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Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE Game Pak Instructions 2 -- The Black Shadow Warriors. They've gunned down your girl. And you and your brother Jimmy Lee are out for revenge. In your quest, you'll encounter nunchaku-toting enemy gangs. You'll battle through dangerous alleyways and in underwater tunnels. But nothing is too much for you two. Because you're trained masters of the invincible martial art of the Double Dragon. 3 -- --------------------------------- THIS TIME THEY'VE GONE TOO FAR... --------------------------------- Nuclear war has ravaged the city. And a gang of ruthless criminals, the Black Shadow Warriors, are trying to take over. They're Danger with a capital "D". Thugs and muggers. Tough street chicks. Greasers and hoods. High-jumpers and karate choppers. Plus burly bosses, gruesome giants and freaky androbots. First they hit the universally-famous Double Dragon Dojo, the home of the Double Dragon warriors. Martial arts students there were in constant training. Building their strength. Developing invincible moves. Honing their skills. But they weren't powerful enough. Or fast enough. Because somehow the Black Shadow Warriors managed to overcome everyone of the men in training. And then they committed the ultimate crime: they gunned down your girl, Marion. 4 -- Only you and your brother are left. Left to take on the entire army of Black Shadow Warriors. Left to push them out of the city. To follow them back to the dangerous source of their operation. Back to where their leader is. Back to where you can avenge the loss of Marion. You'll have to use every Double Dragon martial arts move you've mastered. The punches and kicks. The elbow smashes and jump kicks. The hair pulls and hair throws. Even the incredible "SPINNING CYCLONE" and "HYPER UPPERCUT." The more you fight, the better you get. Which is a good thing. Because the deeper you get into Black Shadow territory, the more difficult things get. This quest is unlike any you have ever embarked upon--with enemies unlike any you've ever encountered. In fact, you'll enter places no one outside of the Black Shadow gang has ever dared to go. 5 -- Places that hold a never-ending barrage of sheer terror. Places filled with warriors so evil, so treacherous, that only a Double Dragon warrior has a chance for survival. And that's where this adventure begins... ------------------------- GETTING READY FOR REVENGE ------------------------- LOADING 1. Make sure the power switch on your Nintendo Control Deck is OFF. 2. Insert the DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE cartridge as described in your NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM manual. 3. Turn the power switch ON. You'll first see the DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE title screen. When you press the START BUTTON on player 1's controller, you'll see the game selection screen--with nine combinations of ways to play. 6 -- ---------------------------------------------- SELECTING NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND TYPES OF GAMES ---------------------------------------------- DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE gives you three different player options and three difficulty options to choose from--nine different ways to play in all. TO SELECT PLAYER CHOICES- Move the UP and DOWN CONTROL PAD ARROWS on player 1's controller until the heart is flashing next to your selection. 1P PLAY- One player only. You against the Black Shadow Warriors--all by yourself. 2P PLAY A- Requires 2 players. You (Billy) and your brother (Jimmy) take on the Shadow Warriors together. 2P PLAY B- Also requires 2 players. Only this time you and Jimmy can fight each other, though your real objective is to take on the Shadow Warriors. 7 -- TO SELECT DIFFICULTY LEVELS- Move the RIGHT and LEFT CONTROL PAD ARROWS on player 1's controller until the heart is flashing next to your selection. PRACTICE- A good way to master the Double Dragon maneuvers. The PRACTICE level ends after you've completed the first three missions--at which point you should be ready to attempt the WARRIOR level. WARRIOR- Just like the arcade version. In this level the Black Shadow Warriors will be more difficult to defeat. At the end of this level--which has eight missions in all--you'll confront the mysterious Double Illusion. Once you overcome it, you'll be ready to attempt to become a Double Dragon SUPREME MASTER. SUPREME MASTER- Beyond the arcade version! This level takes pure Double Dragon prowess and is recommended for Black Belts only. It includes the eight missions of the WARRIOR level, plus a ninth level in which you must confront the ellusive mastermind behind the entire Black Shadow operation. His evil powers are beyond anything you've ever encountered. 