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Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum

Typed out by NES-XY-USA Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum(tm) Instruction Manual Data East(r) --- Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum(tm) You're Dash Galaxy, fearless Space Explorer. You've just landed a thousand light years from home on an alien planet filled with strange creatures, deadly force fields and dangerous pitfalls. Your Mission: to make your way through the incredible maze of rocket rooms and elevator shafts and return safely to your ship. Using your amazing athletic ability, you must enter all the rooms on each level and successfully collect everything in each room. You've only got a limited supply of oxygen, so you've got to get all the objects and make a mad dash for the door before you run out of air! Watch out for those slime-sucking aliens. They'll take your breath away. It's time to show those freaks what an earthling can do! Are you ready for the challenge? They don't call you Dash for nothing - you can jump and run better than anyone in the Universe. Data East brings you arcade realism at home! --- How to play 1) Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System is off, then put the Dash Galaxy Game Pak in the system. 2) Press the Power button on the front of the system. After a few preliminary screens, the Dash Galaxy title screens will appear. 3) Make sure the controller is plugged into socket 1, then press the Start button on the controller. 4) Press the A button, on controller one to begin play. 5) To skip the information and start the game immediately, press Select on controller 1. Briefing You begin in the elevator shaft of each floor. You must enter rooms by passing through doorways. Sometimes the doors are blocked by force fields or large blocks. Once in the room, you have to turn off all switches inside before the door will open again to let you out. You must successfully go in and out of every room on one floor before you move up to the next floor. In the rooms, you can move up and down by using ladders or jumping on the trampolines. --- Operating instructions Button A and arrow key at the same time: Moves blocks in the direction you want. To make Dash run left or right, hold down the appropriate arrow key. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move Dash up and down ladders. Button A: To jump straight up, press Up on the control pad and press button A at the same time. When Dash is running and Button A is pressed, he makes a leaping long jump left or right. In both the elevator shafts and rooms: Button B: When you have time bombs in your inventory press button B to set one off. Start button: Press this button to begin the game. If you wish to pause the game at any time during game play, press the Start button. To return to the game, press Start again. --- Objects Keys: It's always a good idea to pick up objects. You never know when you may need some help. Keys enable you to pass through force fields. When you have keys in your inventory you can walk through a force field. Your inventory will then be reduced by one. If you don't have a key and you walk into a force field, you will lose a life. Bombs: Bombs can be used to blow up enemies in the rooms or blow up blocks or force fields in the elevators. A bomb will automatically detonate 3 seconds after it is set. Don't stand too close or it can blow you up too! To set a bomb, press Button B. Detonators: When you have a detonator in your inventory, you can set the bomb off anytime you want to. To detonate a bomb, press Button B again after you set the bomb. Stars: Whenever you collect 10 orange Stars, you become invincible for a short period of time. Your enemies cannot hurt you. However, you can still run out of oxygen or jump off a platform into the abyss if you're not careful. Oxygen: You start out with a fresh supply of oxygen in each room. Full oxygen is replaced by the green bar on the lower right of your screen. As you use up the oxygen, the green bar turns red. When it turns completely red, you're history. Whenever you see an oxygen container, it's a good idea to pick one up. Oxygen Flasks: You should pick these up to restore oxygen. Lives: You start out with four lives. Every time you pick up a heart, you gain an additional life. Switches: You must turn off all switches in each room before continuing. --- Scoring Picking up Objects - 25 points Gold Stars - 50 points Blue Start - 100 points Completing a room or an elevator shaft - 5 times the amount of oxygen left (which can be 0 to 63 points) Completing a Level - 250 points Hidden Treasures! On some floors, you may find secret rooms. If you figure out how to get into these rooms, you will find bonus goodies inside. Also, there are hidden express elevators that enable you to get to other floors. But, beware - this can pay off and take you to higher floors or you could end up dropping back several levels.

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