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Dragon Warrior 2

Typed out by Anthony Palmer ----------p. 3---------- Contents Welcome to the World of Dragon Warrior II!! 4 The Story of Dragon Warrior 5 Starting the Game 7 Saving the Game 9 How to Operate the Controller 10 Using Commands in the Walkabout Mode 11 Using Commands in the Fighting Mode 16 Characters 19 Geographical Features 23 Shops 27 Weapons and Armors 29 Tools and Items 33 Spells 35 Starting the Adventure 42 Hints for the Journey 43 ----------p. 4---------- WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DRAGON WARRIOR II!! ----------p. 5---------- THE STORY OF DRAGON WARRIOR Though the time of his deeds has long faded, still the name of Erdrick commands respect among even the greatest of warriors. Stories of his lineage are legendary throughout the land and have been retold through the ages in the most remote villages and townships. Long ago a young man, who was a descendant of Erdrick, saved the Kingdom of Alefgard by defeating the dreaded Dragonlord. The young man came to this land accompanied by Princess Gwaelin. Together they built TORLAND. This legend has been handed down generation to generation from the ancient time. Princess Gwaelin brought forth three children. To the eldest prince was given the land of Midenhall. To the youngest prince the land of Cannock became his birthright. The youngest princess was given the land of Moonbrooke. The descendants of Erdrick were fair and just rulers, as were their children, and the people of these kingdoms lived in peace for 100 years. One day, however, this peace suddenly came to an end. Hargon the Sorcerer attacked Moonbrooke Castle and attempted to rule the world by calling the ill-omened gods from the dark. Although terrible losses were suffered, one soldier escaped the sacking of ----------p. 6---------- Moonbrooke Castle. Thugh seriously wounded, he made his way to Midenhall Castle to warn the King. The King was old and could not go forth to do battle against Hargon, so he turned to his heir to accept this task. Yes, you are the heir to the King and a true descendant of Erdrick the Great. Before you lies a world of mystery and imagination. You will encounter enemies and riddles which will test your strength and knowledge. Your journey has just begun... ----------p. 7---------- STARTING THE GAME Load the Game Pak into the NES control deck and turn on the power supply. The Title screen will appear. This picture will change automatically. Press Start and you will see the option screen. (When you play the game for the first time, only the command BEGIN A NEW QUEST will appear.) Once you have started an adventure (adv) log, when you press Start, the option screen will display the following commands. Each of these commands is explained below. CONTINUE A QUEST To continue a previous quest. CHANGE MESSAGE SPEED This command controls the appearance of text on the screen (SLOW, MEDIUM, or FAST). ----------p. 8----------- BEGIN A NEW QUEST This command allows you to start a new adv log. Up to 3 adv logs at a time may be stored on the game pak. COPY A QUEST This command will copy a character's quest to a blank adv log. ERASE A QUEST This command will allow you to erase an adv log. (Caution: Once you have erased an adv log, you cannot retrieve it again.) --- LET'S REGISTER YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME! When you select the BEGIN A QUEST command and press A, you will see the available adv logs. Select one with the +control pad (+cpad) and press A. The screen for registering your character's name will now appear. Select the letters with the +cpad and enter them with A. If you make a mistake, you can use the BACK key to write over a letter. When you are finished, select END and press A. The PROLOGUE will then begin. ----------p. 9----------- The PROLOGUE will give you some background on the world which you are about to enter. Listen carefully, for you may receive valuable information which will help you during your quest. (Press A when you see the flashing arrow to advance the text.) When the King of Midenhall asks you to come with him, do not hesitate, for this is the beginning of your quest. Though the challenges you will face are many and difficult, you are a brave warrior and your heritage will not forsake you. From this point forward, the fate of this world is in your hands. SAVING THE GAME You can save your game by visiting a King to have your deeds recorded on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor. Even though you may be continuing your quest, we advise