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Bram Stoker's Dracula

Typed out by FooM Bram Stoker's Dracula Instruction Booklet ----------------------------------------- [PAGE 1] Contents Introduction................2 Names of Controller Parts...3 Starting Up.................4 Controlling Harker..........5 Main Game Menu..............6 Main Game Screen............7 Pick Ups....................9 Scenes.....................13 [PAGE 2] In the black of night he stalks his unwitting victims with the passion of a prince and the grace of a wild animal. Able to assume the guise of everything from a shadow on the wall to a jagged-toothed Wolf Beast, he feeds on the living, sinking his pearly fangs into their fair necks for a drink of their life-giving serum. For he is the Prince of Darkness - Count Dracula - and he's cast his hypnotic spell on your lovely mistress, Mina Murray. Now you, Jonathan Harker, must drive a stake through the heart of this vampire and save the fair Mina from eternal life as a vampiress. [PAGE 3] Names of Controller Parts [diagram of controller] This manual refers to the following directions: [diagram of control pad] [PAGE 4] Starting Up Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System is turned off. Put the Game Pak into the system and press the POWER BUTTON on the front of your Nintendo machine. After the game introduction, press the START BUTTON at the Bram Stoker's Dracula title screen. [PAGE 5] Controlling Harker To Walk Right or Left: Press the Control Pad RIGHT or LEFT. To Crouch or Look Down: Press the Control Pad DOWN. To Look Up: Press the Directional Pad UP. To Use a Weapon: Press the B Button. Standing Jump: Press the A Button. Long Jump: Press the A Button while walking. To Pause Game and View Score: Press the Start Button. Jumping Smash: Press the A Button and Directional Pad Down to fall through a ledge. [PAGE 6] Main Game Menu [picture of main menu] >From this screen, press the Start Button to reach the Main Game Menu. >From the Main Game Menu you can adjust the skill level, sample various music tracks and sound effects in the game, and program the Control Pad settings. To make selections within the Main Game Menu choose your option. Press Select and then Press Start. [PAGE 7] Main Game Screen [screenshot from within a level] Score Your score is calculated at the end of each level. The more diamonds and coins you pick up, the higher your score. 1. Lives This shows how many lives you currently have. You begin each game with four lives. [PAGE 8] 2. Time This displays how much time you have remaining to complete the level. 3. Energy Bars One and a half energy bars equal one life. All it takes to lose an energy bar is one blow from an enemy. 4. Weapon This indicates the weapon with which you are currently armed. [PAGE 9] Pick Ups There are many Pick Ups in the game - each with its own special function. To collect a Pick Up, you must break the Pick-Up Box and jump to catch it. The following is a list of the various Pick Ups in the game. Gold Coin of Transylvania: These are worth 1,000 bonus points. Diamond of Transylvania: These are worth 10,000 bonus points. [PAGE 10] 1 Up: These are worth an Extra Life (one and a half energy bars per life). Continue Credit: These are worth three lives. Energy Booster: These replenish your energy by one bar. Triple Energy Booster: These replenish your energy by three bars. [PAGE 11] Super Energy Booster: These replenish your energy with six bars. Invincibility: These award you with 10 seconds of invincibility. Clock Token: These add 20 extra seconds to the Timer. [PAGE 12] Weapon Pick Ups Rock: Rocks are perfect for taking down enemies from far away. Axe: The Axe spins when thrown, making it perfect for cutting down all types of enemies. Torch: The torch is great for burning enemies at close range, and from far away. Each time the torch hits the ground, it will burst into flames - destroying all enemies within range. Triple Rock: The triple rock is the ultimate weapon. When launched, the Triple Rock splits into three smaller rocks, striking your enemy from his head to his heels. [PAGE 13] Scenes In order to advance from level to level, you must destroy all kinds of enemies and get past Dracula. Beware! Dracula can assume the form of everything from a bat to a shadow on the wall. The following is a brief description of what you'll face in each level. A Journey Through Transylvania Make your way through the woods in Dracula's home town and take on the Prince of Darkness in his shadow form. But first, you've got to get past nail beds, bats, red baths, floating platforms and bony skeletons. [PAGE 14] Trapped in Castle Dracula Dracula's Castle is loaded with sharp spike pits and sure-shot henchmen. And beware of the young Prince Dracula - avoid staring into his eyes or you will forever be held under his hypnotizing spell. Escape from Castle Dracula There's ony one way out, but first you've got to down more sure-shot henchmen and neck-biting bats, as well as cross collapsing platforms, nail beds and fire-water channels that'll boil you in seconds flat. And then you must defeat Dracula in his Wolf Beast form. Beware - the wolfen prince will be surrounded by his flame-belching wolf guardians. [PAGE 15] The Hillingham Estate Mansion This mansion is infested with all kinds of evil vermin. You must defeat machete-wielding henchmen and flame-belching wolves, cross sharp spike gardens - and escape the young Dracula. Approach with caution as he won't hesitate to unleash his venomous bats your way. The Carfax Abbey Crypt Welcome to Dracula's London residence - the one he purchased to be closer to your Mina. Watch out for more ghosts, giant hands, flame-throwing eye- balls, hopping tarantulas and scorching fire water, then get ready to fend off Dracula in his bat form. [PAGE 16] Back in Transylvania Welcome to the land of the unliving, and Dracula in his shadow form. This place is filled with all kinds of weird things including ghosts, skeletons, henchmen, freezing rivers, floating platforms and zombies. Return to Dracula's Castle Get ready to bring down Dracula once and for all, with a little help from your old friend Dr. Van Helsing. But watch out! Dracula's castle is loaded with nail beds, bats, and hidden passageways. You may even run into Dracula in his evil robe form.

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