adventure Log to begin a new one. Copy A Quest: You may duplicate one of your Adventure Logs with this option. To do so, however, you must have a blank Log available. Erase A Quest: When you have finished a game, or all Adventure Logs are full and you want to start a new quest, use Erase to delete a Log. Caution: You cannot retrieve a Log once it has been erased. Change Message Speed: If you would like the text in the game to move faster or slower, go into this option. The fastest speed is 1, while the slowest speed is 8. Important - Saving the Game - Important: Your game cannot be saved unless it has been recorded by the Imperial Scrolls of Honor. Only Healers and a few other characters in the lands have access to them, so you must visit one of these people before you may quit. Remember to hold the Reset Button on the NES when you turn off the Power, or else you could lose your game. Beginning Your Quest. *Move the cursor to Begin A New Quest and push the A Button. Select a Adventure Log and use the next window to enter the Hero's name. Only the first four letters will appear on the screen. Use Back to erase a letter. When done, select End and push the A Button. Choose Male or Female and the Message Speed. Push the B Button to start over. Understand your current mission: As Captain of the Royal Soldiers of Burland, you are the King's right hand man. That is why he asks you to explore the mystery of the vanishing children, you vow to solve it. No one else has the skill or experience to track these alarming disappearances - but the mission will push you to your farthest limits. Get Clues: Talk to Everyone: The King's many spies have learned nothing, but gossip is always useful. So talk to people in the castle, then go into the city of Burland and speak to the townsfolk. You may get some good ideas about how and where to start the quest. Also explore the Shops for weapons and tools that you will need to accomplish this mission. Venturing Forth: Once you have enough information, you should leave town. Beware, for the countryside has become very dangerous. While you are exploring, practicing, and fighting the monsters, stay close to town. Then, when you need to recover your Hit Points, try Medical Herbs or return to Burland and visit the Inn. Places to Visit. *Shops, Weapon Stores, House of Healing, and Inns manage somehow to stay open. Look for them in towns and villages, and in a few odd places. Visit every Shop and Store to find necessary items. Items Shops: In these Shops you may purchase Medical Herbs and other helpful items. Or you could sell items you no longer need. If you enter with a group, announce who is buying or selling. The number of Gold Pieces in your purse is displayed in the upper right of the screen. Weapon Stores: The owners of Weapon Stores like to know who they are selling to, so you must talk to them. Then they'll show you the weapons and armor for sale. Chose what you would like to buy, or push the B Button to leave. Inns: Inns are, of course, open at all times of the night and day. Visiting an Inn will restore your entire team's Hit Points and Magic Power to the maximum. The price quoted will cover everyone in your group. Houses of Healing: When members of the team have been poisoned, cursed, or defeated, and you have no healing spells., visit a House of Healing. There your team can be Detoxicated, Uncursed, Saved, Informed, or Revived for the right fee. The Vault: In Endor, you will find the Vault at Neta's place. If you have at least 1000 Gold Pieces you can store it here along with other belongings. Use the Control Pad to select the quantity of Gold you wish to leave. You will be charged for storing items. Depositing Gold is free. Pressing up the on Control Pad: Increases amount of Gold to be deposited. Pressing down on the Control Pad: Decreases amount of Gold to be deposited. Ending A Session Correctly *When you wish to save your current quest, find a House of Healing. Once there, see the Healer. That character has access to the Imperial Scrolls of Honor and will be able to save the game. You may discover that other characters can also record your game on the Scrolls. Keep in mind that saving the game periodically gives you the option of returning to the last saved point. This is a helpful option if your team is defeated. How to Save A Quest. Stand beside the Healer and select Talk. You will be told how many Experience Points each team member must earn to reach the next Level. Ask that your quest be recorded on the Scrolls, then choose to continue or not. Important: How to Turn Off the Power Properly. If you choose not to continue after saving your quest, the ending instructions appear. Follow these instructions carefully or you could lose your game. Turn off the Power on the NES while holding in the Reset button. Later, to return to a saved game, select Continue A Quest on the Option Screen. Copy Your Quest: If you have a spare Log, you may want to copy your game onto it before quitting. That way, should you forget to push Reset while turning off the Power, or the Game Pak is removed