that you periodically visit the King. For example, you may wish to save the game when you are promoted to a higher level. When you wish to rest from the game, remember to hold the Reset button in while turning off the power. This will keep your saved information from being damaged. ----------p. 10---------- HOW TO OPERATE THE CONTROLLER +Control pad (+cpad) This moves your character up, down, left, and right. When entering commands, this pad moves the flashing arrow in the command window in the same direction. A-button When you press this button, the command window appears on the screen and you can enter commands. Use the +cpad to bring the arrow to the command that you wish, then press A. If you press A when the arrow is flashing in the text window, the next text window will be displayed. B-button Press this button to cancel a command. ----------p. 11---------- USING COMMANDS IN THE WALKABOUT MODE Command window [at top of screen]: Talk, Status, Search, Spell, Item, Equip Status window [at bottom of screen]: Name, LV, HP, MP By pressing A while you are in the walkabout mode, you can see the command window. Select commands by using the +cpad and enter these commands by pressing A. Cancel by pressing B. The status window will appear when you stop. It displays information about your character(s). LV shows the characters' levels, HP displays hit points, and MP stands for Magic Power. For details see page 19. ----------p. 12---------- When LV changes to PO this means that a character has been infected with poison. For each step that a character takes while poisoned, (s)he will lose HP. When buying or selling at a shop, the amount of gold you have acquired will be displayed. USING THE COMMAND WINDOW Once you have selected the command window with the A-button, you can choose from the following selections. (To cancel, press B.) TALK Use this command to talk with the people you will meet. You should speak with everyone to gather information you will need. In order to talk with someone, you must be standing next to them. Turn to the person and press A. ----------p. 13---------- At a store or an inn, you can speak across the counter. By speaking through the bars you can talk with a person in jail. STATUS By selecting this window, you can see a current display of your character's status. Choose which character you wish to see and press A. Strength, agility, HP, maximum HP, MP, maximum MP, attack power, defence power, and experience points (EXP) will appear in the first window. By pressing A again, you will see gold and crests in the top window. Items will appear in the lower window. For details see page 22. ----------p. 14---------- SEARCH By using this command, you can search the ground where you are standing. If you find a treasure chest, place your character over the treasure and use the SEARCH command. If your character is already carrying eight items, the treasure will be given to the next character. If all of the characters are carrying eight items, you may choose to have one of them throw away an item in order to take the treasure. SPELL Use this command to chant magic spells. Although your character will not be able to use magic, the other two allies who you will meet will learn many spells. ITEM This command allows you to see the items that each character is carrying. You can choose to USE, TRADE, or THROW away an item. You must be accompanied by an ally in order to trade an item. To open a door you must turn toward it and use a key. Not all doors open with the same key. In order to see the list of a character's items, select the character from the item window with the +cpad and push A. Items which have already been equipped will have an "E" next to them. Push B to return to the walkabout mode. ----------p. 15---------- EQUIP During your journey you will acquire various kinds of weapons and armor. You must use the EQUIP command in order to make these items useful to you. When you select the character whose item(s) you wish to equip you will see the flashing arrow. Use the +cpad to choose the item to be equipped and press A. If the item has been equipped, an "E" will appear by it and you may notice a change in your attack power or defence power. Equip your characters so that their power is as strong as possible to defeat enemies. Because your characters have different strengths, they may not all be equipped with the same items. [Notice: If you are familiar with DW I, you will notice the following differences in commands for DW II. STAIRS: There is no longer the need to select the STAIRS command. You can walk up and