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Cobra Triangle

COBRA TRIANGLE OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION Put your skill and reflexes to the test at the controls of a highly modified Cobra Class Speed Boat. Push it to the limit on every level where you'll race against other boats, avoid treacherous whirlpools, battle deadly sea monsters and protect a group of helpless swimmers. Increase your boat's performance by collecting Pods which will allow you to upgrade your speed and firepower. 25 stages of high speed, river running action await you. CONTROLS Press LEFT and RIGHT to steer your boat. Press A to fire your guns and missiles. Press B to accelerate. Press SELECT to activate flashing power items. Press START to begin your game or pause a game in progress. HOW TO PLAY Throughout most stages you will see numbered Pods. Collecting Pods will allow you to increase your Power-Up items. Collect Pods until the Power-Up Item you wish to increase is flashing. Then press the SELECT button to activate the item. NOTE: Some Power-Up items (speed, fire and missiles) may be increased more than once. INSTRUMENT PANEL [diagram] LEVELS OF PLAY Race to the Finish - it's an all out sprint to the finish as you race against other boats. Collect Pods along the way, but watch out for sharks! Collect the Pods - Hit the ramps and collect the bonus items. Lots of Pods and Surprises! Dispose of Mines - Take the Mines to the disposal area, but watch out for the guard boat. He will try to stop you! Beat the Monster - Use your skills and firepower to defeat these Creatures of the deep. Guard the People - These helpless swimmers are counting on you to protect them from being kidnapped. Watch out for space ships! Reach the the Finish - Maneuver around natural hazards which block your path to the Finish. Jump the Waterfall - Timing is crucial in successfully jumping your Cobra Speed Boat over the falls and to the Finish. Shoot Targets - Shoot the targets for bonus points. Hit them all to get a 1-Up. HINTS FOR BETTER PLAY * If you find the handling of your Cobra Speed Boat difficult at first, practice, practice, practice. Mastering the Cobra demands the split second instinctual controller inputs that come only with practice. * Bumping into the land will damage the hull of your boat and cause you to lose energy. Be careful!!! * Increase your Power-Up items as soon as you can. It will help your performance throughout the game. -------------------------------------- (c) 1988 Rare, Ltd. (c) 1989 Nintendo

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