with the Power on, you have a extra copy saved. Windows. The windows you will see and use most often in the game, besides the Text Window, are the Command Window, and the Status Window. The Command Window: This window will display the commands that are currently available to you. Read the section on Commands in the Walk About Mode to learn about them. You will use the Command Window to give your team orders when you are not engaged in battle. The Status Window: On this information screen: *H stands for Hit Points. *M stands for Magic Power. The numbers in the bottom row indicate: *A character's Level. *Besides Level, the character's Class is also shown. Pay Attention to the Color of Windows: *White - everything is normal. *Green - A member(s) of the team are injured. *Orange - A member(s) of the team are deceased. *Blue - Night has fallen. What Are DE, PO, CR, SL, and CF? *These are unusual conditions that can strike a team member. They will appear in place of the character's Level number. DE: The character is deceased. Rush this teammate to a House of Healing and ask for Revive to bring him/her back. Or you may cast a Revive spell, if a team member knows one. PO: The character is poisoned. If you do not treat the poisoned person, each step taken will reduce his/her number of Hit Points. Traveling to a House of Healing might be to costly, so use an Antidote Herb or cast a spell, if possible. CR: The character is cursed. Some weapons and armor carry a curse. A terrible fate may befall the character equipped with such an item. Only a visit to a House of Healing will expel the curse. SL: The character has been put to sleep. If you are in the middle of a battle, you must either defeat the enemies or disengage and escape before you can help the sleeping character. No known herb can cure this condition, but there is a spell that can awaken the dreamer. CF: The character is disoriented. This condition is very similar to battle fatigue. The team should completely defeat the enemies in the current fight, or else escape. Commands in the Walk About Mode. Bringing up the Command Window: When you are in the Walk About Mode (for example, traveling, exploring, or visiting places), pushing the A Button will bring up the Command Window. Selecting and Entering Commands: Use the Control Pad to move the cursor to the command you desire, then push the A Button to enter that command. Closing the Command Window: When you would like to exit without making a selection, push the B Button. Talk: Surprisingly, there is no place in the world gossip cannot can't reach. So speak with everyone you meet to gather important information. Stand next to a person while facing him/her, and push the A Button to begin a conversation. *At Stores or Inns, Talk to the proprietors across the counter. *When visiting someone in jail, you can speak through the iron bars. Status: By selecting Status, you will be able to read information about each character (see Character Status), review their current Condition, and change the team's Formation. Equip: Because you never know when your team will need a specific weapon, each time member should collect a variety of swords, armor, shields, and items. To arm a character with a specific weapon, chose Equip. Once you select a character, the windows for Weapon, Armor, Shield, and Helmet will appear consecutively. Pick one item from each window, (a tiny "E" appears next to equipped items). Some of your teammates do not know how to use certain weapons or items. Note: When you see an arrow in the upper left of the corner of a window, it means that there are additional selections. Place the cursor on the arrow and push the A Button to scroll through the other windows. Door: To open unlocked doors, use this command. Unfortunately, doors are often locked and require a specific Key. As long as one member of your team is carrying the Key, the door will open to you. *To open a door, stand facing it and then choose the Door command. Remember, locked doors will not open for you without the proper Key. Spell: Only Pilgrims, Wizards, Sages, and, of course, you may learn how to use Magic Spells. To cast a spell, select this option. See the Dragon Warrior IV Map Poster to learn about the various spells (or in this case, the DWIV FAQ). Item: With this option, you can review the items a character is carrying and then Use, Transfer, or Discard any of them. Choose the character, then select the item you want to and pick one of these options. For Merchants another option, Appraise, is available. Tactics: In Chapters 1-4, Tactics can only be used to change the order of your team members. The front character is in the best position to attack and to be attacked. In the Command Window, select Tactics, then choose Change Order. Next select characters in the order you would like. Search: You would be amazed at what falls onto the ground - things dropped by monsters, enemies, your own teammates. Use Search to check around you. Or when you find a treasure chest, move onto it and select Search. Your team is automatically given the treasure. Since