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Bubble Bobble Part 2

Typed out by Steve Begin NES-BQ-USA BUBBLE BOBBLE PART 2 (Taito logo) Instruction Booklet PAGE 2 ------ (Taito logo) (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. Licensed by (Nintendo logo) Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Bubble Bobble Part 2(TM) (C)1993 Taito Corporation. Taito is a trademark of Taito Corp. (C)1993 All Rights Reserved. THANK YOU for buying BUBBLE BOBBLE PART 2(TM) for your NES. We suggest that you read this manual completely before playing the game. WARNING: Please read the enclosed consumer information and precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo(r) hardware system or game pak. PRECAUTIONS 1. Always make sure the control deck has been switched off before inserting or removing your Game Pak. 2. Do not abuse the Game Pak by dropping, hitting, or opening. 3. Game Pak should not be subjected to extreme temperatures or shock. Store at room temperature. 4. Never touch the terminal pins or any of the electric circuitry and avoid getting the Game Pak wet. 5. Cleaning Game Pak with thinner, solvent, benzene, alcohol or other cleaning agents may be damaging. (picture of the introduction game screen) (picture of the main game screen) PAGE 3 ------ CONTENTS A New Age Of Heroes....................................4 Beginning The Game.....................................4 Controls...............................................5 Game Screen............................................6 Bubble Attacks.........................................7 Items..................................................8 Bubbles................................................10 Traveler Beware!.......................................11 Game Over/Continue.....................................11 Enemies................................................12 Bonus Stage............................................14 Warranty...............................................15 PAGE 4 ------ A NEW AGE OF HEROES Bubby and Bobby, two bubble-blowing dinosaurs, must save their world from an army of enemies. They also have to find Judy, their friend, who was kidnapped by the Skull Brothers. (2 pictures of the story game screens) BEGINNING THE GAME Place the Game Pak in the Control Deck and turn on the power. When the title screen appears, choose either the 1-Player or 2-Player option with the Select Button. To begin playing your game, push the Start Button. (picture of the title screen) (picture of the introduction screen) PAGE 5 ------ CONTROLS As a dinosaur, you can run and jump, blow bubbles at enemies, surround yourself in a bubble, and fly through the air on bubbles. (picture of a game screen) (picture of the NES Control Pad) Control Pad - You can move to the right and left, but not up or down. Start/Select - Use Select only on the title screen. Push Start to pause the game. A Button - Press A to jump and continue holding it to jump on a bubble without breaking it. B Button - Push B to blow bubbles. Press B a few seconds, then release to blow a Super Bubble. Push and hold B down to fly. PAGE 6 ------ GAME SCREEN If you lose a Life when you have no hearts, the game is over. You must defeat all enemies on a stage before you can move to a new one. (picture of a game screen) Hearts (top left of screen) - You lose a Heart every time you're hurt, so collect all that you find. You can hold five hearts at once. Enemy (on the screen) - Each area of the game has its own special kinds of enemies. Hero (dinosaur on screen) - In 2-Player mode, each of the dinosaurs is a different color. Item (on the screen) - You will find many items in the stages. Take them before they disappear. Score (top right of screen) - You will earn points when you defeat enemies and also when you gather up Fruit and other special items. PAGE 7 ------ BUBBLE ATTACKS Bubbles are your only weapon. They can wrap up your enemies and carry them off, or may just damage them. Face in the direction you want to blow your bubbles and push the B Button. (picture of 2 game screens showing Bubby trapping Hoppits in bubbles) Blow bubbles at foes to trap them inside. (picture of 2 game screens showing Bubby trapping many enemies at once) Super Bubble Press and hold B a few seconds, then let go to trap several enemies at once. (picture of a game screen showing Bubby jumping on a bubble) (picture of a game screen where Bubby's flying in the middle of the playfield) Special Moves Press and keep holding B to fly. When you are on a bubble, push and hold A to jump high. PAGE 8 ------ ITEMS All of these items are important in your search for Judy. In each stage, you will find one special item -- don't miss it! The things you do determine which item appears. (picture of 2 game screens showing Bubby grabbing some items) Shoes (picture of a shoe) With the Shoes, you can move faster until you lose a Life. Candy (picture of a candy) The Candy helps you blow bubbles farther until you lose a Life. Heart (picture of a heart) If you don't have five Hearts, collect them whenever you can. Crystal (picture of a gem) Once you gather a number of Crystals, the Door will appear. Door (picture of a door) The Door takes you to a bonus stage, then to the next stage. Clock (picture of a clock) It freezes enemies, but you can still be hurt if you touch them. PAGE 9 ------ Pencil (picture of a pencil) Don't miss the Pencil! It lets you Continue your game. Chalice (picture of a chalice) You can defeat all enemies on your stage with the Chalice. Bottle of Thunder (picture of a green bottle with a lightning icon on it) This potion turns ordinary bubbles into Thunder Bubbles. Bell (picture of a bell) The Bell's ring means a powerful item will appear on that stage. Umbrella (picture of an umbrella) You will zoom by a few stages, but cannot pass a Boss stage. 