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Dig Dug 2: Trouble in Paradise

Typed out by |tsr NES-I2-USA Bandai(r) Instruction booklet Dig Dug II - Trouble in Paradise Licensed by Nintendo(r) for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) --- 1. Game Description DIG DUG II is a strategy-oriented, comical action game. The playing field is a tropical island out in the middle of the ocean. DIG DUG's weapons include his "inflator" and drill. Play this exciting sequel to the original classic arcade game to find out what challenging battles await you. Game Format In this episode, DIG DUG's job is to protect peaceful islands. But as in the original arcade classic, his arch rivals POOKA and FYGAR come burrowing up to lay waste to his tropical paradise. With his great intuition, DIG DUG has prepared for the impending onslaught by driving spikes into the ground and readying his trusty drill and inflator. Team up with DIG DUG through 72 rounds of challenging play to defeat his enemies and bring peace back to his tropical paradise. Only with careful strategic use of the spikes can use and DIG DUG win. --- 2. How to Operate the Controller A Button: Push to use inflator or to start round. B Button: Push to use drill or to start round. Start Button: Push to start or pause the game. Select Button: Push to choose 1 or 2 players. Control Pad: Push left, right, up or down to move DIG DUG. Push up or down to select round number. This game has a continue mode. Push the start button to get to the round select screen. Push "up" or "down" on the control pad to select the round number you want (goes up to the last round you finished). Push the A or B button to continue the game... your high score will remain even if you push the reset button on your NES. --- 3. How to Play the Game There are two basic techniques to defeat DIG DUG's enemies. Push your shooting B button to active the "drill inflator". Four shots from the "pipe" will cause your enemy to explode. If you accidentally touch an "enlarged" monster, it's okay! He cannot cause any damage when he is in this state. Also when you inflate them, they cannot move. Drilling the island. When you push the drill button to connect the stakes, cracks will appear in the ground in the direction that DIG DUG is facing. When all the cracks are connected the small portion of the island will fall off into the sea. All of the monsters on that portion that is sliding into the sea will be destroyed. Using this weapon to wipe out all the monsters is the ultimate tactic! Score The amount of points for defeating monsters is shown below. But, the best way to score is to crack off a large portion of the island with lots of monsters on it. Inflator Vertical Shot Horizontal Shot 1. POOKA 200 pts 200 pts 2. FYGAR 200 pts 400 pts Drilling the island No. of monsters Total 1 1000 pts 2 2000 pts 3 4000 pts 4 7000 pts 5 10,000 pts 6 15,000 pts 7 20,000 pts 8 30,000 pts 9 50,000 pts 10 80,000 pts --- 4. Characters If DIG DUG is on the edge of the island when he cuts off a portion, he might fall off himself. He has to be facing land and moving in that direction or he will slip into the sea. If DIG DUG falls into the ocean, gets hits by FYGAR's fire, or bumps into an enemy, he's history. Veggies When you drill three pieces of an island off, vegetables will appear. DIG DUG must catch them to get their points. Item Points Round Radish 400 1 Mushroom 600 2 Eggplant 800 3 Tomato 1000 4,5 Watermelon 2000 6,7 Grapes 3000 8,9 Fish Find the fish while you are playing and shoot them with your drill inflator to get 500 points. --- 5. Winning strategies Monsters who do not change their shape cannot cross over cracks. When they approach DIG DUG, use the drill to make cracks to get away. Drilling cracks is very important. When a monster crosses over a crack he will change his shape, which causes his speed to decrease. DIG DUG should use this situation to his advantage by crossing back and forth over the cracks to get away. Drilling long horizontal lines is most effective. === (c) 1982, 1989 Namco / Bandai

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