own the stairs by moving your character through the stairway. DOOR: To pass through a door, use the proper key from the item window. TAKE: To take a treasure, stand over it and select SEARCH. Although you will enter caves, you will no longer need a torch to be able to see your surroundings.] ----------p. 16---------- USING COMMANDS IN THE FIGHTING MODE You will have allies to fight with you, but you will also face groups of enemies which you must defeat. The number of enemies appears below their pictures. Choose your fighting strategy carefully to best use the strengths of your allies. To reach higher levels, you must fight many different enemies. When you come across an enemy, you will automatically enter the fighting mode. In the fighting mode, the number and kinds of enemies are shown and then the fighting command window appears. Select what you want to do by moving the flashing arrow and pressing A. If you are fighting with allies, also select their choices for each round of battle. Take your time making your decisions. Using your wits and the teamwork of your allies will lead you to victories with less damage to your HP. ----------p. 17---------- FIGHT This command will allow you to attack your enemies with the equipped weapons which you possess. Near the beginning of your journey you must fight alone and with limited strength. Although you will not be able to defeat the enemies with one attack, do not give up. Though you may be damaged, keep attacking unless your HP drops to a dangerous level. The screen will turn yellow when you are seriously injured. RUN When you select this command, you and your allies will try to run away from the enemies. You can use this command before, and during a fight. Watch your HP carefully to determine when to fight and when to run away. Some enemies are very powerful and may surround you so that you will not be able to escape them. PARRY If you or one of your allies continues to attack when your HP are too low, the enemies may easily defeat this character. You may wish to select the PARRY command for a weak ally. This will reduce the amount of damage inflicted by the enemies. ----------p. 18---------- SPELL Although you are a fighter and unable to use items while in a battle, your allies may do so. By selecting SPELL you will see the list of available choices. Choose which item you wish to use with the flashing arrow and press A. If the spell is for an attack, choose the enemy which you wish to use this on. If it is for defence, select the ally that will benefit from this spell. Some spells do not need to be designated. --- Now that you have selected the fight commands, it's time to begin the battle. Fighters attack according to their agility, whether they are an ally or an enemy. The fight ends when one side is completely defeated. If a round of battle ends and neither side is defeated, the fight command window will appear again so that you may select your choices for the next round of battle. ITEM One example of this command is to use the medical herb for restoring HP during a fight. Like the SPELL command, you must select who these items will be used on. Choose your strategy wisely to fight enemies and to help your allies. During a fight, items may not be traded or thrown away. --- Push B if you have entered a command which you wish to change. Pushing B again will bring up the previous character's screen allowing you to make changes before the next round of the fight takes place. ----------p. 19---------- CHARACTERS Three characters are in this adventure. Study each one cloely to make the best decisions for the group. In the walkabout mode, whenever your character stops, a status window will appear with the characters' names, LV, HP, and MP listed. LV (LEVEL) This command shows the level of each character. By fighting with enemies and accumulating EXP, characters can reach higher levels. Your allies will learn more difficult spells as they reach higher levels. Maximum HP and MP will also be raised at each level allowing you to defeat stronger enemies! HP (HIT POINTS) The HP of a character decrease as when attacked by enemies. A character dies when his/her HP fall to zero. MP (MAGIC POWER) MP is the power to chant spells. The amount of MP that a spell will cost depends on the strength of the spell. ----------p. 20---------- By selecting STATUS from the command window and choosing a character you can see the strengths and possessions of each character in your group. Gold and crests are seen by pressing A. You will also see weapons listed on the lower screen. An "E" to the left