1-Up Statue (picture of a Bubby statue) Pick up this rare item to earn yourself one extra life. Bottle of Wind (picture of a green bottle with a tornado icon on it) This potion turns ordinary bubbles into Wind Bubbles. Diamond (picture of a diamond) If you finish a stage with the Diamond, five Fruits appear. Additional Items You can do things like jump on a bubble to get the shoes, or do other special actions to get other items. (picture of 2 game screens) PAGE 10 ------- BUBBLES When you find and pop one of the special bubbles, it releases a powerful force of nature. These forces will defeat all nearby enemies, but they will also harm you if you get too close. (picture of a bubble with water inside) (picture of a game screen) Water Bubble Pop this to release a flood that will wash away and drown your enemies. (picture of a bubble with a flame inside) (picture of a game screen) Fire Bubble Flame bursts out of this bubble and briefly forms a pool on the floor. (picture of a bubble with a tornado inside) (picture of a game screen) Wind Bubble A mighty tornado roars upward, bouncing off the walls as it whips and spins. (picture of a bubble with a star inside) (picture of a game screen) Star Bubble Out of this bubble a cloud of stars rises, circling around the screen. PAGE 11 ------- TRAVELER BEWARE! Always study the areas you are moving through. A great many tricks and traps lay along your path. Some you must carefully avoid, while others you can use to help yourself. These dangers will increase as you near the end of the game. (picture of a game screen) Learn how the platforms swing to time your jump. (picture of a game screen) Fly around the spikes to avoid losing your Life. GAME OVER/CONTINUE At the end of a game, the screen shown here appears. To Continue, push the Start Button. You can do this five times. Or find and use the Pencil to get a free Continue and save the ones you have left. (picture of the Game Over/Continue screen) PAGE 12 ------- ENEMIES Every enemy has a weakness. Watch how each one moves to learn when to attack. Some enemies are heavily armed with weapons. (picture of a game screen) Hoppit (picture of a white enemy) This jumper will chase after you, but he can't do much harm if you can just outrun him. Slider (picture of a purple enemy) He moves and jumps diagonally and will bounce off the ceiling, floor and walls. Needler (picture of a black enemy with a hat) Don't jump over this guy; he fires his needle-sharp hat if you try to go over his head. Nimbus (picture of a purple enemy) This floater cannot go through walls or ceilings, but flies around most other obstacles Apogo (picture of a red enemy with a spring) He keeps jumping left and right. Get this bouncer just before he lands. Chucker (picture of a little white enemy) He leaps and bounces, and he will spit rocks at you when you are side by side. Watch out! PAGE 13 ------- Flarion (picture of a big flaming enemy) Though he doesn't move, he spits sizzling fireballs down in a diagonal line. You can defeat him by blowing a few bubbles. Snagger (picture of a big white enemy) He looks harmless, but he can strike very quickly when you approach by shooting out his neck, like a cobra. Springit (picture of a big brown enemy on wheels) This enemy is a difficult target. You can knock the bounce out of him by attacking the spring on his head. Twizzer (picture of a big white & blue enemy) He is invincible only while he is twirling his powerful arm around himself. Bubbles will stop him when he stops. Ruckus (picture of a big blue enemy) He is the first area boss, and a tough opponent. You will have to use the Thunder Bubble to beat him. Sawbones (picture of a white dead slider) You cannot defeat this enemy. He only leaves if you wipe out all of the other enemies or when you lose a Life. PAGE 14 ------- BONUS STAGE Find this stage through a Door or by beating a Boss. This game has three types of bonus stages. (picture of an introduction to a bonus game screen) Volleyball After returning serve, you can hit the ball 3 times. Push B to strike the ball. You can also jump to hit. (2 pictures of game screen) Get Items! Grab as many items as you can. When your competitor gets in the way, push the B Button to shove him aside. (2 pictures of game screen) Basketball The goal in this bonus stage is to sink more baskets than you opponent. Press B to slam-dunk the basketball. (2 pictures of game screen) PAGE 15: WARRANTY (not written) BACK COVER ---------- (Taito logo) Taito America Corp. 390 Holbrook Drive - Wheeling IL 60090 Printed in Japan

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