8 -- ------------ THE CONTROLS ------------ IMPORTANT! USING THE ARCADE-STYLE ATTACK BUTTONS ------------------------------------------------- ATTACKING LEFT AND RIGHT- The controls in Double Dragon II: The Revenge are set up a bit differently from other Nintendo games you may have played. Because in this game, the controls can be used exactly like those in the arcade game! *To attack to the right, always press the A BUTTON *To attack to the left, always press the B BUTTON The style of attack you use (kicks, punches, uppercuts, jumps etc.) is determined by what other control keys you press and by your relationship to the enemy. 9 -- Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to fight enemies from both the left and right side--without having to waste time turning around--just like a real martial arts master! BASIC MOVES ----------- TO MOVE- Press the CONTROL PAD ARROWS RIGHT, LEFT, UP or DOWN. Or to move diagonally, press in between the ARROWS. TO JUMP- Press the A BUTTON and B BUTTON simultaneously. TO PAUSE- Press the START BUTTON. TO RESTART- Press the START BUTTON again. THROWING PUNCHES ---------------- TO PUNCH- Press the A or B ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. *If you're facing left, press the B Button to punch. *If you're facing right, press the A Button to punch. 10 --- UPPERCUTS- This is accomplished the same way as a PUNCH (by pressing the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing). But before you can execute an UPPERCUT you'll first have to deliver several PUNCHES in a row to weaken your opponent. GETTING YOUR KICKS ------------------ TO KICK (BACK KICK)- Press the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing. *If you're facing left, press the A Button to kick. *If you're facing right, press the B Button to kick. TO DELIVER A JUMP KICK- First press the A and B BUTTONS simultaneously to jump. Then--while in the air--Press the ATTACK BUTTON to kick in the same direction you're facing. UP FOR GRABS ------------ There are several different moves you can do when you grab the enemy by the hair or collar. Each move builds on the first one, as follows: TO GRAB AN ENEMY'S HAIR OR COLLAR- First deliver several PUNCHES in a row to tire your enemy out and make him drop his head a bit. Then immediately press the CONTROL PAD ARROW in the same direction of the enemy. 11 --- NOGGIN KNOCKERS- Once you've grabbed the enemy's hair or collar, repeatedly press the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing, and you'll knock your opponent's noggin. TO HURL THE ENEMY- Once you've grabbed the enemy's hair, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing. The enemy will then be hurled over your shoulder, into the air. FOR AN UPPER KICK- When seizing the enemy's hair, press the UP ARROW and the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. FOR AN ELBOW DROP- When seizing the enemy's hair, press the DOWN ARROW and the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS -------------------- TO SCALE A LADDER OR OPEN A DOOR- press the UP ARROW. TO GO DOWN A LADDER- Press the DOWN ARROW. SPECIAL TRICKS OF TIMING ------------------------ When you're on a roll and everything's working perfectly, you'll be able to perform some very outrageous tricks. They are: 12 --- SPINNING CYCLONE- To spin in mid-air with one foot extended, jump by pushing both ATTACK BUTTONS simultaneously; then push either the A or B ATTACK BUTTON to spin in that direction. This incredible move takes split second timing--and lots of practice. If you don't get the timing perfect, you'll execute a jump kick instead. HYPER UPPERCUT- This exceptionally powerful uppercut can be delivered if you press either the A or B ATTACK BUTTON just as you're landing from a jump, or as you're getting up from a fall. You'll have to experiment to develop the exact timing. HIGH JUMP KICK- To jump and give a powerful knee kick at the same time, wait until the precise moment you've landed from a jump or just as you're getting up from a fall. Then immediately push the CONTROL PAD ARROW in the same direction as the enemy, and press both ATTACK BUTTONS simultaneously. 13 --- NOTE: HYPER UPPERCUT and HIGH JUMP KICK require that you begin in a squatting position--which happens just as you're landing from a jump, or just as you're coming up from a fall. Once you're able to gauge this precise moment, you'll have complete control over these moves. ------------- ON THE SCREEN ------------- All the game play information lies across the screen as follows: (In the manual, there is a screen shot with descriptions pointing to the respective element on the screen. The things they point to are: PLAYER 1 (BILLY), PLAYER 2 (JIMMY), PLAYER 1'S LIVES REMAINING, PLAYER 2'S LIVES REMAINING, PLAYER 1'S ENERGY REMAINING, PLAYER 2'S ENERGY REMAINING, PLAYER 1'S SCORE, PLAYER 2'S SCORE, and HIGH SCORE. It's easy to tell where these are on the screen.) 