of the weapon tells you that it has been equipped. By pressing A again you can see the spells which your allies possess. STRENGTH When you reach a higher level, your strength will also increase. AGILITY This is the quickness of your character. It affects the order of attack against enemies. Like STRENGTH, it will also rise with your level. HIT POINTS Your HP also appear on this screen. ----------p. 21---------- MAXIMUM HIT POINTS The higher number of HP which this character may have at his/her current level. By staying at an inn all characters will regain their maximum HP. MAGIC POWER MP also appears on this screen. MAXIMUM MAGIC POWER Like MAXIMUM HP, this number will increase with each level, and maximum MP will be regained by staying at an inn. ATTACK POWER (AP) As this figure increases, you will be able to inflict more damage upon your enemies with each attack. DEFENCE POWER (DP) The larger this figure, the less damage you receive from the attack of enemies. EXPERIENCE POINTS (EXP) You will gain EXP according to the strength of the enemies which you defeat. When you have enough EXP, your level will increase. This is how your character becomes stronger. ----------p. 22---------- GOLD The sum of all the money that you and allies have. Do not spend your gold foolishly. Buy more items, powerful weapons, and armor with your earnings. CRESTS Each time you discover a crest, its symbol will be displayed. Listen carefully to the people who you meet. They will tell you where you can look to find the crests. There are five crests: Sun, Star, Moon, Water, and Life. ----------p. 23---------- TRAVEL THE WORLD THAT IS MORE THAN FOUR TIMES LARGER THAN THE LAND OF ALEFGARD IN DRAGON WARRIOR I. GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES Castles: There are 6 castles in this world which you must visit. Towns: Seek out the various types of stores in the towns. Plains, Deserts, and Mountains: You can walk about normally in these places. Forests, Trees, and Bushes: You can also walk about normally here. ----------p. 24---------- Sea and Shallows: You can enter the sea by ship, but not the shallows. Doors: There are different types of doors. You must have the proper key to open a door. Stairs: If you step on the stairs you will automatically move to the next level. Caves: When you step upon the symbol of the cave, you will automatically be transported inside. Monoliths: You may enter these the same way that you enter a cave. Poisonous Swamps: For each step that you take in a poisonous swamp you will lose hit points. ----------p. 25---------- Bridges: By crossing bridges you can find areas where more powerful enemies live. Towers: Powerful enemies live here. There may also be great treasures to be found. Craggy Mountains: These are steep, impassable mountains. Barriers: There are 2 kinds of barriers which inflict different amounts of damage to your characters. Counters: You can speak with the shopkeepers across the counters. Dock: You can leave here by ship. ----------p. 26---------- Travel Doors: If you set foot upon the travel door, you will be transported to a distant place. Roofs: Look for the entrance when you see a roof. Jail Doors: Prisoners are kept behind the jail doors. Treasure Chests: You can open these by using the SEARCH command. ----------p. 27---------- SHOPS WHEN YOU ENTER A TOWN, LOOK FOR THE SHOPS WHERE YOU CAN BUY NEEDED ITEMS. YOU CAN ALSO SELL YOUR BELONGINGS. WEAPON STORES They sell different kinds of weapons and armor. Talk to the owner across the counter. He will show you what is for sale. Select what you want to buy. If you do not see anything that interests you, press B to cancel. ----------p. 28---------- INNS By staying overnight at an inn you and your allies can regain your maximum HP and MP. The cost of staying at the inn varies from town to town. The cost quoted by the inkeeper is for your entire group. ITEM STORES These shops sell medical herbs and other items. You may also sell unneeded belongings here. When two or more characters enter the shop, you will be asked to designate who is buying or selling the items. The total of your gold will be displayed so that you will know what you can afford. HOUSES OF HEALING (HOH) The HOH will perform services for characters in your group who have been poisoned, cursed, or killed during a battle. By paying the proper fee and selecting from the choices of DETOXICATE, UNCURSE, or REVIVAL, you can restore your characters' health. LOTTERY You can win various prizes here by playing the lottery. Although you will need to have a lottery ticket to play, it