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Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

Typed out by |tsr NES-C1-USA Kemco*Seika Bugs Bunny(tm) Crazy Castle Instructions --- Welcome to the Crazy Castle! Listen, Doc, it's up to you to guide me, Bugs Bunny(tm), through the castle and rescue Honey Bunny(tm). But don't think it's going to be easy! Those rascals Daffy Duck(tm), Sylvester(tm), Wiley Coyote(tm), and Yosemite Sam(tm) have captured Honey Bunny and hidden her deep within the castle. Along the way we have to collect all the carrots while avoiding those rascals. Ok, Doc, let's get going! --- Names of controller parts and operating instructions Only controller 1 is used for this game. Control Pad: Used to move Bugs Bunny. Up and down directions are used to help Bugs climb stairs or enter the pipes. Also used to enter password letters and to select from menus. SELECT Button: Used to pause the game. START Button: Used to start the game and may also be used to pause the game during play. A Button: Used to release the boxing glove at one of the rascals. B Button: Same as the A Button. --- How to play: Starting the Game: After Bugs Bunny appears from behind the brick wall, press START to begin the game. Choosing the Level: You can choose to start the game from the first level or enter a password to start from a higher level. These passwords are given to you as you complete each of the sixty levels. Use the control pad to move the triangle curcor to the desired choice and press START. If you choose to enter a password, you will be given the opportunity to enter a four character code. Use up and down directions on the control pad to change the flashing character to another letter. Use right and left on the control pad to change character positions. Press START when you are done entering the password. If you enter the password correctly, you may begin play from the higher level. Otherwise, you will begin from the first level. --- The Objective: You begin the game with 5 lives. Your goal is to complete all sixty levels by picking up all the carrots on each level. If you are successful in completing a level, you receive an additional life. If you are captured by one of the rascals, you lose a life and have to start the level over again. However, you can safely pass the rascals through doorways and pipes. If you lose all your lives, you will be given the chance to continue the game from the current level. To do this, use the control pad to highlight your choice and press the START button. Otherwise, you can start the game from the first level. Controlling Bugs Bunny: Bugs Bunny is an agile character. He can even survive jumps from high places. You can use right and left on the control pad to move him across the screen. Climbing Stairs: You can use the up and down directions on the control pad to help Bugs Bunny climb up or down the stairs. Simply push up or down on the control pad when he is at the start of the stairs. Using Doorways: Many levels have doorways that lead up or down to other floors. To use these doorways, push up or down on the control pad when Bugs Bunny is in front of the doorway. The Pipes: Some levels contain a maze of pipes that Bugs Bunny can use to escape. To enter the pipes, move to the entrance of the pipe and press up or down on the control pad. Bugs Bunny will appear at the other end of the pipe. --- Other Items There are a number of other items in the castle that you should look for: Magic Carrot Juice: By drinking the magic carrot juice, Bugs Bunny will become invisible for a short time. Boxing Glove: If you pick up a boxing glove, you can use it to throw a punch at one of the rascals. Press the A button and the glove will be thrown in the direction that Bugs Bunny is facing. Safe, Wooden Crate, Bucket, and 10 Ton Weight: You can push one of these objects into the rascals, or push it off a floor so that it falls down on one of them. The No Carrot Sigh: On some levels you may encounter a No Carrot sign. Be very careful! If you touch this sign, you will be immediately forced to play a special level. If you succeed in clearing the level, you will gain 3 lives. Otherwise you will be forced back 3 levels. --- The Rascals: Daffy Duck Sylvester Wiley Coyote Yosemite Sam

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