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Dragon Warrior 3

Typed out by Kevin Falkowski ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 1 Explorer's Handbook CONTENTS Section I: Starting your quest...3 Section II: A Guided Quest......21 Geographical Features............2 The Ultimate Hints..............78 Index...........................80 How to Enjoy Dragon Warrior III *Read Section I of this Explorer's Handbook, but DO NOT read Section II at first. You may want to refer to Section II for maps of caves, towers, and castles, but you won't enjoy the game as much if you depend too much on the information provided in Section II. *Section I explains the commands and the features of Dragon Warrior III. With the information about spells and items on the Dragon Warrior III Map Poster, you should be able to start your quest. By gathering information from people (or animals!) in the game, you should learn how to proceed. *If you get stuck and can't figure out what to do, try remembering what you have heard and seen. Chances are there was a clue which will put you back on track. *If you give up figuring outhow to proceed, refer to Section II for hints. *Use the clues in the Ultimate Hint section only as a last resort. *Save your game periodically, especially before venturing into new territories or attempting things you are unsure about. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES LAND Bushes (passable) Mountains (passable) Ice (passable) Bridge (passable) Craggy Mountains (impassable) Poisonous Swamp (passable with damage) Barrier (passable with damage) Don't confuse Barriers in castles and dungeons with Ice fields. To avoid damage from Barriers, use the StepGuard spell. SEA Sea (passable) Shoals (impassable) CASTLE, TOWN, VILLAGE & SHRINE Castle and Castle Town Town Village Shrine DOORS Thief's Key Door Magic Key Door Final Key Door The Magic Key can open Thief's Key Door as well as Magic Key Doors; the Final Key can open all three types of doors. OTHER Travel Door DUNGEONS Cave Tower Pyramid The doors in dungeons are larger than the doors in towns and castles but can be opened by the same keys. The Final Key opens every door. DOORS Thief's Key Door Magic Key Door TRAPS Rotating Floor Pitfall ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 SECTION I STARTING YOUR QUEST Table of Contents CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS............................4 STARTING THE GAME...............................4 COMMANDS IN THE OPTION SCREEN...................4 BEGINNING YOUR QUEST............................5 CLASS DESCRIPTION...............................7 STORES AND OTHER FACILITIES.....................8 ENDING A SESSION PROPERLY.......................9 THE TWO WINDOWS................................10 COMMANDS IN THE WALKABOUT MODE.................11 CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES (INFO)....................13 EXAMPLE: TRANSFER AND EQUIP....................14 COMMANDS IN THE FIGHTING MODE..................15 DAY AND NIGHT..................................17 MORE ABOUT FIGHTING............................18 ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS Control Pad Moves your character (and your allies) on the screen and moves the cursor > in any of the windows. A Button Brings up the Command Window on the screen if it is not visible already. Enters your selections when the Command Window and other windows are up on the screen. Also, when \/ is flashing in the Text Window, pressing the A Button displays an additional message. B Button Cancels selections and/or lets you go back to previous window/screen. *START Button skips the Opening Scene. *SELECT Button is not used. STARTING THE GAME Insert your Dragon Warrior III Game Pak into your NE as described in your NES control deck manual. Turn the POWER on. After the company logo is displayed, the Title Screen (picture 1) will appear. It will change to the Opening Scene (picture 2) automatically. Press the START Button to bring up the Option Screen (picture 3). When you play the game for the first time, only the BEGIN A NEW QUEST command will appear. COMMANDS IN THE OPTION SCREEN CONTINUE A QUEST Lets you continue a saved quest on the Adventure Log. BEGIN A NEW QUEST Lets you start a new Adventure Log. Up to three Adventure Logs at a time may be stored in the Game Pak. (This command appears only when at least one blank Adventure Log exists.) -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 COPY A QUEST Lets you copy an existing Adventure Log to a blank Adventure Log. ERASE A QUEST Lets you erase an existing Adventure Log you no longer need. (CAUTION: Once you have erased an Adventure Log, you cannot retrieve it. Be certain you want to erase it.) CHANGE MESSAGE SPEED Lets you change the text display speed during play. Important-SAVING THE GAME-Important You can save your game by visiting any one of the Kings and/or other characters who have access to the Imperial Scrolls of Honor. When you wish to rest from the game after saving, remember to hold the RESET Button in while turning off the POWER. Otherwise, you may damage the valuable saved information of your game. BEGINNING YOUR QUEST Select BEGIN A NEW QUEST and press the A Button. The available Adventure logs will appear. Select one. The window to register the name of your character (who will be the leader of your party) will appear (picture 4). Select letters with the +Control Pad and enter them by pressing the A Button, one at a time. If you make a mistake, use BACK to write over a letter. You can enter up to 8 letters and/or marks, including a blank space which is located below the capital V, but only the first 4 will be displayed during play. When you are finished entering the name, select END and press the A Button. Then enter the sex of your character and the message speed. Your quest will begin momentarily. (Pressing the B Button at any time will let you re-start the BEGIN A NEW QUEST procedure.) You are the young Hero of Aliahan. The character sleeping in the bed is YOU. Your mother says you have to see the King of Aliahan today. Follow her and she will show you the path leading to the castle of Aliahan. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 GO TO SEE THE KING Go straight ahead and enter the castle. Take the stairs in front of you to get to the second floor. Approach the King and listen to what he has to say. "Thy enemy shall be the Archfiend Baramos," says the King. Trusting you to succeed, he will give you 50 pieces of Gold. RECRUIT YOUR ALLIES The King and his counselor say traveling alone will be too dangerous. You need to organize an expedition party. At Luisa's Place, the eatery located in the northwest corner of the castle town of Aliahan, you can recruit up to three allies to help you in your quest. Walk up to the counter in the back, face Luisa (the woman behind the counter) and press the A Button. The Command Window will come up. Select TALK and press the A Button to talk to her (picture 5). When asked what you want, select ADD MEMBER. She will record the current conditions in the Imperial Scrolls of Honor and show the list of available characters. A customer in the eatery recommends you recruit a Soldier, a Pilgrim, and a Wizard. Initially three ready-made characters are available, but you can register characters of your own creation. To do so, go upstairs to the Adventurer's Hall of Registration. You can register up to 11 characters. You will probably enjoy your quest even more with your favorite allies. Registering Characters of Your Own Creation If you want to register characters of your own creation, go to the counter on the second floor of the eatery and select TALK. When the window to register a name appears, enter a name. After selecting the class and sex of the character, press the A Button to see his/her pertinent information. If you like what you see, answer YES. Otherwise answer NO. Repeat the process for additional characters. After you are done, go downstairs to Luisa. Your newly registered characters should appear on the list and you can add them to your party. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 CLASS DESCRIPTION Hero The hero of Dragon Warrior III, you, can use weapons and armor well to fight enemies fiercely. You also have the ability to cast spells. Some of the spells which you learn will be exclusive to you. Soldier A fighting professional. The Soldier can be equipped with most weapons and armor, and since his/her growth rate is high, he/she will become powerful quite quickly. He/she is not too agile, though, and cannot cast any spell. Pilgrim With the ability to cast mainly healing and indirect attack spells, a Pilgrim can back your party up greatly in battles. He/she also has relatively good STRENGTH and can be equipped with many weapons and armor. At higher levels, he/she will learn powerful attack spells too. Wizard A specialist of attack spells. Even at lower levels, the Wizard can use very effective attack spells. However, he/she lacks STRENGTH and his/her Attack Power and Defense Power are low compared to those of characters in teh other classes. The Wizard can be equipped with a limited number of weapons and armor. Fighter A master of martial arts, the Fighter posesses a lean, strong body and excellent AGILITY. As the level increases, his/her chance of delivering a "tremendous hit" grows. Being a master of martial arts, he/she can best fight bare-handed. When equipped with ordinary weapons, his/her Attack Power may decrease. Merchant A Merchant is skillful at finding the most gold pieces. He/she also posesses the exclusive ability to appraise items. To use his/her appraisal ability, first select ITEM, then the Merchant's name, the item to be appraised, and finally APPRAISE. Goof-off Without exaggeration, a useless living-being to take along in your quest. The only redeeming quality, if any, is that his/her irresponsible and unpredictable actions and remarks may make you laugh. As Goof-off's level increases, his/her uselessness will become more and more apparent. His/her LUCK is tremendous, however. Sage A super character, the Sage can learn all the spells of a Pilgrim and Wizard. He/she cannot only fight well, but can be equipped with many weapons and armor. No character can start as a Sage, however. The only way to become a Sage is to gain enough Experience Points and have a necessary class change. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 TALK TO EVERYONE People in the castle and the town may provide valuable information. You speak with someone by facing them, selecting TALK in the Command Window and pressing the A button. TALK to everyone in the castle town and in the castle of Aliahan. Can you find out what your immediate task is? It has something to do with locked doors... EMBARK ON YOUR QUEST Outside lurk many enemies. Fighting and defeating them in battles is the way you gain Gold pieces and Experience Points. When a character's HP (Hit Points) fall to zero, he/she dies. To restore HP, stay at an inn. Both HP and MP (Magic Power) of your characters will be restored to the maximum levels. STORES AND OTHER FACILITIES You will find item stores, weapon stores, House of Healings, and inns in many towns, villages, and some unexpected places. Be sure to check every item store and weapon store to see available merchandise. ITEM STORES They sell Medical Herbs and other items. You may also sell unneeded belongings here. When two or more of you enter a store, you will be asked to designate who is buying or selling the items. The total number of your Gold pieces will be displayed at the upper right section of the screen. WEAPON STORES They sell different kinds of weapons and armor. TALK to the owner across the counter. He will show you what is for sale. Select what you want to buy. If you do not see anything you want, press the B Button to cancel. INNS By staying at an inn you and your allies can regain the maximum HP and MP. The cost of staying, quoted by the innkeeper, covers your entire party. Inns are open 24 hours a day to accommodate you at any time. HOUSE OF HEALINGS House of Healings perform services for members in your party who have been poisoned, cursed, or deceased. The services available are DETOXICATE, UNCURSE, and REVIVE. You must pay the proper fee for each service. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 VAULT (Located only in Aliahan) The Vault is located near the entrance to Luisa's Place. You can leave a minimum of 1000 pieces of Gold and belongings there for safekeeping. Use the +Control Pad to set the amount. Yu can store your Gold there for free, but to store your belongings will cost you... VAULT CONROLS [UP]: Increases the number [LEFT]: Moves to the left [RIGHT]: Moves to the right [DOWN]: Decreases the number ENDING A SESSION PROPERLY Your quest in Dragon Warrior III will be a long and hard one. You, along with your characters, must rest occasionally. When you wish to take a rest, be sure to save the game by seeing one of the Kings and/or other characters who have access to the Imperial Scrolls of Honor. Even if you are continuing your quest, we recommend you save the game periodically so you have the option of going back to the last saved point. HOW TO SAVE Stand next to the King, Select TALK. The King will tell you how many Experience Points you needs to go to the next level. Have your progress recorded in the Imperial Scrolls of Honor. When asked if you wish to continue your journey, answer NO to end the session. IMPORTANT: HOW TO TURN OFF THE POWER PROPERLY After the King's message is displayed, the screen changes to the Ending Instruction. Following the Instruction, turn the POWER off while holding in the RESET Button on your NES. If you don't hold in the RESET Button while turning off the POWER, you may damage your valuable saved information and will not be able to continue from the point you saved! To continue at a later time, select CONTINUE A QUEST in the Option Screen, then your Adventure Log. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 THE TWO WINDOWS The two windows you see often, besides the Text Window are the Command Window and the Status Window (see picture 6). THE COMMAND WINDOW Displays available commands. To learn how to use these commands, see the section entitled COMMANDS IN THE WALKABOUT MODE. THE STATUS WINDOW Displays information about you and your allies. H and M stand for Hit Points and Magic Power, respectively. The numbers in the bottom row show the characters' Levels. Beside each Level number is the class of the character. PAY ATTENTION TO THE COLOR OF WINDOWS White: The normal color. Green: Someone is seriously injured. Orange: Someone is deceased. Blue: It is night. WHAT ARE DE, PO, NM, SL, AND CF? When one of these appears where the Level number is usually displayed, it means the character is not in a normal state due to enemies' spells, poison, or other factors. DE The character is deceased. Suggested Remedy: Take him/her to any House of Healing and ask for the service, REVIVE. If any of your party knows a spell to revive a deceased character, use it. PO The character is poisoned. Suggested Remedy: Unless treated the character will remain poisoned, and for each step taken he/she will lose Hit Points. Use Antidote Herb on the character. Your allies may learn a spell with an antidotal effect. NM The character's entire body is numb and immobile. Suggested Remedy: The effect goes away very gradually but to end the numbness quickly, use Full Moon Herb on the character. Your allies may learn a spell which expels numbness. SL The character is put to sleep. Suggested Remedy: Defeat the enemies in the current battle completely or break away successfully. Your allies may learn a spell which wakes up the affected character. CF The character is confused and disoriented. Suggested Remedy: Defeat the enemies in the current battle completely or break away successfully. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 COMMANDS IN THE WALKABOUT MODE BRING UP THE COMMAND WINDOW By pressing the A Button while you are in the walkabout mode, you can bring up the Command Window. SELECT AND ENTER COMMANDS Select commands by using the +Control Pad and enter these commands by pressing the A Button. CLOSE THE COMMAND WINDOW To close the Command Window, press the B Button. TALK Use this command to talk with the people you will meet. (You should speak with everyone to gather neccesary information.) To talk with someone, you must be standing next to the person. Turn to the person and press the A Button (see picture 7). At a store or an inn, you can speak across the counter. By speaking through bars, you can talk with a person in jail. STATUS Let's you do three thing: see the current INFO (for more about this, see page 13) of each character, see the current CONDITION of each character, and change the FORMATION (a line-up order of your party). SEARCH Let's you search the ground where you are standing. Also lets you retrieve the contents of a treasure chest. If you find a treasure chest, place your character over the treasure chest and select SEARCH. Each character can carry up to eight items only. If your character is already carrying eight items, the treasure will be given to the next character in the formation. If all of the characters are carrying eight items, you have two choices: DISCARD an item and take the treasure or give up the treasure. WARNING: Once given up, the treasure will not be retrieveable from the same treasure chest. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 SPELL Use this command to chant magic spells. You and Pilgrim, Wizards, and Sages will learn many magic spells. (See the list of magic spells on the Dragon Warrior III Map Poster for details.) ITEM This command allows you to see theitems each character is carrying. To USE, TRANSFER, or DISCARD a certain item, specify the name of the character holding the item, select the item and what you wish to do with it. (For Merchants only, APPRAISE is also available.) To open a door, you must turn toward it and USE a key. (Not all doors open with the same key.) EQUIP During your journey you will acquire various kinds of equipment including weapons, armor, and shields. You must use EQUIP in order to make these items useful to you. Specify the character. The windows for Weapon, Armor, Shield, and Helmet will be displayed in this order. Select one in each category. Note some characters cannot be equipped with certain items. (See the list of Items on the reverse side of the Dragon Warrior III Map Poster.) When an item is equipped, the E mark will appear beside it. NOTE: if there are more selections than can be displayed in one window, you will see the -) mark near the upper left corner of the window. Move ) to -) and keep pressing the A button until you reach the window you want. KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS Entering the following command Sequence will display the information about a character: STATUS || \/ (Name) || \/ INFO ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES (INFO) LEVEL The level of the character. By defeating enemies, some Experience Points will be gained and the character's level increases. As the level increases, the character's maximum HP and MP increase, and depending on the class of the character, he/she will learn different magic spells. HP (Hit Points) The character's Hit Points decrease when enemies inflict damage. Walking while poisoned or through damage inflicting terrain, such as barrier and poisonous swamp, will also decrease Hit Points. The character is defeated when his/her Hit Points fall to zero. MP (Magic Points) This is the power to chant spells. Each time a spell is chanted, MP decreases. G (Gold) The total number of Gold pieces you and your allies possess. STRENGTH This is the character's power. More STRENGTH means more Attack Power. AGILITY This is the quickness of the character. It affects the order of action taken in battles. VITALITY This is the character's capacity to grow. This affects the way MAX HP increase. IQ This affects the way MAX MP increase and how fast the character learns new magic spells. LUCK This determines how lucky the character gets when faced with danger. The character with higher LUCK has a better chance of RUNning away from and evading enemies' magic spells. MAX HP (Maximum Hit Points) The highest number of Hit Points attainable by the character at his/her current level. By staying at an inn, all characters will regain their Maximum Hit Points. MAX MP (Maximum Magic Power) Like MAX HP, the maximum magic power will be regained by staying at an inn. ATTACK POWER This indicates how much damage the character can inflict upon enemies with each attack. This figure is equal to the sum of the character's STRENGTH and equipped weapon's attack power. DEFENSE POWER This indicates how well the character can minimize the damage inflicted by enemies. This figure is equal to the sum of a half of the character's AGLILITY and the total defense power of equipped armor, shield, and helmet. EXPERIENCE POINTS(EXP) As a character defeats enemies, a certain number of Experience Points will be gained. When a character accumulates enough Experience Points, he/she will be promoted to the next level. The number gained depends on two factors: how strong the defeated enemies are and how many of you it took to defeat them. For example, if a single character encounters enemies and defeats them, he/she will gain a greater amount of Experience Points than he/she would with the aid of allies. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 EXAMPLE: TRANSFER AND EQUIP Suppose you purchased a Magic Knife and would like to give the Copper Sword to the Soldier. You can do this in the following manner: TRANSFER the Copper Sword to the Soldier Select ITEM in the Command Window and press the A Button. The window containing names will appear. Select your name and press the A Button. You can now select the item you wish to TRANSFER (picture 8). Select Copper Sword in the list and press the A Button. When the window with the commands USE, TRANSFER, and DISCARD appears, select TRANSFER and press the A Button. The window with member names will appear. Select the Soldier's name (picture 9) and press the A Button. The Soldier now has the Copper Sword. EQUIP the Soldier with the Copper Sword Select EQUIP in the Command Window and press the A Button. When names are displayed, select the Soldier's name (picture 10). Move the > to Copper Sword with the +Control Pad and press the A Button (picture 11). Note: E mark is now beside Copper Sword. The E mark points to the item that is currently equipped. Now the Soldier is armed with the Copper Sword. You can cycle forward through all equipment windows by pressing the A Button and backward by pressing the B Button. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 15 COMMANDS IN THE FIGHTING MODE To reach higher levels, you and your allies must fight many different enemies and gain Experience Points by defeating them. When you come across an enemy or a band of enemies, you will automatically enter the Fighting Mode. As soon as you enter the mode, the number and kinds of enemies are shown and the Fighting Command Window appears. Decide what you and your allies should do and specify appropriate actions using the following commands. FIGHT This command will let you attack your enemies with the equipped weapon (bare-handed when not equipped with anything). Specify which enemy or group of enemies you intend to attack. RUN Select this command and you and your allies will try to RUN away from the enemies. Watch HP (Hit Points) in the Status Window and if you feel Hit Points are dangerously low, try to RUN away. Keep in mind, though, enemies may block your path so that you won't be able to escape. PARRY To keep fighting when Hit Points are low may hasten the character's complete defeat. Using PARRY, you can let the character concentrate on defense so the amount of damage inflicted by the enemies can be reduced by about one half. SPELL Select this command and press the A Button. The list of magic spells available to the character will appear. Select which spell to cast with the +Control Pad and press the A Button. If the character can use more magic spells than can be displayed in one window, you will see the =) mark near the upper left corner of the window. Move ) to =) and press the A Button (picture 12). The next window will be displayed. Keep repeating until you reach the window you want. If the magic spell to be cast is of the attack type, specify which group of enemies to attack (picture 13). ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 If the magic spell is of the defensive type, specify which member of your party should be affected. To do so, move ) to =) and press the A Button first to display the members of your party and then select the name. Note: Some spells do not require you to designate intended targets. ITEM One example of this command is the use of a Medical Herb to restore Hit Points during a battle. Another example is to cast the spell effect of certain weapons and items. For instance, Thor's Sword has an effect identical to the Firevolt spell when USEd during a battle. Like the SPELL command, you many need to specify who these items will be used on. During a battle, you may not transfer or throw away items; however, you may change the weapon you fight with. If you have entered a command which you wish to change, push the B Button. Each time you press the B Button, the previous window will appear. When all actions to be taken are specified, a round of a battle begins. The order of execution of the actions by participants in a battle depends on their Agility. The battle ends when one side is completely defeated, the Fighting Command Window will appear so that you may specify your choices of actions for the next round. Note: If there are more selections than can be displayed in one window, you will see the =) mark near the upper left corner of the window. Move ) to =) and keep pressing the A Button until you reach the window you want. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 DAY AND NIGHT In Dragon Warrior III, the passage of time has a profound effect. For example, you may find certain people only during the day and others only during the night. What people say might change depending upon when you talk to them, too. It is recommended that you visit the same place during the day as well as during the night. FIVE LEVELS OF SCREEN BRIGHTNESS Only while moving in the field, will time pass. When you are in safe places such as cities and towns or while you are standing in field, time will not pass. HOW DAY AND NIGHT DIFFER YOU CAN'T VISIT A KING At most castles, guards will stop you from entering if you visit at night. MOST STORES CLOSE AT NIGHT Most stores close at night; however, some stores are open at night, and you may find special items at these stores. Inns and House of Healings are open 24 hours a day. ENEMIES ARE MORE ACTIVE AT NIGHT The chance of encountering enemies increases at night. Also enemies' party formations are more complicated at night and some enemies appear only after dark. FOUR WAYS TO REVERSE DAY AND NIGHT STAY AT AN INN Stay at any inn and when you wake up, it will always be morning. CHANT RETURN After you use the magic spell, Return, it will be morning. USE LAMP OF DARKNESS If you possess the Lamp of Darkness, use it. When you light the lamp, you can turn day into night. CHANT DAY-NIGHT Chanting this magic spell will turn day into night and night into day. --------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 MORE ABOUT FIGHTING 1. WATCH OUT FOR ENEMIES' SPECIAL ATTACK Some enemies have the special ability to inflict damage on you in addition to their ordinary attack habits. Their Special Attack capabilities are listed below. The magic spell, StopSpell, cannot block these Special Attacks. DELIVERED WITH ORDINARY ATTACK Special Attack Target Effect -------------- ------ ------ Poison One member Each step after the battle costs HP. Numb One member Remains numb throughout the battle. Sleep One member Put to sleep during the battle. BREATH ATTACK Toxic All members Each step after the battle costs HP. Flaming All members Recieves 10-50 damage points. Blizzard All members Recieves 10-30 damage points. Sweet All members Put to sleep during the battle. Scorching All members Remains numb throughout the battle. OTHERS Multiple Attack - One recieves 2 attack/2 members recieve 1 attack each. Curious Dance One member Loses some MP. Help A - The same kind of enemy may appear. Help B - A different kind of enemy may appear. 2. DIVIDE THE TASK During the fight, divide the task of defeating the enemies. While the Hero, the Soldier, and the Fighter are attacking the enemies, the Pilgrim should concentrate on backing them up with healing and defensive magic spells. For example, to heal the ally with low HP using Heal, Healmore, Healall, etc., cause a group of enemies to flee with Expel, and increase allies' Agility with SpeedUp. The Wizard who can use attack spells, which work on a group of enemies or all enemies, should specialize in attacking a group of enemies. The Soldier and the Fighter, who cannot use spells, should be assigned to attack an individual enemy. 3. PROTECT THE WEAK OR INJURED ALLY After each battle, check to see who is injured most. If no remedy is available, move the weakest or most injured further down in the line formation. The closer one is to the front, the more damage he/she will recieve in battle. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 19 4. KNOW THE AGILITY OF YOUR ALLIES AND ENEMIES A. Bad Example 1: Misjudging Enemies' Agility In each round, the order of turn taken by participants depends on their Agility. You must assess the Agility of each participant. For example, even if you inted to USE a Medical Herb on an injured ally, the quicker enemy may attack the ally, defeating him/her before the Medical Herb is administered. B. Bad Example 2: Misjudging Your Allies' Agility Likewise, not assessing the Agility of your allies can result in inefficient manuevers. For example, you intend to use the Defence spell to lower enemies' defense power. But the member with higher agility than the one who is to cast the spell may attack the enemies without benefitting from the spell's effect. 5. SURROUND, SLEEP, AND STOPSPELL: THE THREE BASIC SPELLS Be an expert in using not only direct attack spells but also these three indirect attack spells. These are learned near the beginning of the game and could be used quite effectively. At the start of a battle, use these spells to decieve (Surround) enemies, put them to sleep (Sleep), and block their spells (StopSpell). ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 6. CAST SPELLS ON YOUR ALLIES A. Put the Member Who Is Confused To Sleep Some enemies, such as Derangers, cast the Chaos spell which has a devestating effect on your party. Affected members become confused and disoriented and can attack your allies! Rather than allowing him/her to be a menace, put him/her to sleep with the Sleep Spell. To designate the party member to be put to sleep, move > to => near the upper left corner of the enemy information window and press the A Button. The window which shows the name of your party members will appear. B. Transform into a Deceased Ally and Revive the Ally The spell, Transform, can transform the user into any member of the party. One ultimate example of this usage is transforming into the deceased Pilgrim who could cast the Revive spell. After the transformation, use Revive to bring the Pilgrim back to life! However, transforming back to the original self during the battle is not possible. C. Get a Supply of MP from Your Ally The spell, RobMagic, consumes no Magic Power. When the MP level of a certain character decreases, he/she can use RobMagic on another member of the party with high MP to get some of his/her MP. Of course, this spell can be used on enemies with MP; however, it may not always work. Using it on allies always works. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 21 SECTION II A GUIDED QUEST Itinerary The Castle town of Aliahan...............22 The Village of Reeve.....................23 The Cave on Promontory & The Tower of Najima......................24 The Cave of Enticement...................26 The Castle of Romaly.....................27 The Village of Kanave....................28 The Village of Noaniels..................29 The Hidden Village of Elves..............30 The Cave West of Noaniels................31 The Tower of Shanpane....................33 The Town of Assaram......................34 The Castle Town of Isis..................35 The Pyramid..............................37 The Castle Town of Portoga...............39 The Town of Baharata.....................39 The Cave East of Baharata................40 The Shrine South of Portoga..............41 The Village of Tedanki...................42 The Village of Lancel....................43 The Castle of Eginbear...................44 The Field................................45 The Village of Soo.......................46 The Shoals...............................47 Greenlad.................................47 The Shrine of Dhama......................48 The Tower of Garuna......................48 Jipang and the Cave of Jipang............50 Village of Muor..........................51 The Tower of Arp.........................52 The House of Pirates.....................53 Luzami...................................54 The Navel of the Earth...................54 The New Town.............................55 The Castle Town of Samanao...............56 The Cave Southeast of Samanao............57 The Phantom Ship.........................60 The Cave of Necrogond....................60 Liamland.................................63 The Castle of Baramos....................64 Tantegel.................................67 The Village of Kol.......................69 The Town of Hauksness....................70 The Town of Cantlin......................71 The Town of Rimuldar.....................72 The Cave Northwest of Tantegel...........72 The Tower West of Kol....................73 The Rainbow Bridge.......................75 The Castle of Zoma.......................75 ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 22 THE CASTLE TOWN OF ALIAHAN - Level 1 Inn: 2 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Cypress Stick 5 +2 Club 30 +7 Copper Sword 100 +12 Clothes 10 +4 Wayfarer's Clothes 70 +8 Leather Armor 150 +12 Leather Shield 90 +4 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A THE FIRST THINGS TO DO As your mother tells you, go see the King of Aliahan. "Thy enemy shall be the Archfiend Baramos," says the King. After recieving 50 pieces of Gold from the King, go to Luisa's Place as the King's counselor advises. At Luisa's Place, recruit 3 allies. (Several ready-made characters are available at Luisa's Place, but you can register characters of your own creation at the Adventurer's Hall of Registration.) The recommended characters to recruit are a Soldier, a Pilgrim, and a Wizard. If you have difficulty doing any of the above, refer to Section I. The procedures are explained in more detail. BUY MEDICAL HERBS, ANTIDOTE HERBS, AND A WING OF WYVERN Before leaving the town to embark on your quest, buy some Medical Herbs, Antidote Herbs, and at least one Wing of Wyvern at the item store. USE Medical Herbs to restore some HP, Antidote Herbs to neutralize poison, and the Wing of Wyvern to quickly return to Aliahan. TALK TO EVERYONE TALK to everyone in the town and in the castle. Even TALK to the prisoners kept in cells located in the basement of the castle. You should be able to gather all the neccessary information to let you proceed smoothly in the game by TALKing to everyone (including animals) you encounter. Be sure to come back and open the locked doors as soon as you get proper keys. You will be able to gain more information and/or items. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 23 FIGHT ENEMIES AND BUILD UP LEVELS Go out and fight enemies, but don't venture too far at first. Carefully watch the HP of each member of your party. USE Medical Herbs to restore HP. Go back to Aliahan and stay at the inn or your home to restore the maximum HP and MP. Around the town of Aliahan, you will encounter only weak enemies like Slimes and Black Ravens. Fight them and build up your levels to around 3 before you start exploring areas far from the castle town of Aliahan. They Say..... * The Key made by a thief, Bakor, can open doors with simple locks. * The old man in the Tower of Najima stole the Key from Bakor. * You can go to the Tower of Najima from the cave on the promontory nearby. * There is a village of Reeve to the north. THE VILLAGE OF REEVE - Level 3 Inn: 2 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Magic Knife 200 +14 Thorn Whip 320 +18 Chain Sickle 550 +24 Training Suit 80 +10 Leather Armor 150 +12 Leather Shield 90 +4 Leather Helmet 80 +2 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Turban 160 +8 Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Before going to the Tower of Najima, you may want to visit this village. Some of the enemies around the village should give you a good challenge before you will be ready for the Tower of Najima. ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 24 They Say... * There is a cave in the forest south of the village that connects to the Tower of Najima. THE CAVE ON PROMONTORY & THE TOWER OF NAJIMA - Level 4 This is the first cave you explore in Dragon Warrior III. You should have heard in Aliahan that the old man of this tower stole Bakor's key which should open all doors with simple locks. TWO WAYS TO ENTER THE TOWER OF NAJIMA You can enter the Tower of Najima either through the cave on the promontory near the castle town of Aliahan or through the cave in the forest south of the village of Reeve. USE THE INN Strange as it may seem, there is an inn in the tower. Use the inn as often as necessary to restore your HP and MP. You can get there through a stairway on the second floor. GET TREASURES When you see a treasure chest, walk over to it, bring up the Command Screen by pressing the A Button, select SEARCH, and press the A Button. You will open the treasure chest and take whatever is inside. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 25 USE THE WING OF WYVERN If you have a Wing of Wyvern, you can return to any place you have previously visited. After you find the Thief's Key, jump off the tower. Once outside, USE the Wing of Wyvern to return to the castle town of Aliahan. If you don't have one, you must walk into the tower, find your way out of hte cave, and walk all the way back to the castle town of Aliahan. USE THE KEY Use the key to open all Thief's Key Doors in the castle of Aliahan and the village of Reeve. TALK to everyone behind them. You will gain more information and a very important item you will need to proceed in the game. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 26 They Say...(Aliahan) * The Travel Door used to be in the easternmost part of Aliahan region. * You can break open the seal of the Travel Door using the Magic Ball. * There is an old man who makes Magic Balls in the village of Reeve. They Say...(Reeve) * There is a small lake over the mountains to the east of the village. THE CAVE OF ENTICEMENT - Level 8 If you have a Magic Ball and the levels of you and your allies are around 8, go east of the village of Reeve and over the mountains. Don't forget to take with you a lot of Medical Herbs and Antidote Herbs. Quite strong enemies are lurking there! It is a good idea to keep at least one Wing of Wyvern so you can retreat quickly. BREAK THE SEAL OF THE TRAVEL DOOR The cave leading to the Travel Door is sealed with a set of stone walls. USE the Magic Ball in front of it. Watch the seal break and proceed. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 27 FIND THE TRAVEL DOOR AND STEP ON IT The Travel Door you heard about in Aliahan is in this cave. It looks like a little pond. If you find it, walk over to it and stand still. The screen image will start wiggling and black out eventually. Don't panic. There is nothing wrong with your NES Control Deck or the Game Pak. You are just being transported to another Travel Door. When the transport is complete, the image will return back and settle down. Now you are at the Travel Door near the castle of Romaly. Upon exiting the chamber, you should head north. CASTLE OF ROMALY - Level 10 Inn: 3 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Chain Sickle 550 +24 Iron Spear 750 +28 Broad Sword 1500 +33 Leather Armor 150 +12 Shell Armor 300 +16 Bronze Shield 180 +7 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Iron Apron 700 +22 Leather Helmet 80 +2 Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A TALK TO THE KING TALK to the King of Romaly. He will record (save) your progress in the Imperial Scrolls of Honor and will ask you a favor... ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 28 TRY YOUR LUCK AT THE FIGHT RING Gamblers at the Fight Ring are betting on monster battles. You may try your luck there, but don't get hooked! You have more important things to do! DO YOU NEED THE SERVICE OF REVIVE? Passing through the Cave of Enticement may have been very rough. There is a House of Healing in Romaly. It is located on the west side of the castle of Romaly near the gate. They Say..... * Someone called Kandar stole the Golden Crown from the King. * Kandar is living in the Tower of Shanpane with his men. * The Tower of Shanpane looms far to the west of the village of Kanave. * The village of Kanave is far to the north of Romaly. THE VILLAGE OF KANAVE - Level 11 Inn: 4 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Iron Spear 750 +28 Broad Sword 1500 +33 Iron Claw 770 +30 Half Plate Armor 1100 +25 Fighting Suit 800 +23 Bronze Shield 180 +7 Iron Shield 700 +12 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Iron Apron 700 +22 Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 29 You are probably too weak yet to face Kandar at the Tower of Shanpane. You'd better gain more Experience Points around this village. Go to the eatery located in the northwest corner of the village. TALK to the customers there. WHERE IS THE POISON NEEDLE? The old man by the pond in the village says the item store once stocked the Poison Needle. But the store owner no longer offers one for sale. Maybe it is hidden in the store. Why don't you try sneaking into his place while he is asleep? USE THE VAULT OFTEN There is a vault in the castle town of Aliahan. You can leave Gold pieces and items there for safe keeping. Each member of your party can carry up to 8 items. It is important to carry only the most important items because you must have room to accommodate new items you will find. Use the vault to keep items you don't need at the moment but may want to use later. It is wise to deposit most of your Gold pieces in the vault. If your party is destroyed, the person who saved your progress last time will resurrect you, but at a cost, half of the Gold pieces in your posession to be exact. By keeping most of your Gold pieces in the vault, you can minimize your losses greatly. If you use the Return spell to get back to the castle town of Aliahan, visiting the vault is not much trouble; be prudent and use the vault often. They Say... * There is a village which was put to sleep because the villagers made some elves angry. THE VILLAGE OF NOANIELS - Level 12 Inn: 5 Gold per person Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Wizard's Wand 1500 +15 Cloak of Evasion 2000 +20 Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Spider's Web 35 N/A ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 30 The couple in the Kanave village eatery spoke of this place. Everyone seems to be asleep...except an old man on the second floor of the building located in the southwest section of the village. USE INDIRECT ATTACK SPELLS Enemies around Kanave and Noaniels are considerably tougher than the ones you find around Aliahan. Rather than attacking them directly, let the Pilgrim use some of the indirect attack spells, such as Sleep, SpeedUp, and Sap. BEWARE OF AVENGER RAVENS They are more dangerous than they look because they attack twice in each turn. The only recommended survival measure available at this stage of the game is to always maintain high HP levels. They Say... * The hidden village of elves is in the west forest. * The spell on the village will be broken if the Dream Ruby is returned to the elves. THE HIDDEN VILLAGE OF ELVES - Level 12 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Magic Robe 3000 +35 Wizard's Ring 2500 N/A Invisibility Herb 300 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Poison Moth Powder 500 N/A Spider's Web 35 N/A ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 31 There is an item store in the village, but hating humans as they do, elves don't want your business. They may have some valuable items. Only if you can disguise yourselves as some other beings, might they.... They Say... * An elfin girl, Anne, loved a human male. * She took the Dream Ruby and went to him never to return. THE CAVE WEST OF NOANIELS - Level 13 USE THE HEALING SPRING INSIDE The Healing Spring is located on the second basement level. Walk to the center of the Spring. The HP and the MP will be restored to their manimum. Use the spring as many times as necessary. DO YOU KNOW? 1. You can move an often-used item, such as the Thief's Key, to the top of your item list. TRANSFER to yourself the item above the one you want to move to the top. Repeat the process until the often used item comes to the top. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 32 WATCH OUT FOR DEADLY TOADSTOOLS They are especially dangerous because they can put you to sleep during a battle. Once put to sleep, you can only hope you wake up before they completely defeat you. So try to defeat them quickly. The IceBolt spell seems to work. RETREAT QUICKLY The enemies in this cave are strong. If the situation becomes unfavorable, try to retreat. By now, the Wizard should have learned the Outside spell, and the Hero the Return Spell. Retreat quickly and easily using the Outside (to get out of the cave) and Return (to return to the place of your choice) spells. TAKE THE DREAM RUBY TO ANNE'S MOTHER As soon as you find the Dream Ruby in the cave, take it to Anne's mother in the Hidden Village of Elves. She will give you the Wake Up Powder in gratitude. USE the powder in the village of Noaniels. People will start waking up. TALK to the people. Some should tell you what to do next. They Say... * The Spider's Web will slow monsters down. * Long ago, there was a rumor about the Magic Key in Assaram. * The town of Assaram is to the east of Romaly. DO YOU KNOW? 2. You can USE the following weapons during a battle to possibly inflict the same damage as the corresponding spell without consuming any MP. WEAPON USABLE CLASS CORRESPONDING SPELL TARGET Wizard's Wand All Blaze One Enemy Staff of Thunder All Firebane One Group of Enemies Staff of Judgement Priest, Sage Infernos One Group of Enemies Sword of Illusion Women Chaos One Enemy Orochi Sword Hero, Soldier, Sage Defence One Group of Enemies Snowblast Sword Hero, Soldier Snowblast One Group of Enemies Lightning Sword Hero, Soldier Boom All Enemies Thor's Sword Hero, Soldier Firevolt One Group of Enemies ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 33 THE TOWER OF SHANPANE - Level 14 JUMP FROM THE 6TH FLOOR After the long climb in the tower, you found Kandar and his men on the 6th floor. But when you fell into his trap, they escaped. Returning to the 6th floor, you find no sign of them and the treasures have dissappered as well. Where have they gone? The open wall to the north suggests they... GIVE KANDAR AND HIS MEN A LESSON They are many times stronger than the enemies you have encountered. Before confronting them, be sure to restore the maximum HP of every member in your party. The recommended approach is to defeat each of Kandar's men first while putting Kandar to sleep with the Sleep spell. The IceBolt spell seems to work. You may be able to defeat Kandar's men in three rounds or so. After they are gone, the four of you can give Kandar a good workout. If he is not asleep, though, his attack can be devestating. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 34 TAKE THE TREASURE If you succeed in defeating Kandar and his men, they will leave you a treasure chest. Inside, you will find an item wanted by the King of Romaly. Take it to the King. BECOME THE NEW KING OF ROMALY The King of Romaly, overjoyed wiht the return of the Golden Crown, insists you assume his position. He just doesn't take "NO" for an answer...You can proudly say to your friends you finished Dragon Warrior III in record time by becoming the King of Romaly and living happily ever after... IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE YOUR QUEST... If you don't want to indulge in the easy life of royalty but would like to continue your quest, find the former King and make your request. But where is he? His father (in the east tower) says his son likes having a good time. Is he having a good time gambling at the Fight Ring? THE TOWN OF ASSARAM - Level 14 Inn: 7 Gold per person Weapon Store A MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Chain Mail 480 +20 Half Plate Armor 1100 +25 Bronze Shield 180 +7 Iron Shield 700 +12 Iron Apron 700 +22 Designer Swimsuit 78000 +1 Weapon Store B MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Magic Knife 200 +14 Chain Sickle 550 +24 Iron Spear 750 +28 Broad Sword 1500 +33 Battle Axe 2500 +40 Weapon Store C MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Battle Axe ? +40 Giant Shears ? +48 Cloak of Evasion ? +20 Turban ? +8 Iron Mask ? +16 Staff of Force ? +55 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb ? N/A Antidote Herb ? N/A Fairy Water ? N/A Wing of Wyvern ? N/A Full Moon Herb ? N/A Spider's Web ? N/A -------------------------------------------------------- Page 35 An old man in the village of Noaniels revealed he has heard a rumor about the Magic Key in Assaram. TALK to everyone in the town of Assaram to learn more about the key. NEGOTIATE THE PRICE The weapon store in the northwest section of the town is of dubious nature. It may have some wares you really want, but don't agree on the first price the owner offers. Even after negotiating, the price he settles on may be too high! VISIT THIS TOWN DURING THE DAY AND NIGHT This town has two faces: one for the day and the other for the night. There is at least one store which is only open at night. you may also see other people at night. They Say... * If you walk along the mountains south of the desert, you will come to a shrine. * A country named Isis lies in the desert to the west. * The Poison Powder can confuse a monster. THE CASTLE TOWN OF ISIS - Level 15 Inn: 10 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Broad Sword 1500 +33 Battle Axe 2500 +40 Giant Shears 3700 +48 Half Plate Armor 1100 +25 Cloak of Evasion 2900 +20 Full Plate Armor 2400 +32 Iron Shield 700 +12 Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Leather Helmet 80 +2 Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A -------------------------------------------------------- Page 36 Believing the information you obtained in the town of Assaram, you traveled south in the desert along the mountains and found a small shrine in a swamp. The old man inside said the Magic Key lay in the Pyramid in the northern desert. He also advised you to visit the castle of Isis first. Why? Is there something you need there? LOOK FOR THE METEORITE ARMBAND IN THE CASTLE There is a man in the town who says wearing the Meteorite Armband makes him faster. If you see the owner of the weapon store at night, he will reveal that the Meteorite Armband is in the castle. There is a path by the wall of the castle. Try entering it on the west side of the gate. If you find the Meteorite Armband, select it from the liast of items through the ITEM command and USE it to put it on. The wearer's Agility is now doubled! Anyone can wear it, but probably having the Pilgrim wear it will benefit your party most because he/she will be able to cast indirect attack or defensive spells faster than before. They Say... * In the north desert, there is a royal grave called Pyramid. * In the Pyramid there is a place where spells won't work. * There is a secret to the Pyramid in the songs the children sing. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 37 THE PYRAMID - Level 16 You heard the Magic Key was hidden in the Pyramid. Doesn't the sealed stone wall on the third floor look suspicious? Sorry the Magic Ball doesn't work on this one. There must be a way to open it. SPELLS DON'T WORK IN SOME SECTIONS As someone in Isis said, there are sections in the Pyramid where spells don't work. Be sure to always carry a sufficient number of herbs. MAKE MANY TRIPS Besides the Magic Key, the Pyramid contains many more treasures. But be prepared for strong monsters hiding in some treasure chests. Don't expect to retrieve all of the treasures in one trip. OPEN THE SEALED WALL Remember the song the children in the castle of Isis were singing. It contained a clue to the mechanism of opening the sealed wall. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Page 38 WHAT IS THE GOLDEN CLAW? There is a second basement under the Pyramid. SEARCH the entire floor of the first basement. You should find a hidden stairway. SEARCH around a casket in the second basement. There you will find the Golden Claw. Take it and you will notice a dramatic increase in your chance of encountering enemies. This is a plus if you want to build up levels quickly. What! You don't want it? Then sell it at an item store. You will be richer by 11,250 Gold pieces! However, it is awfully difficult to make it to any store alive with the Golden Claw! GO BACK TO THE CASTLE OF ISIS There are a few Magic Key Doors int he castle of Isis. Go there and open all of them. The guards won't let you in? Try sneaking in at night when they've left their post. If you succeed in seeing the Queen in her chamber, she will give you an item which will enable you to restore some MP. GATHER MORE INFORMATION IN ASSARAM Visit Assaram again, perhaps at night, to gather more information. Consult the leader of the dance troop in the backstage of the theater. Try opening all hte doors you see with the Magic Key and TALK to all the people behind them. They Say...(Assaram) * In the craggy mountains, there is a cave that connects to the eastern lands. * There is a secret passage to the east, but Norud the Dwarf won't reveal the passage. * Norud's friend, the King of Portoga, may be able to help. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 39 THE CASTLE TOWN OF PORTOGA - Level 17 Inn: 10 Gold per person Go to see the King of this port town and TALK to him. He will reveal to you his wish: he wants to taste black pepper. He will give you a Royal Scroll. Take it to Norud the Dwarf. They Say... * There is a shrine to change occupations in the east. * If you bring the King some black pepper, he will give you a ship. THE TOWN OF BAHARATA - Level 18 Inn: 10 Gold per person Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A Spider's Web 35 N/A After recieving the Royal Scroll from the King of Portoga, go into the cave near the town of Assaram. This cave connects to the eastern lands. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 40 READ NORUD THE DWARF THE ROYAL SCROLL Inside the cave, you find Norud the Dwarf. he is not friendly at first. Read Norud the Royal Scroll from the King of Portoga (by choosing the ITEM command, then the Royal Scroll and USE) Acknowledging the King's request, he will make a hole in the cave to the secret passage. Proceed through the passage, and you will come up in the eastern lands. They Say... * There is a store which usually carries black pepper. * The store is not in business because the owner's daughter, Tania, was Kidnapped. * The Kidnappers live in a cave nearby. * Deep in the northern mountains is the Shrine of Dhama where you can change your profession. THE CAVE EAST OF BAHARATA - Level 19 USE THE X-RAY SPELL The Wizard in your party has probably learned the X-Ray spell. If so, use the spell before opening a treasure chest. If the chest glows red, a monster is inside. If the chest glows blue, it is safe to open. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 41 FREE THE COUPLE Tania and Galen are locked up in the cells on the second basement level. Let them escape, then confront the kidnappers, Kandar and his men. Kandar is even stronger than before. Again concentrate on his men first. Generally, spells do not seem effective against Kandar, so don't waste MP. You probably need to go through many rounds to defeat Kandar alone. Don't be discouraged even if he seems undefeatable! GO BACK TO THE STORE IN BAHARATA Galen is safely back and working in the store. TALK to him. He will gladly give you some Black Pepper. RECIEVE A SHIP FROM THE KING OF PORTOGA Take the Black Pepper to the King of Portoga and he will give you a ship as promised. Go aboard the ship at the dock outside of the castle. You are now ready for more exciting and challenging parts of your quest! THE SHRINE SOUTH OF PORTOGA - Level 19 Drop by the small shrine on the promontory near Portoga and TALK to the man downstairs. They Say... * If you go south, you'll go around the cape of Tedanki. Going further along the shoreline you will reach Baharata, and finally Jipang. * If you collect six (6) Orbs scattered throughout the world, you can travel anywhere without a ship. DID YOU KNOW? 3. The following spells can only be mastered by you, the Hero. Use them when the occasion arises. LEVEL TYPE SPELL TARGET EFFECT MP 12 Defensive Ironize All Allies Recieves no damage 6 19 Misc. Repel Repels weak enemies 4 26 Attack Zap One Enemy Gives about 80 damage 8 points 38 Defensive Healusall All Allies Restores HP fully 62 41 Attack Lightning All Enemies Gives about 200 30 damage points ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 42 THE VILLAGE OF TEDANKI - Level 19 Inn: 31 Gold per person Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Staff of Force 2500 +55 Sledge Hammer 6500 +55 Zombie Slasher 9800 +65 Sacred Robe 4400 +30 Bronze Shield 180 +7 Iron Mask 3500 +25 This is a ghost village. If you go in during the day, you will only see a lone body in a prison cell. Try TALKing to the body. You will find a scrawl on the wall nearby. It displays a strange message... Be sure to come back at night. You will see many people (or ghosts?). TALK to them. You will gain some valuable information. You will even find an inn and a weapon store. The store carries expensive but excellent weapons and armor. They Say... * The scrawl by the body says, "I wanted to give someone the Orb I had while I was still alive." * You will see a volcano's crater if you go around the cape of Tedanki and go up the river. * The Archfiend resides deep in the northern mountains of the Necrogond. * The man behind a swamp tells you to find the Final Key which unlocks the door o fhte jail. He instructs you to go to the island of Lancel south of Baharata. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 43 THE VILLAGE OF LANCEL - Level 19 Inn: 15 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Magic Knife 200 +14 Iron Spear 750 +28 Battle Axe 2500 +40 Sledge Hammer 6500 +55 Cloak of Evasion 2900 +20 Magic Robe 4400 +30 Iron Mask 3500 +25 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Invisibility Herb 300 N/A A girl asks you to buy an Invisibility Herb at the store her father runs. A man by the shrine suggests you go to Eginbear if you have an Invisibility Herb. The Invisibility Herb isn't cheap, but it may prove a very valuable posession. They Say... * To obtain the Final Key, you need some kind of vase. * The Vase of Drought is supposed to be in the castle of Eginbear in the island country to the north of Portoga. * If you have an Invisibility Herb, go to Eginbear. * Fron the shrine, you can go to the cave known as the Navel of the Earth. DID YOU KNOW? 4. You should choose the type of direct attack spells according to the enemy type. For example, many enemies in the sea, such as King Squids and Crabus, accomstumed to cold sea water, have strong immune systems against the spells in the Frigid Family (IceBolt, SnowBlast, etc.) You should use spells in the other families, such as Blaze and Firebal against them. On the other hand, you should use spells in the Frigid Family against enemies who breathe out blaze, such as Lava Bashers and Orochi. The spells in the Blaze Family seem to have no effect on them. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 44 THE CASTLE OF EGINBEAR - Level 19 The guard at the gate won't let you pass because you are yokels. He doesn't like your looks, so fool him by becoming invisible. USE the Invisibility Herb you purchased at the Village of Lancel. Move along quickly because the effect does not last long. ARRANGE THE 3 BOULDERS ON THE BLUE FLOOR There is a chamber with three boulders in the basement of the castle. You must arrange the 3 boulders on the blue floor. This is a puzzle. You can push but cannot pull a boulder. Have fun! If you make a mistake, exit the chamber and re-enter to start over. If you cannot arrange the 3 boulders on the blue floor, see the hint on page 78. When you succeed, you will... CHECK THE KING'S CHAMBER AT NIGHT The King's counselor is doing something he doesn't want others to know about. For agreeing to keep quiet about it, he will tell you something... They Say... * A vase which has the power to dry up the ocean exists in this world. * Long ago a shrine sunk into the ocean and now there are shoals there. * On the shore of the continent to the west there is a small field surrounded by trees. ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 45 THE FIELD - Level 19 The King's Counselor in Eginbear mentioned the existence of the field surounded by trees on the shore of the western continent. There is an old man here. His vision is to build a new town, but he needs the help of a merchant... HELP THE OLD MAN Won't you help this poor old man fulfill his dream. Bring him a merchant from Aliahan! Go back to the castle town of Aliahan, to the Adventurer's Hall of Registration on the second floor of Luisa's Place, register a Merchant, and bring the Merchant here. (You must LEAVE one of your allies at Luisa's Place before ADDing the Merchant to your party.) If you haven't learned how to change a party member, refer to Section I, page 6. The Merchant doesn't need much experience. Just be sure to bring him/her to the field alive! You should keep him/her last in your formation for the best protection. (Use STATUS, then FORMATION to change the line-up.) TALK TO THE OLD MAN TALK to the old man after presenting the Merchant to him...Overjoyed with the hope of fulfilling his dream, he will give you some information. WATCH OUT FOR HADES' CONDORS They can use the Limbo spell on you and your allies. The spell will send the affected character away to limbo! If you are unfortunate enough to experience this, don't panic. You can always re-start the game, right? If you don't want to start over, you can look for the missing character. He/she will be returned to this world unscathed. You just need to find him/her. If you cannot, see the hint on page 78. They Say... *Check the area around the well in the Village of Soo, located in the middle of this continent. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 46 THE VILLAGE OF SOO - Level 19 Inn: 5 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Cypress Stick 5 +2 Club 30 +7 Poison Needle 10 +10 Thorn Whip 320 +18 Clothes 10 +4 Flashy Clothes 1300 +28 Fighting Suit 800 +23 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A Poison Moth Powder 500 N/A Invisibility Herb 300 N/A FIND THE STAFF OF THUNDER Follow the instruction given you by the old man at the field surrounded by trees, and you will find the Staff of Thunder. When USEd during battle, this item can inflict the same damage as the Firebane spell. TALK TO EVERYONE AND EVERY ANIMAL At least one animal in this village talks and can give you a clue as to where the Vase of Drought should be used. They Say... * A great wizard lives in a field on the ice-covered island. Greenlad, in the north sea. * Use the Vase of Drought in the shoals of the western ocean. * The Echoing Flute is in a Tower somewhere. * If you play the Echoing Flute in a place where an orb is near, an echo will come back. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 47 THE SHOALS - Level 20 If you TALKed to the talking horse in the village of Soo, you know where to look for the shoals. There you may use the Vase of Drought. USE the Vase of Drought by the shoals in the ocean west of the village of Soo. Enter the shrine which surfaces from the ocean. Inside you will see a treasure chest containing the Final Key. With that key, you will be able to open all types of doors! Begin with the door in the shrine. They Say... * There is a great pit called Giaga, deep in the mountains of Necrogond. All misfortunes emanate from that pit. GO TO THE VILLAGE OF TEDANKI AT NIGHT Do you remember the cell in the village of Tedanki which had a scrawl on the wall? At night, a guard blocks the opening to the cell, but there is a door there and you now have the Final Key. Enter the cell at night and TALK to the prisoner. He will give you an important item...Don't forget to TALK to him after recieving the item. They Say...(Tedanki) * There is an altar in Liamland in the distant south of Tedanki to place an orb on. THE GREENLAD - Level 20 Someone in the village of Soo mentioned a great wizard living on the island called Greenlad in the north sea. Go see him. To get to his cabin, enter a little greenfield on the ice-covered island and proceed straight ahead for awhile. They Say... * Many years ago, pirates came and left a strange bone. * With the Staff of Change you can change your shape and the King of Samanao is rumored to have it. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 48 THE SHRINE OF DHAMA - Level 20 Inn: 2 Gold per person Before going to Samanao, navigate eastward along the shoreline around Baharata. If you go up to the river to the east of Baharata, you will find this shrine. To the left of the old man at the entrance to the shrine, are the stairs to an inn and a House of Healing. CONVENIENT PLACE TO SAVE Use the Return spell to come here, and see the old man at the entrance. He will record (save) your game. CHANGE CLASS IF YOU LIKE Anyone who has reached level 20 can have a class change. To do so, enter the shrine and see the man in the middle. With a class change, for example, a Wizard can become a Soldier. The new Soldier would not learn any new spells but would be able to use all the spells learned while he/she was the Wizard. Note the following: 1. After a Class Change, the character's attributes, such as STRENGTH, AGILITY, and INTELLIGENCE will be halved and the level begins at 1 again. 2. The spells learned prior to a Class Change will not be forgotten, but the special talent, such as Merchant's appraisal ability, will be lost. 3. After a Class Change, each weapon and armor the character was equipped with will be removed. Be sure to re-EQUIP him/her with appropriate weapons and armor. Make a copy of your current Adventure Log before attempting a class change so that you may resume the pre-class-change condition if you wish. THE TOWER OF GARUNA - Level 21 ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 49 Someone said the Book of Satori was in this tower. Even if you don't want to have a class change, come here to gain Experience Points before going to Jipang. This tower is not very spacious but should entertain you for some time with intricate connections between rooms. On the first floor, there are four Travel Doors. The right choice of doors will get you to the other floors. WHERE IS THE BOOK OF SATORI? To reach some floors in this tower, you must fall from the tightropes or fall into the traps. The Book of Satori is in a treasure chest on one of these floors... WHAT IS THE BOOK OF SATORI? Anyone who wants to become a Sage must read this book to reach the state of enlightenment before requesting for a class change. (Possession alone will suffice.) Only the person who has this book at the time of the class change will be offered the chance to become a Sage. (In each quest, only one Book of Satori is available.) ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 50 JIPANG AND THE CAVE OF JIPANG - Level 23 JIPANG The Monster, Orochi, is terrorizing the villagers of Jipang. Himiko, the female ruler, picks female offerings according to her own prophecy. She seems cold-hearted and strange, especially at night... They Say... * Himiko has something like a crystal ball. * Himiko makes a strange "Sss...Sss..." sound while sleeping. THE CAVE OF JIPANG Oozing with bright red molten lava, this cave looks hostile. However, the cave itself is small and easy to travel. On the second basement level, the monster, Orochi, awaits you. CONFUSED? Derangers are quite a menace because they can confuse and disorient you and your allies with the Chaos spell. If this occurs, you may attack each other! What can you do to stop the affected person(s) from attacking the others? The ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 51 only effective solution: put the affected person(s) to sleep (use the Sleep spell). If the Pilgrim is put to sleep, you are out of luck! DEFEAT THE OROCHI The Orochi has more than one head and consequently can attack you with more than one blaze in each turn. The Sleep spell seems to work sometimes, and the spells in the Frigid Family seem to work fairly well. The Pilgrim might wish to decrease the defense power of the Orochi at the beginning of a battle using Sap. He/she should also try to maintain the HP of each member in the party at a sufficient level while the Hero and the Soldier concentrate on delivering blows to the Orochi. CHASE THE DEFEATED OROCHI Chase the defeated Orochi. It will lead you to Himiko's room. It seems she suffered a terrible injury. Is she the Orochi? Restore the maximum HP of each member in the party and TALK to her. Show no mercy as you begin your battle with Himiko's true form...the Orochi. When you defeat the Orochi for the second and final time, you will find... THE VILLAGE OF MUOR - Level 21 Inn: 12 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Staff of Judgement 2700 +35 Sledge Hammer 6500 +55 Full Plate Armor 2400 +32 Cloak of Evasion 2900 +20 Fighting Suit 800 +23 Iron Mask 3500 +25 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A Poison Moth Powder 500 N/A --------------------------------------------------------- Page 52 Almost everyone in this remote village near icy fields thinks you have a striking resemblance to Papagatero, who visited here a long time ago. An old man says Papagatero was from Aliahan...and he was known as O-R-T-E-G-A. You now know your father, Ortega, was once here. A kid named Popota gives you his Water Blaster which Ortega made for him while he was here. Good luck finding Popota! WHAT IS THE WATER BLASTER? The innocent looking device your father made while here must have some special power, or so it seems. You try to USE it on each villager in your way, and find to your amazement...the Water Blaster only excels in surprising people with cool spurting water but in nothing else...Well, that's all, folks! You'd better hurry! THE TOWER OF ARP - Level 23 Someone in the village of Soo said the Echoing Flute was in a tower somewhere. Is this the one? JUMP OFF THE TIGHTROPE There are four treasure chests on the third floor of this tower. The path to reach them will not be easy. Once you reach the fifth floor and walk toward the middle of the tightropes, mark your steps well and jump. One of the four treasure chests contains... ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 53 THE HOUSE OF PIRATES - Level 21 At night, you can TALK to the pirates. They don't seem hostile. You can expect to gather valuable information from them. The leader of the pirates is a woman. Watch what you say when you TALK to her. If she doesn't like the way you talk, she may withhold some important information. PLAY THE ECHOING FLUTE HERE Play the Echoing Flute in the house. Do you hear the echoes? If so, an Orb must be nearby. USE THE VAULT OFTEN You checked the basement of the house, and you found no Orb. Have you checked the house's perimeter? Don't you think the boulder outside on the east side of the house peculiar? SEARCH the area around or below the boulder and you will find... They Say... * Long ago, they once saw a Phantom Ship wandering in the seas. * They probably came across the Phantom Ship because they used the Sailor's Thigh Bone. * They gave the bone to an old man in Greenlad. * There is an island of Lugami to the south and slightly to the west of the House of Pirates. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 54 LUZAMI - Level 23 On this forgotten island, there is a prophet. TALK to him, and he will reveal your destiny. Also TALK to the man behind a counter in a little building. He sells nothing, but has vital information for you. SEARCH THE FLOWER GARDEN You will find a not-so-vital item there... They Say... * The shrine of the Archfiend is deep in the mountains of the Necrogond. * You will heave the Sword of Gaia into a volcano's crater, and your own path will unfold. * The Sword of Gaia was possessed by a man called Simon. THE NAVEL OF THE EARTH - Level 27 In the Village of Lancel, there is a big shrine on the north side. Go there and open all the doors you see with the Final Key. Don't miss doors around the gate of the shrine. TALK to everyone. There you will find two prophets. ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE At the shrine, you alone will be asked to test your courage. Accept the challenge, but be sure you are properly equipped. The Zombie Slasher, the Magic Armor, the Iron Mask, and the Iron Shield should help you meet the challenge. You should also carry the Final Key and wear (USE) the Meteorite Armband for the occasion. DON'T BE DISCOURAGED BY MIMICS There are several treasure chests inside the cave. Some of them are Mimics, lethal monster, which can cast the devestating Defeat spell. Be sure to open every treasure chest. One of them contains a very important item, and another a splendid suit of armor. They Say... * The companion you have parted with will help you fulfill your hopes. * The Yellow Orb has passed from hand to hand and circled the globe. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 55 THE NEW TOWN - Level N/A Occasionally visit the New town and the Merchant you left with the old man at the field surrounded by trees. (If you don't see any change between each visit, take a short break between each visit or push the RESET button on your NES. Be sure to save your progress before doing either of these.) ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 56 Isn't it exciting to see the town growing? The Merchant seems to be doing a good job of developing the town... But after a few visits, you notice the towns people begin to complain about the Merchant's way of doing business. Perhaps the Merchant has become too greedy... Keep visiting this new town. You will meet wayfarers who have traveled farther than you. They will tell you new things. Eventually one of the items you need, as a prophet in Lancel said, will end up in this town... THE CASTLE TOWN OF SAMANAO - Level 27 Inn: 12 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Iron Claw 770 +30 Staff of Judgement 2700 +35 Zombie Slasher 9800 +65 Dragon Killer 15000 +77 Magic Armor 5800 +40 Silver Shield 8800 +30 Wizard's Wand 1500 +15 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A Poison Moth Powder 500 N/A Do you remember the Great Wizard on Greenlad? He said he wanted the Staff of Change. He also said he had heard the rumor that the Staff of Change was kept by the King of Samanao. It's time to visit Samanao. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 57 HOW TO GET HERE To reach here for the first time, you must use Travel Doors. Find a shrine to the south of Greenlad. Of the three Travel Doors inside, step on the one to the right. (Use the other two Travel Doors and you will gain information about the Promontory of Olivia.) Once transported, venture to the north, cross the bridge, and walk to the southwest along the mountains. GET INTO THE CASTLE The entrance is strictly guarded. Even Invisibility Herbs won't help. If the front door doesn't work, try a back door. There is one for the kitchen on the east side of the castle. Go to see the King in the center of the castle. You will be caught by his guards and taken to the jail downstairs. A short stay in the jail will provide valuable information... They Say... * The "King" sleeps alone upstairs at night. * Someone stole the Staff of Change from the true King and assumed his form. * The Mirror of Ra which shows the true image of all those reflected in it, lies in a cave to the south. * Simon rotted away in the jail of a shrine in a lake in the northeast of distant Romaly. THE CAVE SOUTHEAST OF SAMANAO - Level 28 A prisoner in samanao said you would find the Mirror of Ra in this cave. The second basement is filled with many treasure chests. You can be greedy for a moment and indulge yourselves in a treasure hunt, but beward that some of them are Mimics; lethal monsters. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 58 ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 59 SEE THE REFLECTION OF THE "KING" OF SAMANAO Once you have the Mirror of Ra, wait until night falls and sneak into the King's chamber. (See the illustration of the castle of Samanao. If you cannot figure out how to get to his chamber, see the hint on page 78.) Stand by the sleeping King and USE the Mirror of Ra. The true form of the monster will be reflected upon the mirror. When defeated, the monster will leave a treasure chest. It contains... TRY THE STAFF OF CHANGE YOURSELF The Staff of Change is too good to give to the Great Wizard without giving it a try yourself. USE it to change your appearance. (See for the first time the profiles of Slime!) After having some fun with it, imagine ways to put the staff to real use. Do you remember the item store in the Hidden Village of Elves? They didn't want your business, but if you can assume the form of Elves, they should treat you right. The Wizard's Ring and the Magic Robe will be good buys. USE THE VAULT OFTEN Being thankful, he will give you the Sailor's Thigh Bone. This item indicates the distance between you and the wandering Phantom Ship. USE it to help you zero in on the ship. DID YOU KNOW? 5. You can reduce the potential damage enemies inflict by employing the "PARRY-FIGHT" technique. Select PARRY and press the A Button. Cancel the selection by pressing the B. Button, and then select FIGHT and press the A Button. By employing this technique, you can attack enemies while benefiting from the effect of PARRY. You may think the extra steps required a nuisance, but this technique will be quite useful against strong enemies. Notice the difference! Right: Usual; Left: PARRY-FIGHT ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 60 THE PHANTOM SHIP - Level 28 It takes time to find the Phantom Ship, since it is sailing aimlessly all over the world. If you find it, pull your ship alongside and board the Phantom Ship. TALK to everyone (alive or not). In a room on the lower deck, you will find some treasure chests. One of them contains the Locket of Love. But which is it? GO TO THE PROMONTORY OF OLIVIA If you've TALKed to the old man at the Promontory of Olivia, you should be able to guess what to do with the Locket of Love. While your ship is being pulled back past the promontory by the curse of Olivia, USE the Locket of Love. The curse will be lifted and you can now go to... GET INSIDE THE SHRINE JAIL IN THE LAKE TALK to everything (including fires!) You will find the spirit of Simon there and it will instruct you to SEARCH around his body. You will find... THE CAVE OF NECROGOND - Level 32 ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 61 The prophet in Luzami said you would heave the Sword of Gaia into a volcano's crater and your own path would unfold before you. Go to the crater to the south of Assaram and heave (USE) the Sword of Gaia into the crater. It will erupt, causing molten lava to flow into the river and solidify, connecting the shore to the valley of Necrogond. Walk south and you will reach the cave of Necrogond (if you are strong enough.) PENETRATE THE CAVE On the other side of the cave, there is a tiny shrine. At this shrine, you will find another Orb. Don't let the short distance between two openings of the cave entice you to enter unprepared. Many monsters, more powerful and devestating than any you have encountered so far, await you inside. It will not be easy to reach the other side of the cave, but don't give up. Make as many retreats as you need using the Outside and Return spells. Think of this cave as the last training ground before confronting the Archfiend, Baramos. If you cannot penetrate this cave, you won't stand a chance against Baramos. Be sure to check every treasure chest while you are in the cave. Two of the most sought-after weapons and armor are hidden in the cave: the Lightning Sword and the Swordedge Armor. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 62 -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 63 LIAMLAND - Level 34 So you finally reached the other side of the cave of Necrogond and recieved another Orb from the old man in the tiny shrine. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have all six Orbs: Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Silver. What? You don't have six Orbs yet? There is no point in coming to Liamland unless you have them all! You must retreat and retrieve the remaining Orbs. See page 79 if you need hints on locating the remaining Orbs. Take all six Orbs to the chamber in Liamland. Place one of the six Orbs on each pedestal in the altar attended by twin maidens. (To place an Orb, approach one of six pedestals, select ITEM, then an Orb, and finally USE.) Colors are of no significance. You can place any Orb on any pedestal. After placing all six Orbs on the pedestals, wait patiently. The legendary bird, Ramia, will resurrect before your eyes. She will fly you to the castle of Baramos. HOW TO RIDE RAMIA To ride Ramia, move the lead character of your party over the back of Ramia and press the A button. The rest of the party will follow. Using the +Control Pad, direct Ramia to fly in the direction of your choice. Your perseverance has paid off! Now you can soar over the land of Dragon Warrior III. HOW TO LAND To land, press the A Button. Move your party, using the +Control Pad, off Ramia. Note you cannot direct Ramia to land on places where you cannot walk, such as craggy mountains and seas. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Page 64 THE CASTLE OF BARAMOS - Level 34 After enjoying some relaxing excursions in the sky on Ramia, you set out to launch and assault against "thy enemy," the infamous Archfiend Baramos in the Necrogond... The castle doesn't seem large, but even with a map you would have a hard time navigating through the castle. Can you reach the chamber with three treasure chests? One of them should contain the Demon Axe, probably the strongest weapon a Soldier can be equipped with in the world of Dragon Warrior III. (Be sure to EQUIP the Soldier with the weapon as soon as you find it.) In the basement of this castle, awaits Baramos. Can you find the way to the basement? If you have trouble reaching the basement, see the hint on page 79. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 65 HOW TO FIGHT BARAMOS Before the battle with Baramos begins, be sure to restore the maximum HP of every memer of your party. As soon as the battle starts, have the Wizard cast the Bikill spell on allies to double their attack powers and have the Pilgrim or the Sage cast the Increase spell to maximize their defense power. You can be assured that no spell will work on Baramos. So don't waste turns or valuable MP casting spells on Baramos. The Pilgrim or the Sage should pay attention to the HP of each member of the party and heal the wounded. With the Wizard and the Pilgrim or the Sage as the support group, the members who excel in fighting (the Hero, the Soldier, etc.) should keep delivering direct blows. The battle will be a long one, but with good teamwork, you should prevail... -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 66 So you defeated the Archfiend Baramos. The quest was long and at some points you thought you would never make it to the end. But you have persevered. It's time to return to Aliahan and tell the world what you accomplished! When you arrive at the town of Aliahan, everyone in the town already seems to know of your feat and they thank you. The King of Aliahan commends your quest and orders a celebration...but unearthly voice is heard out of nowhere... "Ha, ha, ha!" "I am Zoma, Master Archfiend who rules the dark realms." "By the powers I possess, before long, this world too will be locked in darkness..." The King, depressed with yet another threat from the dark realm, dismisses you. You are exhausted but decide to continue your quest. Where do you go from here...and how? Remembering the Great Pit of Giaga near the castle of Baramos, you visit it again. There is a hole in the floor now. Being suspicious, you jump into it and enter. THE WORLD OF DARKNESS ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 67 TANTEGEL - Level 35 Inn: 1 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Wizard's Wand 1500 +15 Staff of Judgement 2700 +35 Dragon Killer 15000 +77 Falcon Sword 25000 +5 Sacred Robe 4400 +30 Dragon Mail 9800 +45 Magic Robe 3000 +35 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A Invisibility Herb 300 N/A THE CASTLE TOWN You must gather information again by TALKing to everyone you see. Be sure to open locked doors if you see any. You will be surprised by who you know in this town. He is on the second floor of the building on the north side of town. He seems reformed now and, in appreciation of the compassion you once showed him, gives you some information. They Say... * The Stones of Sunlight are in Tantegal Castle * When rain and sunlight are combined, a Rainbow Bridge will form. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 68 WHERE ARE THE STONES OF SUNLIGHT? They don't seem to be in the underground chamber outside the castle as you may have hoped. Things aren't that simple. Your old acquaintance in the castle town said " Tantegal Castle." Shouldn't you look for it "inside" the castle instead? They Say... * The Master Archfiend's castle is across the sea. * It may be possible to defeat the Master Archfiend, Zoma, if you possess at least the Sword of Kings, the Armor of Radiance, and the Shield of Heroes. * The village of Kol is east of Tantegel by boat. * The Fairy Flute may be in the village of Kol. * The spirit, Rubiss is sealed in by a curse of the Archfiend. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 69 THE VILLAGE OF KOL - Level 36 Inn: 31 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Broad Sword 1500 +33 Sledge Hammer 6500 +55 Dragon Mail 9800 +45 Water Flying Clotl12500 +40 Silver Shield 8800 +30 Iron Mask 3500 +25 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A More merchandise may become available. In this village, you find a couple from Jipang. According to the wife, they fled Jipang when it looked like they were to become the next offerings to the Orochi. She also mentions that her husband used to be a swordsmith in Jipang. He now runs the item store in the town. Do you think he can help you in some way? They Say... * Rubiss is sealed inside a Tower on an island to the west. * The Sphere of light should weaken the magical powers of the Archfiend. * The Sword of Kings was shattered into pieces by the Archfiend. * The owner of the item store buys useless things, restores them, and resells them. * The owner of the item store is from Jipang and he used to be a swordsmith. * The Sword of Kings was made of Oricon. * The Fairy Flute should free Rubiss from the curse that turned her into a stone statue. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 70 THE TOWN OF HAUKSNESS - Level 37 Inn: 25 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Zombie Slasher 9800 +65 Staff of Judgement 2700 +35 Sacred Robe 4400 +30 Dragon Mail 9800 +45 Shield of Strength15000 +40 Designer Swimsuit 78000 +1 Item Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Medical Herb 8 N/A Antidote Herb 10 N/A Fairy Water 20 N/A Wing of Wyvern 25 N/A Full Moon Herb 30 N/A Poison Moth Powder 500 N/A FIND ORICON There is a man who is also looking for Oricon. He says he heard there were some in this town. TALK to the two women in the outer eastern section of the town. One of them says she saw something glittering in...SEARCH the area. CHECK OUTSIDE THE SOUTHERN PART OF TOWN There are a few buildings and a pasture there. Don't overlook them. They Say... * A flute is buried four steps south of the bath in Kol. * The Sphere of Light is in the world above. -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 71 GO BACK TO THE VILLAGE OF KOL You now have the Oricon. But what does it do? Well, it is of no use to you unprocessed. Do you remember the item store owner who used to be a swordsmith in Jipang. Perhaps he can help you in some way. If you cannot figure out what to do with the Oricon, see the hint on page 79. While you are in the village of Kol, don't forget to look for the flute mentioned by a woman in the town of Hauksness. GET THE SPHERE OF LIGHT If you don't have the Sphere of Light yet, go to the world above and get it. "Where is it?" you ask. Did you notice that there was a castle on the north bank of the river which led you to the Promontory of Olivia? If you were careful, you should have caught a glimpse of it. That is the castle where the Dragon Queen lives. Visit her in her chamber located in the center of the castle. THE TOWN OF CANTLIN - Level 38 Depressed with the fear of the Master Archfiend, most people here don't want to work. Except the old man behind the barrier, they don't seem informative, either. Be sure to TALK to the old man. They Say... * To go to the island of the Archfiend, you will need the Stones of Sunlight, the Staff of Rain, and the Sacred Amulet. ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 72 THE TOWN OF RIMULDAR - Level 38 Inn: 20 Gold per person Weapon Store MERCHANDISE PRICE A/D Falcon Sword 25000 +5 Sword of Destrctn.45000 +110 Cloak of Evasion 2900 +20 Magic Armor 5800 +40 Silver Shield 8800 +30 Iron Mask 3500 +25 TALK to everyone. Go into every room you can find in the town. An unlikely person might give you a very crucial hint. However, whether he is a reliable source is unknown. They Say... * The Armor of Radiance is in the tower that Rubiss is sealed in. * When drops of liquid light up the darkness, a rainbow bridge will appear at the western end of this island. * The Sage's Stone heals everyone's wounds and can be used any number of times. * There is a secret passage behind the throne in the castle of the Archfiend. THE CAVE NORTHWEST OF TANTEGEL - Level 39 ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 73 THE TOWER WEST OF KOL - Level 40 ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 74 The old man outside the tower says that if you have the Fairy Flute, you should go up to the fifth floor. But you cannot go up higher than the third floor from inside. There is a corridor on the ground floor which has the first flight of stairs leading to the fifth floor. You can enter the corridor by jumping off the north opening of the third floor. CHECK EVERY TREASURE BOX Do you remember what you heard about the Armor of Radiance in the town of Rimuldar? It should be in this tower. HOW TO WALK ON ROTATING FLOORS This tower has Rotating Floors, tricky sections of floors new to you. When your characters are on these floors, their movement and the normal +Control Pad movements don't correspond. Although it may seem there is no relationship between the direction you enter by using the +Control Pad and the actual movement made by your characters on the screen, there is one simple relationship. Can you find it? If you can't figure it out, see the hint on page 79. --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 75 FREE THE SPIRIT, RUBISS The stone statue you see in the middle of the fifth floor is the Spirit Rubiss. Play (USE) the Fairy Flute to free Rubiss. When freed, she will give you... THE RAINBOW BRIDGE - Level 43 See the spirit at the underground shrine near the town of Cantlin. She will give you the Staff of Rain. Now you should have all three necessary items to get to the island of the Master Archfiend: the Stones of Sunlight, the Staff of Rain, and the Sacred Amulet. See the sage at the underground shrine in the island south of Rimuldar. Satisfied to see you have collected all of the three crucial items, he will give you the Rainbow Drop. At the promontory northwest of the town of Rimuldar, use the Rainbow Drop. The Rainbow Bridge will appear, connecting the island of the Archfiend and the island of Rimuldar. THE CASTLE OF ZOMA - Level 44 The Master Archfiend, Zoma, is inside this castle. Don't get trapped in the castle's infinite loops. Can't find the way to Zoma? Do you remember what the chronic lying prisoner you saw in the town of Rimunldar had said? Maybe he was telling the truth that time...(If you can't find the passage, see the hint on page 79.) -------------------------------------------------------------- Page 76 On the fifth basement leve, you will witness a courageous warrior fighting a monster. He is the person you heard so much about at many of the places you visited... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Page 77 HOW TO FIGHT ZOMA On the fifth basement level, you will see five treasure chests. One of them contains the Sage's Stone. This item, when used during a battle, works like the Healus spell. Have the Pilgrim or Sage member of your party carry it. Zoma awaits you on the sixth basement level. He is protected by three bodyguards. Defeat them, one by one. Before each battle, be sure to restore the maximum HP of each character. If you have the Wizard's Ring, USE it to also restore some MP. As soon as the battle with Zoma begins, USE the Sphere of Light. Being the Master Archfiend of the Darkness, Zoma is susceptible to the power omitted by the Sphere of Light. Without it, you cannot inflict any damage to Zoma. As always, the Pilgrim or Sage member should concentrate on healing the wounded. The Wizard should concentrate on doubling the attack power of each member, by casting the Bikill spell. Don't waste turns or MP by casting attack spells which don't seem to work on Zoma. From midpoint of the battle onward, Zoma will breathe out air to nullify the effects of all magic spells. The Sage's Stone will, then, be indispensable. Even with an elaborate plan and coordinated teamwork, you will find Zoma seemingly impossible to defeat. Believe in yourself. You will win...eventually...if you are determined. GOOD LUCK! ------------------------------------------------------------- Page 78 THE ULTIMATE HINTS WHERE IS THE MAGIC BALL? An old man in the village of Reeve has one. Look for him. HOW TO OPEN THE SEALED STONE WALL IN THE PYRAMID On the third floor, on the wall to the south, there are four buttons: two on the east side and two on the west side. Press one of the two buttons on the east side first and then one of the other two on the west side. If you press the right buttons, the wall will open. If not, you will fall through the trap door! HOW TO ARRANGE THREE BOULDERS IN THE CASTLE OF EGINBEAR You can attempt to arrange three boulders as many times as you like. If you make a mistake, exit the chamber and re-enter the chamber when you are ready. The screen shots below illustrate one way to move the boulder on the left to the blue floor: Push the boulder on the left toward the wall. Push the boulder in the middle to the right to make some room. Push the boulder on the left to the right. Be careful not to drop it in the pond. Push the boulder on the left to the blue floor. Repeat for the other boulders. WHERE IS THE MISSING ALLY? The character sent away to limbo by the Limbo spell will be returned to this world unscathed. He/she will be found at Luisa's Place in Aliahan. See Luisa and ADD the ally back to your party again. HOW TO ENTER THE CHAMBER OF THE KING OF SAMANAO AT NIGHT See the illustration of the castle of Samanao in Section II. Notice the tower on the east side of the castle. Enter the castle through the kitchen door on the east side. Go up the tower to the top and jump off through the opening to the west. Walk on the roof to get to the King's Chamber. WHERE IS THE SWORD OF GAIA? If you TALKed to the spirit at the shrine jail by the Promontory of Olivia, you should know that the Sword of Gaia is hidden around one of the bodies there. SEARCH the area around the body. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Page 79 WHERE ARE THE SIX ORBS? GREEN ORB Visit the village of Tedanki at night. Open the Final Key Door of a prison cell and TALK to the prisoner there. PURPLE ORB SEARCH the treasure chest the Orochi in Jipang leaves when she is defeated. RED ORB Move the boulder outside of the House of Pirates and SEARCH the spot. Climb down the stairs. BLUE ORB SEARCH a treasure chest on the third basement level of the Navel of the Earth. YELLOW ORB Visit the new town often and TALK to the Merchant. When he is imprisoned, he reveals where to look for it. SILVER ORB See the old man at the shrine by one of the openings of the Cave of Necrogond. HOW TO ENTER BARAMOS' CHAMBER Follow the route outlined below (the letters correspond to the ones in the diagram of the castle of Baramos in Section II): 2F: B-A D-C | | | | 1F: C D-H K-G F-E A-B-Baramos' Chamber | | | | B1: D-F C-A WHERE IS THE SWORD OF KINGS? Find the Oricon in the pasture of the town of Hauksness and go to the village of Kol. Sell the Oricon to the owner of the item store who used to be a swordsmith in Jipang. Leave the village and come back later. He will have forged the Sword of Kings and put it up for sale by then. HOW TO WALK ON THE ROTATING FLOORS When you are on a rotating floor, pressing the +Control Pad in the direction corresponding to the dark side of the floor moves you up. For example, when you are on one of the floors in the picture to the right, pressing left on +Control Pad moves you up. Try to figure out how other moves can be controlled. HOW TO REACH THE THIRD BASEMENT LEVEL IN THE CASTLE OF ZOMA To avoid getting trapped in the infinite loop of the second basement, you must enter the second basement through a secret passage. Do you remember what the chronic lying prisoner int he town of Rimuldar said? SEARCH the area behind the throne on the first basement level. You will find the stairs to the passage. ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 80 INDEX CLUES TO KEY ITEMS: Armor of Radiance..............68, 74 Black Pepper...............39, 40, 41 Book of Satori................49, (49) Dream Ruby.....................31, 32 Echoing Flute.............46, 52, (53) Fairy Flute.......68, 69, 70, 71, (75) Invisibility Herb.............43, (44) Keys Final Key.................42, 43, 47 Magic Key.............32, 35, 37, 38 Thief's Key...................23, 25 Locket of Love................60, (60) Magic Ball................27, 79, (26) Meteorite Armband.............36, (36) Mirror of Ra..............58, 60, (60) Blue Orb.................54, 79, (63) Green Orb............42, 47, 79, (63) Purple Orb...........50, 51, 79, (63) Red Orb..................53, 79, (63) Silver Orb...............61, 79, (63) Yellow Orb...........54, 56, 79, (63) Oricon....................70, 71, (71) Rainbow Drop..................75, (75) Royal Scroll..............39, 40, (40) Sacred Amulet......................75 Sage's Stone..............72, 77, (77) Sailor's Thigh Bone...47, 53, 59, (59) Shield of Heroes...................68 Sphere of Light.......69, 70, 71, (77) Stones of Sunlight....67, 68, 71, (75) Staff of Change.......47, 56, 59, (59) Staff of Rain.................75, (75) Sword of Gaia.........54, 60, 79, (61) Sword of Kings.........68, 69, 70, 71 Vase of Drought...........43, 44, (44) Wake up Powder................32, (32) Pages in () explain usage SPELLS: See the list on the Map Poster COMMANDS: WALKABOUT MODE TALK....................11 STATUS..................11 SEARCH..................11 SPELL...................12 ITEM....................12 USE...............12, 14 TRANSFER..............11 DISCARD...............11 EQUIP...............12, 14 FIGHTING MODE FIGHT...................15 RUN.....................15 PARRY...................15 SPELL...................15 ITEM....................16 MAPS: The World of Darkness.......................66 The Cave on Promontory & The Tower of Najima.....................24 The Cave of Enticement......................26 The Cave West of Noaniels...................31 The Tower of Shanpane.......................33 The Pyramid.................................37 The Cave East of Baharata...................40 The Tower of Garuna.........................49 The Cave of Jipang..........................50 The Navel of the Earth......................55 The Cave Southeast of Samanao...............58 The Phantom Ship............................60 The Cave of Necrogond.......................61 The Castle of Baramos.......................64 The Cave Northwest of Tantegel..............73 The Tower West of Kol.......................73 The Castle of Zoma..........................76

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