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Conquest of the Crystal Palace

Conquest of the Crystal Palace manual Typed out by Kevin Falkowski ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 CONTENTS The Story................................ 4 Getting Started.......................... 6 The Conquest Begins...................... 6 Kim's Shop............................... 8 Heroes and Conquerors.................... 9 The Stages and The Main Enemies......... 10 Tips and Hints.......................... 11 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 CONQUEST OF THE CRYSTAL PALACE THE STORY Fifteen years ago The Crystal Palace was a thriving kingdom. The people of The Crystal Palace prospered and all things great and small were treated equal. During this time lived a kind and gentle ruler who encouraged the people to be honest and fair; his name was Bretor. Bretor was famous throughout the world for his achievements. The King's wife, Queen Zyla, gave birth to a son. His name was Prince Farron. Tales of this kingdom spread far and near and people soon flocked to The Crystal Palace seeking citizenship. The Kingdom of The Crystal Palace became very populated with people of all races. One day as a Dysonian man was telling a group of people about The Crystal Palace, Zaras, an evil warspirit of the East, became interested in the story. Zaras was a terrible War Spirit of the 20th Century with great power. Zaras ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 was capable of taking any shape or form and was thought to be indestructible. Zaras appeared one day and simulated an army of evil guardians who eventually took control of The Crystal Palace. King Bretor was eliminated in a flash and so was Queen Zyla. The people of The Crystal Palace were transported to the stars and areas of the sky not seen before. Eventually, there were only two people left for Zaras to deal with; Prince Farron and Zapolis, the palace guardian and keeper. Farron was transformed into a 6 month old baby and Zapolis was turned into a dog. Farron called him Zap. The Crystal Palace became an evil lair of mazes and chambers filled with goons and henchmen of Zaras' imagination. Zap watched over Farron and insured his safety. When Farron turned 15 years old, he and Zap set out for The Crystal Palace. Their goal and your challenge is to restore the peace and unity once felt by the people before The Conquest of the Crystal Palace. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 GETTING STARTED 1. Make sure the power switch on your Nintendo Control Deck is off. 2. Insert The Conquest of the Crystal Palace(tm) Game Pak as described in your NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM manual. 3. Turn the power switch on. THE CONQUEST BEGINS... 1. You'll first see The Conquest of the Crystal Palace title screen. When you press the start button the story of The Crystal Palace will be revealed to you. To bypass the story, simply press the start button again. Select the power crystal you desire with the A button. To view the different power crystals, move the right and left control pad arrows on your controller. 2. To direct Farron, move the right and left control pad arrows on your controller. To make Farron squat down press the down arrow on your controller. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 3. To call your guardian dog Zap, press the down arrow on your control pad. While holding down, press the A button to move the white cursor underneath the dog and release the down arrow on your control pad. 4. To use other items in your inventory, follow the procedure outlined in instruction #3. 5. To use Farron's sword or special weapon, press the B button after you have made your selection using procedure #3. To make Farron jump, press the A button. 6. When you eliminate an enemy, collect the coin he leaves behind within 5 seconds to increase your account balance. SCREEN STATUS BOX 1. Life Meter of Farron 2. Life Meter of Zap 3. Money collected by Farron 4. Remaining Lives 5. Zap 6. Sword 7. Special Weaponry 8. Dog Whistle 9. Moon Mirror ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 KIM'S SHOP 1. When you locate Kim on the road to The Crystal Palace, stop and visit her. Kim is the shop proprietor and will be glad to help you along your way. 2. When Kim alerts you that a QNN news bulletin is on, simply select OK if you would like to watch it. 3. When buying a weapon from Kim, she will invite you to the weaponry training room. Select OK to enter the training room. 4. If you don't have enough money when purchasing items from Kim, she may throw you out of the shop. But, if you're able to purchase eight items or more from Kim, you'll be in for a surprise! -------------------------------------------- | | | | Kim | | invites | | you into | SCREEN | her shop. | SHOT | | | | | | | | | -------------------------------------------- WHAT'S FOR SALE? Herbs Dog Whistle Boomerang Annihalator Super Herbs Jumping Shoes Double Death Potion Fire Scroll The Nuker Figurine Fuego Spherical Weapon Zap Chow *Not all items are for sale in each shop-so keep searching... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 HEROES AND CONQUERORS FARRON The brave hero that battles enemies to restore peace to The Crystal Palace. ZAP Farron's fearless dog that protects him from his many enemies. KIM Visit Kim's shop to stock up on food and weapons! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 THE STAGES AND THE MAIN ENEMIES STAGE 1 Mount Crystal ENEMIES: KELLIX KENTAR STAGE 2 Realm of the Guardian ENEMY: KERGEN STAGE 3 Lair of the Hungry Ghosts ENEMY: The will of the Ghost STAGE 4 Gateway of Flame ENEMY: The Desire of Fire STAGE 5 Realm of Zaras; The Crystal Palace BEWARE! ENEMIES: FAUSTUS ZARAS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 TIPS AND HINTS * Choose your crystal very carefully at the beginning of the game. * Eliminate enemies and collect the coins they leave behind; you'll need the money at the shop. * If you don't have enogh money, Kim may throw you out of the shop. * Use Zap's special power when you're in a jam. * Always keep Zap alive so you can feed him along your journey. * Listen to the "QNN Special Report" for the hour's top stories. * In Stage Two Farron will land safely when he jumps into the pits, although Farron will warp to another area of the stage. Look for something special. * For any questions regarding game play-Call Asmik (213) 854-9774

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