14 --- ----------------- THE NINE MISSIONS ----------------- There are nine separate missions Billy and Jimmy must complete in avenging the Black Shadow Warriors. Remember, in the PRACTICE level, you can only complete the first 3 missions. In the WARRIOR level, you can make it to mission 8 and in the SUPREME MASTER level, you can make it to the 9th and final mission. Many of the missions have several different screens. But you will know when you are beginning a new mission. These are the different missions you'll take on: MISSION 1: Into the Turf- Satellite inner-city headquarters for the Black Shadow gang. Get in there, clean the place out and head for the roof. 15 --- MISSION 2: At the Heliport- The Black Shadow gang keeps its chopper up here. But once they see what you're doing to their guys, they're going to try to head for the skies. MISSION 3: Battle in the Chopper- Steady boys...This chopper really rocks and rolls. And it's headed straight towards enemy headquarters--which is hidden on a secret island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. MISSION 4: Undersea Base- This submerged hide-out is loaded with the latest in high-tech surveillance systems and weaponry. It's treacherous. And it's the home of the giant metal claws. Good Luck! MISSION 5: Forest of Death- This hide-out's disguised as a forest, hidden deep in the island's hills. And it's rigged to plow enemies like you into the ground. So play it carefully. Know the ropes. And watch out for heavy moving equipment. 16 --- MISSION 6: Mansion of Terror- You're getting hot now. Because you've just entered the outer core of Black Shadow Central. You'll need all your instincts--because nothing is as it appears--and some things have a way of disappearing. MISSION 7: Trap Room (Dungeon of the Mansion)- Here lie the inner workings of the Black Shadow domain. Don't let the maze of pipes, wheels, and gears bring you to a grinding halt. And--oh yes--watch out for runaway bullets. MISSION 8: The Double Illusion- Hey! What's going on here? These guys look exactly like you! And they're every bit as powerful. So now you're going to find out what it's like to be the recipient of your dangerous moves. MISSION 9: Final Confrontation?- This is where he lives. The mastermind and sensei of the Black Shadow Warriors. He's got the agility of a cat, the eye of a hawk and the raw strength of a superbeast. He won't go down easy, if he goes down at all. 17 --- And if you do defeat the sensei of the Black Shadow Warriors, it's quite possible a miracle will happen. Maybe the greatest miracle of all. --------------------- WEAPONS OF THE STREET --------------------- Double Dragon Warriors don't carry weapons. But if your fighting skills are well tuned, you may be able to disarm the Black Shadow Warriors and use their weapons to your own advantage. Here are some of the weapons you may be able to pick up: *Knife *Chain Whip *Hand Grenade *Incendiary Bomb *Iron Pipe 18 --- TO GRAB WEAPONS- If an enemy drops a weapon, you can grab it by moving directly over the weapon and pressing either the A BUTTON or B BUTTON. ------------- USING WEAPONS ------------- To throw a knife or bomb, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. You can still KICK while holding your weapon by pressing the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing. To throw an iron pipe, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing. To swing an iron pipe, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing. To swing a chain, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. You can still KICK while holding your weapon by pressing the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing. 19 --- OTHER ENEMY WEAPONS These are other weapons the enemy will try to use against you: *Boomerang *Shuriken WARNING: When you defeat a Black Shadow Warrior, their weapon will disappear (even if you're holding it). Which may lead you to wonder...was the enemy even there at all? ---------------------------- THE LIVES OF BILLY AND JIMMY ---------------------------- Both Billy and Jimmy begin each game with 3 lives. Within each life there are 8 Energy Units. As you fight and get injured, your Energy Units are depleted. If you lose all your Energy Units, you will lose a life. Other ways of losing a life include falling off a building, into water, or onto deadly devices. As you enter each new mission (not screen) of the game, your energy units will be replenished. 20 --- --------------------------- TRICKS OF THE DOUBLE DRAGON --------------------------- *Timing is everything. The more you play, the more you'll discover the split-second "feel" of doing the amazing "SPINNING CYCLONE" or the devastating "HYPER UPPERCUT." *If there's not enough room to jump, don't. Or you'll end up flat on your back. *Leave no door untried. *Follow the pointing hand. But think, test and experiment before you plunge right in. *When you're holding a weapon, wait for the best time to throw it by defending yourself with KICKS. Otherwise, you may end up throwing away a chance for a powerful attack when you need it the most. 21 --- Hiiieeeeeeeeee Ya!!!!!!!!!! The Black Shadow Warriors are tough. Against them, most martial artists would be doomed. But you have the training, the practice, the gift--of the Double Dragon. It's the most powerful force ever to fight evil. So go forward and seek your revenge. And do your best to ensure that in the end, good triumphs over evil. You're our only hope!

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