each character can only carry eight items, when your arms are full of the treasure is passed on to other members. If everyone's inventory is full, you will have to decide whether to Discard something or leave the treasure behind. Warning: Once you Discard the treasure, it can never again be retrieved from the chest. Character Status. Level: As the number of Experience Points increases, so will the character's Level. Experience Points are gained by defeating enemies. The maximum possible HP (Hit Points) and MP (Magic Power) increase according to Level. A character's Level and class will determine what Magic Spells he/she will learn. HP (Hit Points): The number of Hit Points decreases whenever a character is injured in battle. Hp also decrease if a character tries to walk while poisoned, or is moving through harmful terrain. When HP reach zero, a character is defeated. MP (Magic Power): Magic Power will decrease each time a character casts a spell. G (Gold): This shows how many Gold Pieces you have. As a team, you will pool all your Gold. Strength: This is a measure of the character's Attack Power in battle. Agility: The more agile the character, the faster he/she is. Agility influences battle action. Vitality: High Vitality means a character can rapidly increase his/her HP. Intelligence: It takes brains rather than brawn to work magic and learn new spells. Luck: In this troubled land, everyone needs at least a little luck to survive. A good dose of Luck can help a character successfully flee from enemies or escape the effects of a Magic Spell. Max HP (Maximum Hit Points): This indicated how many Hit Points a character can have at his/her current Level. Visiting an Inn will restore everyone's HP to its maximum. Max MP (Maximum Magic Power): Each character's Maximum Magic Power will be restored at an Inn. Attack Power: This indicates the amount of damage a character may inflict upon enemies with each attack. The Attack Power is the sum of the character's Strength plus the Attack Power of all equipped weapons. Defense Power: Take half the amount of a character's Agility and add that to the total Attack Power of all equipped defensive weaponry to figure the Defensive Power. This indicates how well a character can withstand injury. EXP (Experience Points): A character will earn Experience Points every time he/she defeats enemies. The number of points gained depends on the enemies' strength and whether the character defeated these enemies alone or with help. If the character received help, he/she will earn fewer points than if he/she had conquered the foe alone. Once a character wins a certain number of EXP, he/she will be promoted to the next level. Transfer and Equip. *Many times you will want to switch weapons among your team members. For example, you have found a new item, the Broad Sword, and want to give your old weapon, the Iron Spear, to another teammate. To perform this action. Transfer the Iron Spear: *Bring up the Command Window, select Item, and push the A Button. The names of all team members will appear. Choose your own name and press the A Button. Now pick the item you wish to Transfer. In this case, move the cursor next to the Iron Spear and push the A Button. *The next window offers the options: *Use. *Transfer. *Discard. *Select Transfer and push the A Button. Again, the names of the team members appears. Pick the name of the character to whom you want to give the spear to and push the A Button. The spear is transferred. Equip the Iron Spear: The character is not yet able to use the Iron Spear, he/she is just holding it. You will need to Equip this character with the spear. Bring up the window with the team members' names and select the appropriate character. When that character's items appear, move the cursor next to the Iron Spear and push the A Button. The "E" mark indicating items equipped, moves to the spear. Now he/she may wield the spear. This is the way you will equip all characters with whatever weaponry you choose. Commands in the Fighting Mode. *Ever eager, your team is constantly on the lookout for a chance to defeat enemies and gain enough Experience Points to advance to higher Levels. Therefore, when enemies approach, the team leaps into the Fighting Mode. *In the Fighting Mode, the number of enemies and their species is displayed. The Fighting Command Window also appears. This is the moment to decide how you're going to handle the situation, using one of these options. Fight: Choose this command to attack full force with your equipped weapons. When no weapon is selected, you'll battle the foe bare-handed. Indicate which enemy or enemies you plan to annihilate. Run: A wise soldier knows when to Fight and when to Run. If you've reviewed your Hit Points and feel they are too low to risk attacking, try running. Beware however, the enemy is extremely persistent, and may block your escape attempt. Parry: If a character's Hit Points drop dangerously low in the middle of a heated battle, use Parry. This option allows the character to fight defensively so he/she can reduce the number of Hit