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Defender of the Crown

Typed out by Martin Nielsen GAME : DEFENDER OF THE CROWN MAKER : PALCOM RELEASED : 1991 GAME CODE : NES-U3-UKV * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The "ULTRA" instead of "PALCOM" that apears in the manual is not an * * error made by me.... Go blame Konami :) * * * * - Martin * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ULTRA! You're now the proud owner of ULTRA's authentic version of Defender of the Crown for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We suggest that you read the following instructions thoroughly before conquering England. TABLE OF CONTENTS THE ENGLISH COUNTRY SIDE INTRODUCTION HOW TO PLAY THE 4 ENGLISH LORDS THE TOURNAMENT BUYING AN ARMY/THE CONQUEST RAIDING BATTLES AND CATAPULTS DEFENDING YOUR CASTLE ROBIN HOOD AND THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS ADVICE FROM THE ROUND TABLE TAKING CARE OF YOUR GAME ENGLAND 1149 A.D. Ripe with civil vil war, the once peaceful English countryside is tormented by trampling armies and thundering hooves, and its grassy knolls are stained red by fallen knights and serfs. The game's map screen displays the whole bloody terrrtory and defines the boundaries of feudal lands. It also shows where castles and garrisons are located, and who lays claim to each territory (blue shields represent Saxon turf, orange flags represent Norman holdings. Your homeland is represented by a bold knight on a trusty white steed). In the upper-left corner of the map screen, you'll see a table. From there you will select your plan of action : Tournament, Conquest, Go Raiding, Buy Army, Read Map, Pass. WHEN HISTORY AND FANTASY WERE ONE It's a time of legends. A time for heroes. A time of bitter strife, when great men rise above their peers to perform great deeds. Your liege the king is dead, the throne vacant. Britain enters a season of destruction, a bitter winter that can end only when the last brave Saxon Knight lies dead or the Norman castles lie in heaps ot rubble, emptied of their foul oppressors who have enslaved your people. It's a time when foreign invaders shall learn the truths administered by the shining blad Saxon swords. It's a time when heroes are made and damsels saved. HOW TO CROWN YOURSELF Six great lords vie for the English throne; their castles dominate the island nation. In the south there are the three Norman castles, to the north, the Saxon fortresses. Your goal is to crush the three Norman castles, thus claiming the missing crown. To do so, you must accumulate wealth by conquering lands and raiding castles. With this stash of cash, you must build armies tor further conquests and defense of the territories you've already claimed. The other Saxons are initially your allies, but remember: they want to be king of England as well. HOW TO PLAY Strategy is as much a part of valor as strength and a sword. A great king has plenty of brains to back his boasting, because he knows that words can only lead soldiers into battle. While decisions lead them on to victory. After the opening screen appears, take command and advance to the next screen by pressing the A Butlon. In general, you may press the A button to cnange screens throughout the game. When the first picture of a knight appears, you may choose to play his role by pressing the A Button. To cycle through the other 3 arternative knights, press the Control Pad or Select Button. What's important to note about each are his strengths or weaknesses in Leadership, Jousting and Swordplay. (The easiest Knight to win with is Wilfred of Ivanhoe. The toughest challenge is with Wolfric the Wild.) Once you've knighted yourself, advance through Sherwood Forest, then on to the status screen. This screen will keep you informed of how you're faring throughout the game. It tells you the date, your gold and income supply, your ratings status, the number of knights, soldiers and catapults you have in your conquering army, and the number of soldiers you've left at home to defend your castle. It also displays the fair maiden, if you're brave enough to reseue her when called upon. After learning a little bit about yourself, advance to the map scren and begin your quest for the crown. From there, make strategic selections by moving the sword up or down the Control Pad. Press the A Button to lock in your decision. Next, follow the directions given to you on the screen. Use the Control pad to maneuver the cursor, and lock in your commands by pressing the A Button. Every decision you make is considered a TURN. For each turn you take a month passes inside the computer. During this time the computer takes its turn, initiating battles that randomly rage across the land. You'll see flags and shields appearing and changing. These are the computer's conquests. Remember, for every Saxon decision you make, the computer counters with Norman ideas. Thus be advised to always stay one thought ahead. GOOD KNIGHTS You'll command the role of one of these Saxon lords. Note Their strengths and make sure you have the skills to compensate for any of their weaknesses. During the conquest you can increase your Ieadership rating by sucessfully jousting fame. This is important to remember, since a strong leadership rating offers an enormous advantage on The battefield. Of course, also know that any time you flee from a confrontation, your leadership will falter and your men will lose confidence. Wilfred of Ivanhoe Leadership : Average Jousting : Good Swordplay : Good Wolfric the Wild Leadership : Weak Jousting : Strong Swordplay : Weak Cedric of Rotherwood Leadership : Strong Jousting : Average Swordplay : Good Geoffrey Longsword Leadership : Good Jousting : Weak Swordplay : Strong THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS You need 5 gold pieces to pay for holding a tournament. When other lords hold tournaments, the code of chivalry requires you to attend (for free). Complete for FAME to increase your leadership, and for LAND to win territory. If you have no land other than your home castle to gamble, you'll automatically duel for fame. Event 1: The Joust After choosing your opponent (Hint: you should have read the map to know who the strong and weak opponerns are) press the A Button until you've advanced to the overhead view of the horses galloping into position. You're Saxon blue, the computer is Norman red. Next the "Charge!" screen will appear. Using the Control Pad, guide the lance at the bottom of the screen and try to position it in the center of the oncoming opponent's shield. The stronger your jousting abilitty, the larger his shield. After the third pass, if you haven't dismounted him, you're automatically knocked on your tail. Whether you dismount your opponent or he dismounts you determines your strength going in to the tournaments second event. Be warned. Spearing the opponent's horse is the most dishonorable deed a chivalrous knight can commit. Do so, and your honor, along with most worldly possessions, will be lost. Event 2: The Moming Star Again, you control the blue knight, the computer controls the red. The key is to time your blows pressing the A Button at the exact moment the morningstar is furthest from the opponent. Push the A Button alone and you'll swing high. Press it while holding the Control Pad down and you'll swing low. You can also defend yourself by raising the shield with the B Button. To be proclaimed champion of the tournament, you must win three straight Morning Star events. BUYING AN ARMY (The Pre-Pentagon Era) Select BUY ARMY from the mainmenu, and the screen automatically swihches to a choice variety of soldiers, Knights. catapults and castles available for purchase. You can shop to your heart's content, or at least until you run out of gold. (Absolubely no deficit spending allowed!) Things to consider when buying your army: Knights outlast soldiers and are the striking force on the field of honor, but they are useless when defending your castle or garrisons. You musthave at least one (1) catapult to lay siege to an enemy castle. You must also have land (besides your home territory) to build a castle/garrison. When you build a castle/garrison, you'll also receive 10 men to defend it. CONQUESTS The location of your army is represented on the map by the mounted knight. When at home, the army helps defend the castle. To transfer forces back and forth between your home castle, your conquesting army, and the garrisons you've built on captured territories, select CONQUEST from the main menu. From the next menu that will appear, select TRANSFER. Press the A Button to lock onto the soldiers Knights or catapults you wish to transfer, then press the Control Pad left or right. Finally, select MOVE ARMY to capture unguarded territories, attack enemy locations or to move through friendly lands. IT'S A RAID! Under the cover of darkness you decide to raid an enemy castle (or for that matter, an allied stronghold). This is purely a greedy decision, a plundering mission for gold, loot, the big bucks! To illegally raise this extra cash for your army, select RAIDING from the main menu, then choose the lord you want to victimize by using your Control Pad to line up the cursor with his castle. Fair warning. This isn't as simple as taking candy from a baby. You must defeat three courtyard soldiers, and then enter into the fortress where you'll duel with the captain of the guard. It's extremely difficult for a weak swordfighter to raid the castle of a strong swordsman. But with much practice, it's possible. Move the Corntrol Pad right and left to advance and retreat. To escape, move to the far left of the screen . . . at the cost of leadership points. When you close in on an opponent, press the A Button to attack. To parry a guard's thrust, press the A Button while holding the Control Pad in the up position. The guard can't strike you when you're parrying. Of course, you can't stab him in that position either. The best strategy for winning your raid is to lunge and strike, then retreat a step. Another piece of sound advice: watch 16 hours of back-to-back Erroll Flynn swashbuckling movies - that'll really teach you how to swordfight! BATTLE TO THE BITTER END Animated pictures represent the armies. The actual battle randomly takes place inside the computer. Each soldier represents 25 men (or less) and each horseman represents 10 knights (or less). Press the Control Pad up or down, then press the A Button to change tactics. The tactics displayed at bottom right of the screen are: * Hold Your Ground - Most effective when you are a good to excellent leader and you're fighting a weaker or equal leader with less men. * Ferocious Attack - Risky. if you're a weak leader or are going against a larger force, it may work. But often it leaves you with casualties galore. * Bombard - Best used when you have numerous catapults. * Outflank - Most effective when you have a low leadership rating but outnumber the opposing army. Might also wark for excellent leader who is outnumbered. * Retreat - You may run away and save your men, but that will obviously destroy your leadership rating. CATAPULT SIEGES You must buy a catapult and transfer it to your campaign army before you can attack a territory occupied by a castle. When the siege begins, choose your ammunition - BOULDERS, GREEK FIRE, OR DISEASE. Your objective is to do as much damage as inhumanly possible to the enemy