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Day Dreamin Davey

Typed out by G. L. Sicherman Day Dreamin Davey [NES-6D-USA] Hal America Inc. -- The Story School was never like this! Join Davey on a trip to, and from, his school, where history lessons come true and recess is just a break in the fun! Using the greatest time machine in history, Davey rides his imagination through the time of Merlin the Magician, ancient Greek history, and the Old West with plenty of stopovers in-between. So keep an eye out for the principal, and always have your hall pass ready! Use of the Controller A Button - Used to control some weapons, and to scroll through text screens. B Button - Used to control some weapons. A and B Buttons Together - Makes Davey jump to clear obstacles. Start Button - Used to start or pause the game. Select Button - Used to go to menu screens. Control Pad - Used to move Davey. Also used to move the cursor to select menu items. Getting Started Put the Game Pak in your NES and turn it on. When the title screen appears push the Start button and the Start/Continue screen will appear. If you're starting a new game select Start A New Game and the game will start. If you are continuing a game, select Continue a Game, and the password screen will appear. Move the cursor to the first letter of your pass- word with the Control Pad. When it is bracketing the first letter, press the A Button to enter it. Do this for each of the letters in your password. Enter your password, select End and the game will start from the beginning of the level you were on. If you make a mistake, select Redo and you can start over. You can access menu screens at any time by pushing the Select Button. This will show you what you have in inventory. The B column has weapons controlled with the B Button, the A column has A Button weapons. >Items< displays the items in inventory, and the upper section has special items you've collected. Move the cursor with the Control Pad and enter selections with the A Button. Medieval World Welcome to Medieval World, Sir Davey, where knighthood is still in flower and danger lurks around every castle corner. You'll need to use the magic of Merlin the Magician to find Excalibur, and make your way through the Transporter to the Dark Castle and your final encounter with the Dragon of the Castle. And now, off on your daydream, adventure! Davey's first encounter is with a White Knight. They look fearsome, but they are your best allies of all. Touch a White Knight and he will give you information you'll need on your journey. But don't try to harm them, or you'll feel their wrath! Your first mission is to find Excalibur, the most powerful weapon in the Medieval World. No warrior can expect to continue without this Prince of weapons, subject of myths and legends passed from generation to generation. Press on, Sir Davey! Weapons in the Medieval World There are helps, hints and tools in the Dark Forest that will help you on your way. You can defeat most of the enemies in the Medieval World with your Sword, your wits and your courage, but some of the enemies are difficult to defeat without special weapons. Don't get lost in the winding trails and blind alleys in the Medieval World. Remember where you've been and don't get lost. Beware of the different kinds of Gnomes - they'll be your downfall if you're not careful. Talk to all of the White Knights for clues to help you on your quest, and press on! | [Sword] Davey starts out on his [Potions] There are good and bad | adventure with this small but potions - use your wits and be | sturdy sword. careful! | | [Small Sword] Davey spins and [Grappling Hook] You'll need this | destroys all enemies within the to cross the bridge into the Dark- | Sword's range. lands. | | [Spear] There are spears of [Gold Ring] Finding this will | different kinds scattered help you make your way through | around the Medieval World. the Portal. | | [Hourglass] A magic potion [Fairy Dust] Picking up a bag | stored in the Hourglass stops of Fairy Dust will make Davey | time momentarily. invincible for a time. Medieval World Enemies Below is a brief introduction to some of the characters you'll meet in the Medieval World. The battles you fight here will just be a warmup for the big showdown against Lumper, the Dark Knight. | [Good Gnome] These guys will [Egger Birds] These birds will | leave potions for Davey, but drop eggs on Davey that will sap | don't try to harm them! his strength. | | [Bad Gnome] Bad gnomes will [Dark Knights] Lumper's underlings, | attack Davey, or try to steal and the first tough enemies you'll | things from him. meet. | | [Bats] Not very strong, but [Druids] These characters float in | they'll chip away at your and out of the action, tossing | strength. fireballs at Davey. | | [LUMPER!] The Darkest and Stormiest Knight of all! You'll have to | defeat Lumper to move on to Winterland and the Lower Depths. You'll | need good weapons and lots of strength to defeat this one, but if you | fight valiantly he may grant you a valuable gift. Outer Worlds There are a few areas where you'll make short stopovers along the way. Some will seem familiar- some will be brand new. -- Into the fiery quicksand! If you get your hands on the coin, Captain Charon will give you passage on the boat that leads to this flaming wasteland. You'll need the Spear of Mars and the Golden Bow to make it out of here alive! There's no way to be sure where the quicksand is, so you'll have to be careful where you