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Dragon Power

Typed out by (cover) Bandi (r) NES-DP-USA Dragon Power Instruction Booklet ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION This incredible story starts from a place deep inside the mountains, several thousand miles away from the city. Goku and Nora are on a mission to find seven crystal balls. Their trip is filled with adventure, action and thrills. They go through a desert, into caves, and battle monsters. But with the seven crystal balls in their possession, one wish they want will be granted to them by the Dragon Emperor. We wish them good luck! Please read this Instruction Booklet carefully to ensure proper handling of your new game. Save the Booklet for future reference. 3 ----------------------------------------------------------- PRECAUTIONS 1. Turn off the power when inserting or removing Game Pak. 2. This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or very cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart. 3. Avoid touching connectors, do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 4. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol, or other such solvents. Note: In the interest of product improvement, Nintendo Entertainment System specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice. This game has been programmed to take advantage of the full screen. Some older models have rounded screens and may block out a portion of the image. CONTENTS: PAGE 1. Game descriptions............... 3 2. How to operate the controller... 5 3. How to play the game.............8 4 -------------------------------------------------------- 2. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS This game is only a 1 Player Game. CONTROL PAD Use to control Goku's movements. SELECT button START button A button B button (- Move to the left | Move to a squatting position. -) Move to the right. v 5 --------------------------------------------------------- A button................ Use to make Goku jump up or down. At the Traveling or Mysterious Secret Scene, you can throw Goku by making him jump against the flying enemy. B button................ Use to make Goku punch. (when Goku is carrying the Magic Pole, you can use the Pole by pressing this button). A button and B button... Use for Wind wave (After Goku gets Wind Wave, if you keep pressing the B button, Goku will make Wind Wave pause. At that time, if you press A button, you can eject Wind Wave). At the Fighting Scene, you can Goku as follows: + button and B button.. While squatting, if you press B button, Goku will punch downward. A button and B button.. While jumping, if you press B button, Goku kick. 6 --------------------------------------------------------- SELECT button.. At the Title Scene, make it to the Continue Mode by pressing this button. Then, if you press the START button, you can start from the first scene of the game you finished. START button... Press this button to start a game. PAUSE.......... If you wish to stop or interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the START button again when you wish to continue playing. The game will continue from where you left off. Note: After Stage 7, the game goes back to the first scene of Stage 7 when you use the Continue Mode. 7 ---------------------------------------------------------- 3. HOW TO PLAY THE GAME PLAYER'S SCORE GOKU'S REMAINING POWER WIND WAVE MARK Player's score and the Wind Wave mark will appear alternately. GAME'S COMPONENTS This is a great adventure game which is divided into two main stories. Story 1- Goku and Friends (Stage 1- Stage 6) Goku and friends are on a big mission to find and secure seven crystal balls. During this thrilling adventure, they meet Nora and Pudgy. Story 2- Mysterious Army's General Attack (Stage 7- Stage 10) Goku's quest for the seven crystal balls begins again. There is a mysterious army blocking Goku's mission to find the crystal balls. At the end of Story 1 and Story 2, the Dragon Emperor appears and grants Goku and Nora their wish. The object of this game is to collect seven crystal balls. But Goku, in order to continue his long, adventurous trip, has to replenish his power by eating food, or to strengthen himself by using weapons. These food items, and other that he can use to strengthen himself are sometimes in the enemy's hands, or hidden in secret places. 9 ---------------------------------------------------------- Bonus Characters- 1 CAPSULE- When touched by Goku it explodes and items come out from inside. QUESTION MARK- Value: 100- 1000 points. DRUMSTICK- Increases Goku's power 20. SANDWICH- Goku can run faster for a limited time. Value: 500 points. CAKE- Increases Goku's power 100. MAGIC POLE- Goku can use the magic pole. value: 200 points. WIND WAVE- Goku can use these Wind Waves. Value: 500 points. Special Magic pole (Red)- Goku can use the special Magic Pole for a limited time. Value: 100 points. Inside the capsule there are other items too. 10 ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello! I'm the Turtle Hermit. I'll teach you the secret techniques "Dragon Power." Bonus Characters- 2 Super Wind Wave Mark 9Red)- Goku can use super Wind Wave Wave. Value: 2000 points. Special Magic Pole (Green)- Goku can use the extended Special Magic Pole for a limited time. Value: 2000 points. Thunder Wave Mark (Green)- Goku can use Thunder Wave. Value: 5000 points. * Goku level of power is 100 at the start of the game, but as time passes, he gradually loses power. 11 ------------------------------------------------------------ This game consists of four different scenes. 