before the open field battle begins. You must first knock a hole in the wall with a boulder before you launch fire or disease. Press the A Button to pull the catapult's lever back. Hold it down until you're ready to fire then release it. Try to hit the top of the castle wall first, then lower your aim to destroy it piece by piece Disease will kill large numbers of men if used eariy (because it has time to spread and fester). Fire will eliminate 10% of the castle guards. Select CEASE FIRING if you want to end the siege early. DEFENDING YOUR HOME CASTLE OR GARRISON If you haven't stayd a thought ahead of the enemy, and your home castle is defended by only a handful of wimps, an attack could put a sudden halt to your dreams of conquest Garrisons can also fall to this land of poor planning, but without the dramatic ending The crossbow scene is seen from your perspective inside the castle walls. The enemy is climbing the walls and firing arrows directly at you (it's kand of a William Tell thing minus the apple). The strength bar indieates how many men you have left. Your total number of crossbowmen corresponds to the number of men in your castle (not including Knights). This chart applies to the computer's army as well. Also, the higher your leadership rating, the more quickly you can move your crossbow. The higher your opponent's leadership rating, the more quickly his men will appear and shoot. .------------------------------------------. | | | Men in Castle Total Crossbowmen | | | | 1 - 9 1 - 9 | | 10 - 25 10 | | 26 - 50 15 | | 51 - 75 20 | | 76 - 125 30 | | 126 - 175 40 | | 176 - 200 50 | | | `-------------------------------------------' ROBIN HOOD AND THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS You can get Robin's help a total of three times. He'll help you raid a castle, siege a castle, or fight on the battlefield. To ask for his assistance, move the cursor to Sherwood Forest anytime you are prompted to select a territory. You'll then see Robin, receive his message, and finally return to the map where you'll select the territory you wish to harass. As for the damsel of your dreams, you'll have the opportunity to rescue her only if her father thinks you have the nerve to succeed. So be brave, my son, and she'll eventually take the sting from your wounds. ADVICE FROM THE ROUNDTABLE 1. Familraize yourself wrth your surroundings. Select READ MAP from the menu. Inspect the territory around your castle, then size up your opponents. 2. Men-at-arms are the least expensive military commodity, and the core of an army's strength valuable at home for defense or fields of conquest. Fighting on horseback, knights are useful mainly for attack - they can splinter a defending army with a terrrfying single charge. 3. Bolster the ranks by shifting men and weapons from your home army, but remember - the careful commander leaves behind a strong force to protect his castle unless he plans to stay close by. 4. Issuing the correct orders at the proper time is the key to battlefield success. Attacking with ferocity is a gamble. It can save a day that appears lost, but can also be the undoing of a great army that might have won with a more conservative approach. Know when to give up the field. Dishonor is preferable to the loss of your last knight. 5. Any castle or territory may be attacked, Norman or Saxon. The reverse is also true - you may be attacked by Saxons, even though they're supposed allies. Chivalry was a club, and some lords did not belong. 6. Select CONQUEST from the menu to see the see of your home army and campaign army. If you have any vassals, their numbers appear in the home army column. Each vassal is equal to one soldier. Use this menu to assign additional forces to the campaign. 7. The courtyard of the enemy's castle is a dangerous place to learn the secrets of swordsmanship. Keep two things in mind and you should live long enough to reap the benefits of experience: first the best time to thrust is when your opponent's sword is in motion away from yours; second, you must always keep moving. So bequeath the ghosts of Camelot. TREAT YOUR ULTRAGAMES CASETTE CAREFULLY * This ULTRAGAMES cassette is a precision-crafted device with eomplex electronic circuitry Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or extremes of temperature. Never atempt to open or dismantle the cassette. * Do not touch the terminal leads or allow them to come into eontact with water or i game circuitry will be damaged. * Always make sure your computer is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the cassette or removing it from the computer * Never insert your fingers or any metal objects into the terminal portion of the expansion connector This can result in malfunction or damage. WARNING DO NOT USE WITH FROMT OR REAR PROJECTIOM TY Do not use a front or rear projection television with your Nintendo Entertainment System ("NES") and NES games. Your projection television screen may be permanently damaged if video games with stationary scenes or patterns are played on your projection television. Similar damage may occur if you place a video game on hold or pause. If you use your projection television with NES games, Nintendo will not be liable for any damage. This situation is not caused by a defect in the NES or NES games; other fixed or repetitive images may cause similar damage to a projection television. Please contact your TV manufacturer forfurther informatlon. Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment Systemare trademarks of Nintendo. PALCOM SOFTWARE is a trademark of Palcom Software Limited. Defender of the Crown is a trademark of Cinemaware Corp. (c)1991 Konami

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