Points lost. Item: In battle, it is possible to Use a weapon or spell (instead of equipping or casting), against an enemy. To do this, choose Item from the Command Window, pick an item, then select Use. For example, if you use the Sword of Malice, which normally has the same effect as the Fireball spell, you will be able to cast that spell at the enemy. Or if you Use the Medical Herb, you can restore Hit Points to a team member. You never know what an item will do until you Use it in battle - the results may be astounding. Spell: A number of spells are quite effective in combat. Some are good for attacking the enemy; others will defend members of your team. To review the list of spells available to a character, choose Spell. Move the cursor next to the spell you would like to use, and push the A Button. If the character has more spells than can be displayed on one screen, move the cursor up to the arrow in the upper left corner of the window and push the A Button. Continue pushing the A Button to scroll through all of the spell windows. When you decide to cast a spell in battle, select one and then indicate which enemies you wish to attack with this spell. *If you are going to use a defensive spell, you must specify which member of the team should be protected. Do this by moving the cursor to the arrow and pushing the A Button. The names of the team members will appear. Select one. Note: For some spells, you will not need to choose a target. *When you want to change a command that you have just entered, push the B Button. Push the B Button repeatedly to scroll back through windows. *Once you decide to fight, and make all of your command decisions, the enemy is engaged. The Agility of your characters will determine the order in which they fight. The battle continues until one side is completely vanquished. However, a round of battle may end before either side has won. In this case, the Fighting Command Window will reappear, and you may enter new commands for the next round of battle. The rounds of battle will continue until there is a complete victory for your team or the enemy. Note: Whenever a window has more selections than can be displayed, an arrow will appear in the upper left corner. Place the cursor on this arrow and push the A Button to scroll through additional windows. Fighting Mode in Chapter 5. *In Chapters 1-4, you will directly control each of the team members before and during the battle. However, by Chapter 5 they have learned enough to act alone. Each will follow the strategy you choose, but in his/her own way. You will then control your character, the Hero. The other characters take whatever action possible to win battles. Tactics: When you select Tactics from the Command Window, then choose Strategy, you have a choice of six possible strategies for the team members to follow. Be willing to change your strategy in a battle, for example, if the characters are losing too much MP. The name of the strategy you will be currently using will be displayed in the upper left corner. Member: This command is used to change the order in which the team members fight. Or, if you have a Wagon, use Change Order to switch a team member outside with one inside. For example, if someone were severely wounded or if you needed a spell caster, you could switch an appropriate outside character with an inside character. You may only make a change once during the Fighting Mode. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Unlike the earlier games, Dragon Warrior IV offers you the chance to learn from your experiences in Chapter 5. Each time you try one of the six strategies, it improves. The internal AI plans each strategy based on information gained from the last time it was used. Tactics: In battle, the characters act independently according to the strategy you've selected. Therefore it is important that you monitor their condition. When the survival of your team is threatened, you may want to retreat. Or, if you have a Wagon, you could switch a wounded character for a healthy one. Remember, you may only switch characters once. Sometimes you may be better off using a spell later to revive an injured or defeated member. Whatever the case, be aware that flexibility is crucial in the midst of a tough battle. *If the Offensive Strategy is causing your team damage, try something else. *Change your strategy or bring a team member like Cristo out of the Wagon to help. *Success! Trying different strategies and methods in a battle is the way to win. The Strategies. Normal: The Normal strategy balances both the offensive and defensive tactics of your team. Use it in most battle situations. Offensive: This is a dangerous but effective way to tackle a powerful enemy. When using this strategy, you don't care how much the team is injured. Try Out: An experimental strategy constantly under development, the Try Out is always a surprise. You never know just what will happen. Save MP: If you feel your team will need a lot of MP later on, you can fight with this strategy to conserve Magic Power. Defensive: When battles occur