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Demon Sword

Typed out by RELEASE THE POWER DEMON SWORD NES-D0-USA HOW TO PLAY TAITO ------------------- Official Nintento Seal of Quality CARE OF YOUR GAME ------------------- THANK YOU for buying Demon Sword from Taito. For the most fun, read this instruction manual thoroughly before you begin your journey. The Story...............................2 How to operate..........................3 How to Play.............................4 Strength and Status.....................5 Magic Items.............................6 Special Magic...........................8 The Realm of Demon Sword...............10 Password Option........................14 Hints and Tips.........................15 Compliance with FCC Regulations........16 Limited Warranty.......................17 ------------------- THE STORY Welcome to an epic sage of Good versus Evil, where a Dark Fiend rules and ancient world with cruel, terrifying magic. The land cries for a champion to end the eternal tyranny. From a small farming village in the High Hills comes a noble fighter called Victar. He carries the battered and rusted hilt of an old sword. The fables tell of how this sword once defeated the Dark Fiend. Victar must find the missing blades and overcome the Fiend's demon horde. [2]---------------- HOW TO OPERATE "A" Button Swing Victar's sword "B" Button Throw Darts JUMP UP (pic of controller) LEFT + RIGHT CROUCH DOWN Start Button - Press the START button to begin the game. Pause Function - Press the START button to pause the game. - Press the START button to resume play. [3]---------------- HOW TO PLAY DEMON SWORD consists of three worlds. Each world has two levels. A level is completed when Victar successfully defeats the creature at the end of that level. A blade from the Demon Sword is awarded when the player completes both levels in a world. The player will enter a seventh level if he completes all three worlds. A player starts with three lives. Your life decreases if an enemy creature hits you or runs into you. Some creatures are more lethal than others. The game ends if the player indicator reaches zero. You can restore your energy level by collecting red spheres and extend this level by collecting black spheres. [4]---------------- STRENGTH AND STATUS Victar's energy levels and magic item inventories are displayed below the game screen. [5]---------------- MAGIC ITEMS There are two types of magic items that Victar can collect: REGULAR MAGIC: These items appear on the screen when Victar defeats and enemy. Their effect happens automaticly. KEYS Opens the Mystic Gates BLACK SPHERES Adds one LIFE square RED SPHERE Restores one LIFE square [6]---------------- MAGIC ITEMS (continued) REGULAR MAGIC: (continued) PHOENIX Rescues Victar if he falls into a bottomless pit. ARROW Increases dart throwing speed. DART WHEEL Victar can throw four darts for a short time. ARROW BEAM Victar transforms into three invincible fighters for a short time. [7]---------------- SPECIAL MAGIC These items are only found when the player enters the Mystic Gates. FIRE SPHERE Fire balls circle around Victar and protect him. POWER BEAM Direct waves of energy against tough opponents. LIGHTNING Sheet lightning destroys all enemies on the screen. POWER DART Increases Victar's dart strength. [8]---------------- SPECIAL MAGIC (continued) To select a magic item during game play: Press the START button to pause the game. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW keys to display the magic items. Press the LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROR keys to select a magic item. Press the "A" button to activate a magic item. It will now appear beside the regular magic item inventory. Press the START button to resume play. Press the SELECT button during game play to use the magic item. [9]---------------- THE REALM OF DEMON SWORD Prepare yourself for an adventure into uncharted lands, where sinister creatures and unworldly beings protect the Dark Fiend's dominion! WORLD ONE The Bamboo Forest Victar begins his journey in this land of tall trees, broken bridgesm and bottomless canyons. The training grounds of the Demon Warrior are at the end of this level. Cedar Mountain A long stairway leads to thick forests and rocky gorges. The Old Wizard waits for Victar on a craggy escarpment. [10]--------------- THE REALM OF DEMON SWORD (cont'd) WORLD TWO The Temple Graveyard Our hero must climb high walls and crumbling stairways to reach the temple where the Dark Priest dwells. Fire Mountain An evil land that's full of dead trees and fire pits. The Tower of the Troglodyte casts its shadow from the top of Fire Mountain. [11]--------------- THE REALM OF DEMON SWORD (cont'd) WORLD THREE Bone Mountain Unspeakable horror lies in the tunnels of Bone Mountain. The Skullkeeper lurks in his damp and musty lair. The Castle A maze of stairs leads Victar to the castle's tallest tower, where he must vanquish the elusive Harpee. [12]--------------- THE REALM OF DEMON SWORD (cont'd) The Final Battle When all three blades of the Demon Sword are forged together, Victar must enter the Brimstone Fortress. Do you have the courage to descend into its depths? Here you will find the Fiend's chief servant, known to all as the Dark Lord. The Mystic Gates The Mystic Gates can transport Victar to the Mystic Realm or the Dungeon Realm. The Mystic Realm somtimes gives Victar a gift. The only way to escape the Dungeon Realm is to fight the warrior that waits for Victar. [13]--------------- PASSWORD OPTION This game used a password system on Controller 1 to let you continue the current game. To see the password at the end of the current game: Press the DOWN ARROW key. Hold this key down and press the following buttons in this order: "B" "A" "B" "A" Press the "A" button if you want to continue the game. Press SELECT and then press the "A" button if you want to exit the game. To enter the password at the start of the game: Press the UP ARROR key. HOLD this key down and press the following buttons in this order: "A" "B" "A" "B" Use the UP.DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW keys to move the pointer. Press the "A" button to select a letter. Press the "B" button to move backwards. When the password is entered, move the pointer to the word END and press the "A" button. A correct password lets you continue. [14]--------------- HINTS AND TIPS * Save your magic items for the really tough enemies. * Never stay in one place for too long. * Tall trees offer a good defense against the demon hordes. * Collect as many red spheres as you can before fighting the Dark Lord. * The only way to escape from the dungeon gates is to defeat the warrior within. [15]--------------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS [16]--------------- TAITO SOFTWARE, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY [17]--------------- TAITO THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN.

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