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Castle of Dragon

Typed out by Jesse Smith NES-C4-USA CASTLE OF DRAGON (TM) SETA SETA U.S.A., INC. INSTRUCTION BOOKLET THE STORY 1 SECRET TECHNIQUES 14 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS 6 COMPLIANCE WITH THE CREATURES FCC REGULATIONS 15 OF OFFERIA 7 SETA LIMITED WARRANTY 16 ON GERADENŐS SIDE 11 Caution Turn off power before removing or inserting game pak into unit. Do not immerse in Water. Do not store in extreme temperatures. Do not clean with solvents such as alcohol, thinner or benzene. The Dragon Master, DARKLARZA, has been laying siege to Offeria for two decades. King Boros has been forced to live in exile in the mountainous region of Menlary. Geraden, Duke of Menlary, has successfully defended his castle from the hideous Legions of the Undead, but Darklarza's forces are growing in numbers and confidence. King Boros has offered the hand of his lovely daughter Princess Amoreena to Geraden but the duke has vowed never to marry while Offeria is under the Dragon Master's control. Under the cover of darkness, Darklarza's horde has assaulted Castle Menlary, a bold but futile attempt to seize the last stronghold of the living. As Geraden is fighting his way to the Death Stalker leading the attack, he learns that the entire 1 battle was only a diversion. Dragon Cub, the wicked offspring of Darklarza, has dispatched the royal guards and kidnapped the Princess, mortally wounding King Boros. Geradens fate is now clear. He must fight his way to Darklarza Castle to do battle with the Dragon Master Himself. But Darklarzas power makes him virtually invincible. The duke will need many items to help him defeat the scourge on Offeria. The only thing that cannot be destroyed by the dragon's fiery breath are the scales that cover its body. 2 The Dragon Masters dark magic is unbelievable. Part of his magical strength comes from a crystal ball that once belonged to Geradens mother, Offeria's greatest sorceress. Darklarza also holds King Boros - golden suit of armor. The duke will need this to protect himself from the crushing blows of the dragon's massive tail. 3 Only one weapon in all of Offeria is strong enough to pierce the flesh of the Dragon Master. Even so, The DRAGON SLAYER is not long enough to do any damage except where the skin is the thinnest. Even after twenty years of fighting Geraden is still not ready to take on his arch enemy. Darklarza knows this and that is why he has stolen the princess. The duke must now hope that the experience he gains in fighting his way to the castle will be enough to protect him from the Dragon Masters spells. 4 There will be one experience that Geraden cannot prepare himself for. Before he can face the Dark Lord he must first face his most dangerous foe....Himself! Most important, Geraden needs Your help to fight through the never ending onslaught of the Legion of the Undead It will be your skill and wisdom that will guide him through the perils that await. For Amoreena, For the honor of the house of Menlary! FOR ALL OF OFFERIA 5 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS SELECT Pause/Resume START Used to enter game, enter level in castle and change weapons Up: Not used Left: Moves Geraden left Down: Drops Geraden to one knee and raises shield Right: Moves Geraden right B: Jump A: Attack BEGIN YOUR QUEST 6 CHARACTERS DEATH STALKER Cloaked specter that throws out balls of ghostly energy. CYCLOPS One eyed giant slings burning spheres. MINOTAUROS Axe wielding giant Half man and half bull All mean! THE UNDEAD Hideous zombies that rise from their graves 7 IGUANADOS Reptilian warrior from the Isle of Zaraos SKELETAL KNIGHTS Erected from skeletons in the Crypt of Darklarza. AMPHORG Creature of the deep forced to live on land by Darklarza. FALCOREN Once Geradens hunting falcon, transformed by dark spell. GHOST KNIGHT Possessed suit of armor. 8 ZOMBIE KNIGHTS Mindless victims of the Dragon Masters horrible spell. SPHINX Animated statues from ramparts of Darklarza Castle. SALAMANDER Spits acid strong enough to eat through Geraden's armor. MAN-O-WAR Salamander's Henchman. Lives in damp, dark places. MEDUSA Serpent-haired witch. Her gaze can turn a man to stone. 9 CHESS KNIGHTS Created from King's chessboard. They play a deadly game. MALOGS Forced to roam dry land when Darklarza burned the swamp. DRAGON WASP They will try to find a hole in dukes armor to sting him. FIREBALLS Tortured souls of Darklarzas soldiers who have displeased him. BLOODBATS Razor-sharp saberlike fangs can penetrate the dukes armor. 10 DRAGON CUB On Darklarzas offspring. Lacks only his father's magic and size. Geradens Side Mythological creature brought to life by evil incantations. GUARDIAN DRAGON Guards exit from game room. Will try to crush the duke. SWORD Dukes basic weapon. Game is started with sword. THROWING KNIFE Doesn't inflict much damage but is very quick. 11 SONIC SWORD Emits deadly sound wave. Limited life span. MACE Powerful but heavy. Takes a lot of energy to swing. LIGHTNING SWORD Temporarily focuses electrical energy through Geraden's sword. GOLDEN ARMOR Deflects Dragon Masters Spell and lessens physical damage. 12 CRYSTAL BALL Source of great mystical power. Essential to victory. DRAGON SCALE SHIELD Only material that will stop Darklarzas flames. DRAGON SLAYER Replaces duke's sword. Awesome weapon, if used correctly. FAIRIES The fairies are the souls of Darklarzas victims that have escaped his enslavement. They are the only friends Geraden will bring him the precious gift of life! 13 SECRET Techniques.... Certain Creatures move slower when Geraden is Jumping. Darklaza is not the only scale covered dragon. Shield is most effective against swords. Throwing knives are very effective on Quetzlcoatl and Guardian Dragon. Try not to push characters off screen. From there they can attack you, but you cannot inflict damage on them. 14 Page 15, COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS. Page 16, SETA LIMITED WARRANTY.

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