often, and your team's HP is getting to low, select this strategy. This will allow your team to fight defensively. Use No MP: You may find that in some battles using magic is a bad idea. To prevent your team from casting spells on their own, use this strategy. The Wagon. *Having a Wagon allows you to maintain up to ten members in your team. Four members will walk and fight with you outside the Wagon. Six of them will ride in the Wagon, waiting and practicing. Switching Characters: To switch characters between A and B, choose Tactics in the Command Window. In Tactics, select Switch, then pick up to four of the characters in the Wagon. The characters you choose will move outside the Wagon, and those that were outside will go in. During the switch, all outside characters must go into the Wagon. Commanding Characters: The characters form a diamond shaped formation around the Wagon. You may enter commands for each character starting with the one in front and going to the one in back, then the one to the left, and lastly, the one to the right. This is also the order in which the characters line up for battle. Those in front, of course, are most vulnerable to enemy attack. Earning Experience Points: *Riding inside the Wagon doesn't relieve the characters of certain duties. Each understands the need to be constantly preparing for whatever trouble may arise because the characters inside the Wagon are practicing while they await their turn outside, they also earn Experience Points. When enough Experience Points are earned, all characters move up to the next Level. *Since they are working hard, those riding in the Wagon cannot restore their Hit Points. On the other hand, they will not lose Hit Points. The characters know their trade well enough to avoid harming each other while they practice magic, swordsmanship, dagger throwing, or whatever else their skill might be. To the Rescue: Yours is a well schooled, loyal and responsible team. Everyone understands the necessities of battle and the fact that emergency situations require dramatic actions. Therefore, if all four characters outside the Wagon are defeated, four characters from inside will leap out to replace them without waiting for your command. Switching Items: Nothing prevents the characters from handing weapons, armor, or any other item to each other through the back flap of the Wagon. You may switch items from one character to another with the same method described in the previous Transfer and Equip section. Review each character's items by selecting Tactics and See Spares. Visiting Towns: The town streets are narrow and filled with holes and other hazards. The Wagon must be parked at the entrance, and the characters must remain inside. You may buy items for these characters, though, as long as you have Gold and they have room to carry more things. The Wagon rejoins you when you leave town. Entering Caves: The Wagon is far too large and heavy to drive into most caves, so you will need to park it at the entrances. Some caves will be wide enough to admit the Wagon. If you leave the Wagon at an entrance, be sure to exit from the same place or you will lose the Wagons. Use the Return spell to recover a missing Wagon. Casino. *You must buy Tokens to play the Casino games. These coins may only be used in the Casino to bet or buy rare items not available anywhere else. Poker Double-Up: After the five cards are dealt, you have once chance to exchange your hand for an entirely new one. The kind of cards you're holding will determine the payout ratio. You may double the amount of your winnings by choosing the Double-Up option. Slot Machine Payoff: To win at the Slot Machine, you need to get three pictures of a straight horizontal line or three pictures of a straight diagonal line at the same time. Lots of people put big money into the slots machines. You could win up to 5000 coins. Coliseum: In this ancient arena, you'll be watching two monsters battle it out. Bet on a creature you think has the best chance of surviving. If you guess correctly, you win coins which you may spend on another fight or use to buy unique items in the Casino Shop. Poker Score: You can keep track of how much you are winning and losing in Poker. After talking to the dealer, stay where you are and push the B, Start, and Select Buttons all at the same time. The Score Screen will appear. This is a back-door trick, since the management of the Casino frowns on giving away this kind of information to customers. Losing Your Team. *Your team, unfortunately, is not invincible. A number of monsters and ugly situations exist which could wipe out every character. To minimize your chances of being wiped out, be aware of the following dangers. Zero HP: One type of danger to your team is a ferocious enemy that will destroy ever member one by one. Then everyone's HP will be wiped out. This may also happen when you are traveling throughout the Damage Zone, where all characters could be lost. In either case, you'll have to go back to where you last saved this quest. Mayhem: In stressful situations of hard battle or high