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Double Dragon 3

DOUBLE DRAGON 3 GAME PAK INSTRUCTIONS ACCLAIM entertainment, inc. Masters of the Game Licensed by Nintendo for play on the NINTENDO Entertainment System This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo (R) and Nintendo Entertainment System (R) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. WARNING: DO NOT USE WITH FRONT OR REAR PROJECTION TV. Do not use a front or rear projection television with your Nintendo Entertainment System ("NES") and this video game. Your projection television screen may be permanently damaged if video games with stationary scenes or patterns are played on your projection television. Similar damage may occur if you place a video game on hold or pause. If you use your projection television with this video game, neither Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. nor Nintendo of America Inc. will be liable for any damage. This situation is not caused by a defect in the NES or this game: other fixed or repetitive images may cause similar damage to a projection television. Please contact your TV manufacturer for further information. -- 2 -- A Year Ago... You did it. You crashed the super-complex of the Black Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon II, penetrating the heavily guarded Mansion of Terror. -- 3 -- But your final -- and most impressive -- triumph was against the Supreme Black Shadow Sensei. He had the agility of a cat, the eye of a hawk and the raw strength of a superbeast. (Note the word "had"!!!). Yet the battle wasn't over -- because your beloved Marion lay still as a mountain stone. But suddenly... the color returned to her lips. Marion lives. And you are now a Supreme Master, with a sense of power greater than you ever imagined possible... -- 4 -- Today... DOUBLE DRAGON III: THE SACRED STONES (TM) Life has returned to normal. Your famous Double Dragon dojo is doing well. Your students are learning the ways of the ancient masters and building their strengths. Brett, one of your top students tries to tell you what happened. But he is cut down before he has a chance... But then it happens. Suddenly, Marion has disappeared again. And you know that it can't be the Black Shadow Warriors... so who is behind it this time? -- 5 -- THE FIVE MISSIONS You meet Hiruko, a soothsayer and a friend. She explains that the only way to get Marion back is to produce, as ransom, the three Sacred Stones. Hiruko promises to lead you to them, but they are scattered from one end of the world to the other. And each is heavily guarded. As you travel the globe, you'll fend off Ninpou masters, Ninja warriors, and hordes of others. You'll use your incredible cyclone spin kick and your newest achievement, the "mid-air somer-assault." Follow Hiruko to Marion. And discover the truth behind the Sacred Stones. -- 6 -- GETTING READY FOR YOUR MISSIONS LOADING 1. Make sure the power switch is OFF. 2. Insert the DOUBLE DRAGON III (TM) cartridge as described in your NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM (R) manual 3. Turn the power switch ON. You'll first see the Double Dragon III title screen. Press the START BUTTON to select the number of players. SELECTING NUMBER OF PLAYERS DOUBLE DRAGON III gives you three player options: 1P PLAY -- One player only. As Billy, you take on the guardians of the stones single-handedly. 2P PLAY A -- Requires two players. You (Billy) and your brother (Jimmy) go on a quest for the stones together. -- 7 -- 2P PLAY B -- Also requires 2 players. Only this time both players (Billy and Jimmy) can fight each other. TO SELECT PLAYER CHOICES -- Move the UP and DOWN CONTROL PAD ARROWS on player 1's controller until the green arrow is flashing next to your selection. THE CONTROLS The following illustration shows you your control points for Billy and Jimmy. WALK | UP +JUMP+ DOUBLE /---|-------------------|----|---\ TAP TO | v | | | RUN | |-| v v | -------)| + | SELECT START /-\ /-\ | | |-| --- --- \B/ \A/ (---- PUNCH/USE WEAPON | ^ ^ ^ ^---------- KICK \---|------|------|--------------/ | DOWN | | PAUSE | | CHANGE WEAPONS/FIGHTERS -- 8 -- BASIC MOVES The following are basic moves for Billy and Jimmy. They also work for Chin and Ranzou, who join you in the mission later in the game. (see Changing Characters, page 19). TO WALK -- Press the CONTROL PAD ARROWS RIGHT, LEFT, UP, OR DOWN. To move diagonally, press in-between the arrows. TO RUN -- Tap twice