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Typed out by NES-YN-USA Cybernoid(tm) Game Pak Instructions Acclaim(tm) Entertainment Inc. - Masters of the Game(tm) --- Zoggians invade asteroids It figures. If anyone could've found the riches we'd stored on those remote asteroids, it'd be the Zoggians. They were three anonymous asteroids, in a storm of thousands of other aster- oids. All of which looked almost identical. That's why we thought they'd be a great hiding place - for rare minerals and precious gems. And they were. Until the Zog pirates caught whiff of them. Now, it's a universal disaster. They've attacked the asteroids, infiltrated our storage rooms, and confiscated jillions of astralbucks worth of commod- ities. Experience has thought us that conventional tactics don't work well against Zoggians. They're much too clever for that. That's why we want to try out our newest advancement in armed spacefighter technology on them. The Cybernoid. This one's got everything. Standard laser blasters? Sure. But more. Much more. There are mega-ton blasting bombs, genocide missile exterminators, and off- the-wall bouncers for hair-raising action. Plus heat-sensitive seekers - to hone in on enemy ground installations. Not to mention the magnetic superconductor shield - for impact-proof protect- ion. There's also a rear firing blaster - for double the defensive power. Then there's our top-secret weapon - never before tried anywhere in the uni- verse - CyberMace. You just have to see this one to believe it. And see if you will, because you're the one selected to fly Cybernoid's maiden mission. And you're the one who'll have to purge the asteroids of the Zoggian pirates. So go get 'em. --- Getting ready for action Loading 1. Make sure the power switch is OFF. 2. Insert the Cybernoid cartridge as described in your Nintendo Entertainment System manual. 3. Turn the power switch ON. When you press the Start Button on player 1's controller, you'll see the game selection screen - with three difficulty levels to choose from. Selecting your game There are three difficulty levels to choose from. Move the Cybernoid ship to select your difficulty level by pressing the Select button. These are your choices: Easy - A good place to start out. 'Cause you're going to need the practice. Hard - More Zoggian enemies, more often Lethal - You'll get more points for each enemy, but this one takes fine-tuned Cybernoid training. Recommended for Aces only. --- Super sound effects Cybernoid features two exciting sound effects modes. For basic music and sound effects, start the game as usual. But for super, state-of-the-art sound effects - no music, just crisp explosions, futuristic laser sounds and more - press the Start button to pause the game, press the A button to switch sounds, and then press the Start button to resume the game. --- Basic moves To move right and left - Press the right and left Control Pad arrows. To move up - press the Up Control Pad arrow. To move down - Release the Up Control Pad arrow to let gravity pull you down. To pause - Press the Start button. To restart - Press the Start button again. Using weaponry Your Cybernoid ship comes equipped with an arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons and shields (described below). Your basic weapon is a perpetual laser blaster- which is available at all times. All other weapons must first be selected to be used. To fire laser blasts - A button. To select other weapons or shield - Press the Select button repeatedly until your selection is shown in the weapons window. To fire or activate selected weapons - Press the B button. --- An arsenal of weapons In addition to your basic laser blaster, your Cybernoid ship comes equipped with the weapons listed here. As you battle your way across the asteroids - ridding them of Zoggian pirates - you'll quickly learn which weapons and defenses work best at which times. Additionally, throughout your mission you will come across other weapons that you can acquire and use. The trick will be knowing where to find them. Here are the weapons at your disposal: Bombs - These are good against ground-based installations and for destroying fuel barrels. Genocide Missile - The good news? It destroys all Zoggians on the screen at one time. The bad news? It destroys valuable cargo too. Shield - Provides temporary invulnerability from all attacking Zoggians and installations. Bouncers - These little guys are very "off the wall" - destroying everything in their path. Seekers - They hone in on all active ground installations - so all you have to do is fire. Note: Finding additional weapons - Except for the laser blaster, your supply of the above weaponry will be limited. But there are more weapons scattered over the asteroids. They can be found in ACME packing cases occasionally dropped by the Zoggians. And the more enemies you destroy, the more weapons will become available. --- Transformer weapons to be found In addition to the listed weapons, there are two ultra-ballistic weapons to be found in the asteroids' holding plants. And once you find them, these weapons can be "snapped on" to your Cybernoid ship. These weapons are: Rear firing blaster - This attaches to the back of your ship. So when you press the A button to fire laser blasts, you'll be sending them in both direc- tions. Cybermace - One of the most treacherous weapons known to the universe. It circles your Cybernoid ship, destroying almost anything in your path. Cyber- mace works automatically - as soon as you find it. For double the effect, you can attack up to two of these guys at a time! --- Time bomb The Zoggians have installed a time bomb in each room. Each one is set for a different amount of time - depending on what's in each room. If you don't get out in the designated amount of time, the room will explode, taking you and your ship with it. But here's the good news: about 10 seconds before the bomb is due to go off, the room will start to pulsate with light. When this happens, hyper outa there!!! --- Cyber bonus To get a super high score, you can acquire additional bonus points in a couple of ways. - You get bonus points for each of the cargo items you collect. - You earn bonus points based on the amount of time remaining when you get to the end of an asteroid (three in all). The more time left, the more bonus points you'll receive. --- Nine lives A Cybernoid ship can regenerate itself nine times after being attacked by Zoggian fire. You can acquire extra Cybernoid lives by collecting at least 500 additional cargo points on each level. --- Know the score You'll earn points for defeating certain Zoggians and for collecting cargo. Here's what earns what: Item Points S'hroom Zoggians 20 Giant Green Blob 500 Zoggian Missiles 40 Cargo 20-100 Arrow Zoggians 100 --- Technical tips - Remember to test out all available weapons on each kind of attacker. If one weapon doesn't work, another one may. - When all else fails, you can always employ your shields for temporary pro- tection against enemy attack. - Sometimes the best defense is no defense - just let yourself drop to safety from the gravitational pull. - Some enemies can't be destroyed, so just avoid them. - When bombarded by bubble pods from the giant green blobs, try to destroy their source. - If selecting weapons during combat makes you uneasy, press the Start button to pause the action. Next, select your weapon or shield by pressing the Select button. Resume your game be pressing the Start button again. --- It's up to you The job of ridding the asteroids of Zoggian pilots rests on your shoulders. If you had any ship other than the Cybernoid, we'd say you didn't have a chance. But you do have Cybernoid, with an incredible arsenal of weaponry and defens- ive devices at your fingertips. So get in there. And get rid of the Zoggian pirates. For good. Forever.

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