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Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers 2

Typed out by NES-DV-USA Capcom(r) Disney's Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers 2 Instruction Manual --- Getting started 1. Set up your Nintendo Entertainment System and plug in controller one. For a two player game, plug in the second controller. 2. Insert the Rescue Rangers 2 Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System and turn it on. The title screen will appear. 3. Press Start to choose a one-player or two-player game. For one player games, press the Start button. You can choose to be either Chip or Dale. Press Start again to make your selection and begin the game. For two-player games, press the Select Button on controller one to move the marker to "2 Players". Then press Start on controller one to begin. 4. Once you begin, you'll find out what the Rescue Rangers new assignment is. Read the story by pressing the B button. To go straight into action, press the Start button. 5. To end the game at any time, simply turn off the power on your Nintendo Entertainment System. Remember to replace the plastic sleeve on your Rescue Rangers Game Pak. --- Case of the missing urn The Rescue Rangers have learned of some terrifying news. Their feline foe, Fat Cat, has escaped and he's stolen the Urn of the Pharaoh. Once again, Chip and Dale and the rest of the Rangers have assembled to help capture the notorious criminal cat and his gang. Chip and Dale must search high and low to find clues to the whereabouts of Fat Cat and stop him from releasing the power of the Pharaoh's Urn. They must run through dangerous areas while avoiding treacherous traps and other hidden hazards. With the help of Monterey Jack, Gadget and Zipper, Chip and Dale will solve the case of the missing urn and send Fat Cat back to the slammer. --- Controlling Chip or Dale To do this: Do this: Run left or right Press the control pad left or right. Jump Press button A. Duck down Press the control pad down. Pick up an object Press against the object with the control pad and press button B. Throw objects Press button B while holding the object. Hide in objects Press Down on the control pad while holding an object. Jump down Press Down on the control pad and the B button. Pause Press the Start button. To resume play, press it again. Show status screen Press the Select button. --- Detectives at work Chip and Dale are in hot pursuit of Fat Cat. But to catch the feline felon, the Rangers must run, hide and jump past rambunctions rodents, rascally rep- tiles and mischievous marsupials. Chip and Dale can also knock out critters by throwing objects at them. While holding an object, press the control pad in the direction you wish to throw and press the B button. You can also Super-Throw an object by pressing the control pad left or right and pressing the B button when the object starts to flash. With good aim, you can watch the object zip through the air and stop Fat Cat's fiends. The Rescue Rangers can hide beneath boxes to avoid being caught by their enemies. Pick up a box and press Down on the control pad to hide yourself. If an enemy touches the box while hiding, the enemy will be defeated without Chip or Dale being harmed. --- Snooping for trouble The two tiny detectives must investigate the disappearance of the Pharaoh's Urn. Run through different levels to find clues to where it's located while ducking and dodging Fat Cat's gang. But watch your health carefully or you may find yourself in the animal hospital. Each player starts the game with 3 chances. The bottom of the screen shows the first initial of the character you are using and the number of hearts remain- ing. When you are caught by one of the enemies you will lose one heart. If you lose all your hearts you will lose one chance to finish the adventure. The Rangers must make it through the level without losing all their hearts. Otherwise they will have to start their search from the beginning of the level. Once the Rangers make it to the end, they will meet with one of Fat Cat's guards. They'll have to get rid of him to move to the next level. --- Searching for clues During Chip and Dale's investigation, they'll encounter many objects scattered throughout the levels. Pick these up and discover helpful items. Items found behind objects: Ranger Plaques - Collect a certain amount and you will receive a Rescue Rangers Badge. The more badges you earn the more hearts you will receive. Ranger Badges - Collecting a certain amount will give you an extra heart. You will be rewarded a Ranger Badge at the end of each level only if you have collected enough Ranger Plaques. Acorns - Collect these to replace a missing heart. Stars - Collect these and you will gain an extra chance. Objects found throughout the levels: Box - You can throw or hide in these. Bolt - You can throw these or stack them up to make stairs. Tennis Ball - When thrown, you can ride on top of them to avoid danger. --- Checking the Rangers status Press the Select button to pause the Rangers adventure and look at the status screen. You'll see what character you're currently using, the amount of Ranger Plaques you have collected for that level and the number of changes you have remaining. Press the Select button to resume play. --- Continuing or ending the Rangers investigation When all of Chip and Dale's hearts are gone, they will lose one chance. The Rangers must then start their detective work from the beginning of the level again. When they lose their last chance, a screen will appear with "Continue" and "End". To continue the adventure, you must select "Continue" and press button A. You can do this three times until your credit has been used up. To end your game, simply select "End" or turn the power off on your Nintendo Entertainment System. --- Helpful hints - Be sure to grab as many Ranger Plaques as possible. The more you grab the better chances of getting a Ranger Badge. - Pick up boxes and other objects to find hidden treats. - You'll be invincible for a few moments if you are touched by an enemy. Use this time to get out of trouble. - You may discover some hidden switches that are almost impossible to get to. Try throwing something or someone at the switches with a Super-Throw.

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