should not be too difficult for you to obtain this. ----------p. 29---------- WEAPONS AND ARMORS CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTERS' WEAPONS ACCORDING TO THEIR SKILLS Weapons and armor are of no value unless you put them on and use them. With the EQUIP command you can accomplish this. Once a weapon or a piece of armor is equipped, you will see an "E" next to its listing. When you have allies, you will find that they may not be able to be equipped with certain items. For example, your second ally is strong in the ways of magic, but there is armor which is too heavy for him, and weapons which he cannot wield. ----------p. 30---------- WEAPONS COPPER SWORD: This is a long sword made of copper. It is a good fighting weapon. MAGIC KNIFE: This knife has been bestowed with a magical force. Characters who cannot wield the heavier weapons may find this very useful. CHAIN SICKLE: This is a sickle joined to an iron handle by a chain. It can be a powerful weapon. IRON SPEAR: The iron spear is a more powerful weapon and it all ows you to fight with some distance between you and your enemies. WIZARD'S WAND: When held overhead, tongues of flae shoot forth from this wand. Although you can use this as a weapon, it can also inflict damage through the item command window. ----------p. 31---------- ARMORS CLOTHES: A garment made of thick hemp cloth. Though it does not provide much protection, still it is better than nothing. LEATHER ARMOR: Pieces of leather sewn together to make a light armor. It easily allows movement while providing more protection than clothes. CHAIN MAIL: Armor sewn together by a light metallic thread. It is still easy to move about in, and it provides much more protection from enemies. FULL PLATE ARMOR: Extremely strong and durable armor made of steel. One who wears this must also be strong to carry its weight. ----------p. 32---------- SHIELDS LEATHER SHIELD: This is a wooden shield which has been covered with pieces of leather. This is the least powerful shield. IRON HELMET: A helmet made of iron to protect you from attacks to the head. Remember to equip yourself with weapons and armor to increase your ability as a fighter. Check your AP and DP to see how your character's status is affected. ----------p. 33---------- TOOLS AND ITEMS MEDICAL HERBS: A traditional form of medicine handed down from the ancient times. Using an herb will help to restore HP. Herbs can be purchased at item stores. ANTIDOTE HERBS: If you have been infected with poison, you will lose HP with each step that you take. The antidote herb will draw the poison from your wounds. WING OF THE WYVERN: Legend has it that when a Wyvern is struck by lightning and dies, its wings fall to the ground. These wings retain their magical properties and, when thrown into the air, will allow you to return to the castle where you last spoke with a king. ----------p. 34---------- FAIRY WATER: Sprinkling some of this on your body will help to ward off your enemies for a time. Fairy water is not effective on powerful enemies or in towers and caves. KEYS: There are 4 types of keys that you will need during your quest: the golden key, silver key, jailor's key, and watergate key. You must use the correct key for the door which you are trying to open. Once you obtain a key, you will not lose it when it is used. ----------p. 35---------- SPELLS STUDY THESE SPELLS CAREFULLY, FOR THEY WILL GIVE YOU GREAT POWER TO DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES. Although you cannot use spells, your allies are well studied in the ways of magic. As their levels rise they learn new and more effective spells to use against your enemies. Each spell has its own cost in magic power. When this cost is greater than the remaining MP, the spell may not be chanted. MP can be restored by staying at an inn. DEFINITIONS OF SPELLS Who the spell will work on is listed in parentheses. HEAL (one ally): When you or your allies are wounded during a fight, this spell may be chanted to restore some of your HP. SURROUND (one enemy group): This spell creates a thin, mystical fog around an enemy. It is said that the illusion of phantoms can be seen in this fog. The enemies may attack these phantoms instead of you and your allies. ----------p. 36---------- FIREBAL (one enemy): A small fireball shoots forth from the fingertips of the one who chants this spell, causing amage to your enemies. Many enemies can also use this spell against you. DEFENCE (all enemies): This spell has the effect of decreasing the defence power of all the enemies in the group which you are