on either the RIGHT or LEFT CONTROLLER ARROW. TO USE A WEAPON -- Press the A BUTTON TO PAUSE -- Press the START BUTTON TO RESTART -- Press the START BUTTON AGAIN SPECIAL MOVES FIGHTING MANEUVERS See the enclosed charts for the specific fighting maneuvers for Billy, Jimmy, Chin and Ranzou. Below are listed just some of the incredible martial arts moves you can perform as Billy or Jimmy. -- 9 -- Remember, they'll take some practice and require split-second timing! CYCLONE SPIN KICK -- To spin 360 degrees in mid-air with your leg extended, jump by pressing both A & B BUTTONS simultaneously (make sure you're not moving), then immediately press the B BUTTON again. MID-AIR SOMER-ASSAULT -- Devastating! Use this one to do a full flip and send your opponent flying through the air. With the CONTROL PAD ARROW pressed in the direction of your opponent, press the A & B BUTTONS simultaneously, then immediately press the A BUTTON again. (For a FLYING JUMP KICK, pres the B BUTTON instead). -- 10 -- KNEE AND ELBOW SPECIALTIES -- With the CONTROL PAD ARROW pressed in the direction of your opponent, deliver a series of kicks and/or punches until his head drops. Then: * For an OVERHEAD ELBOW SMASH, continuously press the A BUTTON. * For a FACE KNEELIFT, continuously press the B BUTTON. ON THE SCREEN All the game play information appears in the bottom of screen as follows: [ENERGY REMAINING] [WEAPON IN USE] -- 11 -- FIGHTING MANEUVERS CHART +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | CONTROLS | BILLY & JIMMY | CHIN | RANZOU | +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | A | Punch | Upper Punch | Sword Attack | | | (or use weapon) | (or use weapon) | | +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | B | Side Kick | High Kick | Round House Jump Kick| +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | AB | Jump | Jump | Tumble High-Jump | +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | AB+B | Cyclone Spin | Leaping | Tumble High-Jump | | | Kick | Double-Kick | Kick | +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | WALK+AB+A| Mid-Air | Diving Head Butt | Flying Sword Attack | | | Somer-Assault | | | +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ | WALK+AB+B| Flying Jump Kick| Jump Kick | Lunging Knee Drop | +----------+-----------------+------------------+----------------------+ NOTE: AB means press A and B BUTTONS simultaneously -- 12 and 13 -- AROUND THE WORLD Your quest for the Sacred Stones takes you to the far corners of the world, where you'll battle against enemies with Ninja techniques so amazing that even you, a Supreme Master, will be put to the ultimate test. MISSION I - The U.S.A. Home of Billy and Jimmy Lee -- world-famous martial artists and teachers. They're in their renowned dojo when the trouble breaks out. And they waste no time in following Hiruko's lead: to China. MISSION II - China Ahh... The lush forests and graceful mountains -- it seems so peaceful. At first. But suddenly you're up against some of the fiercest martial artists you've ever encountered. They're strong. They're relentless. And they're not afraid to die. They stand between you and the first stone. -- 14 -- MISSION III - Japan The most fearsome Ninja fighters ever to reside in the Land of the Rising Sun await you. They're fast on their feet and quick to spot your weaknesses. Be very careful and think about every move... for if you defeat them, the second Sacred Stone is yours. MISSION IV - Italy Are there Sacred Stones in Italy? No. But Hiruko has whisked you here to introduce you to some of the fiercest fighters ever to guard an ancient ruin. By defeating these world-class fighters, you'll hone your skills before the final confrontation. So when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And on this trip that means... fight! -- 15 -- MISSION V - Egypt Amd the magnificent ruins of the ancient Egypt, you embark on the last leg of your mission. You know that Marion is here somewhere. But will you recognize her? Or she, you? WEAPONS Each character you control has two basic weapons at their disposal. +-------------+--------------------+--------------------+ | | WEAPON I | WEAPON II (SUPPLY) | +-------------+--------------------+--------------------+ | BILLY | Bare Hands | Nunchaku (5) | +-------------+--------------------+--------------------+ | JIMMY | Bare Hands | Nunchaku (5) | +-------------+--------------------+--------------------+ | CHIN | Bare Hands | Iron