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Dick Tracy

Typed out by Jesse Smith BAN BANDAI NES-3-7-USA* DAI DICK TRACY INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System Precautions 1. Turn off the power before inserting or removing the Game Pak. 2. This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that ore very hot or very cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart. 3. Avoid touching the connectors and do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 4. Do not clean with benzene, point thinner, alcohol, or other such solvents. Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with your NES as image retention on the screen may occur. Note: In the interest of product improvement, Nintendo Entertainment System specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice. This game has been programmed to take advantage of the full screen. Some older television models have rounded screens and may block out a portion of the image. Contents Game Description 3 How to Operate the Controller 4 How to Play the Game 6 Game Strategies 15 Warranty 16 2 Game Description Ace detective Dick Tracy pored over the crime files and mug shots that littered the desk in his dimly lit office down at police headquarters. "This crime wave has to be the work of Big Boy Caprice," he thought to himself. "I can smell his greasy handiwork behind each of these cases. But I need to get some hard evidence on him. If only I can nab some of his hoods-Itchy, Flattop, and the rest. I'd rearrange their thinking and have them singing like that nightclub temptress, Breathless Mahoney. Then I could put Caprice behind bars for good." Suddenly Tracy's two-way wrist radio seized the detectives attention Calling Dick Tracy, Calling Dick Tracy." He sprang to his feet and burst into the squad room shouting: "O.K. boy’s, let's go! This could be our big break!" Please read this instruction booklet carefully to ensure proper handling of your new game. Save the booklet for future reference. 3 How To Use The Controller Street Map Screen A Button Push to brake car. B Button Push to fire at objects from within the car or when Tracy is on foot (gun fires in the direction the car or Tracy is facing). START Button: Push to pause the game. Push to continue play. SELECT Button: Push to get Tracy out of the car when the car is stopped. Control Pad Push to drive the car or to walk Tracy through the streets. Control Pad Diagonal: Push diagonally to allow Tracy to walk diagonally (for example, pushing the up and right Control Pad Buttons at the same time moves Tracy diagonally to the upper right-hand corner of the screen). Sideways View Screen A Button: Push to lump. B Button: Push to punch, use weapons, grab an object, or nab suspects. Control Pad up: Push to climb up ropes, ladders, and pipes. Control Pad down: Push to crouch, or climb down ropes, ladders, and pipes. Control Pad left: Push to move left. Control Pad right Push to move right. 4 B + Control Pad up: Push to sheet diagonally up. B + Control Pad down: Push to shoot straight from a crouch position. B + Control Diagonal down: Push to shoot at a downward angle. SELECT Button: Push to choose weapons. B + SELECT Button: Push to use first-aid. START Button: Push to pause and resume the game. 5 How to Play the Game Dick Tracy knows Big Boy Caprice is behind the city's vicious crime wave. But Tracy has been unable to get enough evidence on Big Boy to put him behind bars. Tracy must solve a series of five crimes which will provide him with the hard facts he needs to arrest Big Boy. The game has the following three main areas of play: 1) An overhead view of the city streets. 2) Side views of buildings and other locations in the city. 3) Information screens. To begin the game press the Power Button. Choose either the start or continue mode by using the Control Pad and pressing the A Button again. For your first case, choose START. Each caper starts with a conversation between Tracy, Big Boy Caprice, and Breathless Mahoney. Push the A Button to bypass the conversation and proceed to Tracy's office. Below this screen is the name of the case that Tracy needs to solve and the case's first clue. 6 After you read the clue, press the A Button and a menu will appear which lists the following options: * HIT THE STREETS * NOTEPAD * MUG SHOTS To select an option, move the pointer up and down with the Control Pad until it is next to the desired option, then press the A Button. Notepad The notepad screen is accessible from any of the several police stations scattered throughout the city. Initially, this screen shows a notepad with the name of the current caper at the top and the game's first clue listed just below. As the game progresses and Tracy uncovers additional clues, they will be listed on the notepad in the order that they should have been discovered. Only after Tracy discovers all of the clues will he have enough evidence to arrest the prime suspect. When he arrests the correct criminal the game proceeds to the next caper. Press the A Button to return to Tracy's office. 7 The mug shots screen also is accessed from the various police stations. This screen consists of a mug shoot book which depicts all of the current case and gives a profile about each, including the location where they were last seen. This is a good place to look when trying to locate a suspected criminal or when analyzing a clue. Push the Control Pad to browse through these photos. Press the A Button to return to Tracy's office. Street Map Screen When Tracy "Hits the Streets" the game will shift to a screen which shows an overhead view of the city. The streets are named using letters and numbers. The alphabetic street names increase as you move toward the top of the screen, and the numerical street names increase as you move to the right of the screen (thus, to get to 9th and J you would keep driving toward the upper right-hand corner of the screen). Tracy must drive around the city to get to the various locations described in the clues. You maneuver the patrol car by pressing the Control Pad in the direction you want to go. The car will automatically stay within the street boundaries. 