attacking. With this spell your attacks can inflict twice as much damage. INCREASE (all allies): This spell will increase your group's defence power. This will decrease the amount of damage you receive form the attacking enemies. STOPSPELL (one enemy grp): When this is chanted it can block the spells of enemies. Some of your enemies can also use this spell. ----------p. 37---------- SLEEP (one enemy grp): It is said that in the old days, wizards coming down from the mountains used this spell to cure injuries or diseases of the townspeople. This spell can temporarily paralyze enemies, sending them into a deep state of sleep. ANTIDOTE (one ally): Some enemies have poisonous fangs or breath. Once you have been poisoned, your HP will decrease with each step. This spell will draw the poison from your wounds. HEALMORE (one ally): More powerful than HEAL, this spell will restore a greater amount of HP. It can be used in either the walkabout or fighting mode. INFERNOS (one enemy grp): This spell creates a mystical force around the one who chants it. This force makes a fierce attack upon the enemies. ----------p. 38---------- OUTSIDE (all allies): In caves and towers you will encounter powerful enemies. If you become lost here or if you become too weak to make it to the outside, this spell may be chanted to transport you and your allies to the ground. This spell cannot be used during the fighting mode (FM). REPEL (all enemies): This spell will ward off enemies for a time. Like the fairy water, it will not work in caves or towers, or on powerful enemies. This spell cannot be used during the FM. RETURN (all allies): By chanting this spell you and your allies will instantly be transported back to the place where you last saved your game. This spell can get you out of a tight spot. This spell cannot be used during the FM. STEPGUARD (all allies): You will find barriers which cause damage to your HP when you walk across them. By chanting this spell, these barriers will not have an effect on you. This spell cannot be used during the FM. ----------p. 39---------- FIREBANE (all enemies): This is the strongest of the fire spells. It is said that the one who chants this spell calls the thunder clouds over him-/herself. Bolts of lighting strike forth from this character's fingertips. Quite often the enemies are defeated one after another. HEALALL (one ally): This is the strongest form of heal. This spell will restore all of the HP to a character. DEFEAT (one enemy grp): In some ancient books, this spell is described as the "Spell of Death". When this spell is chanted, the enemies' blood solidifies. ----------p. 40---------- REVIVE (one ally): During a long journey, one of your allies may be defeated. By kneeling over the body and chanting this spell, a ray of light will be cast over this character and his/her spirit will return. EXPLODET (all enemies): When this spell is used, the energy in the air around your enemies explodes. This is a devastatingly powerful spell. OPEN: Once you have this spell, you will not need a key to pass through doors. ----------p. 41---------- SACRIFICE (all enemies): According to myth, this spell was used to give humans a good heart. The character who chants this spell will defeat all enemies, but will pay for so with his/her life. This spell is also known as the self-sacrifice spell. CHANCE (?): This spell is not listed in any of the ancient books. Even its existence is questionable. Some say that this is a devastating spell, while others say that even the person who uses it does not know what will happen. No one has actually seen this spell being used. ----------p. 42---------- STARTING THE ADVENTURE Once you have seen the Prologue, the King will ask you to follow him. This is the start of the game. From this point onward, you will make the decisions that affect the outcome of your quest. No two quests are the same. Visit the item store to buy medical herbs. It is near the gate of the castle. To make a purchase, speak to the owner of the store across the counter. Select "Talk" with the +cpad and press A. Also, talk with all of the people in Midenhall. They will tell you information that you will need to know. ----------p. 43---------- HINTS FOR THE JOURNEY Once you leave the castle you will begin fighting enemies. Keep attacking until you have defeated them. When you are in the fighting mode, pay close attention to your HP level. If it becomes too low, use a medical herb to restore some of it or go back to the inn to restore all of it. The innkeeper will require that you pay for your stay. As you defeat more