1. TRAVELING SCENE Goku travels to many different places looking for the crystal balls. On the journey he experiences many adventures. Goku has to try to get the least amount of damage from the enemy, and to maintain his power. 2. MYSTERIOUS SECRET SCENE Somewhere in the Traveling Scene, there are secret passes, a Treasure House which contains various items, or the enemy's retreat. 3. COMIC BOOK STYLE TALKING SCENE While Goku is traveling, he has many conversations with Nora, Pudgy and other people who provide him with very important information. Listen carefully to these conversations, since they contain some very helpful hints. 4. ACTION-PACKED FIGHTING SCENE Goku fights desperately against the evil enemy characters. Many of them are just waiting for him, and setting up vicious traps. 12 ----------------------------------------------------------- SECRET TECHNIQUES 1. Make sure that Goku finds the capsules. Inside the capsules there are power food which increase Goku's power. There are also other items such as Magic Poles and Wind Waves that assist him during his travels. But be careful! The capsules sometimes contain enemies also. 2. Try to keep Goku's power level up. Goku's power level is very important. At the start of the game, Goku's power level is 100, but as he gets hungry, or when he fights the enemy he gradually loses his power. When Goku eats a drumstick he gains power worth 20 point, while the cake is worth 100 points. The maximum power that Goku can get is 150. 3. Smash the boulders. During Section 1 entitled the "Turtle Hermit," Goku can not move forward because there is a large boulder blocking his way. If Goku keeps striking at the boulder, he should be able to smash it and may find something there. 13 ------------------------------------------------------------ 4. Use Wind waves carefully. Wind waves are very powerful weapons. The Turtle Hermit and Goku are the only ones who can use this technique. Make sure that Wind wave is used only when this special technique can conquer the enemy. Remember, only Wind Waves can extinguish fires! Super Wind wave, which is the powered up version of Wind Wave, enables you to shoot three Wind waves in rapid succession. (With Super Wind Wave the following symbol will appear in the upper left hand corner of the screen: S {turtle shell}.) 5. Magic Pole. This is the weapon which has two times more strength or power of destruction than the punch. The Magic Pole enables Goku to hit enemies that are further away, making it easier for Goku to beat them. 6. Sandwich. By eating a sandwich, Goku can run much faster for a limited time. 14 --------------------------------------------------------- 7. Swift Cloud. By riding on Swift Cloud, Goku can fly over to nearly the end of the scene. Try to find Swift Cloud when it appears suddenly on the Capsule Roulette. 8. King Minos' Trap. In Section 6, "King Minos," during the action-packed fighting scene which is King Minos' trap, if Goku walks on top of the flame, he'll lose power rapidly, and his movements slow down! Be careful! 9. Pudgy. In Section 2, "Pudgy," Goku has to find Pudgy who has transformed to a village girl. Since Goku cannot identify a boy or a girl, he has to attack everyone with a ? on their faces. Some people run away screaming, while others run after Goku. 10. Keys are very important. Keys play a very important part in Goku's adventure. For example, in Section 2, "Pudgy," Goku has to make sure that he picks up all the keys that Pudgy has dropped, or 15 ----------------------------------------------------------- he'll have trouble later. Therefor, you have to make sure that as many keys as possible are picked up. 11. Run after the Rabbit Gang. In Section 5, "Rabbit Gang," the Rabbit Gang has transformed Nora into carrots, and they've run away with one of the carrots as hostage. Even if Goku gets the four carrots, if he's missing the fifth carrot, he can't do anything to help Nora. Don't lose sight of the Rabbit Gang. But be careful, because if Goku touches a Rabbit gang, he will turn into a carrot! 12. Hidden Caves. There are sometimes hidden caves where rocks or trees are not aligned, or in some cases, in houses. Inside of these caves are capsules that contain weapons or power that will help Goku. But if Goku travels further on, there won't be any hidden caves in some scenes. By using these secret techniques, I hope you can collect the seven crystal balls which will enable you to call 16 ---------------------------------------------------------- the Dragon Emperor. There are a lot of hardships awaiting you. Good Luck! SECRET OF THE DRAGON If Goku collects all seven crystal balls, the Dragon Emperor appears to grant him whatever wish he wants. Well, what kind of wish can he get? BEWARE! THE FOLLOWING ARE DEADLY. 1. When Goku loses all of his power. 2. Falling into holes, etc. during the action-packed fighting scene. (The game ends if you make one of the above mistakes.) Note * When Goku enters caves or houses, you have to stand right in front of the entrance, otherwise you can't enter. There are times when Goku can't enter at all. * When you want to go back, you can only go back in two moves vertical and horizontal. * Power of Magic Pole will disappear at the end of each stage, so Goku has to get new weapons at each new stage. * Keys and crystal balls are sometimes hidden in blocks or vases, so try to punch them whenever they appear. 17 ------------------------------------------------------------

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