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Defender 2

Typed out by NES-SB-USA How to play Defender 2(tm) Hal America Inc.(tm) --- The story Star date 7211, the distant planet, Ligaras, is being attacked by alien marauders. The residents of Ligaras are being abducted and turned into mutants. You as the top gun of the Defender team, must save these people. The aliens are mean and vicious. You must fight with Landers, Mutants, Yllabian Space Guppys, and more. There is a special gate in each screen which you can warp into the other side of the planet. You meet more enemies there to fight. You are the only one who can save the planet, battle with aliens at the speed exceeding the speed of light, in dark unknown space. --- How to use the controller Up: Move up Down: Move down Left: Move left Right: Move right Select Button: Select type of games Start Button: Start game/Pause game B Button: Launch Smart Bombs (limited quantity) A Button: Shoot LASER beam. --- How to play Insert the game pak into your NES, and turn on your computer. Use the SELECT BUTTON to choose a one- or two-palyer game. Game A is for the beginner and game B is for the expert. If you want to pause the game, press the START BUTTON after the game started. Press again to resume the game. Use the pad to move your spaceship to the direction you wish. Press A BUTTON to shoot the LASER beam and B BUTTON to launch the smart bombs. You start out with three spaceships and five smart bombs. The Laser beam is unlimited. On the upper left corner of the screen, you see your score, the number of ships remain, and the number of the smart bombs left. You must maneuver your spaceship and shoot the LASER beam at the aliens. Use smart bomb to clear all the aliens in screen at once. But remember, you only have limited number of bombs. You also must save the resident being abducted by shooting the enemies. When you see the sparkling square on the screen, it is the gate to the other side of the planet. You may jump into the gate to get the other side, where you will encounter more enemies, or you may choose to stay and fight. To clear the wave, you must kill all the aliens, but some aliens may be neglected. It is for you to find out which alien may be neglected to clear the waves. If you do not kill all the aliens as quickly as possible, you may find yourself surrounded by more aliens than when you started. Use your smart bomb and warp gate wisely. Well, it is time for you to go to save the planet, Good luck! --- Playing tips You will be travelling at very high speed, so try not run into aliens. You must remember, that using warp gate and getting to the other side will not save you from fighting with aliens. You may encounter enemies, which may be tougher than the one you were fighting. Using the smart bomb is nice, but remember you only have five to begin with. Try to save residents from being abducted, each saved resident will give you the bonus points. You may find yourself in the situation where you are surrounded by many aliens, even though you thought you cleared them all. Don't panic, start fighting with the closer alien, then work your way out. If it does not help, use a smart bomb. --- Characters Defender- your spaceship Resident- defenseless, save them for bonus points Smart bomb- destroy all the enemies on a screen. Mutants- dumb, but get vicious when they eat residents Gul mutants- mean mutants, chases you around Baiters- appear if you take too long to finish off a wave Pods- bob around like bouncing balls Dynamos- cubic creatures that swirl around the heavens above the planet surface Yllabian space guppys- mindless puppets Firebombers- treacherous Phreds- nastry creatures

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