of the enemies, your EXP will increase. By talking to the King in the castle, you can find out how many EXP you will need to reach the next level. You should not journey too far from Midenhall until you have reached level 3. Once your level has increased you will want to find the Prince of Cannock. He will be a valuable ally, since he knows magical spells. Cannock is located to the west of Midenhall. The princess of the castle Moonbrooke is also awaiting your arrival. This is just the beginning. ----------p. 44---------- UNDERSTANDING THE CHARACTERS You are the Prince of Midenhall, and you are destined to be a strong fighter. You can wield all weapons and wear any armor, but you cannot use magic spells. As you reach higher EXP levels, your AP will be greatly increased. The Princess of Moonbrooke is your counterpart. Although she is not strong enough to wear armor or lift heavy weapons, her magical powers are unmatched. Her AP never becomes strong, but the spells which she commands can defeat the most fierce enemies. The Prince of Cannock has some characteristics of both yourself, and the Princess of Moonbrooke. He can wear some weapons and armor, and he will learn magical spells. The strengths of the great Erdrick have been passed throught he generations to reach you and your allies in this manner. You three are true descendants of his noble line. ----------p. 45---------- STUDY YOUR ENEMIES! In this adventure, enemies will attack you in groups. You must decide which enemies to attack first and who should fight, chant a spell, parry, etc. Learn your enemies' strengths and weaknesses by studying them during each fight. WATCH THE NUMBER OF YOUR ENEMIES Unlike DW, your enemies now appear in groups. Sometimes they may be too much for you to defeat. They will sense a character who is weak and attack relentlessly. For example, if one slime causes 3 points of damage in one attack, you can easily defeat it without suffering any lost HP. If three slimes attack, you can receive a damage of 9 HP. Four slimes can cause 12 HP of damage. By watching the number of enemies that come to attack and your HP level, sometimes it is best to run from a fight. ----------p. 46---------- DURING THE FIGHTING MODE, USE TEAMWORK AS A STRATEGY It is not until you have found your allies that the true sense of fighting begins. For example, while the Prince of Cannock chants STOPSPELL, the Princess of Moonbrooke cures wounds with HEALMORE, and you attack the strongest of the enemies. With each round of a fight you will choose a different set of commands which will combine to defeat your enemies while restoring your strengths. If you choose the wrong strategy, you may be utterly destroyed. Even so, the King will revive one of your characters, as in DW. For this service, you must give up half of your gold. To revive your allies you must also pay for this service at the HOH. ----------p. 47---------- GATHER INFORMATION All of the mysteries which lie before you can be solved by listening to what the people of the castles and towns have to say. For example, after a long journey you may be astounded to find the chamber of Hargon. Because you have paid close attention to what you have been told, you should know what to do next, for you are a descendant of Erdrick the Great! --------------------------------------------- DRAGON WARRIOR II MAP AND LIST OF SPECIAL ITEMS -By Anthony Palmer ( (Note: These items are listed on the map and hint sheet that comes with the game, and are not mentioned in the DW2 instruction manual.) ----------WEAPONS---------- STAFF OF THUNDER (AP+15): When you use this as an item, it has an effect which is similar to Infernos. FALCON SWORD (AP+5): A person who is equipped with this can move as quickly as a falcon. With this mysterious sword you may be able to attack your enemies twice before they can respond. THUNDER SWORD (AP+80): This is the most powerful sword. When you use it as an item, it has the effect of Infernos. It can be found under the ground on a dark road which leads to Rhone. SWORD OF DESTRUCTION (AP+93): This is an evil sword with hidden powers. It may be in the possession of some of your fiercest enemies. It is said that this sword brings evil to the person who is equipped with it. ----------ARMORS---------- WATER FLYING CLOTH: This helps to protect its wearer from scorching flames and other fire spells. It completely stops the damage caused by the swamps. In order for Don Mahone to have enough time to make this garment, you must save and restart the game. ARMOR OF ERDRICK (DP+40): This is the legendary armor handed