8 Tracy will often have to chase blue colored enemy cars through the streets. If his car is hit by too much gunfire, Tracy will be pulled off the case. He con return fire by pressing the B Button. He must hit an enemy car 20-25 times in order to stop it. Once he has disabled the car, the game shifts to the interrogation room where Tracy has the option of interrogating or arresting the criminal (see the "Interrogation Room" section). Rooftop snipers will lire on Tracy from various buildings throughout the city. Tracy can try to avoid their fire while staying in the police car or he can get out of the car by pushing the SELECT Button and return their fire by pressing the B Button. Once a sniper is destroyed, he will not reappear during that case. At the beginning of each caper, four badges appear in the upper right corner of the screen. These represent Tracy's energy level. Every time he is hit, he will lose one half of a badge. The game ends when all the badges are gone. Be con only re-energize by using his first-aid (described in the "Weapons and Devices" section) or by returning to a police station where, if he has half a badge or less, he will receive up to one full badge. 9 Location Screen When Tracy arrives at a desired location, press the SELECT Button and he will get out of the car. Push the Control Pad to walk Tracy to the entrance of the desired location. To enter the building release the Control Pad while Tracy is standing on the location address. When Tracy walks into the desired location, the game shifts to a side view of the locations interior with a text window at the top. This window displays the name of the location, the current weapon he is using, and Tracy's energy level (he begins each case with four badges worth of energy). He can enter any location at any time, however he can only fully explore those locations which house suspects or clues for the current case. To leave a location and return to the street, Tracy must find the clearly marked exit door. By pushing up on the Control Pad he will go out the door and return to the overhead view where he must touch his car in order to drive off. 10 Once inside a location, Tracy will be confronted by fist-fighting and gun. Slinging criminals as he moves from left to right on the screen. He can punch or shoot these thugs (see the section on "How to use the Controller" or more detailed instructions). Tracy can fire on armed criminals, but he has a limited number of bullets. If he shoots an unarmed thug, he will lose one badge of energy. Thus, he must defeat some foes in hand-to-hand combat. Tracy will also encounter dogs and rots as he moves through certain locations. He must be careful to avoid these creatures, because if they touch him he will lose energy. (Note: the dogs can be defeated by punching or shooting.) If Tracy loses all his energy, he will collapse on the floor and the game will be over. As Tracy clears an area of thugs, he may find some evidence for the current crime. This evidence can take the form of clearly marked clues (if Tracy punches a clue, the clue will be revealed in the text window at the top of the screen and can only be removed by pressing the SELECT Button), or it may be one of the main suspects who Tracy must interrogate for further information (the main criminals in each location must be punched by Tracy to take them in for questioning). 11 Interrogation Room Screen Once Tracy apprehends a main criminal, the game shifts to the interrogation room which shows the apprehended criminal under a bright light. Below this are two options: 1) interrogate and 2) arrest. Use the Control Pad to select the desired option, and then press the A Button to activate your choice. If Tracy picks interrogation and the thug is not the main criminal, but is related to the crime, he or she will provide a clue. II he tries to interrogate the guilty criminal or a criminal not associated with the crime, he will receive no information and will hove to let the crook go (Note: this counts as a false arrest). To make a successful arrest, Tracy must have all the evidence of the crime. If he does, the criminal will admit his guilt and end up in the slammer. The game then proceeds to the next caper. If he arrests a suspect, but does not have all the evidence, it also counts as a false arrest and the criminal is released, even if it is the guilty party. After three false arrests, the game is over (Note: the false arrest total accumulates over all five cases). 12 The Pen Screen When Tracy arrests the right criminal, they are put behind bars in the Pen. Below each crook's jail cell is a text window that displays the combination to a safe holding the next case file. Push the A Button to progress to the next case. This safe combination can also be used as a password to continue the game from this point at a later time. To start with any but the first crime, select "Continue" on the Start screen and press the A Button. Open the safe by entering the 3 three-digit numbers. Dial each three digit number by pressing up and down on the Control Pad until the number appears, then press the A Button. After entering the third number correctly, the safe will open revealing the case file and the game will continue from the beginning of that case. If you enter the wrong combination, the safe will explode and return you to the start of the game. 13 Special Weapons and Devices Special weapons and devices ore hidden in various crime locations. They include the following: * Tommy Gun: Gives Tracy a rapid fire machine gun. * Tear Gas: Allows Tracy to throw tear gas cans that explode in smoke and will wipe out all thugs on the screen. * Knock-out Punch: Strengthens Tracy’s punch so only one punch knocks out a thug. * Heart: Provides First-aid. All special weapons and devices can only be used for a limited number of times. When Tracy's energy runs low, he must use the first-aid device to re-energize himself. Tracy must first punch the heart icon to gain possession of it. First-aid is activated by selecting "FIRST-AID" in the text window and simultaneously pressing the B and SELECT Buttons. When you do this, Tracy will return to a four badge energy level. Tracy can carry up to two first-aid devices at one time. 14 Game Strategies Follow the clues Each clue tells you which location or criminal to seek out next. You may need to examine the Mug Shot book at a police station to link a clue to a particular criminal. Conserve your Shots Tracy runs out of bullets, he must get another clip at any police station. His energy can also be restored by up to one badge when he returns to a station. Remove Snipers When Tracy is out of his car, he can use it as a shield to protect him from sniper tire. If he kills a sniper, the sniper will not appear again until the next case. 15

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