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CASTELIAN (Triffix entertainment inc.) -------------------------------------- Instruction Booklet This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. (Picture of the "Official Nintendo Seal of Quality") Precautions 1. Always make sure the power is off when inserting the game pack into or removing it from the Nintendo Entertainment System. 2. This is a high-precision game pack. Avoid subjecting it to shocks or temperature extremes. Store the game pack at room temperature. Never attempt to dismantle the game pack. 3. Avoid touching the terminal connectors. Do not allow water or dirt to come in contact with the terminal connectors. 4. Do not clean the game pack with alcohol, paint thinners, benzene or other such cleaning agents. Licensed by Nintendo to play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN JEMMERVILLE ------------------------------- You're witnessing a typical sparkling, summer morning in downtown Jemmerville. Both suns have risen over the planet Centrus, where summer, of course, is the only season. And it is here, on the island's precious gem-deposits are talked about throughout the Triangulum galaxy, and they're the envy of almost every life-form in this corner of the universe. Julius was asleep in his terraineum when the holographic intercom sprayed out its message. It was the president of Domoloco and Sons inc.: "Julius we have a serious situation. The governor has reported that 7 alien towers have surronded the island. If one more appears, the island will be completely enclosed. The naviports are almost cut off. The hyperfreighters are trapped... nothing is getting in or out." "I've given the governor my personal promise that Domoloco and Sons would handle these towers... No one knows what they are or where they came from but I want them demolished! Now that's not too difficult a mission, is it?" Julius slowly opened his eyes and found that the president's personal hologram - not the one of his secretary - was still activated: "Wake up, Julius, and topple that tower!" As Julius started to say something, the hologram began to dissolve as quickly as it had appeared. PREPARING FOR THE MISSION ------------------------- 1. Make sure the POWER switch on the Nintendo Entertainment System is OFF. 2. Insert the CASTELIAN game pack as described in your Nintendo Entertainment System instruction manual. 3. Turn the POWER switch ON. If you wish to change the play options (1 or 2 players, music/sound effects, novice/hero), then follow the instructions given on page 6, "JULIUS, CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONS." 4. Press the START button when you're ready to begin the mission. INTRODUCTORY DEMONSTRATION -------------------------- If neither the START nor SELECT buttons are pushed, then the game will, after a delay of approximately 45 seconds, provide you with a brief demonstration. You may press START or SELECT at any time during this demonstration. JULIUS, CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONS --------------------------- Before you press the START button to begin the mission, you can select the play options that Julius has at his fingertips. 1. Press the SELECT button. 2. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to move the square marker ([]) beside the option you wish to change. 3. Press the SELECT button to make your choice. You can choose between : 1 or 2 players, music or sound effects, novice or hero level. 4. Press the START button when you're ready to begin the game. THE PLAYING SCREEN ------------------ (Bottom, left to right) Lives remaining Time remaining Score Tower number JULIUS IN CONTROL ----------------- The illustration shows you Julius' control points and the action that each button performs. UP - Enter a doorway, goes up on elevator. LEFT - Walks to the left. DOWN - Goes down on elevator. RIGHT - Walks to the right SELECT - Selects sound effects and/or game options STARTS - Starts game/Pauses game/Releases pause. A - Shoot Carbonobomb (while standing), or jumps (while walking) B - Not used in this game. TAKING ON THE TOWERS -------------------- There are 8 towers to be demolished before Julius can return to his Sunday snooze. You must guide Julius through to the top of each tower so he can detonate his D-Bomb (Destructo Bomb) and demolish the tower. When Julius succeeds at demolishing a tower, he is awarded bonus points for his speed and skill. Your mission begins with Julius located at the bottom of the first tower. Use the LEFT or RIGHT buttons to move Julius from ledge to ledge. (Be careful: some ledges are very weak, and they may crumble as you walk onto them). When you arrive in front of a doorway, press UP, and Julius will walk through to the opposite side of the tower. If Julius must re-enter the tower, press UP again. Julius makes his way up the tower by walking up stairways and by using the elevators. He can walk up the steps without you making him jump, but the powerful gravitational field of Centrus may pull him down the stairway if he stops for a rest. When Julius steps onto an elevator ledge (a brightly lit, small block) you can take him up by pressing the UP button. Quickly get Julius off the elevator, because in a few seconds the elevator will descend - even if you didn't press the DOWN button. The trek up the sides of each tower presents unknown dangers to Julius. Some obstacles can be stunned, and others, like the orbiting Spheroids can be blown apart. but watch out, Julius! Hexalons, I-Balls, Tri-Zeroop and Metaflii are all invincible. Even Carbonobombs constructed out of top-secret, harder-than- diamond compound, are useless against these all-powerful beings. Julius' only defense against his adversaries is to run away or to slip into one of the doorways. Otherwise, a single touch from these deadly aliens will knock Julius off his feet. If he falls into the ocean...well, Anurian Hybrids can't swim. Julius begins the game with 3 lives. For every 5000 points he earns (10,000 points in the HERO level), Julius will gain an extra life. But even the extra lives will not help Julius if he runs out of time, so might Jemmerville. Keep Julius moving. Keep Julius alive. THE DEADLY OBSTACLES - TO NAME JUST A FEW ----------------------------------------- I-Balls (looks like an eye) Hexalons (an egg with 4 spheres around it) Tri-Zeroop (3 spheres together) Metaflii (looks like a 6-legged spider) JULIUS AT THE BONUS LEVEL ------------------------- With the crumbled remains of a tower behind him, Julius advances to the diamond-studded bonus level. Centrubies, saphires and diamonds - all free for the taking. The more gems he collects, the greater his bonus becomes. Julius has been told that lives which have been lost may later be restored. Time itself has been known to stop flowing in the rare atmosphere where these ultraprecious gems are found. A few more stones, a few more clouds to hop. Carry the gems all the way to the clock tower and Julius will be awarded with extra time; the next tower may not be so easy, though. And those pits, the bottomless ones! If Julius isn't careful about where he jumps, he'll discover that paradise has a few holes in it. Any time won may be lost. But Julius doesn't give up easily: "Bring on the next tower!" JULIUS KNOWS SOME SECRETS ------------------------- Julius, the Anurian Hybrid, didn't rise to the top of his class without the help of a few secrets. Here's what he learned: 1. Shoot the flashing ledges (brightly colored blocks) for extra points. 2. If Julius has to jump to a nearby ledge, position his feet as close as possible to the end of the ledge upon which he is standing. 3. In the bonus level, Julius should move as quickly as he can to reach the clock tower; he doesn't have to collect every gem he sees.

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