Claw (5) | +-------------+--------------------+--------------------+ | RANZOU | Ninja Blade | Shuriken (20) | +-------------+--------------------+--------------------+ -- 16 -- Each player has an unlimited supply of WEAPON I, but begins the game with a limited number of WEAPON II. You can switch to WEAPON II at any time (see below) if you have at least 1 weapon unit left. However -- if you don't -- then you'll automatically continue to use WEAPON I. As the game progresses, you will have the opportunity to acquire other weapons that your enemies leave lying around. TO CHANGE WEAPONS -- Press the SELECT BUTTON. Then press the A BUTTON to bring up a green arrow on the screen. Next press the UP or DOWN ARROW to point the green arrow to your selection (if all the weapons of a certain type are used up, the green arrow will not move to that choice). (picture) P - POWER LEVEL W - WEAPONS AVAILABLE # OF STONES COLLECTED (at bottom of screen next to Hiruko) -- 17 -- PICKING UP WEAPONS In addition to your two basic weapons, you can also pick up and use these weapons when the enemy drops them: Army Knives Broken Bottles Sais TO PICK UP A WEAPON -- If an enemy drops a weapon, you can pick it up by moving directly over the weapon and pressing either the A or B BUTTON. Remember, once you pick it up, there will be certain martial arts maneuvers you won't be able to perform while it is in your possession. USING "FOUND WEAPONS" * To throw an army knife -- Press the A BUTTON. * To swing a Broken Bottle or Sai -- Press the A BUTTON. -- 18 -- Note: When you defeat an enemy, his weapon disappears. Which leads you to wonder... was it ever there at all? CHANGING CHARACTERS Once you defeat China's famous Iron Claw master, Chin Seimei, a strange thing happens... He is so impressed by your skill that he joins your cause and helps you fight your battles. The same thing happens after you defeat Yagyu Ranzou, the renowned Ninja Sensei. When these great fighters join you, you have the option of playing as them, as well as Billy or Jimmy. Here's how: TO CHANGE FIGHTERS: -- Press the SELECT BUTTON. Then use the RIGHT OR LEFT CONTROLLER ARROWS to choose the character you want to be. * Press the A BUTTON to confirm selection. * Press the B BUTTON to change your selection. When your choices are made and you're ready to play again, press the SELECT BUTTON. -- 19 -- ONE LIFE TO LIVE Billy, Jimmy, Chin and Ranzou each have one life. If two characters are available (after mission 2) you will automatically switch to the second character once the first character has lost his life. If only one character is available, the game is over when your life is lost. Each character begins with a full complement of Energy Units. As you fight and get injured, your Energy Units are depleted. When all your Energy Units are gone, you'll lose your life. As you enter each new mission of the game, your energy units will be replenished. TRICKS OF THE DOUBLE DRAGON * A good place to practice your martial arts maneuvers is at the dojo in Mission 1. After you defeat the last thug, and before you exit through the door, you have all the time you need to hone your skills. * Weapon pick-ups are very valuable. Make sure you wait for the best time to use them. By using a series of kicks to defend yourself (B BUTTON), you can preserve your weapon until you need it most. -- 20 -- * Make use of your new-found friends' weapons and special talents. They come in handy when searching for an enemy's weakness. * Sometimes the best offense is a strong defense. Getting in close to your enemies without confronting them head-on might do the trick. * Avoid the enemies that are running towards you. Move out of the way or they'll run right over you. * Things aren't always as they appear. Someone you thought was against you could turn out to be your strongest ally -- and vice versa. -- 21 -- LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED Your world-wide search for the Sacred Stones will prove to be your most difficult challenge ever. The fighters you'll encounter are among the most fierce in the world... and you'll battle in places you've never seen before. Use all your instincts to make the right moves -- at the right times. But you must not wait any longer. The Stones that lead you to your beloved Marion are waiting. And so is she. So go forward and seek them out... The eyes of the world are upon you. -- 22 --

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