magic, confusion, and paralysis can strike the entire team. Though they are still alive, they cannot take any action. You must return to the last saved version. Protective Measures: Learn the locations of the strong, dangerous monsters, so that you may avoid them or seek them out when you are ready. Also keep a close watch on everyone's HP to make better battle decisions. All Members Lost: When you've lost all of your characters, you must go back to the last House of Healing where you saved your game. The Hero will be revived by the time you get there. Save Frequently: It will cost you half your Gold your possess to get your teammates revived at the House of Healing. But, if you save often, at least you will not have lost so much ground. You can quickly regain the wasted time. This is why you should visit Houses of Healing whenever possible and have the quest recorded on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor. Uncontrolled Characters: *Uncontrolled Characters (UC's) are those which you cannot move or otherwise influence. They follow their own rules and participate as they choose. They are the ungoverned nomads of these lands. Single-Minded: The UC's prefer to hunt and collect their own kinds of items. They don't appreciate being told what to carry, and will not accept anything you try to give them. Nor may you take anything away from them to give to another member of your team. They are extremely stubborn, and nothing you do will change their minds. Independent: Though it may appear that Artificial Intelligence controls the UC's, it does not. They behave entirely as they please, refusing to accept any strategy commands. They hang around because they like you, or because you have something that attracts them, or because they're just bored. Introduction. Healie: He can't protect members, but he does know the Heal spell. Laurent: Uses a Venomous Dagger and casts Sleep and Fireball spells. Strom: He has no magic skills, but is a mighty fighter with good weapons. Orin: This strong man can use his huge muscles to break open some locked doors. Hector: He is building up power to use in a later battle. Panon: She is a brilliant star and is good to have with you in dark places. Lucia: A beautiful celestial woman with wondrous magic skills and power. Doran: This monster is deceptively powerful when it comes to attacking. Irresponsible: Once all of your main characters have been defeated, no matter if some UC's are still alive, the team is considered annihilated. The UC's are absolutely no good in these situations. Itinerary for Chapter 1. *Ragner should be sure to visit everywhere in the town of Izmit to collect clues. Also, he should look for his first UC, Healie, at the Well. Burland - Ragner should be at Level 1. Cave to Izmit - Ragner should be at Level 3. Izmit - Ragner should be at Level 4. Bottom of an Old Well - Ragner should be at Level 5. *Find Flying Shoes. *Find Healie. Loch Tower - Ragner should be at Level 7. *Find missing children. Burland - Ragner should be at Level 9. Itinerary for Chapter 2. *Now you'll be commanding three team members. To plot good strategy, learn each character's special talent and use it in battle. Santeem - Alena & friends should be at Level 1. Surene - Alena & friends should be at Level 1. Tempe - Alena & friends should be at Level 4. Frenor - Alena & friends should be at Level 7. Cave South of Frenor - Alena & friends should be at Level 8. *Find Golden Bracelet. Bazaar - Alena & friends should be at Level 10. Birdsong Tower - Alena & friends should be at Level 11. *Find Birdsong Nectar. Endor - Alena & friends should be at Level 13. Santeem - Alena & friends should be at Level 14. Itinerary for Chapter 3. *Taloon's purpose in going on a quest is to find or earn lots of Gold. He should use his head when faced with traps or puzzles. Lakanaba - Taloon should be at Level 1. Cave North of Lakanaba - Taloon should be at Level 3. *Find Iron Safe. Bonmalmo - Taloon should be at Level 7. *Find Prince's Letter. Foxville - Taloon should be at Level 7. *Find a Dog. Endor - Taloon should be at Level 10. *Find a Royal Scroll. Cave if Silver Statuette - Taloon should be at Level 12. *Find Silver Statuette. Tunnel Between Endor and Branca - Taloon should be at Level 13. Itinerary for Chapter 4. *Nara and Mara have dedicated their lives to their special talents - which do not include fighting skills. They will need the help of strong UC's. Monbaraba - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 1. Kievs - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 3. Cave West of Kievs - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 4. Haville - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 11. Keeleon - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 11. Aktempto Mine - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 13. *Find Gunpowder Jar. Keeleon - Nara, Mara & others should be Level 14. *Find Boarding Pass. Questions & Answers. Chapters 1-4. Chapter 1: Q: The children of Izmit know of a well which they call "a secret playground." Where is the hidden