down from Erdrick the Great. It will protect you from the damage of barriers and poisonous swamps. GREMLIN'S ARMOR (DP+50): Although this armor has a strong defence power, it also carries with it the gremlin's curse and sometimes freezes solid during a fight. ----------SHIELDS---------- SHIELD OF STRENGTH (DP+18): By using it as an item, it will give the effect of Healmore. Although the princess cannot be equipped with this, she can use it as an item. EVIL SHIELD (DP+30): This is a dreadfully cursed shield. While equipped with this, you will become numb and stiff during a fight. ----------ITEMS---------- DRAGON'S BANE: When this is used as an item, it will ward off the magical spells of your opponents. WIZARD'S RING: By using this, you can regain an average of 20MP. Rely on it only when necessary as it may break easily if used too often. MIRROR OF RA: This item reflects the true nature of a person. It can be used to break a curse and return one to his/her original form. CLOAK OF WIND: To put this on, choose the USE command from the item command window. It will allow you to float to the ground, even if you fall from a great height. CHARM OF RUBISS: Gather the 5 crests and obtain this item somewhere in a monolith. It will help you smash the false visions of Rhone Castle. ECHOING FLUTE: If you use this in a town, castle, or tower where there is a crest, the sound of the flute will echo. LEAF OF THE WORLD TREE: A talismanic leaf which, when ground, will restore life to ghosts. GREMLIN'S TAIL: A fearful item which works your enemies' spells against you while you wear it. DRAGON'S POTION: This item will allow you to save your game wherever you are. Although it is difficult to find, it may be taken from a Metal Babble. ----------THE ULTIMATE QUESTIONS---------- (Note: In order to best enjoy the game, DO NOT read any further unless you are absolutely stuck! Use these hints only as a last resort!) Q: HOW CAN I CATCH UP WITH THE PRINCE OF CANNOCK? A: Don't give up even if you miss him by a second. After hearing the King's story, travel to the cave of the Spring of Bravery. Then return to Midenhall and Cannock. After speaking with both kings, travel to Leftwyne. Q: HOW CAN I FIND THE PRINCESS OF MOONBROOKE? A: Dare to speak with the flames which travel about the ruined castle of Moonbrooke. They will tell you that a curse has changed the shape of the princess. Also, there is a friendly dog in Hamlin who may be of interest to you. Q: WHERE DO I LOOK FOR THE MIRROR OF RA? A: Look for a swamp near Hamlin and Moonbrooke where you can see four bridges on the screen at the same time. Q: HOW CAN I REACH THE NORTH TOWER OF THE DRAGON'S HORN? A: By selecting the Cloak of Wind from the item command window, you can jump from the southern tower and float on the wind to the northern horn. Q: WHERE IS THE ECHOING FLUTE? A: Look for some shoals in the waters north of Lianport. Dive into the water by using the SEARCH command. Once you have returned the lost treasures to Lianport, you can receive the Echoing Flute. This flute will help in obtaining the 5 crests. Q: WHERE IS THE GOLDEN KEY? A: According to his wife, Torval is very fond of dogs. In the town of Zahan, you will find a friendly dog. He may lead you to an area which you should search. Q: HOW DO I FIND THE JAILOR'S KEY? A: Look for a suspicious shop in the town of Wellgarth. Q: WHERE IS THE ENTRANCE OF THE RHONE CAVE? A: The entrance is hidden in a valley that can only be reached via the Travel Door in the town of Beran. Select the Eye of Malroth from the item command window. Q: I CANNOT REACH THE VILLAGE OF TUHN. A: Sail up the second river to the west of the Rhone Mountains and walk clockwise around the craggy mountains until you reach the village. Tuhn will be much easier to reach after you open the watergate. Q: HOW DO I FIND THE WATERGATE KEY? A: Roge Fastfinger has stolen this item. Soldiers say that he has escaped from his cell. When you find the unoccupied cell, search everywhre. He probably did not get past the guards. Q: WHERE ARE THE 5 CRESTS? A: The Star Crest is in a tower on a small island. And old man will show you the way to it. You must search for the Sun Crest in the Fire Monolith. The Moon Crest is somewhere in the castle of Osterfair. Look for the Water Crest in an underground jail. The Life Crest can be found somewhere in the Rhone Cave. Q: HOW CAN I GO UP FROM THE FIRST FLOOR IN THE CHAMBER OF HARGON? A: Use the item which is a key, but is not a key. You already possess this item when you reach the castle.

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