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Bump 'N' Jump

Typed out by John Turk ________________________________________________ Bump 'N' Jump INSTRUCTION MANUAL VIC TOKAI(tm) --- Page 2 (Safety precautions) --- Page 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. PRECAUTIONS................. p.3 2. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.. p.4 3. HOW TO PLAY................. p.6 4. BASIC TECHNIQUES............ p.15 1. PRECAUTIONS (more precautions) --- Page 4 2. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS (Diagram of NES controller) A button: Jump B button: Emergenc Control Pad Moves the car faster or slower; assists in jumping. Up: Increase speed Down: Lower speed Left: Direction (Left) Right: Direction (Right) --- Page 5 * SELECT button......... not in use * START button.......... game start or pause Pause: Play can be paused at any time by pressing the Start button. A special tone will be heard. High Score display is erased when power goes off. --- Page 6 3. HOW TO PLAY STORYLINE While enjoying a drive with your girlfriend in your car that you have named "Popper", you are attacked by a ruthless gang called Jackals. Your girlfriend is kidnapped by Jackals in their big off-road vehicle. The girl's pleading voice is heard to say "Help me!" as the vehicle speeds away. You, of course, must chase down the gang's gettaway car, and when you meet up with these enemies, you will have to fight --- Page 7 them anyway you can. You will try bumping with your own car, crashing into them, even leaping on top of them in the hope that they will be crushed. All this is necessary to save the girl and get her back!! MAPS OF COURSES City, country yards, mountains, adn seaside (4 districts with 16 courses). --- Page 8 HOW TO ATTACK * Crush...... You must hit and push (Illustration of bumping into a car) --- Page 9 * Jump...... The A button will enable you to jump over an enemy car. (Illustration of jumping over a car) --- Page 10 CHARACTERS * Patrol car When the patrol car is around, be careful not to speed. When it comes out often, maintain slow speeds. * Ambulance When it comes on at full speed, you will have to let it go by after pulling your car over to the side of the road. * Jackals: Dark Jackal The leader car of the treacherous group, Jackals. Jeep Buggies Jackal cars --- Page 11 Enemy interceptors: Trucks They deposit sand in your way to stop you and crush you. Fuel trucks These big "tankers" dump oil in your path making the road very slippery and your car will likely go out of control. Cement Mixer This heavy truck will try to flatten you with concrete. Bulldozer This vehicle will move very slowly, and will attempt to block your way. --- Page 12 Sand Once you run over it, your car will explode. Oil Once you run over it, your car will slide. Concrete Once you run over it, your car will explode. Power Barrel This will give your car move fuel and energy. Bouns You will get one more car Note: When you hit the side of the road and run down into the ocean, you lose your car. --- Page 13 4. BASIC TECHNIQUES The sign (!) indicates danger in front of you * You are prepared to jump only when you have gotten your car up to a speed of 150 km/hour. * When power is down to "0", you cannot jump anymore. (Status display) Score Energy (Power) | | 000000 | Speedometer-- 000 km/h P 000 --- Page 14 COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS (blah blah) --- Page 15 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY (blah blah blah)

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