entrance? A: Take the woman, Flora, back to her husband. Out of gratitude, she will tell you where to find the well. Q: I must have Flying Shoes to enter Loch Tower. I've looked all over, but can't find them. Now where should I search? A: Deep down in the dark, damp and awfully smelly well, you'll find an ancient and mysterious cave. Walk around this cave carefully. While exploring, watch for some valuable items and a familiar face. Chapter 2: Q: Alena's father, the King of Santeem, absolutely refuses to let her leave the castle. How can she make her escape? A: The first thing Alena should do is visit the people who live and work in the castle. They love good gossip and can give her some useful information. After talking to as many people as possible, Alena should return to her room and search the walls. She is resourceful and can probably find a good way out. Q: After grave dangers and great effort, I found the Shrine in the eastern part of the desert. How can I enter? A: First you must find and assist the King who lost his voice. To do this you will need a particular item. Once the forlorn King has regained his voice, you should return to the Shrine. You may find your good deed has benefited you. Chapter 3: Q: Much to my disappointment, I have found that the bridge to Endor has fallen. What can I do about this problem? A: The first thing you should do is find Tom's missing son. When you return the boy, Tom will introduce you to a powerful ally. Go with this ally to the village in the woods of north Bonmalmo. Q: My greatest dream has always been to open a store. But the King refuses me a permit. What shall I do? A: You must try to get to speak with the Prince of Endor - at night. Once you succeed, you will find that the unhappy Prince desperately needs your help. After you have fulfilled his dearest wishes, you may go see the King once again. You find that his attitude has changed. Chapter 4: Q: I have tried to get into the Castle of Keeleon, but the entrance is securely locked. How can I get inside? A: Have you found the Sphere of Silence? Obtain the Sphere, then try talking to the people once more. You may find that the Sphere loosens their tongues. Listen for a rumor about someone. Q: I scared the Minister with a Gunpowder Jar in the hall by his room, but he didn't lead me to Keeleon. Now what? A: After you blew up the Gunpowder Jar and frightened the Minister, did you follow him until he disappeared? He may have been spooked, but it takes more than that to make him lose his head. Go back to where he vanished and search the area carefully. Gold and Items: Once you've completed the first four chapters, you'll advance to Chapter 5. There you'll be rejoined by all the characters you met in the earlier quests. But what about all the Gold you won and the items you bought while battling your way toward the last chapter? Your Gold is taken to pay the toll for beginning the final quest, but you will still have all the items you were carrying. You'll also have your Token coins from the Casino. A Few Final Tips. Open Doors Without a Key: Monsters and other enemies can be pretty careless. Try every door, even if you have no Key. A surprising number are unlocked. Visit the Same People After Dark: Nightfall does strange things to people. Someone you spoke to in the day might have something very different to say in the quiet night. A Way Out Can Always be Found: Persistence is the important thing to remember when you're trapped or puzzled. Think hard and search carefully to find the solution. Clues are Hidden in Many Things: Writing down what people say can help. A notebook of possible clues will come in handy when you reach tricky spots. Use the Keys Everywhere: When you get possession of a Key, return to all the doors you couldn't open before. This is the way to find wondrous items and weapons. Learn the Geography of this World: The Dragon Warrior IV Map is useful because you'll be visiting the same lands in several chapters. Knowing what to look for will help. [I am unable to reproduce the map; however, if you get lost just check the FAQ.] Reminder: *Do not remove the Game Pak, and do not unplug the NES when the Power is on. *Before exiting your quest, be sure to visit a House of Healing and save your progress. Then push in and hold the Reset button while you turn off the Power. *Never dismantle a game pak. The World of Chapter 5. *Born in a small mountain village, the child grew strong on the wild crags and played in the echoing valleys. Now, trained in the arts of a magician and gifted with the skills of a warrior, this child is ready to become a hero. The time to begin an incredible journey of peril and glory. *The world of Dragon Warrior IV has four continents. These vast lands are composed of mountains, valleys, rushing streams, oceans, and countless dangers. The young hero is inexperienced, but many allies will join the hero's cause and lend their knowledge and assistance. Eventually, our hero will bring a new order to this chaotic world. Warranty/Regulations

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