step! -- The Titans in the Cloud City are fearless fighters who know how to use their weapons with deadly accuracy. Davey will need to have some powerful weapons, a good defense, and an effective mod of transportation to make it through this section. -- Back to the world of Knights and Wizards, but this time it won't be quite so easy! Overrun with fireball-throwing Druids and guarded at the end by Sir Lumpus, Winterland will tax even the bravest knight. Greek Mythology World The Delphic Oracle can't help you here! Davey (Or is that Daveus?) will have to find his way through the columns and temples of ancient Greece to the grove of trees where the evil one-eyed Cyclops lies in wait for just such a hapless traveler. His clubs are fearsome and he's keeping an eye out for you! Here among the temples and courtyards of Mount Olympus there are gods and goddesses all around to help you on your way. Some of the temples have characters that will help you on your quest for the Magic Shield and the Sword of Cyclops. Be sure to look everywhere! Friends and Enemies in Ancient Greece Some of the gods and goddesses will give you clues and hints to help you on your way. The Golden Race of Men will be very helpful in your search for the Magic Shield. Check each of the temples along the way for clues to the shield. | [Nymphs] Good nymphs will [Golden Eagle] Eagles rob you | leave apples to help you on of strength, but sometimes | your way. leave rewards. | | [Satyrs] Half man, half goat, [Bronze Race] The foot soldiers | Satyrs are armed and dangerous. are bad enough, but watch out | for Guards! Mythological World Items Here are a few items to help you in the Mythology World. | [Apples] Like potions, some [Shield] There are two shields | will help Davey and some of different strengths - you'll | will harm him need both | | [Sundial] A sundial will make [Sword] Defeat Cyclops in the | time stand still for a little Grove and get this very powerful | while weapon | | [Bow and Arrow] Davey won't [Special Apples] These apples | get far without this powerful are rare, and grant the bearer | weapon special powers [CYCLOPS!] Rumbling back and forth, swinging his clubs at all intruders, his one big eye refusing to blink in the face of huge, terrifying enemies, much less one as tiny and insignificant as Davey - Cyclops is more terrifying than any home room teacher! You'll need to attack fast before Cyclops runs you over and turns you into Grecian dust! Western World Well, saddles pals, we're back in the Old West and you're in for a rootin' tootin' good time! Davey's gonna have to go up against some real sidewinders this time if he's gonna make it back to the school marm's class before sundown! First ya need to check in at the Sheriff's office and see if things have been peaceable since the last time ya were in town. The Sheriff will give ya a little stake to get ya started, but then you're on your own, Deputy! Yer gonna hafta watch yer step, Deputy Davey. This galoot is a tough ol' hombre, and ya need the big iron to go up against him. The Trading Post Davey can buy or swap for things he needs in the Trading Post. Snake skins, Indian relics, Root Beer and other items can be traded for the things you need. But remember - not everything you see in the Trading Post is helpful, and some are really bad news! | [Gold] Davey can trade gold at 4 [Dried Fingers] Remedy? Poison? | nuggets to the dollar. Help or hindrance? You decide! | | [Root Beer] Root Beer can be traded [Deer Tails] Try 'em - ya just | for cash at $5.00 a jug. might like 'em. | | [Snake Skin] Rattlesnake skins can [Snake Elixir] This elixir will | be sold for $2.00 each. save Davey from snake bites. | | [Relic] Hard to come by, but worth [Spirit Powder] You can never tell | its weight in gold. Or money. what you might find on the trail! The Gunsmith Shop You'll need cash to buy the weapons and ammunition sold in the Gunsmith's Shop. If you have some gold, you can mosey on over to the Trading Post and trade it for cash. | [Rifle] Long range, high power. [Shotgun] Short range, but high power. | Seven shots in showdowns. Two shots in showdowns. | | [Bullets] You need lots of these. [Colt 45] Long range pistol, six | Stock up and use them wisely. shots in showdowns. | | [Shotgun Shells] Keep your shotgun There are other weapons you can use | loaded for unexpected showdowns. in the Western World. Experiment | with your whip to improve your | [Colt Pistol] Short range, low accuracy, and pick up TNT! | power weapon, but a good start. Items and Characters in the Old West | [Rattlesnake] Rattlesnakes can [Sharpshooters] They fire rifles | leave rewards, but don't get from to pick off unwary saddle pal. | bitten! | | [Cactus] Some cactus have [Gunslingers] Roam the streets | treasures hidden inside that looking for the fastest gun. | might help. | | [Buzzards] These marauders will [Dynamite] Some enemies leave | leave dynamite behind when dynamite behind when defeated. | defeated. | | [Saddle Tramps] These guys throw [Tumbleweeds] Tumbleweeds will | empty bottles and dynamite at push Davey around - step aside | Davey. and avoid them. [Hotel Menu] Davey can hole up at the hotel and get a bite to eat, a shave and a bath, and a bed for the night when his energy starts to get low. The entrees all seem to have beans in them, and there's not much you could call gourmet but it's pretty fair for frontier grub, and it'll fill ya up when yer belly's growlin'.

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